19 Epic Gift Ideas for Vegetarians – No Meat, No Problem

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Do you have friends or family who run on veggies? Time to find them them the perfect vegetarian gift! 19 of the most epic gift ideas coming at you. From becoming culinary experts in their own kitchens to finding vegan options that your loved one can use in their everyday life. These amazing finds will have him or her saying “no meat, no problem!”

Rain CORE Antioxidant Superfoods Supplement
Nutrition on the go! When life gets busy, you need to stay healthy and keep your energy up. Rain CORE Antioxidant Superfoods Supplement is an easy on-the-go option to be sure you can do just that. Whether it be after a work out or in between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this will keep you going.
imarku Japanese Pro Chef Pairing Knife
Help your loved one look like a culinary expert in their kitchen. With the perfect cut every time, this knife will allow you to food prep like a pro. Get all of those veggies sliced and diced without tiring your hand. A super comfortable design and ergonomic handle.
100% Plant-Based Protein Shakes
Protein shakes that have all you need to help recover from a workout. Or just fuel for your body without compromising taste or dietary restrictions. Come in a variety of great tasting flavors. With as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, reach for this in the morning to start your day off on the right foot.
Vegetarian Gummy Hair Vitamins
Give the gift of hair health! Don't like to swallow pills? No problem! These gummy hair vitamins take that issue right off of the table. Chewable supplements to help nourish your hair from within. Keep it looking healthy without compromising your vegetarian lifestyle. A terrifc gift choice.
The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook
Intimidated by preparing vegetables? We've got you covered! Give the gift of elevating culinary expertise. Help your vegetarian friends keep things exciting with these 100 recipes. The most complete cookbook on the subject out there. Make sure you get an invite to dinner to test out the finished product!
Virginia Boys Kitchens Wood Cutting Board
Give the gift of function in a fun way. A chic way to prepare veggies without dulling your knives due to its soft grains of walnut wood. It will keep your kitchen looking stylish and won't leave a mess with the juice groove to catch liquids. Pre-seasoned and ready to use right away!
Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set
Give the gift of elevating you or your friends' culinary skills. Help them look like a professional chef. Enjoy these gourmet truffle oils that can be used to enhance veggies, pastas or salads. Don't sacrifice any dietary restrictions. With three different oils to choose from in a luxury gift pack, your foodie friends will thank you!
Louisville Vegan Jerky
When wanting to reach for a guilt-free snack, keep this Louisville jerky handy. It offers robust flavor while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A meaty flavor without the meat. Supporting your taste buds and a product that is handmade in the USA and locally sourced from Louisville, KY.
BareOrganics Cardio Care Coffee
Choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle doesn't mean you have to miss out on your morning coffee. Maintain your morning fuel in a natural way. No sacrificing on flavor either. Enjoy the ease of a single serving recyclable and biodegradable filter. These are compatible with most single serve and Keurig K-Cup Brewing systems.
You Won't Believe How Good This Seasoning Is
The name says it all! But you also won't believe how easy this is. With all of your seasonings in one place, you can create a vegetarian dish that won't take all night to create. A culinary masterpiece that's quick and delicious for those busy weeknights.
Vegan Leather Unique Writing Journal
Give a gift that keeps on giving. A journal for him or her, that is not only beautiful and sustainable, but the holder of thoughts, lists and ideas. Its vintage charm creates a home worthy of all of those wonderful words. Write what needs to be said and keep them safe. Beautifully crafted and ready to gift.
Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder
Help support your athletic friends post-work out with this keto-friendly protein shake. Just add water or whip up a culinary creation with some blended fruits as a special treat. It's a gift that will keep on giving as it fuels their muscles with its 9 essential amino acids.
European Organic Aronia Berry
Treat your friends to the gift of health this year. Made from the aronia fruit. Support immune health, provide digestive support and is a healthy way to improve energy. Take care of each other and create a healthy lifestyle. Your health conscious friend will love you for it.
Deluxe Vegetarian Care Package
Treat your vegetarian friends to products they can trust. A whole array of grab and go snacks that they won't have to spend time reading the label before indulging. A large variety of flavors to quench any kind of craving they are having. You never know, they may just find their new favorite snack!
Grow 4 of The Healthiest Vegetables from Seed
Help your vegetarian friends cultivate their green thumb. Create easy access to four of the healthiest vegetables. Get kale, beets, brussels sprouts and leeks now! A gift that will keep on giving whether it be for a novice or expert gardener. No needing to wait for spring either, these can be grown indoor or outdoors.
Renew Life Women’s Probiotic
A healthy choice for her. Support your female friends in more ways than one with this Renew Life Probiotic. This not only creates digestive balance but helps support immunity and vaginal health as well while meeting vegetarian standards. Keep you and your friends in digestive harmony.
Gourmet World Flavors Seasoning Collection
Elevate the culinary experience in your friends' kitchen or even your own. Non-GMO verified, sustainably sourced, all-natural gourmet spices. Sealed in magnetic tins. You can attach to most metal surfaces. Create a stylish and professional looking atmosphere to complement the delicious meal. Elevate their kitchen today.
RJ's Black Soft Licorice
Satisfy a sweet tooth with this non-gmo, vegetarian and kosher treat! From a small family in New Zealand who is serious about their licorice! It is made WITHOUT artificial flavors, color, nuts or high-fructose corn syrup. This soft and chewy licorice lets you indulge on a variety of flavors to satisfy any sweet cravings.
Jay Robb Strawberry Egg White Protein Powder
A delicious, healthy snack the whole family can enjoy! A vegetarian protein sweet strawberry protein shake made from egg-whites. Aid in building muscle faster and repair and nourish your body. Also support a healthy metabolism. A great and easy on the go snack or meal replacement.