113 Eco-straordinary Zero Waste Gifts For Caring Folks

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Who likes to waste? Not your eco-friendly friends. Get your great pals some green goodies from this list of zero waste gifts. Clean energy is what it’s all about and this eco-conscious list is the cleanest it gets. These gifts are not only awesome – they are also sustainable!

Reusable Paper Towels
Say goodbye to your eco-anxiety and piles of used paper with this eco-friendly product. These reusable paper towels are designed to be washable and biodegradable. Made from high-quality unbleached flannel fabric, you'll get to use them more than once without worrying about how to destroy them. It would make a great item for adults and children at a variety of events.

Zero Waste Home Book
How much of an environmental conservationist are you? Here's a chance to improve the quality of your life by learning how to live with zero-waste. Written by Bea Johnson, you'll enjoy insightful secrets and different tips. This book is a great way to learn zero-waste, sustainable living. In the long run, you'll end up saving money for yourself and guarding your health.

Compost Bin
Have you been searching for the best way to dispose of your kitchen organic waste? With this Compost Bin, you get to hold all your organic waste in one place before it is thrown out. The two-bucket design makes the bin easy to use. There are effective charcoal filters that will absorb all the foul smells generated by the waste.

Zero Waste Natural Dish Soap
The Zero Waste Dish Soap is environmentally friendly. It's been designed to suit the taste of thousands of customers. If you're a fan of eco-friendly products, this is another to include in your home. Made from the best ingredients, this dish soap is all-natural and a perfect option to wipe off different types of dish stains.

Anti Plastic Kit
If you're so concerned about the environment, you'll know how bad plastic is. This full anti-plastic kit is made from high-quality bamboo for increased sustainability. The anti-plastic kit contains toothbrushes, dental floss, cotton swabs, and makeup removal, all made from biodegradable environmentally friendly items. It's a perfect gift for the conservationist in your life. The items in this kit are convenient for personal use.

Reusable Produce Bags
Announce yourself as a lover of conservation with these stylish produce bags. The Reusable Produce Bags is made to be 100% plastic and extremely durable. These easy-to-use bags can be taken to different occasions due to their multipurpose appearance. There is a high level of craftsmanship on display with this bag and you can rest assured of getting value for money.

Wool Dryer Balls
Are you tired of using dryer sheets repeatedly? Get yourself these high-quality wool dryer balls. Each kit contains 6 100% natural wool balls. These balls are designed to touch and soften your laundry naturally without any artificial materials. These wools will help you dry your laundry quickly; saving your time and energy cost. What's even better? You can use them again.

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
Give your hair the best possible treatment when you use these 100% organic and eco-friendly soap bars. Due to their high-quality products, these bars will return the glow to your hair without any artificial additives. These Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are lightweight and compact, making them ideal to pack when traveling. Each pack is available in 4 different essences.

Reusable Cotton Swabs
With these unique cotton swabs, you can finally say goodbye to single-use plastic items. These reusable cotton swabs are designed to replace about 1,000 single-use cotton swabs. Made from innovative technology and high-quality materials, you get a durable product that's also easy to clean. These items are perfect for the environment and will get rid of plastic dumps.

All-in-One Bento Box
These high-quality lunch boxes take you away from crowded restaurants and give you the pleasure of eating homemade meals. Perfect for work or school, the Bento Box is a trendy, microwaveable box that's available in a variety of colors and sizes. This All-in-One Bento Box would make a great gift for adults and children who enjoy having good food on the go.

Reusable Food Wraps
Get 100% organic food wraps to cover your meals and keep them fresh. Made from natural materials, these reusable food wraps are easy to wash and biodegradable. Our wraps are made into 3 different sizes which are larger than normal ones to cover all your meals. Using these food wraps keeps your food fresher and 100% risk-free. These items are also eco-friendly.

Water Filter
Water refreshes the body. But there's nothing better than drinking crystal clear water. With this water filter, you will enjoy sparkling clean water to use for your tea or coffee. It's a great item to have if you want to protect your family from the dangers of unclean water. Designed to hold 23 cups of water, you'll have enough water for everyone.

Coconut Shell Flower Pot
Add some natural interior decor to your apartment and announce yourself as a lover of all things natural. This flower pot is made from Natural coconut shell plant fiber. It's beautiful, environmentally friendly, and durable. This item is a great choice because it can be added to any room in the house including your bedroom and living room.

Reusable Cloth Diapers
Keep your baby looking clean and fresh with these reusable cloth diapers. Available in a variety of colors and designs, these diapers are trendy. They are made from strong absorbent material to guarantee the comfort of your child for many years. You also have nothing to worry about your child making a mess with its leak-free design.

Silicone Baking Mat
Take your baking to the next level with this impressive Silicone Baking Mat. Made from durable, food-grade silicone, this mat can be used to carry out a variety of baking options. This eco-friendly mat is designed for use in different types of ovens and will make sure that heat is distributed evenly over its surface. You'll have fantastic baking results.

Natural Hemp Sponges for Dishes
The Hemp Scrubber is the ideal solution to clean stains and food off your plates. Made from manually knitted hemp fabric, this organic scrubber is durable and maintains its appearance even when dipped in hot water. This reusable sponge dries quickly and does not absorb odors. When you've used up the hemp sponge, you can simply throw it in the bin to compost.

Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets
Prepared to clean your teeth the natural way? The Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets have got you covered. These tablets were designed to reduce the waste caused by toothpaste tubes. They are easy to use in cleaning your mouth. All you have to do is slip one in your mouth, chew and start brushing. Made from natural ingredients to give you a healthy, clean mouth.

Bamboo Sheets
Looking for luxury, comfortable sheets made from soft breathable material? These Bamboo Sheets are exactly what you need. This 6-piece luxury sheet beats what you'll find at many high-class hotels and has an impressive thread count. What's even better? These sheets also feature deep pockets that you can use with your pillows or memory foam.

Silicone Stretch Lids
Food is the major source of nutrients for the human body. As a result, we need to guard what we eat against harmful germs and microorganisms. These Silicone Stretch Lids are perfect to cover your fruits, foods, drinks, vegetables, and other substances. These lids can be used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

Liquid Hand Soap Refill
This unique product is great for the environment because it doesn't rely on harmful chemicals and plastic packaging. Made with natural products that clean your dishes and protect your hands. The plant-based ingredients in the soap also produce a powerful and soothing scent. The Liquid Hand Soap Refill stands out because it uses a zero-waste system.

Reusable Menstrual Cup
Say goodbye to stressful, messy periods with this innovative menstrual cup. Designed with a soft, silicone material, this cup is suitable for those with sensitive bladders and deals with cramping too. The reusable menstrual cup comes in a unique bulb shape that helps to prevent any leaks that may stain your underwear. It's also made from natural materials that won’t dry you out.

Zero Waste Subscription Box
How much of a nature lover are you? Prove yourself with the zero-waste subscription box. All you have to do is subscribe and you'll get 3-5 plastic-free products. It's a great idea for anyone who has committed to living a natural life. With this box, you will join the movement of zero waste enthusiasts and improve the quality of life by reducing pollution.

Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags
Protect the environment and pack your snacks with these eco-friendly bags. These bags are easy to use and would let you enjoy your lunch in style. These snack and sandwich bags are grease-proof, moisture-proof, and waterproof to protect their content. What's even better? These bags can be used repeatedly, even when traveling. This is an ideal gift for all nature lovers.

Reusable Utensils Kit
It’s time to enjoy your favorite meals while showing how much of an environmental conservationist you are. This 9-piece kit is made from high-quality bamboo that is corrosion-resistant and quite durable. Because of their portable design, these kits are perfect for meals at any time of the day. They are also a perfect gift idea for any nature lover you may know.

EcoRight Canvas Tote Bag
If you’re a fan of Tote bags, there are many reasons why you would like this. To start with, the bag features a beautiful, lush tropic design that is inspired by the environment. The bag is also designed to be spacious with inner pockets and a zippered closure to keep all your stuff. What’s even better? The EcoRight bag is made from eco-friendly materials.

Wooden Soap Dishes
Are you tired of struggling to keep your soap in place after taking a refreshing bath? These wooden soap dishes are designed to help you out. It has an automatic drainage design that ensures that the soap dish does not store any excess water. These unique soap dishes are also waterproof and anti-slip. They are also made from natural wood that is plastic-free.

Reusable Smart Erasable Notebook
There’s no bigger flex than having a magic notebook that provides a classic writing experience. The reusable smart erasable notebook is made into ruled paper and blank paper which can be used to create notes, sketches, and diagrams. The thrilling feature about this notebook is that each page made is made from Senyan paper that can be reused more than 500 times.

Sprout Tray
Grow your favorite greens in your living room with this sprout tray. This product includes 4 layers of trays with a sturdy shelf. The kit also includes an additional spray bottle and multiple pieces of spray paper. Don’t be deceived by its appearance as the sprout tray is incredibly easy to install. It’s a space-saving option to sprout different types of seeds.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags
Are you looking for durable, eco-friendly bags that are perfect for any occasion? The waxed canvas lunch bags will provide you with everything that you need. Made from CZYY durable waxed canvas, these lunch bags are easy to clean with a damp cloth and can quickly be packaged. It’s the perfect size to carry with you anywhere and has a super simple design.

Zero Waste Gardening book
Come learn how to be a real environmental conservationist with this gardening book. Written by Ben Raskin, the zero-waste gardening book contains multiple ideas for growing key crops. This book gives you a perfect idea to use all of the free space lying around you. This book is a must-have for new and experienced growers, zero-waste enthusiasts, and eco-friendly residents.

Zero Waste Deodorant
You’ve probably never heard about or seen a zero-waste deodorant. But this useful product is a must-have for anyone who likes to stay fresh on the go. If you’re a sweaty person or someone involved in physical activities, the product includes a mini deodorant that is portable. The deodorant is made from natural materials to give you a burst of freshness.

Natural Beauty Bar Set
On a mission to eliminate as much plastic waste from the planet as possible, the natural beauty bar set was created. This is the world’s first zero-waste and sustainable beauty soap. The soap is made from fresh 100% materials. To further protect the environment, the soap’s packaging is made from biodegradable materials. Finally, a beauty bar set that nourishes your skin and environment.

Eco Friendly Gift Set
It’s time to be a zero-waste hero. This gift set is an eco-friendly package for anyone who chooses to live the natural life or whoever is just starting on the eco-friendly journey. The gift set comprises reusable travel utensils and other eco-friendly products. All of the items in the kit are reusable and made from biodegradable materials to protect the environment.

Refillable Hand Soap Dispensers
The Refillable Hand Soap Dispensers are made from high-quality glass material which can be filled with a variety of liquids. The bottle also consists of an anti-fingerprint, sturdy pump which is free from any rust or corrosion. The soap dispenser is perfect for different types of soap, including liquid soap, dish soap, shampoo, body wash, massage oils, hand soap, and so on.

Reusable Menstrual Pads
These reusable menstrual pads are every woman’s dream come true. The reusable menstrual pads are advantageous because they will save a lot of money from buying regular pads. These cloth options are a healthy alternative that will prevent toxic shocks or any adverse effects. Made from quality materials and advanced fabric design, these pads are a must-have for every female.

Biodegradable Disposable Leaf Bowls
Being eco-friendly and protecting the environment doesn’t go further than this. The Biodegradable Disposable Leaf plates are multi-purpose and made from 100% natural materials; Sal leaves and bamboo sticks. The plates are made into a sturdy design that is compostable. The leaf bowls were also produced without any harm to the environment and without felling any trees.

Eco Metal Razor
The Eco Metal Razor is a unique product made from rust-proof metals. With its rose gold design, the razor would make a great eco-friendly gift for your girlfriend or spouse. The razor is designed such that it can be recycled over and over. The full kit includes a double-edge razor, razor stand, and a cuboid protective case.

Wool Ball Cat Toys
Are you looking for the perfect toy to keep your cat engaged without endangering the environment? The wool ball cat toys are an 8-piece 100% natural set of wool balls. Gotten directly from their source in Nepal, they are handcrafted and designed to be eco-friendly. Because of its quiet and stimulating nature, your pet would have a nice time with each ball.

Label Maker Machine
There are so many benefits of this label maker. To start with, this model is small and lighter than traditional label makers. It also features a built-in rechargeable battery. This label maker machine is designed to print 25% more clearly. It’s also capable of detecting different types of pictures and multiple languages before transforming them into labels.

Bamboo Cutting Board
Chop ingredients for your favorite meal with this bamboo board. Made from high-quality material, the bamboo board can last for many years under constant use. The wooden accent on the product makes it attractive and is a unique touch from what you are used to.

Copper Pot Scrubber
Are you looking to get those tough stains out of your copper pots and silverware? We’ve got the perfect item for you. This copper pot scrubber is a great choice for the daily cleaning of different surfaces. It’s designed to remove dust and dirt easily. With its gentle but strong body, the non-abrasive copper will clean pots, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops, and so on.

Zero Waste Sewing book
Get ready to embark on a new sewing adventure. Written by Elizabeth Haywood, renowned pattern maker and sewing instructor, this book will teach you how to make clever use of fabric. The book focuses on a zero-waste theme that teaches how to reduce waste when cutting including some innovative garment shapes. It’s all in there for you.

DIY Beeswax Wrap Bar
The DIY Beeswax Drop bar is capable of producing 20 beeswax food wrap sheets. It’s a great idea to transform cotton fabric into practical food wraps. These wraps can be used to store food and cover containers. It’s a great choice for beginners because the Drop Bar is easy to use. Made from pure, natural ingredients, you won’t have to use plastic wraps.

Natural Bath Bombs
Bath bombs have been popular for quite some time. Made from natural raw materials, the bomb will not harm your bathtub or bathroom. It’s made from rich essential oils that are great for your skin and will relax your body. These bombs float in water and produce a rich-colored foam. They also come in beautiful packages, ready to hand out at any event.

Organic Cotton Hair Ties
Say hello to the world’s first plastic-free hair ties. These hair ties are completely biodegradable but also designed to be long-lasting. The product is beautiful, strong, and capable of unbeatable stretching. These hair ties have been made almost twice as strong as regular ones. Each kit contains 5 packs and you won’t have to repeat using the same time over and over.

Salt and Pepper Grinder
Get ready to spice up your meals like never before with this salt and pepper grinder. They are made to help you add the right amount of spice to your food. They were designed with high-quality craftsmanship. The salt and pepper grinder are a durable, adjustable grinding mechanism. It’s a perfect gift idea for your friend and family who love to cook.

Glass Straw with Travel Case
The Glass Straw is designed with borosilicate glass that gives it impressive durability and strength. The straw can be carried from one location to another and cleaned easily. The straw’s travel case also containing its cleaning tool is made into a streamlined shape with a great aesthetic appeal. These glass straws are the next revolution to have a plastic-free environment.

The Zero Waste Cookbook
Are you looking to expand your cooking skills? The Zero Waste Cookbook can help you out in this regard. This cookbook will guide you on different methods to cook and prevent too much waste. You’ll learn everything; from using the husk of corn to make vegetables to infusing vodka with lemon zest. There are more than 100 simple recipes in the book for you.

Avocado Seed Germination Kit
Grow your avocado personally and enjoy all of the fun that comes with the process. With this kit, you will watch this beautiful plant grow from being a seed to maturity. You’ll also get to trim the plant. With this easy-to-use kit, you may decide to involve your family in the fun. This Avocado Kit makes an ideal gift choice for any occasion.

Food Storage Container Set
Finally, you have more than enough space to store all your food materials. These stackable plastic food storage sets will keep your food safe from spilling, pests, moisture, and exposure to the atmosphere. Due to its practical stackable design, this 24-piece set can help to save your space while keeping items organized. Each container is made from high-quality 100% food-safe materials.

Vintage Floral Print Handkerchiefs
The Vintage Floral Print Handkerchiefs feature beautiful floral, vintage-style patterns that make these items elegant and beautiful. This product provides 30 unique handkerchiefs that can meet all of your daily needs. These floral print handkerchiefs are designed to add some extra charm to your appearance. They are also made from soft-texture fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin.

48-Hour Horizontal Candle
This is an all-natural beeswax candle that will produce bright light without any toxic fumes. Due to its innovative design, this candle can burn for 48 hours. This one-of-a-kind candle also releases a sweet scent of honey as it burns slowly in your room. These candles are dripless, self-extinguishing, and designed to be used safely by any member of the family.

Glass Bottle Cutter Kit
If you’re the type of person that likes to get his or her hands dirty, the glass bottle cutter kit is designed for you. The kit will ensure that you can create table bottle lamps or even transform old bottles into beautiful vases, drinking glasses, wind chimes, plant holders, and so on. Don’t waste your glass bottles, they’re still useful.

Bag Clips Covered with Silicone
Say hello to bag clips that are free from sharp edges. Made from silicone cases, the bag clips are practical items to cover the mouth of your lunch and food bags. Each of the clips is available in different colors. They offer a solid grip. They are also designed to be durable and last longer than regular clips.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
Improve your toilet experience with this elegant bidet toilet seat attachment. Poop like royalty on a porcelain seat. It can be installed easily and quickly with DIY instructions in the packaging. The toilet seat attachment has a customized control that can be used to clean up to your satisfaction. When you get this, you get access to a healthier way of life.

Motivational Water Bottle
Never forget to drink water with this practical water bottle. Marked with different water levels to remind you exactly when to drink water, this bottle will help you stay hydrated. The motivational water bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and features a wide-mouth opening for easy drinking and cleaning. What’s even better? It’s easy to carry around.

Fountain Pen
Have you heard about the elegance of using fountain pens? Nothing can compare with the grace of this unique pen as it glides effortlessly across the page. If you enjoy writing, this pen can add more sophistication to your writing experience. Compatible for daily use, this pen would quickly become your favorite and you will always want to have it around.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds
How much of a lover of nature are you? Define your environmentalist in you with these amazing heirloom vegetable seeds. This kit includes 55 amazing vegetable seeds including Oregon Sugar Peas, Blue Scotch Kale, Waltham Broccoli, and so on. All of your culinary delights are available and have been tested at a 95% germination rate. There are enough seeds to grow yourself a garden.

Wine Tumbler with Lid
This one-of-a-kind wind tumbler is what you’ve been looking for to enjoy that special bottle of wine. Due to its copper-plated tripled insulated construction, the tumbler is designed to keep your drinks cold for up to 9 hours and hot for over 3 hours. It’s also easy to clean. Enjoy a durable tumbler that is slip-free, scratch-free, and noise-free.

Fabrics Scrap Bag
This beautiful bag has all of the fabric that you want. You’ll find different widths and lengths of fabric within the bag. Each of the strips is between 2 to 6 inches wide and have varying length. However, there may be some of them that have a 17 inch width. Some of the fabrics in the bag will also be made up of selvage edges.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit
Are you ready to start your herb garden? With this garden kit, you’ll be treated to the fresh taste of different homegrown herbs including Cilantro, English Thyme, Large Leaf Italian Parsley, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced farmer or just starting, this kit has everything you need. There’s also an expert team of horticulturists for support.

Wholesale Swedish Dishcloths
Get multiple dishcloths all in one place. Designed to be super absorbent and great for wiping surfaces, this dishcloth is a perfect option for cleaning spills and splashes. They are reusable paper towels that can easily be washed after use. The Swedish dishcloths are suitable to clean different surfaces including marble, wood, and stainless steel.

Puck Paint Brush Cleaner
Instantly transform a cup into a paint cleaning brush with this portable puck paint brush cleaner. Washing your paintbrush in a cup or bowl of water isn’t enough to get all the paint out. The Puck Paint Brush cleaner has a suction cup bottom that will keep it attached when in use. This brush cleaner also features silicone agitators for easy cleaning.

Sustainable Pencil
This sustainable pen would make a great eco-friendly gift to any creative artist that you may know. While it would help improve the overall craft of the person, it also contributes to protecting our environment. Due to its ultra-compressed writing nib, this pencil can outlast up to 100 regular pencils. It’s a must-have for any artist or painter.

Wooden Hair Brush Paddle
Now, you get a wooden brush that’s made from high-quality wood. This plastic-free, biodegradable wooden brush will also not damage your hairline as a regular plastic brush. The Wooden Hair Brush Paddle will not irritate your scalp too. The natural bristle hairbrush can be used by all hair types; curly, kinky, straight, or wavy.

Silicone Scrubber Gloves
The Silicone Rubber gloves are made from food-grade silicone that is soft and flexible. It’s capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 320-degree Fahrenheit. The insulating material will protect you from electrocution and burns. It also offers a firm grip when washing dishes. Put on these rubber gloves to protect your hand against damage by harsh soap chemicals.

Palo Santo Holder
The Palo Santo Holder is handmade. As a result, the density of the speckles on the face of each holder may be different. But this does not affect how useful it is. The holder is designed with a glossy finish surface and can be used to burn different types of incense. This handmade holder is an ideal eco-friendly gift for young kids and families.

Coconut Bowl and Spoon Gift Set
This is a set of 100% natural, organic utensils. They are designed to be eco-friendly, reusable, biodegradable, and natural. The coconut bowls are lightweight and have been polished with organic virgin coconut oil to guarantee their durability and exquisite finish. These jumbo-sized coconut bowls can be used for a variety of purposes and with different meals.

Loofah Sponge Set
With the loofah sponge set, you will enjoy the spa-like luxury that will soothe and refresh your skin. Made from natural products, you will enjoy every moment that you spend taking a shower. Each sponge is also designed with a 100% Egyptian cotton handle. They are lightweight and easy to use. They will also sit comfortably in your hand.

Reusable Shopping Bags
Shop in style and protect the environment at the same time. These reusable shopping bags are made with double-stitched and overlock reusable mesh that’s resistant to tearing. The bag is also designed to be lightweight. It’s a multipurpose bag that could also serve as a fridge bag for veggies. Due to the bag’s ergonomic handles, you can say goodbye to sore knuckles.

Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy
Are you the type of person that enjoys cleaning up the house regularly but always had to spend time gathering all your supplies? The Bamboo multi-purpose caddy is made to easily carry and move your cleaning supplies around. You can keep different types of supplies including spray bottles, sponges, brushes, cleaning cloths, and scrubbers.

Reusable Makeup Wipe
Wipe off all your makeup with just water. The reusable makeup wipe is designed to have millions of tiny hairlike fibers that can dig into your skin when wet and dig out all of the makeup and dirt on your face. The makeup wipe also allows you to use the short-fiber side to wipe off makeup and use the long-fiber side to exfoliate.

Reusable Silicone Food Savers
These food savers can stretch to fit around slide around fruits and veggies. With a single set, you can store a lot of foodstuffs. If you know any food lovers, get them this item. The reusable food savers are made from zero-plastic and will not wear out. These food savers will produce an airtight seal on food halves to prolong their shelf life.

Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer
Transform your desk into great shape with this wooden organizer. Made into an all-in-one design, the wood desk organizer would fit virtually any table or office setting. They also help to protect the environment due to their 100% sustainable bamboo wood construction. This is a great eco-friendly gift from the professionals in your life.

Knitting Kits for Beginners
Are you ready to start your knitting journey? Get this knitting kit for beginners. It’s a must-have for enthusiasts because it has all the tools you would need in one place. The kit contains high-quality balls of wool, bamboo knitting needles, and a yarn needle. What’s even better? It’s an eco-friendly product made only from natural materials.

Reusable Coffee Cup
Say hello to the cup that marked the beginning of the reuse era. Made from durable tempered glass, this coffee cup is designed to serve you a refreshing cup of coffee repeatedly. It would sit perfectly in a coffee maker and suits industry standards. All of its features would suit your drinking pleasure; splashproof body, perfect fit lid, and comfortable mouthpiece.

Plant Grow Light
This Plant Grow Light is designed to imitate natural light. It’s best for plants at different growing stages and has 3 light modes. The light also allows users to adjust its brightness from 10 – 100% through remote control. If you wish to spend some time away from the plant, you can set the auto on/off timer.

Wax Melter for Candle Making
This is a small, affordable wax melter that will melt wax quickly. The wax melter is capable of melting Soy or Paraffin Wax. The device is easy to use, and the temperature settings can be changed from warm to 400-degree Fahrenheit. The melter pot will ensure that you can make candles quicker and handle bulk orders.

Picnic Basket Backpack for 2
Looking to head out on a picnic? This picnic basket backpack is designed with large insulated cooler compartments. The biggest central compartment is capable of holding about 10L. It can serve as a leak proof cooler that can be used to store drinks. Despite its large size, the picnic backpack can easily be worn on your back.

7 Gallon Potato Grow Bags
These are Potato Grow Bags that allow you to grow your plants with ease. There is a visualization window that allows you to easily determine when the plants are ripe and to harvest them directly. It’s a convenient medium that allows growers to observe the different aspects of the plants. Each grow bag is made from durable, reusable material that won’t wear out.

Leather Scraps for Crafting
Get 3lbs of high-quality leather for yourself to use in crafting your favorite leatherwork. The leather comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are soft, supple, and strong. However, most of them come in an earth tone. They can be used in garment trims, chokers, bookmarks, watch bands, wristbands, and other small accessories.

Cork Yoga Blocks
Transform your overall yoga experience with these cork blocks. They are made from corks while maintaining the natural environment. These corks are designed to into an angled plane to minimize wrist pain. They can be applied to different exercise techniques. The Cork Yoga Blocks are slip-resistant and keep your palms in place during workouts.

Microfiber Glass Polishing Cloths
Keep your wineglass fresh and well-maintained with these microfiber glass polishing cloths. Made from soft and lightweight microfiber using specialized nanotechnology that complies with international standards. The oversize polishing cloths will prevent your fingerprint from staining glass surfaces. This microfiber glass polishing can be used to wipe different surfaces including silverware, stemware, stainless steel, home appliances, and so on.

Eucalyptus Comforter
Looking for a comforter that suits all seasons and makes you sleep better? The Eucalyptus comforter is freshly designed and lightweight. It’s designed to suit winter nights and hot summer nights. The qualities of the comforter are the same during the day and at night. You may decide to use this product as a stand-alone comforter or insert it into your duvet.

Exfoliating Bar Soap
Designed for the modern man, this exfoliating bar soap is made with natural, effective ingredients, and fragrances that protect his skin. Nothing can compete with the smell and fragrance of this bar soap. Some of the ingredients used in the exfoliating bar soap include essential oils, cannabis Sativa seed oil, and other natural products. Turn up your style and class with this soap.

Eye Cream Applicator
Are you ready to take your skincare routine to the next level? This eye cream applicator has got you covered. Finally, you can say goodbye to annoying eye wrinkles. It’s designed to glide gently under your eyes and take away all the looks of tiredness and inflammation. As an added benefit, the applicator will also brighten the complexion around the area.

Biodegradable Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss
Give your teeth some special treatment with this Biodegradable Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss. In this kit, you get up to 33 yards of charcoal dental floss. Clean your teeth while protecting the environment at the same time. The Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss is made into a beautiful rainbow container. Asides from the eco-friendly floss, the packaging is also plastic-free.

Handheld Electric Milk Frother
If you like to have a cup of coffee creamy and frothy, the Handheld Electric Milk Frother is the best option for you. This device helps to add a professional cup to a homemade cup of latte, hot chocolate, or cappuccino. There are many reasons why you should have this item in your kitchen. It’s made from high-quality materials and durable construction.

Organic Grass Straws
These natural organic grass straws are a better alternative to bamboo, wheat, hay, silicone, plastic, or paper straws. They do not affect the taste of your drink and feel great in your mouth. These plastic-free straws are not subject to the same harsh treatment as regular ones. There is a great eco-friendly gift for kids and families.

Bamboo Baby Washcloths
Cleaning your baby up has never felt better. Bath after bath, these organic washcloths will provide your child all-around comfort. They are a great idea for babies who are prone to eczema and other skin-related problems. These washcloths are safe to use and will not harm your newborn even if it finds a way into their mouth.

French Press
Looking to make a great cup of coffee? If you are tired of muddy cups of coffee, this French press is just for you. With a 4-level filter system and 2 stainless steel screens, the press will offer you high-quality coffee to start your mornings. Made from borosilicate glass, the French coffee press can withstand high temperatures and is durable.

Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat
This is a must-have for all yoga enthusiasts. It’s perfect for intense yoga classes. When the temperature in the room rises, the cork will gradually loosen, and it will become softer and easier to grip. The cork is designed will have a firmer grip and more traction with an increase in moisture and heat. Get this eco-friendly gift for yoga lovers around you.

Wooden Paper pot maker
Are you looking to add some pots to your garden? The wooden paper pot maker is an ideal choice. You can use it in making a perfect, earth-friendly pot that’s better for the environment than regular plastic pots. These zero-waste paper pots can be planted directly into the garden to prevent damage to the delicate roots of the young plants.

Microfiber Duster, with Extension Pole
Tired of having dust and dirt in different corners of your house? This microfiber duster can absorb dust, pollen, and hair particles with ease. When combine with an extension pole, the duster can be used to reach far corners of your home. This duster makes cleaning 10 times easier than with a telescopic duster.

Reusable Organic Tissue Pack
Reusable tissues are one of the key innovations of the zero-waste revolution. This tissue pack is eco-friendly and can be carried around. The tissue is designed to be comfortable and soft on the nose. You can store your dirty and clean tissues in different compartments. The tissues can be washed about 520 times each. The silicone case is also long-lasting and 100% recyclable.

Wood Scraps
Looking to finish up some little woodwork craft at home? Get these wood scraps to help yourself out. You’ll find different types of wood blocks including cherry, walnut, assorted maple. There are about 50 – 60 wood pieces that measure between 1 to 4 inches. It’s a great idea for building blocks and crafts. It would make a great gift for kids older than 3 years.

Desktop Dry Erase Whiteboard
This magnetic small desktop whiteboard is designed with a smooth and durable writing surface. The whiteboard can easily be written on and wiped off. The desktop whiteboard is double-sided to offer optimal writing space. You can have two projects on either side. The board is ideal for reading, presentation, arts, learning, and education.

Pocket Utensil Set
Made from premium quality silverware, food-grade stainless steel, The portable case is made from BPA and phthalate-free polypropylene. The portable case can be slipped into your pocket or kept in a small storage space in your luggage. The pocket utensil set is perfect for traveling and camping. The set has silicone grip limits that allow you to grip your silverware firmly.

Cotton Fiber Variety Pack for Spinning
The Cotton Fiber Variety Pack has 18 ounces of dyed cotton silver which can be used for spinning, blending, and felting projects. The cotton that’s used in these fiber packs is super soft and comes from long-staple cotton plants. It’s breathable and easy to care for. These fibers have been tested to be free from toxins.

Travel Mug
This travel mug is perfect for use in the office, gym, or even at a campsite. Their sizes can fit into car cup holders. These mugs can be used to serve coffee, teas, and water. Its walls are lightly insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold. The mugs are also specially designed with a nose-dome that will allow you to drink comfortably.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
Transform your bathroom with the luxurious scent from these aromatherapy steamers. Made from real flower petals, these steamers process a strong soothing aroma. This gift is a great idea for the women in your life or anyone you love. These steamers are slip-free and are safe to use in wet conditions. These shower steamers will degrade quickly and not clog your bathroom.

DIY Candle Making Kit
Do you need well-designed kits that can help you make many candles? If yes, then choose the DIY Candle Making Kit. This kit includes soy wax flakes that can be able to produce as many as 6 candles. The candle kit is easy to use and will melt your wax quickly. The DIY kit also comes with a centering tool.

Cloth Napkins
These cloth napkins are made from polycotton. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting materials that can be used repeatedly. These napkins will transform your dining set and add a lot of charm to your meals. These napkins are multi-purpose and can be used as restaurant napkins, hotel napkins, banquet table napkins, party table napkins, and so on.

Sustainable Spider Clips
These spider clips will beautify your hair and transform your appearance. They are eco-friendly and these clips will be kind to your hair. These clips are packaged with biodegradable paper and zip ties. The Sustainable Spider Clips have strong hinges that can support hairstyles. It can be modified into any design and would sit comfortably on your hair.

Food Storage Containers
Looking for innovative and simple food storage options? Food Storage Containers include separate pieces. Each of the storage containers is designed with an airtight 4 sided-locking system that has an airtight seal. They can help you keep your food substances fresh and prevent prolonged food storage. All of the containers are made from high-quality food-grade plastic.

Reusable Spray Bottle Kit
Say hello to a one-of-a-kind. The Reusable Spray Bottle Kit is easy to use. All you have to do is drop some Dazz tablets in a bottle, add some warm water and wait for it to dissolve. The cleaning solution can be applied on different surfaces. It is capable of eliminating odors and removing stains in any part of your house.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox
This is one of the best lunch boxes available on the market. The Stainless-Steel Lunchbox is made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. There are many reasons why you would like to buy this. It’s smooth and has fold-over edges. The stainless-steel box also does not let food odors stick around. It also doesn’t stain easily.

Silicone Lids for Pans
This silicone glass lid was specially designed to fit all of your cookware perfectly. It can be used to cover pots, pans, and skill sets. It's a one-size-fits-all design for different cookware. Instead of having to keep different lids of different cookware litter the kitchen, you can opt for a single well-designed one. This lid is made with clear glass and a strong handle.

Planter Bulb Vase
If you’re looking for an additional form of interior décor for your home or office, opt for Planter Bulb Vase. This beautiful piece can sit on your office desk or the table in your living room. The Planter Bulb Vase is made from natural woods and features a crystal-clear vase. The planter bulb vase is also quite fashionable.

Kitchen Dish Cleaning Set
This impressive dish cleaning set consists of a 5-piece brush. Unlike regular kitchen scrubbers and sponges, this unique set is eco-friendly and made from long-lasting material. They’ll make a great addition to your kitchen and give your dishes a clean sparkle. Made from high-quality, natural bamboo wood and plastic fiber, these brushes will handle different types of cleaning tasks.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pad Set
Are you having problems rubbing your makeup off after a long day? Use these removable pads and some warm water to get it done simply. The Reusable Makeup Remover Pad Set can be used to clean your neck, lips, face, and even underarms. The pads in this set can be rewashed. They are also a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Tumbling Composter
The Tumbling Composter is what you need to prove how much you love the environment. The composter has twin chambers that let you compost in batches. Due to its innovative tumbling design, you can handle all your composing needs easily. You won’t have to get your hands dirty. The composter does all the work for you.

Reusable Coffee Filter
If you like to filter your coffee after pressing, then this coffee filter is a great choice. Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, the filter can be used for many years without decay or spoilage. You’ll get the most out of your coffee with this affordable zero-waste filter. What’s even better? It’s easy to clean and you can use it repeatedly.