99 White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Fight For in 2022

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When it comes to White Elephant parties, Dirty Santas, and Yankee Swaps, it’s hard to tell what gift you should bring and if the party is going to be a rager or complete dud. From $10 white elephant gift ideas to the ultimate white elephant gag gifts so you can spice up all of your holiday parties. Enjoy the best gift ideas for your white elephant party.

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33 Best White Elephant Gifts

33 Best White Elephant Gifts Best Yankee Swap Gifts Best Dirty Santa Gifts Unique Personalized

Your white elephant gift exchange will be like no other. If you’re ready to make this the best Yankee Swap party ever, you need the most unique and personalized gift idea. Pick a white elephant gift everyone will try to trade to get. Enjoy our ultimate list of white elephant gifts.

Temperature Control Smart Mug
The ultimate white elephant gift is one that is dripping in luxury, and what's more luxurious than a temperature control Ember Smart Mug? The sleek and modern design keeps your beloved morning coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours. And there's no limit if you plug it in! The possibilities are endless when you're fueled by Ember, making it the perfect #WFH companion.
Baby Yoda
Even if you haven't seen The Mandalorian, chances are you're a fan of Baby Yoda. Who isn't? With those puppy dog eyes and oversized ears, he's the definition of cute. Baby Yoda pretty much just takes naps and 'uses the force,' making him great company and an excellent gift.
Squaty Potty
For the best white elephant gift, don't be afraid to get a little dirty! Not only is a Squatty Potty practical, but it'll ensure that every exit is smooth. Honestly, the Squatty Potty is a game-changer that'll have everyone wondering how they lived before. This one's worth fighting to keep.
Tiger King Puzzle
There was only one king of quarantine, and that was the Tiger King. His absurdity, along with his love for tigers, propelled him to fame amidst a national pandemic. And we have to admit-- it's hard not to smile at this puzzle. Bonus points if you can read it without singing it!
Wine Tote Bag
For a white elephant gift that all the ladies will love, you can't go wrong with the idea of wine to-go. This insulated wine tote bag is perfect for Sunday brunch minus the crowds. Pour and sip from stainless steel stemless cups while lounging in the sun. Pinkies up if you're feeling fancy!
Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game
It's like high school superlatives, but more fun! This card game makes the perfect white elephant gift because you'll want to start playing immediately. Vote which friend is 'most likely to wake up with a burrito in bed' or 'most likely to retell the same story.' No harm, no foul...right?
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Search and watch shows from across apps with the help of Alexa. This is a perfect white elephant gift for the media lovers in your group. A single remote with power, volume and app control to make being a couch potato easy.
Water Painting Board
With the constant oversaturation of social media and technology, it's important to learn to live in the moment and just let go. The Original Buddha Board encourages the zen artist in everyone, allowing the user to craft beautifully soft paintings that are then washed away. With this white elephant gift, you'll be the one needing to 'learn to let go.'
Wine Aerator Set
You wonder what's the point of aerating wine when you can just drink it quickly. But that's no way to celebrate the luxuries in life! For a white elephant gift that everyone can use but few actually splurge on, try a wine aerator set. The process of aerating the wine allows for a longer shelf life so you can enjoy life at a leisurely pace.
Field Notes Notebooks
One funny thing about becoming an adult is realizing how much you love cool new notebooks. The pleasure is universally dependable, making these Field Notes Notebooks a natural choice for a white elephant gift. Themed around National Parks, the notebooks boast rounded edges and designer covers. Might not be the most exciting gift, but these notebooks are only a few entries from being a necessity.
Moscow Mule Mugs
Whether you like to entertain or not, you've gotta stay hydrated. This Moscow Mule Mug set is made of pure copper plating and stainless steel lining, making the mugs durable enough for a Viking. The expert craftsmanship transforms an everyday experience to a celebratory event. Moscow Mules put the party in White Elephant Party.
Handheld Vacuum
Perhaps the easiest way to clean up a mess, this handheld vacuum by Black and Decker is the most practical gift of your white elephant party. It's snazzy red color won't be the only thing your patrons love. Plus if you're the host, maybe you can win this and clean up the place!
Right or Racist Game
To really spice up your White Elephant Party, you're going to need this 'Right or Racist' game. The cards play off relevant issues and encourages both sides to see beyond themselves. This game can really fire up some tempers, and keeping your cool just might be the key to winning (at life.)
Soy Candles
These soy candles are like brightly lit tins of sunshine. Boasting scents like Mediterranean fig, lavender, and lemon, this box set is bursting with personality and rich colors. Plus, the tins are ideal for reuse, so it's not a tragedy every time a candle burns out. It's the ultimate crowd pleaser when you're not quite sure which crowd you're walking into.
Cordless Wine Opener
You know the saying, 'If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself'? Well, that was clearly said before the introduction of the cordless wine opener. This Oster cordless wine opener can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge, and it even cuts the foil for a clean presentation! Your favorite activity just got a little easier.
Cheese Board
This cheeseboard is for when you really want to do the damn thing. It's fully loaded with magnetic drawers, ceramic serving dishes, cutlery set, and subwoofers. Okay, so maybe it's not quite that fast or furious, but this cheeseboard was made to be the center of attention. When in doubt, take a cheeseboard-- they always make new friends.
Dr. Squatch Soap Variety Pack
A gag gift that also solves all your skincare problems? What's the catch? Increased manliness, apparently. Dr. Squatch Soap Variety Packs are the best white elephant gifts for all the tender male egos in your life. With intoxicating natural scents like Gold Moss and Pine Tar, Dr. Squatch handmade soaps will have girlfriends and partners around the world stealing more than just their dude's razor.
Premium Slimwallet
This Secrid Slimwallet is the perfect fit for the sophisticated minimalist. The vintage brown leather gives it a designer feel while the extra safety features allow you to be completely at ease. And with a two-year warranty, it'll last until the next White Elephant Party!
Hot Sauce Bundle
There's one hot sauce that's trending on the market(place), and the buzzword is Truff! This black truffle gourmet hot sauce set is truly for the most sophisticated palates. It's silky, peppery, yet perfectly balanced. Why is this the ultimate gift idea? Because there's two Truff sauces-- one for you. Shh.
Tortilla Blanket
Have you ever looked at a loved one asleep and thought, 'They look so peaceful, it's almost like they're wrapped in a warm tortilla.' Mmm. Now you can fulfill that dream. This premium tortilla blanket is of soft flannel, plus it's big enough to share. Prepare to get cozy! Now you're really looking like a whole snack.
Beer Bottle Holder
This neoprene beer bottle holder is prime for insulating both cans and bottles. And the versatility doesn't end there! The material allows for easy storage and regular cleaning. Even more, it's the perfect size to keep in your car for those spontaneous summer days. You've never seen a cooler way to carry your favorite beverages.
Vintage Candy Box
There's no better way to say 'You're old!' than a walk down memory lane. This vintage candy box is heavy on the nostalgia and the sugar. Since the candies are taken from the year 1985, this candy box makes the perfect gag gift for any 35-year-old. With almost 60 wrapped goodies including Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum, these sweet memories will have you thankin' the 80s.
Exploding Kittens Card Game
If you're looking for a saucy game that's safe for work but not the kids, exploding kittens fits the bill. Well, it's actually not safe for work either. This #NSFW card game pushes the competition with its absurdity. Draw a card and hope you stay alive. Who said you had to ask the hard questions to get intimate with your peers?
Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball
We all know the quintessential golf dad, totally decked out in everything TaylorMade. It might be tempting to get him another Titleist visor, but why revert to the unoriginal when you can gift a pint glass with a real golf ball built into it. For an added dad joke, you can yell 'Fore!' as you toss it to him.
Adult Coloring Books
Another good way to disconnect from technology is with adult coloring books. Adult coloring books have gained popularity in recent years, but some still shrug it off as a juvenile activity. Coloring nature scenes and mandalas can be very therapeutic! This set makes a thoughtful party gift, as some adults might not purchase a coloring book for themselves.
Deluxe Art Set
It's never a bad idea to encourage the inner child, and sometimes all that child needs is a crayon! This deluxe art set comes with pastels, brushes, watercolors, sketch pads...you name it. Even though this set can be used by beginners, it has all the tools needed to succeed. It's like they say, the most complete gift is the best gift.
Electric Pulse Neck Massager
As modern man devolves to a phone cradling hunchback, we wonder where we went wrong. Sure, we needed our phones for work, but couldn't we have treated our bodies better? That's where the Tens Electric Pulse Neck Massager comes in handy. It's cordless and comfortable, so there's no excuse not to loosen up. With 15 levels and a hot compress, you'll be feeling brand new.
Wireless Karaoke Microphone
There's only one thing that can truly propel a White Elephant Party to greatness, and that's a karaoke microphone! This BONAOK wireless karaoke microphone is compatible with all your usual apps, so it's easy for anyone to connect. You might be surprised who knows all the lyrics to Moulin Rouge. And did you see that rose gold finish?
Certain jokes never get old, no matter how old the jokers get! At least with Poo-Pourri, the product is as proactive as the punchline. Spray Poo-pourri before you go to eliminate any odors. Poo-pourri is non-toxic and all natural, made of essential oils like bergamot and lemon. One bottle lasts over 400 sprays! (Insert joke here.)
A Card Game for Pun Lovers
Okay, so puns can be a little...punny sometimes, but it's hard not to appreciate a really good pun when you hear one. This card game makes even the most tight-lipped introvert a witty linguist. Come up with the most creative puns you can that will connect the drawn cards. You'll be surprised how far a little good humor will take you!

33 Funny White Elephant Gifts

33 Funny White Elephant Gifts Hilarious Yankee Swap Gifts Inappropriate Dirty Santa Gifts

We have a huge list of hilarious and super inappropriate white elephant gifts. You’ll be the hero of the party and king of the gift exchange with these gift ideas.

Potty Putter Toilet Game
The best part about the Potty Putter is how accessible it is! No caddy required and always just a couple steps away. Just hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the bathroom door and get to golfing. With all the time spent working at your new hobby, you'll be a pro at the course in no time. Save this one for a funny gift idea.
Michael Scott Sequin Pillow Cover
If you're having a 'Yankee Swap' of your own but don't want to splurge on the proverbial iPod, try a different tribute. This sequined Michael Scott pillow cover pays its respects while keeping you comfy. When non-Office-watching friends come over, you can turn this funny pillow cover into a plain ol' black one.
Fake Beer Belly Waist Pack
For a funny white elephant gift that will bring the belly laughs every time, this fake beer belly waist pack is your guy. With a strong canvas strap and an invisible zipper, it's as well built as the dad bod that it was inspired by. It even has a safe inside pocket!
Toilet Fishing Game
If you've got a friend that likes to stay in the bathroom a little too long, you've no doubt made jokes about what they're actually doing in there. Did you fall in? Gone fishin', perhaps? This toilet fishing game encourages them to go all the way! Throw out a line and see what comes back.
Funny Mug
If there's one thing we've all got in common, it's that we've survived the pandemic and the toilet paper shortage. Too soon? It's easy to laugh at now, but it was a serious concern at one time. This funny mug can serve as a reminder that we're all in this together. And when it comes to the basic necessities...be cool, man.
Funny Wine Coasters
These funny wine coasters will resonate with pretty much any adult...any adult that loves wine, that is. With cheeky quips like 'I used to think drinking was bad for me...so I gave up thinking,' it's easy to smile with every sip. The bright pop-art vibe makes these sassy coasters a must-have for any modern living area.
Golf Ball Storage Bag
How dirty can Dirty Santa get? Well, every year he gets a little older and the line gets a little thinner. This Golf 'Ball' storage bag comes with 2 real balls in a fun microfiber suede pouch. The embroidery reads: 'Don't touch my balls!' Now your balls will be safe, and you will remain king of the jokesters. Until next year.
Hatch Your Own Spider Terrarium
Okay, so you've got the perfect gift but perhaps it's lacking a little shock value. This 'Hatch Your Own Spider Terrarium' box is a joke, of course, but you'd never know from looking at it! With promises that the spiders are 'modified to be faster and far more aggressive,' this prank box will have you shuddering as put the actual gift inside.
Bad Parking Cards
If a bad parking job is what really gets your friend going, these bad parking cards can turn a bad experience into a learning opportunity. Featuring cutting insults that mostly refer to the driver as an asshole, this card deck is both inappropriate and hilarious. And hey, it just might turn a bad driver into an average one.
Emergency Underpants in a Can
As we get older, we realize that none of us are immune to accidents. Emergency Underpants in a Can is a prank gift that might just save your ass one day. With convincing packaging that will make you LOL, these emergency panties are compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but big enough to fit anybody!
Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box
Again playing off the recent toilet paper shortage, this prank gift box appears to be a 'Roto Wipe' toilet accessory. You'll definitely get some gags here, as the packaging is pretty persuasive with full assembly instructions. The good news is that once they open the box, they'll be relieved-- no matter how poopy the actual gift is.
Can of Dehydrated Water
For those friends that have been stockpiling for the apocalypse (or that just like to camp), they'll love the irony contained in a can of dehydrated water. I mean, it is a real 16 oz. steel can. And with claims to be low-sodium, lightweight, and BPA free, the packaging isn't untrue. In the end, everyone loves a nice, clean prank.
Blinker Fluid
You'll learn who your real friends are once you start chugging from this prank 'Blinker Fluid.' Will anyone attempt to stop you? Everyone loves blinker fluid, after all! Advertising maximum strength and 6,000 blinks, this empty bottle is the solution for un-hilarious packaging. Hint: Fill the bottle with your friend's favorite 'fluid' or beverage of choice.
Spider Prank Box
This one might be considered mean, but hey, you've got to wrap your boss' gift in something, right? This prank box is designed to scare the living daylights out of someone! Have them open the pine box, only to have a rubber spider jump on their hand. This prank box is perfect for concealing a gift card, jewelry, or cash.
Sarcastic Travel Mug
Depending on how grouchy you are, this sarcastic travel mug might be perfect for the home, the airport, or even the workplace. It may be a joke mug, but the quality is real. Since the mug is stainless steel, it offers hours of temperature protection for all your beverages, hot or cold.
Inflatable Walker
As we get older, we know the inevitable is upon us. One day, often long before we are old and gray, we will receive a joke walker. This particular walker is inflatable, only adding to insult. Additionally, it says in loud lettering 'Slow and Old Zone!' You won't be able to miss it.
Ninja Disguise Shirt
Gifting prank clothing is a bold move, especially since prank clothing usually means low quality paired with a painfully cheesy pun. 'Ask me about my ninja disguise' seems like a bad invitation, but you're in for a surprise! The wearer can pull the shirt over his head to reveal a well-placed graphic ninja disguise. Not to be used in a real fight.
Lavender Scented Candle
This isn't just any lavender scented candle-- it's an aggressive friendship candle. So not exactly a 'prank' gift, but you could call this veiled threat a 'joke.' This 7 oz. candle is made of high quality essential oils, so the lavender will send your friend straight to sleepytown. Just make sure she puts the candle out first!
Coronavirus Ice Cube Molds
Coronavirus Ice Cube Molds may be in poor taste, but they definitely don't hurt the integrity of the drink. These silicone molds will melt your quarantine blues away as you sip your summer whiskey. And if anyone asks you about the virus-shaped ice, you can tell them that partial profits were donated to Covid relief efforts. Now that's a relief!
Shower Margarita Machine
Turn the shower into happy hour with this margarita machine designed for the shower. Thats what your white elephant guests will think anyways when you give them this hilarious prank box. This product doesn't exist, but shouldn't it? Really... shouldn't it?
Dinosaur Taco Stand
Whether it's for young kids or the picky eater in your home, these dinosaur taco stands bring any 'questionable' foods to life! Hard shell taco? Pico de gallo? No problem, as long as it's on this dino's back. These themed stands make a great gag gift for the taco lover in your life. And let's be honest, who doesn't love tacos?
Reindeer Mankini
This reindeer mankini could be a gift or a curse. Made to make any man look like Santa's 'little helper,' this holiday costume is sure to spread the cheer. The yellow elastic mankini is outfitted with googly eyes, a fuzzy red nose, and removable bells on the straps. You know, just in case you need to surprise someone. It's a great way to deliver any package.
Headband Hoop Ball Game
For a white elephant gift that will bring the competition, this headband hoop ball goes head to head. The headbands are adjustable so they can fit both kids and adults, but don't worry-- you'll still look silly. The game comes with 2 sets so you can immediately challenge your rival or you can choose to play solo.
Shart Wipes
Ah, shart wipes. Is there anything more embarrassing? Sure, everybody poops, but...nevermind. These shart wipes look legit, and once the initial shock wears off, your friend can use these wipes for things like cleaning their phone, wiping their hands, or any other daily task. Just whatever you do, 'never trust a fart.'
Funny Grilling Apron
You might leave the next barbecue with a bad taste in your mouth, but it won't be from the grill. This funny grilling apron puts the dad bod on display, shameless in all its hairy glory. And it goes even farther...downstairs. With censored privates, this apron is the perfect gag gift for the dad that doesn't give a f*ck!
Animal Paw Socks
Since the beginning of time, animals dressing as humans has been the epitome of cuteness. But humans dressing as animals? It can be cute, but mostly it's just disturbing. Like, LOL scary. Freak out your friend with these lifelike animal paw socks. Damn, now that's a big cat.
Toilet Timer
We all know those people that take forever on the toilet. What could they possibly be doing? Time doesn't exist atop the white porcelain throne, nor do friends exist in a game of white elephant! Now's the time to mercilessly call out your friend. Use your time wisely now-- the clock is ticking!
Rechargeable Toilet Night Light
Stumbling blindly to the toilet at night is a universal peeve. A softly lit hallway would be nice. Or perhaps a trail of snacks? This toilet night light detects motion within 5 ft. to guide you safely to your intended destination. Choose from 16 LED colors for a personalized experience. Plus, it's rechargeable and can be used up to 6 months on one charge!
Have you ever thought someone was so bossy that they'd be better off with a megaphone? All that delegating and designating must be exhausting! Now is the perfect time to gift a not-so-subtle megaphone so they can order others around at an official volume. It folds up so easily that it may become this season's must-have for Karens.
Funny Drinking Coasters
If the Schitt's Creek dialogue reminds you of your friend group, these uncouth coasters are coming for you. Featuring snarky sayings like 'Don't f up the table' and 'Be considerate, bitches,' these funny coasters get the message across loud and clear without being too uptight.
Urinal Shot Glasses
We've all drank liquor that 'tasted like piss' before! (Excuse my French.) And back then, perhaps in your adolescence, there wasn't even a proper way to present it! Well, now you can impress and disgust your friends with urinal shot glasses. This set includes 2 ceramic shot glasses because you're never supposed to drink alone.
Screaming Goat with Book
Some people love working from home, but some truly miss the interactions had within the office or their workplace. For those that need a little reality check, this screaming goat will remind them of the terrors of the real world. Simply place the goat on a desk and press whenever a startling scream is called for.
Wine Condoms
Let's pretend that you don't drink a bottle of wine in one sitting. How do you protect the rest of your 'investment'? A wine condom protects your opened wine by creating an air-tight seal. Just use your life experience to roll it on, and you've extended your wine's lifespan. Safe drinking is the new thing.

33 Affordable White Elephant Gifts

33 Affordable White Elephant Gifts Yankee Swap Gifts Dirty Santa Gifts Ultimate List Under $20

Everyone wants to have fun at the white elephant party. But you also want to keep it cheap and affordable so everyone can partake. Here’s an inexpensive list of the most affordable white elephant gift ideas that are under $20.

BBQ Meat Claws
For a white elephant gift that's just as utilitarian as it is affordable, these BBQ meat claws take the cake. Okay, so you might not use these in baking, but just about everything else! Use your meat claws to toss salad, brace hard-to-cut meats, and pull choice cuts for that smokehouse effect.
Golf Club Pen Set
If you're looking for a white elephant gift that's original but won't break the bank, this golf club pen set is a favorite among the dads. The pen case is outfitted like a real putting green, and each club is a different colored ballpoint pen. Now when they're 'working,' they won't necessarily be lying.
F*cking Planner Stickers
Think of your favorite Type A personality. Their lists and schedules and plans. It could seem boring to some, but that's why there's F*cking Planner Stickers! Brighten up any rigid schedule with profane stickers and encouraging (if not crude) decals. It might just be the push they needed.
Large Ice Cube Molds
Quarantine has left many of us dying to entertain. While some were perfecting their bread baking skills, others were honing their inner mixologist. Oh, would you like that old fashioned to be suddenly *not so old fashioned*? Throw in a round cube and call it a day. The silicone molds make the ice almost as easy to make as the whiskey is to drink.
Rapid Ramen Cooker
Let's be honest, when you need ramen, you need ramen NOW. With this rapid ramen cooker, your days of waiting for boiling water are long gone. Now you can simply microwave your noodles in this dishwasher-safe container and enjoy restaurant quality ramen. A rapid ramen cooker makes a great white elephant gift or dirty santa gift, especially among singles or students.
Essential Oils Set
This essential oils set is the perfect introductory pack to aromatherapy. With scents like lemongrass, lavender, and orange, it's easy to learn how each natural fragrance affects your mood. It's so affordable that you could even pair this gift with a small humidifier! Goodbye, dry skin!
Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Game
Instead of lamenting the days of yore, why not embrace your nostalgia with a classic Lite-Brite? The vintage toy that inspired lofty artist ambitions has been revamped to include a larger screen and more pegs. It even retains its original shape so you can have all the feels. 'Tell me you grew up in the 80s without telling me you grew up in the 80s.'
LED Beanie Hat
Everyone loves to bring the most ingenious gift to the party, but most of the time that requires a serious thinking cap. The problem with thinking caps is that they're often itchy and uncomfortable. This LED beanie takes all the thinking out of gifting. Plus, it's so soft and cozy! The LED light has 3 brightness settings so you get only the light you need.
Ferrero Rocher Collection
If you're the new kid to the party, you can't go wrong with chocolates. If you're not privy to all the dirty jokes, pry open their mouths with Ferrero Rocher first. This collection includes all the mouthwatering luxuries associated with the brand: coconut, hazelnut, crisp wafers, and dark cocoa.
Silver Birch Fountain Pen
What is it about a quill that seems so novel, so exciting? It is the grandfather to the modern pen, after all. But what if you could have both-- the past and the present, joined together as one. With its sophisticated metal gift box, the silver birch fountain pen screams 'top of its class.' With the fine nib and ink converter, it screams Harry Potter.
Reed Diffuser
If you're searching for an affordable (and cute!) white elephant gift, don't just settle for another candle. While candles are great for eliminating odors in the home, a reed diffuser goes even farther by using natural fragrances that are meant to last. Cocodor offers sensual scents like Black Cherry paired with real preserved flowers for a cottage-chic vibe.
Burt's Bees Hand Creams
For a gift that's easy on the wallet and the environment, you can always count on Burt's Bees. This Hand Repair Gift Set is made with natural ingredients with no animal testing, plus it's responsibly sourced! Packed with cotton gloves, cuticle cream, and hand cream, this set will treat your most important asset to a personal spa day. Someone else can hold the champagne.
Handmade Japanese Chopsticks
Everyone's catching the travel bug, but for a more affordable 'staycation,' you can try something a little closer to the kitchen. These handmade Japanese chopsticks are beautifully crafted of natural wood. They're the perfect length for naturals and newbies alike, which means this set is the ideal gift for that friend that you've been trying to take to sushi.
Flickering LED Candle
The only thing wrong with candles-- other than the obvious fire hazard-- is that they're gone too quickly! You light one, and poof! Just when you're starting to love the ambiance, the candle is spent. With a flickering LED candle, you get all the romantic lighting as you would from a real candle, without any of the mess or danger.
Personal Care Gift
While you're not exactly saying, 'Hey there, you look a little scruffy,' you're definitely sending a message. This personal care gift set includes a grooming kit and manicure set to whip them into shape. Were they scruffy? Perhaps. But do you love them? Of course!
Men's Fragrance Gift Set
With top notes of douglas fir and base notes of black pepper, this Curve Fragrance Set represents the height of manliness. This Gift Set includes hair and body wash, hair pomade, and a small cologne to transport you right back to the early 2000s. It's crazy the trends we'll follow when we're intoxicated by scent.
Star Wars Wooden Utensils
Hey, we've all got those friends that are infamous for burning the pot. Stick it to 'em with these Star Wars burned wooden spoons. This set includes the basics like a solid spoon and slotted spatula, but they just so happen to be burned with Star Wars characters. It's the classic bamboo set they always envisioned, but emblazoned with Chewbacca.
Bath Bombs
Bath bombs are luxurious little foaming balls of goodness, filled with essential oils and nurturing vitamins. You'll emerge from the bath brand new! This gift set includes 6 handmade, vegan bath bombs with indulgent 'flavors' like Garden of Heaven. This is your sign to pamper yourself (or your best pal.)
Oyster Shucking Set
Okay, so your friend the foodie now makes his own pasta from scratch and bakes focaccia with beautiful designs. But does he shuck his own oysters? One up your favorite one-upper with an Oyster Shucking Set. It comes with two thick blades, protective gloves, and even a lemon squeezer! Now we've just got to get to water.
Herbal Tea Sampler
For your friend with the heavy Marie Antoinette vibes, this Tea Forte herbal tea sampler is a natural contender for afternoon tea. With 15 single steep packs, each is filled with calming herbs and rich aromas. Try strawberry apple if you've got a sweet tooth, or sip the chamomile citron for an afternoon lullaby.
European Chocolates
Considering travel for pleasure was scarce last year, anything foreign seems exotic and exciting. These European chocolates are individually wrapped and feature flavors like Marzipan and Praline Creme, so you'll float back down to earth with a new sophisticated palate. Not to mention the packaging makes it feel like you've come back with a box of cigars (or well, chocolates).
Black Playing Cards
This deck of playing cards is super badass and even better-- they're built to party! These black foil playing cards are 100% waterproof so bring on the drink spills and the boat parties. You might even win some games by pure intimidation. The gold foil feature gives them a shiny, luxe look. Black on black on black is back, baby.
Tweezers Set
In a friend group, there's always a set of bad eyebrows. Maybe we shouldn't say 'bad,' but they could definitely use some help. Sow some good karma by supplying the whole damn toolbox. There's not just one kind of tweezer, just as there's not just one kind of eyebrow. This set includes 4 different styles of tweezers to help anyone find their best look yet.
Fruit Infuser Bottle
In an ideal world, we'd all be sipping cucumber-infused spring water out of crystal. We've got the cucumbers, but no motivation. (Or crystal.) Luckily, these Savvy Infusion water bottles make that refreshing cucumber water as easy as a refill. Just fill the diffuser with frozen or fresh fruit and you're all set. The water bottle fits in most cup holders, is dishwasher safe, and is shatterproof.
12 Gauge Shot Glasses
Guns and drinking usually don't mix, but these 12 Gauge Shot Glasses are a cheeky ode to both. They may resemble shotgun shells, but they still hold the standard 2 ounces of liquid. Display them at the bar in your mancave or gift them for your favorite gun-guru or hunter.
Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder
There's gotta be something to it-- this SipCaddy is the #1 shower caddy on Amazon. You would think the most important element to a shower or bath would be the soaps, but no. The beverage is the backbone of the shower, and should be respected as such! No more setting your beer or (god forbid) wine glass on the counter or wet tile floor.
One Sweet Nessie Spoon
It's really the little things that can cause delight to come creeping slowly. For example: quiet mornings, good coffee, a Sweet Nessie spoon. It's so simple, yet constructed so beautifully. The little head and neck drifting above the surface of the beverage, bobbing up and down, makes it easy to believe in the folklore. Put a little magic in your morning!
Desk Organizer
It's just a wee little elephant, but it's so busy! This adorable desk organizer not only cradles your phone for hands-free viewing, but it happily stores any pens or gadgets. Use this cutie at your desk, vanity, or bathroom. The minimalist structure means infinite possibilities!
French Fry Holder for Cars
As civilization progresses, we find ourselves eating in our cars more often. The constant demand for work results in lower quality lunches for many Americans, but it doesn't have to be that way! Adjust your car to fit your needs. First order of business: install a French Fry Holder. Pop it into your cupholder and enjoy. Priorities, man!
Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
For those that are sensory seeking or filled with anxiety, an Infinity Cube fidget toy could offer the release that's needed. The Infinity Cube is discrete and lightweight, and its pocket size makes it a great alternative to nail-biting, leg shaking, or other distracting behaviors. You'd be surprised at how a fidget toy can enhance productivity and attention span!
Mini Bowling Game Set
We all know everything is better when it's mini-sized, and bowling is no exception. This Mini Bowling Game Set says to standard bowling, 'Oh, you thought you were cute? I'll show you!' It's meant to be played anywhere, from the office to the kitchen table to the car. If you can muscle it, that is.
LED Bike Wheel Lights
LED Bike Wheel Lights are all the rage on social media, possibly because they're so affordable! This LED bike accessory makes riding at night safer, plus you can feel like you're straight out of Euphoria. Cue the moody music. Mix and match colors to customize your vibe and then get to ridin'.