29 Best Yak Gifts That Are Spect-yak-ular For Anyone

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What are yaks if not awesomely cool cows. Get your friends a unique gift featuring these friendly beasts, from this list of yak gifts. From yak-packs that are backpacks but yak-themed, to yak lunch boxes and yak pillow cases for the couch, these gifts are ex-yak-tly what your friends wanted but didn’t realize it.

Yak Plush Toy
Are you interested in getting an adorable Yak-inspired toy? Look no further than this Yak Plush Toy. This beautiful toy is designed with lifelike features and realistic detail. These toys are perfect for kids who joy enjoy petting toys. This little item will soon become your kid's favorite companion. There's also a little fact tag to teach you interesting details about the animal.

Yak Wool-Blend Throw Blanket
There's a high chance that you haven't come across a blanket as soft as the Yak-Wool Blend Throw Blanket. This special blanket is designed to be luxuriously soft. The blanket is designed for multipurpose use including traveling, camping, meditation, office, living room couch, and so on. The blanket also features a neutral color that blends with any interior decor.

Yak Canvas Wall Art
This interesting piece of art is just what you have been looking for to create that perfect countryside theme in your home. This wall art would perfectly suit any wall in your home including bedroom, living room, office, and so on. Transform your space and add a well-polished rustic touch to your decor. Created with premium printing quality that is fade resistant too.

Harry the Highlander Book
Learn the tales of your favorite highland Yak. Designed for kids, the pages of the book are colorful and designed such that kids can easily read through. If you are looking for something to engage your child and build their vocabulary, this is the book. Perfect gift for kids on birthdays and other important events.

Yak Squeak Dog Toy
Are you on the market for a perfect play toy to keep your kids engage for long hours? Look no further than this special toy. It's designed from soft, breathable materials that do not irritate your skin. The Yak Squeak Dog Toy will keep your dog engage for long hours without stopping. It's a perfect choice for adults who love dogs.

Yak Snuggler and Board Book
This beautiful Yak can teach your kids about self-acceptance and feeling confident about themselves. This Yak Snuggler and Board Book were created by a professional therapist who aims to use advanced techniques to help children master social and emotional skills. Perfect gift for kids at birthdays and other important events.

Yak Pillow Cover
Say goodbye to boring pillow covers with this unique pillow cover. The Yak Pillow Cover is made from nanofiber fabric that ensures that the user is comfortable. The decorative unicorn at the front of the pillow cover will thrill kids and adults alike. There’s also an invisible zipper to help you take the pillow cover off and on.

Horn and Ear Headband
Here’s a chance to look like your favorite animal with the Horn and Ear Headband. It is made from high-quality fabric that is soft and long-lasting. The horns and ears are also designed to be sturdy and remain in position. They are cute and comfortable to wear. Perfect gift for adults and kids at birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events.

Furry Yak Ottoman
Are you interested in getting your child another funny play companion? This Funny Yak Ottoman is the perfect choice for you. It will quickly become your child’s best friend. This beautiful item can serve as a toy or an interesting piece of décor to add to your room. Perfect gift for your child’s birthday and other important events or occasions.

Yak Bone Peace Necklace
Add an interesting item to your outfit. This necklace is a neckpiece with the buddha of compassion mantra. It’s handmade by artisans in Nepal. No one from Tibet does know about this mantra. Perfect gift for anyone interested in deep spiritual pieces. This mantra is a powerful one that is widely accepted by many people.

Yak Skull Mask
The Yak Skull Mask is a beautiful costume headpiece that has well-designed horns and a unique design that will thrill you. It's an amazing piece of decor that can brighten up any wall in your home. The Yak Skull mask is ideal for masquerade parties, costume parties, and so on. The mask is a perfect gift for adults who love to wear masks.

Yak Milk Dog Chews
These dog chews have been designed to be safe to eat and will not react with your dog's stomach. These items are designed to be free of preservatives and harmful substances. The Yak Milk Dog Chews are made from natural materials such as cow milk, salt, yak milk, and lime. The dog chews also serve to improve the dog's breath and oral health.

Women's Yak Wool Hoodie
Step out in style and stay trendy with this Women's Yak Wool Hoodie. It's made from 100% yak wool that is soft and comfortable to touch. The hoodie is designed with a specially designed Italian zipper and a custom iPhone pocket. The women's yak wool hoodie is naturally colored to create the best natural appearance. The product of this hoodie supports Tibetan nomadic farmers.

Smart Phone Cover
The Yak-inspired smartphone cover is designed to keep your phone safe. The smartphone features a body that is covered with a beautiful digital print that does not fade for the cover's entire life. The cover is made from premium soft TPU that is shockproof and anti-scratch. These smartphone covers were specially designed to suit the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Yak Gold Nugget Ghee
The Yak Gold Nugget Ghee is made from premium Yak butter. The Nugget Ghee is made from 100% safe materials and delivers much-needed nutrients to the human body. The butter used to make this nugget ghee is designed for those who react to eating lactose or dairy products. This edible product has been cleared by all the right authorities.

Yaktrax Snow Cleats
During these winter months, most of your old shoes will be unsuitable for walking around because they would lack enough traction to maintain balance. With the Yaktrax Snow Cleats, your mobility becomes easier during the cold months. These cleats offer unparalleled stability in snow and ice. They are also comfortable to wear. These multipurpose cleats can also be worn in different weather conditions.

Yak Horn Shoe Horn
This natural Yak Shoe Horn is designed to offer a maximum amount of comfort to your heel. It has a natural curve that comfortably fits the shoe heel. The item is designed to have a perfect width and thickness that makes it easy to use. What's even better? The horn body is tough enough to prevent damage to your feet and shoe.

Disney Zootopia Figurine Playset
Bring your favorite characters to life with this interesting figurine playset. These characteristics can be used on different great adventures. They are designed with realistic detail and attractive colors. The set includes Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and four other characters to help you recreate your favorite moments from the animation. It's a perfect kids' gift.

Stainless Steel Yak Tumbler
The Stainless-Steel Yak Tumbler is a one-of-a-kind cup to help you hold your favorite drinks and beverages. Due to its stainless-steel body, the cup is long-lasting and durable. The tumbler is made from stemless insulated glass that will keep your drinks hot or cold for long periods. The unique design of this tumbler is a conversation starter at any party.

Viking Drinking Horn
Bring your Nordic dreams to life with his special Viking drinking horn. The drinking horn features a specially polished design that is unique to every product. The drinking horn has enough space to contain your favorite drink. They are also tough enough to slam it on the table like a true Viking. Perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys Nordic-themed items.

The Littlest Yak Hardcover Book
Are you on the market for a unique piece of item to keep your kids interested and interactive? The pages of this book are filled with rhymes and pictures that describe individual talent. The Littlest Yak Hardcover Book tells the story of Gertie, a little Yak on its journey to self-discovery and maturity.

Yak Plastic Farm Toy
Are you prepared to explore the beautiful farmlands like a Highland Bull? This toy is specially designed for long hours of interactive and imaginative play. The toy is designed with a long, wooly coat that is comfortable to touch. The Yak Farm Toy is an exact representation of a lifelike highland bull. It’s designed to be safe for use by children and adults.

Adult Costume Pajamas
If you are interested in a unique set of pajamas, you can opt for these adult costume pajamas. It’s designed with polar fleece to ensure optimal comfort for the wearer. There are also two small front pockets to keep your keys or other small items. The pajamas are easy to clean and machine washable.

Yak Beach Blanket
Make your visit to the beach more special with the Yak Beach Blanket. The blanket is made from 100% premium polyester. The blanket has a minimalist design that is great for your day at the beach. The blanket is multipurpose and will also blend seamlessly with any piece of furniture to create a new piece of interior décor.

This Is Our Happy Place Wall Sign
Let the whole world know your happy place with this attractive signpost. Featuring a bold Yak head and special fonts, the sign is attractive enough to make a great addition to any home’s entrance. The sign’s simple design will relax the atmosphere and welcome your guests in style. Perfect for gift ideas for homeowners who enjoy rustic, countryside design.

Yak Cap
The Yak Cap is an interesting way to step out in style. The Yak cap is made from cotton denim. The fabric is made to be soft and suitable for different people to wear. The cap is designed with a strong brim and highly textured exterior. The multipurpose cap is suitable for a variety of outfits including summer and autumn clothing.

Yak Pop Socket
Pop Sockets are expanding grips and stands that can be attached to smartphones for more stability and grip. Add a simple pop socket to your phone for more functionality. The Yak Pop Socket is better than ordinary ones because of its attractive design. This is a great gift for people who love Highland cows.

Yak Cashmere Wool Yarn
Yaks are highly adaptable animals that are resistant to harsh weather conditions of wind, snow, and cold. Their coat is made up of premium quality wool fiber and helps to preserve heat from the environment. These Yak Cashmere Wool Yarns can be used to create different crochet outfits including socks, sweaters, shawls, and hats.

Men's Yak Wool Hoodie
If you are the type of person interested in one-of-a-kind fashion items, this hoodie is a perfect choice. It is made from the highest-grade material that is soft to touch and warm to the skin. This hoodie is made from bright natural colors that make you stand out in a crowd. This is a perfect gift idea for young boys and adults.