31 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Toddler’s Classmates

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Inspire all of their classmates with these 31 gifts. Help your toddler’s classmates learn and use their imagination. 31 inexpensive Valentine’s gifts for your kids’ friends and classmates. Extraordinary gift ideas for early education, preschool, pre-kindergarten, daycare or students of all ages. Don’t be like the other moms and dads. Stand out with a gift from our curated list.

Paw Patrol Finger Puppets
Your toddler will love learning to count on their fingers with these adorable Paw Patrol Finger Puppets! These durable, easy to clean finger puppets include your favorite friendly pups and will be sure to encourage education and imagination. The perfect addition to your child's toy collection!
Make Every Child a Superhero
The perfect, high quality Superhero cape and mask for your child. Inspire imagination and creativity with these timeless costumes for both boys and girls. These Superhero costumes make an amazing and original gift as a party favor or for your child's personal dress up collection!
32pcs Sensory Fidget Toys Set
This 32 piece Sensory Fidget Toys Set makes for an excellent party favor/return gift, stocking stuffer, or prize reward box. These toys are perfect for your toddler or anyone in your family. The compact toys are easy to transport so you can bring them anywhere!
28pcs Valentines Day Novelty Toy Pack
Stylish and colorful inexpensive toy pack. Give each student in the classroom their own slap bracelet, rings, party blower or heart shaped glasses. This assorted toy set screams fun. The products are durable and safe for toddlers. Built to last and for Valentine's Day. Bring the excitement.
Squishie Stress Plush Toys
Squishy, scrunchy, playful little toys. Everything that a toddler and their classmates want. Smush it by hand and let it rise. Use it as a decompression and relaxation toy. Each design is cute and colorful. The kids will be excited to play and trade for different animals. Hours of fun and easy to gift.
Paint Your Own Wooden Magnet
The most colorful crafting set for a classroom full of toddlers. This mega pack includes 26 wooden magnets ready to be painted. Bring out the creativity and early mind development. Paint, brushes and glitter decorations are included. Everything your child and friends need to create their own painting masterpiece. Hang them on the refrigerator afterwards!
20pcs Mini Truck Toy and Race Car Set
Zoom past the other parents with these awesome car sets. An inexpensive way to showcase your cool parent skills. These truck and race cars are awesome and include several different styles. Kids can pick from construction trucks or race cars. So many different colors the fund will surely never end.
Glow in The Dark Fun Sticks
Ultra bright and longer lasting. The coolest gift for a little boy or girl. They'll be entertained for hours with these glow sticks. Vibrant, bright colors to keep them mesmerized. They are made from high quality materials with up to 6 hours of glow time. Enjoy this multi color ultimate glow stick pack.
Mochi Squishy Toy 24pcs
Mochi squishy toys! These mini squishies are the cutest ever, aren't they? The perfect squishy toy for a toddler and their friends. Easy to pack and amazingly soft. Each squishy comes in a separate color and design. Made of safe and non-toxic TPR material. Fill their baskets up with these amazing squishies!
12pcs Neon Sunglasses for Kids
No more breaking mom and dads sunglasses. Give your kids and their friends a pair of the coolest sunglasses out. These neon sunglasses are colorful, bright and super playful. Customized size for kids. Perfect for toddlers. Built to last and to be unbreakable. Perfect for Valentine's day, any occasion and the beach. Let your son or daughter take these for a spin!
Invisible Disappearing Ink Pen Set for Kids
Every kid wants to be a spy or a cop. Let them live out their dream with these super fun invisible ink pens. Let them write super secret spy messages or write secret cop tickets. Hugely entertaining spy pens. With the magical ink your kids can write their own secret message. Use the blue light to reveal the mystery of the message!
Flashing 36pcs LED Jelly Light Up Rings
Light up rings that glow in the dark. Cute animal styles with 9 different colors. Everyone will have their own unique ring. The perfect gift for little tikes that love bears, tigers, rabbits, pigs and more. Add joyful to the party this year. Catch the attention of all the kids in your child's' classroom. These rings are non toxic and safe for ages 3+.
Girl Animal Pendant Bracelets
The cutest multi-color bracelets. Give the girls their own decorative toys to play with this Valentine's Day. These friendship bracelets are perfect for your toddler to practice sharing and friendship skills. It might make them a life long friend! Each bracelet comes in a unique style. They will love the tree, cat, butterfly, dog and flamingos!
Unicorn Stretchy String Toys
The stretchiest unicorn toy to ever exist! All the kids will love this one. Designed for stress and sensory relief, this toy is great for any child. It is soft, stretchy and durable. Made from the highest quality rubbers and non-toxic. Let your child pull and stretch to exert their energy. They can focus on turning the unicorn into a pretzel!
Slime Galaxy Eggs
Slime eggs. Need I say more? Think of all the oozing fun that will come out of these toys for your toddler. A great gift for creativity and DIY. Allow the kids to focus on coordination, dexterity and hand eye coordination. This colorful slime is the perfect mix of purple, gold and blue. No mess and storage is easy.
Flashing UFO Spinning Tops
The new era of 'tops.' When we were growing up tops were different. We actually had to spin them. Kids these days have it easy. This UFO spinning toy does all the work. Just attach the gyroscope and press the button. And away it goes! Let that top spin. Colorful and fun for all ages.
72pcs Slap Bracelets Valentines Day
The ultimate pack of slap bracelets. Enough bracelets for every kid in the class to get 4. Reasonably priced and built for fun. 24 separate print designs including unicorns, emojis and hearts. An amazing gift for Valentine's Day and exchanging between students. Your son or daughter will be the talk of the town!
36pcs Glider Planes for Kids
What 4 year old doesn't love airplanes? Give the perfect gift for a classroom of children. 36 glider planes that will fly high in the sky. Stop making paper airplanes. These gliders have sturdy construction and stay together. Lots of uses and lots of fun. Individual designs and colors to make them unique. Go fly!
Valentines Day Red Squishy Hearts
It's Valentine's Day so we needed to include hearts. Lovable, squishy hearts. The kind of hearts you want to give to energy filled toddlers. Happy and relaxable. Kids will love these in their goody bag. These hearts can double for your own stress ball.
Valentines Day Playing Dough Gift Cards
All in one Valentine's Day gift for toddlers. This pack comes with a Valentine's Day card AND playing dough. Cute cards to make your child a hit in school. Awesome playing dough to keep the kids entertained for hours. Cultivate their imaginations and creativity this Valentine's Day.
Valentine Classroom Exchange Cards Set
A boutique stationery kit that includes individual sets for every child. This huge set includes 168 separate pieces. You get pencils, sticker sheets, note pads and mini erasers. Huge amounts of customization, styles and colors. Every child will feel special and unique. Let your child add a heartfelt touch to their sweetheart!
24pcs Jumbo Giant Sticky Hands
Sticky and twisty. This giant sticky hand will be a hit for any age. Let your toddler and their friends whack 'em and slap 'em. This is a great gift for sticky fun. Easy to clean. Just wash it with soap and water. Let the party begin!
DIY 3D Animal Box with Temporary Tattoos
Cute 3D pop up boxes that come with temporary tattoos! These Valentine's cards aren't any normal cards. Just follow the instructions and turn them amazing 3D animal boxes. Designed with colorful patterns, kids will be amazed. A great opportunity to develop social skills and have fun.
Valentine Wristband Filled Hearts
Give the gift of style. Every 5 year old needs their own cute wristband. High quality and non-toxic. These wristbands come in many different styles and have their own quotes like 'Cutie Pie' and 'You Rock'. This adorable Valentine's Day pack is amazing for toddlers and classmates. Soft to the touch wrist bands.
Neon Star Bubble Wands
Bubbles and wands - the kids will love it! Brighten your toddler's day with this unbelievable wand set. Get a pack of 40 bubble wands with many styles and colors. Great for Valentine's Day or just a neighborhood party. Kids and adults will love these.
Glow in The Dark Slime
This goopy slime is a great party gift for Valentine's Day. You can spread your love with this neon colored ooze. Many uses and they all include fun for the kids. Don't eat the sludge, ooze, or whatever you want to call it. Your kids will love playing with it in their hands.
16pcs Kids Flashlight Set w/ Batteries
The most versatile gift in this list. These mini LED flashlights can be a toy or a great life lesson. They're perfect for a game of hide and seek. Or for camping and hiking with mom and dad. The set is reasonably priced and comes with 48 batteries.
12pcs Assorted Mini Plastic Vehicle Set
Vroom, vroom. Bright and colorful cars driving to a classroom near you. Let the boys and girls have their fun with buses, trucks, police cruisers and more. High quality builds that were meant to last. A perfect gift for children who play together. 100% safe plastic toys.
42pcs Sensory Fidget Toys Set
A variety of 16 different toys. This set includes wacky tracks, marble and mesh (remember that??), infinity cubes and more. No child in the class will be bored with this gift. Your toddler will have the coolest gifts in class. Give a Valentine's Day gift that anybody would love.