53 Thoughtful Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Daughter

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Valentine’s Day is not only about wives and girlfriends – it is also about your beautiful daughter. We know how much you love her, so we created this amazing catalog of 53 thoughtful valentine gift ideas. Treat your sweet bundle of joy to any of these timeless items and make this season unforgettable for her.

Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear
Make your little princess smile with this beautiful stuffed teddy gift. It is the season to love and give, how else do you prove it than this big white ball of fur? With its checkered bow and gigantic size, there's no better way to celebrate your baby girl and your unending love for her.
South Sea Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant
The most worthy pendant gift for Valentine's Day. It is truly stunning and impeccable. This silver necklace with its South Sea Tahitian pendant is one-of-a-kind. It is a perfect choice because it gives your cute little girl a matured yet pretty look. If you're looking for the most unique gift to spoil your daughter - here it is.
Galaxy Magical Rose
Flowers are a girl's thing and this is an immensely beautiful rose! It has lots of dazzling colors with an unparalleled luminosity. Also, the accompanying glass cylinder gives it a majestic storage space, with room to view the spectacle within. To make this a valentine to remember for your cutie pie, roses are a no-brainer.
Matching Father Daughter Hawaiian Luau
Do you love to tween with your cute little baby? These matching father daughter Hawaiian luau are worth the effort. They come in a deep blue shirt for daddy and a same color gown for your princess. The patterns are bright, flowery and exactly the same on each clothing. Don't miss this amazing bonding experience.
Birthstone “I Love You” Pendant Necklace
Pendants are a charm and this one screams 'I love you' with every part. It has three ethereal and green love signs that are aesthetically arranged at the right angles. The pendant comes in a nice gold plate with added silver platings on both sides for a really majestic and dynamic appearance. It is perfect!
Jewelry Music Box for Daughter
Your perfect young lady is definitely every bit your sunshine! Get this amazing music box for her jewelry and watch her face light up with joy. Music is a bond creator and you can both bask in this rich rendition of 'You are my sunshine' by Johnny Cash. You simply have to open the box.
Organic Spa Bath Basket
Give your daughter a spa treat this valentine by gifting her this organic spa bath basket. The basket comes with bath combs, wax candles, body scrubs and lavender natural oil bath salt. Every item is sure to soothe her skin and hair. Make your cute daughter into the beauty queen she is.
Pandora Heart Split Dangle Rose Charm
It's time for the pretty ladies. Speak your daughter's love language. Foster your mother-daughter bond with this charm. Loving is sharing so share this sleek rose charm with your sweet daughter. It was made for you two and lets you keep a piece of her when apart. How wonderful!
Never Withered Rose
If you can't get them fresh, why not preserve them? This preserved flower is the best gift for your little woman. It is a rose that never withers, just like your love for her. Get the season going, and let love lead the way. Don't be afraid, a rose is perfect for every mood.
Leather Cross-Body Bag
Isn't this a cutie? Bags are a mood for ages and this one is a hell of a bargain. It is a crossbody bag made from leather with a large butterfly woven beautifully into its fabric. This would be a very colorful and thoughtful gift to give your daughter. Don't let this brilliant opportunity slide.
Queenberry Engraved Floating Locket
Lockets carries deep memories in them. They carry memories through photos and create an everlasting bond built on love. This is a Queenberry engraved floating locket that boasts a stunning silver coat. It has space to display an affectionate photo of you and your daughter. Keep your memories of her childhood alive, all with this locket.
Unicorn Night Light
Set your love on fire with this sweet unicorn night light. Rekindle the spirit of valentine every time this light comes on. It features two luminous unicorns that can change into a wide array of colors, setting any mood with ease. There's no excuse to not make your little queen smile, this beautiful Valentine's Day.
My Daughter Wood Plaque
Do you want to remind yourself everyday of how amazing she makes you feel? This 'My Daughter' plaque is the pick of the lot. It is imprinted with your lovely thoughts of her. The plaque reaffirms how much you love her and are thankful that she's yours. Love is a beautiful thing. Frame it.
Silver Dipped Real Forever Rose
Here's another flower that's sure to make heads turn! This one comes with a plus: you get a stand. Isn't it perfect? The preserved flower is a lush silver from start to finish and rests gently on a stand, which gives it great poise. You can buy it in a sweet array of spectacular colors.
I Just Freaking Love Sloths, OK
Who doesn't just freaking love sloths? Make your son jealous this season of love by getting your daughter this adorable mug. It is a beautiful white china with a witty print. And really why not? You can love sloths and still be a cool kid. Give this a try!
Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light
We know how much you love your daughter so why not give her the moon? The moon night light is a phenomenal gift with a wide range of uses. She can even read her story books at night with its glow. Make the moon jealous and give your daughter the valentine gift she deserves.
Engravable Mom Daughter Split Heart Dangle
Everyone loves a cute bracelet! This engravable mother daughter split heart dangle is the perfect gift to send all your love to your special daughter on Valentine’s Day. Each dangle forms a complete heart when you are together, and completes your love when she's away from you. What's love without family to share it with?
Newborn Infant Baby Girl Valentine's Set
This three piece infant outfit was made from cotton and wool materials that are very comfortable to wear. Also, the materials are breathable so she'll enjoy wearing them all day long. The sweatshirt has a giant love sign on the front and it will surely keep your little girl warm over the colder months.
Gamer Shirts For Father & Daughter
Do you love video games? Then, buy this gamer shirts for you and your adorable princess. It comes as a set with a T-shirt for you and a trendy bodysuit for her. Game pads are boldly inscribed on it and since you're player 1, she gets to be player 2. Let the games begin!
Aira Soy Candle Gift Set
Infuse your daughter's room with invigorating scents from this Aira soy candles gift set. This is an uncommon gift but it's totally worth it so far your princess loves it. This elegant candle set will light up her room, while giving off surreal scents that create an atmosphere for her to relax.
Joycuff Inspirational Bracelet
This Joycuff inspirational bracelet is gorgeous and simple. A fine piece of women’s jewelry. Make her valentine’s day special. It's stainless steel with an inspirational quote engraved on the inner part. If she's ever feeling low, she has your wise words right on her wrist to keep her going. Inspire your daughter with this gift!
Photo Clip String LED Lights
For the girl who wants to light up her life. She can decorate her walls to include her friends, family and other great moments in her life! Besides being luminous, each clip can hold items ranging from photos to newspaper clippings or notes. This is great for teenagers and she'll find it very useful. Light up the walls and let love fill the air.
Pandora Mother & Daughter Hearts Dangle
Tell your lovely kid she's always in your heart with this Pandora mother and daughter heart dangle. It splits into two and you can both keep a part. This cute piece of jewelry symbolizes your moments together while stirring up a desire to create more amazing ones.
Ring Light for Makeup & Videos
Is your daughter a social media superstar? Always on her phone and laptop? Well a ring light would do her pictures and videos a world of good. This ring light comes with a tripod stand, a phone holder and a bag you can store everything in. Bring out the superstar in your girl and have her trending online.
Princess Necklace with Gift Box
Bracelets and necklaces are simply perfect together when they match. This is a gift for little girls around the ages 6-9 years. It features colorful beads with a very cute pendant that comes in the form of a unicorn, a rainbow or a mermaid on different pieces. The gift box is a worthy addition.
Kate Spade New York Cameron
Is your girl a fashionista? Any daughter would just die if you got her this Kate Spade New York satchel. The bag doubles as a crossbody and handbag. It is a perfect gift for your teenage girl. This is a timeless piece with a chic color. It comes in a variety of colors and golly what a gift it would be!
Tie Dye Printed Pajamas Set
A chic pair of pajamas for your daughter to sleep in style. No more old sweaters and sweat pants that are cut off at the knees. Let her rock this retro tie die PJ set. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. These actually look good enough to hit the town with!
Godiva Chocolatier Truffle Gift Box
You simply can't resist this yummy box of chocolatey goodness! Godiva makes amazing and succulent chocolate truffles that come in their trendy custom boxes. This is such a perfect gift especially, if your daughter is a chocolate lover! Each box contains 24 pieces, every one a whisper of how amazing you really think she is.
Cosmetic Makeup Bag Organizer
Every girl loves makeup. This is a portable bag for cosmetics. It has many compartments to keep her many many shades of foundation and brushes. This stylish case will have the right amount of space for your daughter's cosmetics. Plus it's portable if she wants to bring it on a trip!
I Love You Forever Daughter Necklace
This amazing necklace is made in a silver coat that gives it an elegant shine. It boasts a large colorful crystal enmeshed in the pendant for an alluring finish. This is a truly rare piece and teenage girls would totally love it as a valentine gift. Let your love last forever with this necklace.
Moving Flameless Candles Flickering LED
These flameless candles are simply wow! They light up the room like nothing else could. It's a perfect gift if she is quiet and loves to play indoors. The candles are very safe with no risk of starting a fire. Push a button on the controller, lay in bed and let these flames delight you.
UGG Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper
You can up your daughter's slippers game by gifting her these UGG fluff slide slippers. They are wooly and extremely comfortable to wear. You can get them in a nice variety of colors and there's also a size for you. Therefore in spoiling your kid, you get to buy yourself some cool slippers too.
Pop Up Princess Tent
Your daughter deserves her own patch of Earth that's feels like Disneyland. Which is why we encourage you to pick up one of these for cute little princess. Valentine is the season of love, a day to spend time with loved ones. So, set up your tent, snuggle in and read her a bedtime story.
Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain
Worn alone or flavored with other gold chains, rope chains are a beautiful expression of how much you love her. This Italian diamond cut rope chain is right up there with the best and is a worthy gift to celebrate your princess. Symbolizing love and friendship, this is a quite unique piece for Valentine's Day.
Unicorn Plush Toy Set
The valentine season is all about fluff and toys for cute little girls. This should top your list of gifts to surprise your kid with. It's a wonderful 3-in-1 package with a fluffy bag, two unicorn dolls and a doll blanket. Get more for less and put a beaming smile on your daughter's face.
Little Girl Cheffun Tea Party Set
Is your child quite the actress? This is just the valentine gift for her. It is a magnificent tea party set with colorful play food and cakes, and endless moments for her to sit at tea with her imaginary friends. Spark up your baby girl's artistic side and she just might be meant for Hollywood.
Nope Not Today Sloth Tumbler
Isn't this a cute tumbler? This is a beautiful stainless steel, insulated tumbler with a really cool image printed on it. If she's a GOT fan, she'll know this is the answer to 'what do we say to the god of death?' and it could simply relate to a habit of procrastination if she's not.
Relaxing Lavender Spa Bath Gift Basket
Who doesn't love spa dates? This relaxing lavender spa bath gift basket is a sweet bundle of skin care essentials. It contains essential oil, body scrub, lotion, bath salt, shower gel and much more. This is you getting value for your money and handing it all to your sweet girl because she is worth it.
Father & Daughter Matching Tees
Valentine's Day is the best day to wear matching tees, and slay with your adorable angel. Build your father-daughter chemistry and make mama grin with envy. Then, you can make a bond that's inseparable. Because she's the daughter of a king and you, the daddy of a princess. This is sure to get people talking.
Girls Light Up Roller Shoes
Roller shoes are back in vogue so you just have to get her a pair. These light up roller shoes are a variation to the norm, with LED lights installed around the soles. This is one gift she's going to brag to her friends about. Beat the traffic and secure these shoes for your angel.
Rose Flower Heart Pendant Necklace
Purple speaks royalty so this was made for your energetic queen. It is a silver necklace with a stunning rose-flower heart pendant. For teenage girls, this is a gift they would really appreciate. There's no denying that necklaces give her that confident and matured look you always love to see! Try it in other colors.
DIY Soy Candle Making Kit
Invigorate your daughter's love for candles by giving her this DIY soy candle making kit as a valentine gift. It comes with items like soy wax, pots, tins, dyes and more. Set these up and give her a proper step-by-step tutorial on how to make scented candles. Now, you can both do interesting activities together!
Mr.Winder Carousel Horse Music Box
This is quite the stuff of fairy tales. Nothing says love than gifting your sweet heart this outstanding music box. It is designed with royal horses and can display different lights while playing music. She's definitely going to love and cherish it because of how much adores you. Make a habit of surprising her.
Mother and Daughter Matching Swimsuit
If your daughter is old enough to go swimming, don't pass up on these swimsuits. They come in a cool spotted design with a size for both of you. Go with her to the pool more often so, even if you can't swim, you at least get to show off your gorgeous matching swimsuits.
56 Pack Mini White Heart Bubble Wands
Think out of the box and buy this bubble wand for your little magician to work her magic. She can make and play with bubbles when her friends are around or with you and her siblings. Make as many cute little bubbles as you can and take pictures with them before they all burst.
Daughter Blessing Wood Plaque
Your daughter is a blessing to you and this is a way to be thankful she's yours. She is going to be all smiles when you present her with this creatively crafted wood plaque. It is heart shaped with an inspirational quote printed on it. Best believe, this would be a valentine to remember!
Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bracelet
It can be hard thinking up a gift for someone so we brought this your way. Bracelets are cool on women old and young, but this is something special. It is a sterling silver hummingbird bracelet that would beautifully adorn her wrists. Make your baby the star of every occasion with these gracious bracelets.
Lace Flower Dress w/ Bow & Feather Sash
This lace flower dress is a top draw gift for Valentine's Day. Asides paying games and sharing first indoors, you can take your baby girl to have some ice cream. She'll step out in style wearing this magnificent dress. Be the Dad of the Year and get this for your sweet ray of sunshine.
Personalized Photo Wallet & Vintage Purse
You can get two for the price of one with this personalized photo wallet and vintage purse. Girls love purses so you can be sure, she'll be excited. The personalized photo makes it invaluable while it looks really appealing because it's vintage. You might just have discovered the best gift you've given her yet.
Matashi Sunflowers in Ornament Vase
Make her room into paradise with this spectacular sunflower in ornament vase. It is an uncommon gift but she's surely going to love it. It is gold plated with shiny crystals that she'll find surreal. If you're looking for something special to splurge on for your kid this Valentine's Day. Be unique.