77 Adventurous Viking Gifts To Explore And Conquer

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For the best plundering and sailing Viking gifts, check out these wonderful new Nordic novelties. These are authentic Viking gifts that will look great in your home. From model ships to Viking hats and tools, you can’t beat this list of gifts. Get a fantastic gift for your favorite explorer.

Horn Shot Glass Set
Enjoy this entertaining horn shot and glass set fully equipped with a rustic wood display. This horn shot glass set comes ready to dole out shots for you and four of your friends. Each toasting horn is made from authentic ethically sourced ox horn.

Wood Style Beer Mug
Even the Viking Gods aren't ready for this mug. Take down your favorite beer in this authentic Viking wood style beer mug. This beer mug is made from fine polyresin and stainless steel, hand painted and polished individually. Great looking beer mug for a beer drinker in your life.

2-Piece Viking Knife Set
Slice away with this 2 piece Viking knife set from Viking Culture. This wonderful knife kit comes with a raven head knife with a 6.5-inch blade and a leather sheath pocket knife. Additionally, this set comes with a sharp hand knife with forged carbon steel.

Viking Drinking Horn
Indulge in your favorite Ale with this Norse Tradesman Ox-Horn Viking drinking horn. Become a true Viking with this horn and drink the Norse way for all of your celebrations. Made with solid wood and engraved with Thor’s hammer, this makes a great gift for anyone.

Viking Compass
Navigate them through the stormy waters with this lovely hand cast real stone Viking compass, made from high quality resin. This compass makes for great décor for the Viking lover in your life. Also, makes for a perfect educational gift for the kids.

Beard Grooming Kit
Enjoy the ultimate beard and grooming kit for the Viking in your life. This kit includes a beard brush made from 100% boar. Additional items include wooden beard comb, beard balm, beard oil and mustache scissors

Steel Skull Coffee Mug
A refreshing beverage, whether it be coffee or beer, should be consumed in this exciting Vikings mug. Made from stainless steel, this mug makes a great gift for Father’s Day and it can be used for anything. Designed with a 3d skull, this mug is wonderful for any occasion.

Beard Wash And Conditioner
Make a lasting effect on their Norse beards with this beard wash and conditioner set made for a true Viking. This gift set softens and strengthens the beard with natural scents and oils. This top tier beard kit has been formulated to aid and strengthen healthy beard growth.

Luxury Knife Block Set
Presenting a wonderful 18-piece colossal knife set. Razor sharp, made with high end quality German steel, these are some of the best knives on the market. Also includes a knife block to get all your new knives together. Available in sets ranging from 5 to 18 pieces.

Incense Stick Holder
Feel calm and refreshed with these lovely incense burners. Made as a traditional Chinese designed dragon boat, this incense stick is hand carved and uniquely designed. Great for any part of the house, especially the yoga and meditation room.

Viking Language Book
Let them learn how to talk to the old Gods with this Viking Language Book. They'll love this old Norse and Icelandic saga series where they can learn about the old country and tap into their Viking roots. This is a great gift for a mythology or history buff.

Scandinavian Wall Decor
Introducing a gorgeous capicola wall tapestry, highlighting the ancient Scandinavian patterns of the Viking land. This handing décor is a great gift for any Vikings home. Made with polyester and ranging in four different sizes. A perfect gift for your Viking lover.

Viking Bone Comb
This Norse tradesman authentic Viking bone comb is great for beards and hair. This pocket-sized comb is handcrafted with a unique design made from ox bone. Each comb is masterfully carved into the likeness of a Viking ship.

Dragon Head Wall Mask
Enjoy this uniquely designed metallic bronze finish dragon head wall décor. This medieval decoration is great for the fantasy lover in your life. Give a gift that will certainly spark conversation and bring out the best in someones home.

Celtic Tree of Life Wall Art
Show of your Celtic spirit with this beautiful Nordic wall art. This tree of life décor makes a perfect gift for a housewarming, birthday, or anniversary. Made from the finest quality materials.

Shot Glass Vessel
Party like a Viking with this beautiful, handcrafted shot glass holder. Made to represent the ancient Nordic Viking Long Vessel, this is a gorgeous ship that will look great in any kitchen. Hand crafted using crushed stone. Each piece is individually hand-painted by our artisans.

Viking Warrior Decor
Enjoy this wonderfully designed Toscano skull of Valhalla wall sculpture plague. This Viking warrior wall art will look lovely in any home. From horned helmet to earring, skull and bear, this quill plaque is intricately detailed with rich imagery as one of Odin’s fiercest warriors

Handcrafted Viking Helmet
This is a wonderfully crafted one-of-a-king helmet. This handcrafted helmet is made from top grain leather with a chainmail neck guard. Each Viking helmet features an adjustable inner lining which should fit ay Viking in training.

Costume Viking Helmet
This horned Viking helmet toy makes a great gift for the young Nordic in your life. In customary fashion, much like the Vikings who inspired the helmet, should be passed down from one generation to the next. This fully wearable helmet is lightweight and fits all.

Handmade Knit Helmet And Beard
The original beard hats. A great gift for any Viking in your life. Made from authentic materials, this will keep you stylish and keep you warm during those cold months. Detachable and adjustable, this yarn is a flexible and comfortable fit for all head sizes and shapes.

Norse Mythology T-Shirt
Enjoy this assumes Valhalla Viking Nordic t-shirt, inspired by Thor himself. Made from one of our top artists, this design was hand drawn and screen printed with pride. Made with unisex size fitting, anyone can dress like a Norse god. With soft fabrics and top-quality inks, this is a great gift for anyone.

LED Flameless Candles
Give the gift of realistic LED candles that radiate a warm amber glow. This faux flames do flicker softly, providing a realistic dripping wax look. Wide applicability and usability. This flameless, unscented candles are smoke-free. These make for a great addition to a romantic evening.

Ivory Faux Fur Throw Blanket
Stay warm and cozy with this fun fuzzy fur blanket. Sleep like you're hibernating with this blanket and bedspread. It’s super soft with no shedding. This exotic faux fur pattern is made from the plushest of textures. Available in multiple sizes. All blankets are custom and made to order.

Leather Journal
Document all your most cherished experiences with this beautiful, embossed leather journal. Handcrafted and embedded with unique designs and stones. Enjoy the rustic look of this journal with it’s antiqued brass swing clasp. Keep all your thoughts handy for up to 240 pages.

Rope Chandelier
Introducing this gorgeous vintage hemp chandelier. This retro style hanging island chandelier will set a wonderful mode for any meal. Light up your room with this beautiful unique chandelier.

Women's Blouse
Spoil the lovely lady in your life with this beautiful women’s steampunk blouse. This half sleeve boho top will go great with any outfit. This Victorian style and renaissance top will be a unique item for the lady in your life. Look your best whether you're cosplaying or heading to the ren fair.

Knitted Hoodie
Enjoy this comfortable knitted pullover hoodie. This sweater hoodie is made of elastic soft material and thick material warmth, durability, provides a soft warm wearing experience for all fall and spring. This is a classic modern sweater and can be work alone or with a coat.

Viking Warrior Statue
Show your Viking spirit with this beautifully crafted Viking warrior statue. This unique statue has an excellent bronze finish as is sure to delight and Nordic fan. At 3.5 pounds and 9.5 inches long, this antique statute can go in any room, from the living room to your office.

Nordic Area Rug
Who wouldn't want a wonderfully superior floor rug? This elegant rug is specially made from our elegant collection. With a geometric pattern, this gorgeous rug is a fine addition to any home. Starting at 5x8 feet in size, various options are available.

Rustic Wall Lamp
Light up the room with this lovely elegant and rustic wall fixture. With a vintage and retro style, this light creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The lamp body uses high pressure casting iron for impact and corrosion resistance. Available as a single light or a two pack.

Wooden Plaque
Embrace the Norse god in your wit this wonderfully crafted Odin plaque. Hand sculpted, this would finish plaque is unique and made of high quality. These statues reflect natural texture of the original sculpture. This is a beautifully decorative item for your home or altar.

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener
Feel the power of Thor with this Mjolnir keychain bottle opener. This two pack of bottle openers will have you feeling just like the God of Thunder himself. This magnetic bottle opener works for your fridge and makes for a great unique party gift.

Marvel Electronic Axe
Gear up like Thor and equip yourself with the power of his trusty axe Stormbreaker. This electronic battle axe comes with sounds effects that will make you feel like one of the Avengers. This is a great gift for any comic book fan, or anyone looking to cosplay as the god of thunder Thor.

Thor Figure
Relive Thor’s greatest adventures with this marvel’s avengers action figure. Standing 12 inches tall, this action figure speaks all of Thor’s class superhero phrases. Additional sound effects are available as well. With 5-point articulation, this makes a great gift for the junior avenger in your life.

Norse Bread Bowl
Make this traditional Norse made bread bowl the center of your next dinner party. Inspired with a true Norse design, this bowl has a classic yet unique design. Functional yet beautiful. Sturdy and rustic, this bread bowl can be used for multiple dishes at the table.

Thor Hammer
Stay hydrated with this unique water bottle modeled after Thor himself. This makes for a fun and unique gift for any fitness lover. Leak proof, nontoxic and durable, this water bottle will last for a long time.

Cobblestone Table Covers
Make your next meal a medieval one with this unique cobblestone table cover. Makes for a great gift to any theme party. Whether it's for a knight, or a meal in the castle, this tablecloth will certainly be a hit. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

Viking Jewelry Holder
Hold your treasure or all your jewelry with this unique Viking warrior jewelry holder. Makes a great gift for the pirate lover in your life. Equipped with a trinket tray, this is a great desk organizer. Also, makes for great office décor.

Whiskey Glass Set
Enjoy your whiskey like a true Viking with these real horn mug cups. This two pack also makes for a great wine goblet. Each cup comes with a fully polished exterior, waterproof interior, and handle. Ideal for everyday use or for your favorite cocktail.

Viking Travel Thermos
Keep your cold drinks cool or your hot drinks steaming with this Viking style drinking cup. This unique tumbler comes with a double wall vacuum insulated thermos, so your drinks are always just the way you want them. Insulated for easy traveling, this makes a great gift for the Viking on the go in your life.

Viking Sheet And Pillow Set
Sleep like a Viking with these wonderful and unique pillow and sheet cover set. Designed to represent Thor riding the fiery waves of Odin, this will always make sleep time a fun time. This unique bedding and décor set comes ready for any size bed

Oracle Cards
Gain thoughtful insight and guidance of Norse traditions with these Viking themed widow cards. This deck of cards offers a portal back in time into the intriguing culture of ancient Viking culture. Deepen your connection to the fascinating world of the Vikings.

Viking Compass Pendant
Let the Vikings be your guide with this handcrafted Viking compass. This guidance pendant and necklace makes for a great addition to our Norse jewelry collection. Old and sacred, sailors used this symbol as a guide to get back home. Made from solid brass, high quality, and all safe materials.

Viking Earrings For Men
Unlock your inner Viking with these Vikings inspired earrings for men. This set of 6 pairs will look great in your nose, or your ear. These fake gaudy earrings match the look and feel without and pain and commitment. Surprise someone special with these fun and playful earrings.

Viking Tunic
Dress like a knight with this medieval knight tunic. This warrior t-shirt comes with a custom belt. Men’s V-neck medieval times dress. Great outfit to cosplay, larp or prepare for Halloween.

Viking Toast Bottle Opener
Crack open your favorite drink like a true Viking with this stainless steel bottle opener. Great for any bartender or just someone hosting a party. Engrained with classic Viking script.

Small Viking Sculptures
Show of your love of the Nordic land with these Viking berserker figurines. At 3.75 inches tall, each figure weighs roughly 4 ounces. These are made with composite resin and hand painted and polished. Individually sculpted to depict a true Viking swordsman.

Viking Throw Pillow Set
Bring home the magic of the Scandinavian shield with these beautiful Nordic pillow covers. With classic emblems of the Viking magic and runes, these make for wonderful home décor. This 4-piece set makes lovely pillows for your couch or sofa.

Plush Thor Hammer
Give your little one Thor’s hammer with this plus pillow. Modeled after Thor’s famous Mjolnir hammer, this plush pillow buddy makes for a great snuggling partner. Super soft and made for comfy cuddling. Numerous models and styles available.

Thor Coffee Mug
Start every morning with a cup of joe and the avengers. Introducing wonderful marvel ceramic coffee mugs ideal for your home or office. This is a collector’s set, so make sure you assemble the entire avengers team in your cupboard

Hand Carved Wooden Figurine
Any collector would love to receive something as unique as this hand craven Odin figurine. Packaged as part of a Viking gift set, this is a one-of-a-kind gift. Each figurine is hand made from a single piece of mango wood. This rustic sculpture makes a great gift for the medieval lover in your life.

Faux Fur Blanket
Enhance any room with this gorgeous decorative faux fur pelt rug. This sheepskin shag rug is machine washable and looks great without harming any animals. Makes a great setting for ay photo opportunity. Available in single, double, or quad pelt designs.

Norse Viking Prayer
Enjoy a soft and comforting woven throw blanket inspired by the Vikings. This lovely blanket is scripted with the Viking prayer representing the tree of life. Versatile and sturdy, this fits any bedding up to a queen-sized mattress. This blanket is American made and supports family owned businesses.

Men's Nordic Rash Guard
Enjoy this Nordic fight wear approved rash guard. With Nordic inspired graphics that are long lasting and durable. With a rubber lining that keeps the rash guard secure. Lightweight and comfortable, great activewear for any men.

Wooden Wall Clock
Enjoy this lovely handcrafted Viking inspired wood wall clock. Makes a great addition to any room, especially your living room or kitchen. This battery-operated clock is sure to add some lovely décor to your home. With personalized engraving available, make this the perfect unique gift for someone.

Wooden Wrist Watch
Show off your Nordic spirit with this gorgeous, handcrafted wristwatch. Built as a wooden watch with helm of awe Viking symbols, this makes for a great and unique gift. Engraved with Viking symbols and Valhalla battle quotes, it’s impossible not to love this gorgeous watch.

Stainless Steel Viking Amulet
Enjoy stainless steel wolf head inspired jewelry. This wolf head and Norse Viking amulet makes the perfect accessory for any Viking lover. Look good and learn about Norse mythology with this wonderful necklace.

Leather Viking Bracelets
Show off your Viking spirit with this 2 pack of Viking leather bracelets. Representing the wolf Fenrir and Odin raven, these are sure to be a hit at any party or occasion. These wonderfully crafted bracelets are made of high quality and will show off your inner Viking.

Wolf Hoodie
Represent your Nordic heritage with this gorgeous wolf of Odin inspired hoodie. Available in multiple colors and machine washable, this hoodie will be word again and again. Makes for a great gift to any lover of Nordic mythology, Vikings, Thor and more.

Leather Wrist Cuffs
Enjoy handmade full grain leather wrist cuffs. These are great for any Halloween or Viking theme party. Look authentic when you cosplay with these awesome viking wrist cuffs.

Viking Wolf Tapestry
Wave your Viking banner with this Viking wolf tapestry cloth. This wall hanging tapestry is great for the living room or the bedroom. Made to reflect the designs of Viking mediation, this will be a constant discussion point anytime you have guests. Available in many, many colors, sizes, and designs.

Viking Bike Helmet
Look cool and stay safe with this awesome Viking inspired bike helmet. This makes a great gift for any kid in your life. One size fits all and designed as a multi-sport helmet. Protect your head with this unique helmet.

Personalized Hatchet Axe
Give the perfect gift to the woodsman in your life. Makes for a wonderfully unique gift for a boyfriend, dad or grandpa. A personalized hatchet is a must-have for your next camping trip. A 9 inches in length, this stainless-steel blade comes with a lovely protective nylon sheath.

Women's Skirt
Whether it’s Halloween, steampunk night, a Victorian aged theme party or pirate night, she'll definitely look the part with this fun skirt. This steampunk skirt are the perfect match for any Victorian style corset. Make sure you hand wash this fun and decorative accessory.

Feather Headpiece
Enjoy this hippie feather hair extension clip and tie. This feathery headwear makes for a great addition for any festival or theme party. Uniquely designed and 100% handmade. The feathers band together to provide a rustic traditional look.

Medieval Belt Pouch
Carry all your renaissance themed accessories with this medieval jewelry belt pouch. Handmade from soft and reliable genuine leather. Enjoy high quality performance with this true leather bag. This perfect gift comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Lace-up Corset
Add the perfect accessory to your costume with this lace up corset. Made with retro leather, this belt comes in four sizes and numerous colors. The front comes with a lace up design while the back ties two nylon bands together. Great for Halloween or any costume party.

Celtic Knot Hair Pin
Enhance your costume with a Celtic jewelry hair knot and pin. This hair clip makes a great accessory for women and girls. This is a uniquely designed hair clip inspired by the Celtic knot triquetra symbol. High quality materials, so this is made to last.

Viking National Geographic Book
Introduce your child to the seafaring adventures, storytellers, and famous figures of ancient Norse methodology. This new leveled reader informational kids’ magazine is perfect for independent readers and kids who love learning about ancient culture. Enhance your child’s reading and knowledge with this great read.

Viking Cookbook
Eat like a Viking with this handy and authentic Viking aged food and cookbook. Enjoy fine dining fit for a Viking with this unique recipe book. With quick and simple ingredients, this book comes with easy-to-follow instructions for making great meals.

Viking Garden Statue
Show your viking spirit with a lovely Viking Norse Dwarf gnome. This statute is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality design resin. Each gnome is uniquely crafted and designed. A wonderful gift for any Viking lovers’ home or garden.

iPhone 11 Case
Show your Viking spirit with this unique Norse mythology phone case. As a real Viking fan, this case shows classic Viking cultures and Nordic traditions. With an axe and the Nordic gods laid throughout, this is a great representative of Norse culture.

Viking Wallet
Give dad a gift he’s sure to use and love with a genuine black leather wallet. An embossed leather wallet, complete with Viking inspired graphics and designs. Tastefully designed, this wallet supports a classic look and design. Perfect fit for travelers, all kinds of business and identification cards.

World Map Bed Sheets
Enjoy a comfortable and lovely decorative bedding set. With vintage style prints and designs, this makes for a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Equipped with a 3 piece bedding set and pillow shams, this is a great gift for anyone.

Throwing Hawk Set
Give the outdoorsman in your life a custom set of 3 pack throwing hawks. Each piece of steel comes with a nylon sheath carrying case. Each throwing hatchet is hard cased to ensure its full tactical blade and tomahawk. Throw and stick with ease with these gorgeous throwing hatchets.

Viking Boots
Top of your perfect medieval costume play outfit with renaissance themed Viking boots. Made with faux leather, this knee high lace up boots scream vintage. Stylish and fashionable, wear it for a theme party, or just a night out on the town.