19 Cutest Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Doggy

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What’s got four legs, a wet nose, a waggy tail and loves you unconditionally? Your sweet pup! Whether it’s comforting you when you’re down, adorably begging for scraps or yes, even chewing up your favorite pillow, they really can do no wrong. Show your dogs how much you love them on Valentine’s Day! Spoil your four-legged friend with toys, sweaters, treats and more.

Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy
Is your dog super smart? Does he eat too fast? Is he bored? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your dog needs this brick game. Exercise their mind while filling their tummy. Slide and flip the pieces to reveal tasty treats. If your dog needs a brain game, this is it.
Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Chew Toy
Do you have a super chewer? Bring it on. This durable wishbone toy is built to survive even the toughest jaws. It's made with real bacon, but won't leave a mess. Made in the USA, you can feel confident letting your dog gnaw on it for hours.
Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Plush Toy
Whoever invented this dog toy deserves an award. You can keep your furry friend entertained for hours with this fun toy. Remove the hedgehog squeakers and play fetch or hide them inside the trunk. Your dog will use his thinking skills to figure out how to get to them.
Dog Sweater Turtleneck Pullover Knit
Show off your dog's stylish side with a winter sweater. The pink snowflake pullover is stretchy, soft and comfortable. The design features a hole in the back for easy leashing, a cute ruffle hem and a turtleneck for extra warmth. When she's sporting this sweater, you dog will feel pawsome!
Paw Print Sweatshirt for Dog Moms
People might guess you're a dog lover by the shedding on your clothes or the extra leash you keep in your purse. But just in case that wasn't enough of a clue, show that you are an ultimutt dog lover with this sweater. You'll be able to wear your heart (and their paw) on your sleeve.
Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed
As your dog ages, he is going to need some relief from his sore joints. We all deal with aches and pains and your pup is no exception. Make them comfortable with a memory foam platform dog bed. Whether it's hot or cold out, the gel memory foam helps regulate their temperature. It's machine washable and waterproof.
6pcs Valentine's Day Dog Bandanas
Help your furry friend show off her festive side with a set of holiday bandanas. With six designs, there are plenty of lovable styles to change it up. No need to limit wearing these to Valentine's Day. Your dog will be saying 'I woof you!' all year long.
Canine Cuisine Gift Assortment Dog Cookies
The easiest way to your dog's heart is through his tummy. Delight his taste buds with an assortment of cookies from Claudia's Canine Bakery. Your pup deserves the best. The all-natural and preservative free treats are top quality. The hardest part will be keeping him from scarfing down the entire box at once.
Love Dogs Sweater with Leash Hole
This is so doggone cute! The pink heart argyle design will keep your pup just as warm as she is stylish. The pullover fit is easy to wear and easy to wash. It even features a small hole so you can put on her leash without removing the sweater. All the other dogs in the neighborhood will be jealous of your pooch!
Automatic Ball Launcher for Doggos
You look quite...fetching when you play with me!' If even flattery can't get you out there to play with your doggy, invest in an automatic ball launcher. It features three distance options and comes with three tennis balls. Train your energetic pet without straining your arm.
Orthopedic Dog Bed w/ Memory Foam
Even man's best friend needs to take a load off every once in a while. The solid memory foam material offers the ultimate relaxation experience. Breathable cotton keeps your dog comfortable and the odors at bay. And with a waterproof internal liner, you won't have to worry about any messes!
Food Dispenser IQ Training Toy
Teach your doggo to slow down and chew their food with this training tool. The spinning food container will dispense a small amount of food at a time from the various sized holes. Then, your dog has to figure out the maze to devour each bite. Once they're trained, you will have peace of mind that your dog is enjoying his food safely.
Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Toy
Reinforce your puppy's sense of adventure with a treasure trove of games. The activities will keep him busy for hours. He will hone his hunting skills, release energy and stress, and improve digestion with slower eating. Keep your pet mentally stimulated and enriched while improving their health and happiness.
Dog Cuddler Bed Set w/ Blanket & Toy
A snore means 'I love you' in dog language. And you will get plenty of those when they rest in this self-warming bed. The innovative round walled design gives your pup maximum comfort and support. It even comes with a matching blanket and chew toy! It's the next best thing to sleeping in the human's bed.
Cute Fashion Leather Pearl Dog Collar
This collar is for the dog that's really more of a diva. Dress her up with an elegant and luxurious necklace...I mean collar. Shh, don't tell her! Whether she is a posh poofy dog or a rough and tumble big girl, she will feel so beautiful in these pearls.
Embroidery Dog Dress
Any dog can wear a sweater, but it takes a special breed to rock a dress. And we are willing to bet your dog can do it. Fit for a princess, this pink ensemble has a luxury design with great details and embroidery. Go ahead and spoil her. She will think you are the BEST dog parent, fur reals!
Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible Vest
The sportier dog personalities need protection that works as hard as they do. This winter vest will keep them cozy and warm. It is also waterproof and soft to the touch. It's reversible, so your dog can choose from one of two styles. The durable outerwear will keep them going strong even when the temperatures plunge.
Puppy Toy Durable Rose Chew Toy
Will you accept this rose? We know your dog gladly will. This toy is durable and safe for adult dogs and puppies. The nubs work to clean their teeth. Take this uniquely shaped chew toy from the pool to the yard. Remove the rose bud for a game of fetch! For some more tasty fun, spread some peanut butter on the grooves.