113 Magical Unicorn Gifts To Transport The Imagination

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Unicorns are mythical creatures who ride moonbeams. We all love a good unicorn sighting every now and then, even if it is imaginary – or, if it is in the form of a gift! Luckily for you, this list contains the most wonderful unicorn gifts for young girls and adults alike, including personalized items!

Barbie Dreamtopia
This Princess Barbie doll coordinates well with her trusty unicorn sporting rainbow colors. The unicorn has songs to sing. To hear the music and sound effects, you can touch its horn or feed it ice cream. This is a festive gift that a girl will love!

You are Magical Unicorn Necklace
Show your daughter you appreciate her spark with this 'You are magical' necklace. This necklace pictures a unicorn on a stainless steel chain. The unicorn's mane and horn is adorned with colorful crystals. This gift is sure to be a hit with a unicorn fan!

Unicorn Princess Canopy for Bed
Make a girly reading corner or a canopy for a bed with this unicorn canopy. The trailing sheer cover looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale! The ring at the top is covered with flowers in bright pastel colors and creates a dream catcher form. A unicorn corn horn and ears top off this sweet set.

Unicorn Rocker
This unicorn rocker can be a fun activity for a baby from the time she learns to sit up into her toddler days. The rocker is covered in a plush unicorn to be soft and safe for a baby. This gift can bring your baby joy and help her learn new skills at the same time.

Unicorn Bedding
This 5 piece twin bedding set can be a unicorn lover's dream come true! Unicorns dance across the purple comforter in pastel colors. The white sheets are printed to match. This bed-in-a-bag set can be a great choice for when your daughter transitions to a twin size bed.

Glow in the Dark Unicorn Throw Blanket
This large fuzzy throw blanket is perfect for tucking a little girl in bed at night. By daytime it sparkles in pinks and purples. Then, when the light turns off, the unicorn glows in the dark to keep a girl company while she sleeps.

Make Your Own Unicorn Night Light
Encourage a girl's creative skills with this DIY unicorn nightlight. This kit comes complete with everything you need including unicorns, a pink tree, a miniature house, and windmill. It can be a way for a girl to express herself and end up with a nice decoration for her room.

Unicorn Headphones
These unicorn headphones are specifically designed for children ages 3 and up. The charming design allows a little girl to feel as magical as a unicorn. Some features of these headphones include noise-cancelling abilities, a mute button, a microphone, and sound clarity. They can be perfect for speaking to long-distance family members or taking online classes.

Interactive Magical Unicorn Plush
This winged unicorn can be your daughter's new best friend! It can respond to voice and touch, flap its wings, dance to music, and its horn can even light up in different colors. This unicorn will be a special treat for a girl who enjoys interactive play.

Unicorn Carriage
Little Tikes has added a princess coach to their classic kid car collection! This amazing coach can be child driven or a parent can pull it as a wagon. The princess cart comes in pinks and purples with a magical horse at the helm.

Color Changing Unicorn Mug
This color changing mug is perfect for a child or a child at heart! The unicorn starts out with a dark black mane, but when you fill it with a favorite hot drink, its mane's color transforms into rainbow hues. Unicorns are not just for kids anymore!

Unicorn Projection Light
To help your kids wind down at night, you can turn on this unicorn projection light. This friendly lamp lights up with your girls' favorite winged creature and the patterns rotate in a soothing motion. You can also choose to use this lamp as a simple night light by adding a translucent cover to the lamp.

Unicorn Face Mask
This unicorn mask is made for adults who don't blend in, but are born to shine. It pictures a unicorn with a rainbow mane in the middle of a charismatic dance move. This cheery face mask can bring a much needed smile to the those around you.

Unicorn Bookshelf
This unicorn bookshelf can be a nice accent piece to a girl's reading nook. It comes in bright, bold colors with a unicorn prominently displayed on each side. The solid wood construction should be able to hold a myriad of books that will inspire your child's imagination.

Womens Unicorn Shirt
You don't easily fall out of love with unicorns! This women's t-shirt keeps the unicorn passion alive. It pictures a relaxed and colorful unicorn on a black background. The shirt is made of a poly-cotton blend that maintains its shape well and is comfortable to wear.

Remote Control Robot Unicorn Toy
This gift can be fun for playtime and can also teach your child new skills in the process. The friendly remote control unicorn is also a robotic STEM toy for kids. This means that your child can learn some useful programming skills through the power of play!

Unicorn Dream Catchers Craft
This sweet pair of dream catchers can add a nice accent piece to a child's room. It is covered with colorful feathers, beads, and pearls for an indie look. Then it is crowned with a unicorn horn and ears. When the lights go off, the LED twinkle lights on these dreamcatchers can turn on.

Unicorn Taco Plush Toy
Sparkle Toots the unicorn will toot if you squeeze him. It must be because of the tacos he is holding! Not only does this plush unicorn make fart noises, but he also repeats outrageous phrases. If you know a fan of unicorns (or tacos!) this can be a gift for hilarious fun.

Unicorn Coaster Toy
Some children love motion and speed from the get-go. If you have a child who loves to be on the go, this unicorn coaster will rock their world. This ride is like a roller coaster for kids and it is made with both fun and safety in mind. The rideable unicorn comes with easy-grip handles and footrests as well as a high back.

Unicorn Slippers Adult
These adult unicorn slippers will add a spark of fun to indoor days. The comfortable memory foam insoles will let your feet in on some of the unicorn magic. These house shoes have a rubber non-slip tread. This can be a great gift for your wife or girlfriend!

Musical Unicorn Jewelry Box
Your daughter will have plenty of space to fit her jewelry in this unicorn jewelry box. Turn the winder to hear a fun unicorn tune and open the box to watch the unicorn turn to the music. This can be a special keepsake gift for a little girl.

Unicorn Bike
This unicorn bike can be a great first bike for a little girl. The 16 inch bicycle is equipped with removable training wheels. It is decorated with rainbows and unicorns and accented with festive pinks and pastels. A unicorn zipper pouch at the front of the handles allows a little girl to pack toys and snacks for the ride.

Interactive Pet Unicorn
This fluffy, interactive pet unicorn will allow a little girl to try out her doctoring skills. This sick little unicorn can be made better with the help of a tiny doctor and a kit of tools. The unicorn makes 40 sounds and reactions and can be the perfect friend for a little girl.

Giant Big Bow Surprise Mystery Egg
This giant big bow mystery egg is full of surprises! When you open the cute unicorn egg packaging you will find a Giant Unicorn Plush, Big Bow accessories, and collectible bow-bow corns along with at least 20 other surprises. This can be a magical gift for a girl!

Unicorn Pillow and Dream Catcher Set
When it's time for bed, this unicorn pillow and dream catcher set can set the scene for sweet dreams. The unicorn pillow has a pocket on the back with post-it notes for tucking in a wish to dream on. The set also includes a matching dreamcatcher for decor and a story to read before bed.

Unicorn Ring Holder
This ring holder or trinket tray can be a great gift for all ages. The gold accents on this ceramic ring holder add a bit of sparkle. This gift is whimsically elegant in its design and can make a unique gift for a unicorn lover.

Large Novelty Unicorn Mug
This cheery unicorn mug is an adults-only gift. The unicorn on this uniquely designed mug is magically colorful and looks happy and relaxed. This 2-in-1 coffee mug leaves room for a little extra something on the side. It can hold up to 18 ounces of coffee.

Etched Engraved Unicorn Glass
An adult who still believes in the magic of uniforms will love this stemless wine glass. The glass is restaurant quality and is laser engraved with a unicorn design. The saying reads 'Adulting is too hard. Time to be a unicorn.' This can be a thoughtful gift that will brighten a friend's day.

Unicorn and Purse Plush Pet Set
This cheerful unicorn pet comes with a sparkling carrying case with reversible sequins and a matching keychain. The purse's loop closure will keep the unicorn from falling out while on the go. A little girl can enjoy packing this plush toy with her wherever she goes!

Unicorn Bottle Holder
This humorous unicorn bottle holder is one-of-a-kind! The stand is designed as a unicorn guzzling down a bottle of his favorite drink. It is made of high-quality resin and is hand-painted. Your friend will get a good laugh out of this fun and funny gift.

Inflatable Unicorn Costume
If you've always wanted to be a unicorn, your wish can come true with this inflatable unicorn costume. It includes an air pump and an instruction set. This festive adult-sized unicorn suit can be perfect for a Halloween party or your child's birthday party.

Unicorn Accessory Set
This festive gift set for girls celebrates all things unicorn! The set comes with a unicorn drawstring bag, a unicorn makeup bag, unicorn jewelry, unicorn hair ties, a unicorn coin purse and more. A girl can have fun dressing up in this magical unicorn swag.

Crystal Unicorn Necklace and Bracelet
A girl can be proud to show off this unicorn necklace and matching charm bracelet to her friends. The bracelet includes rainbow, unicorn, heart charms and colored beads. Your child can choose which charms she wants to wear on her bracelet. This gift sparkles and shines!

Unicorn Book and Toy Set
Follow the sweet story of Uni the unicorn in this unicorn book and toy set. In this book, Uni enters a quest for friendship and discovers that sometimes dreams do come true. It also comes with a plush unicorn toy. This set encourages reading, play, and the power of believing.

Unicorn Night Dress
This unicorn night dress is made out of breathable, silky fabric that is skin friendly. It also has spandex to allow for easy movement. This sweet night dress comes in bold, happy colors and a prancing unicorn. This may become your daughter's favorite night wear!

Unicorn Board Game
In this Monopoly game Unicorns take on Llamas to see who will take over the world in property first. This game is full of rainbow colors and currency along with a little bit of magic. A unicorn lover of any age will be thrilled to receive this game.

Womens Unicorn Pajamas
These women's unicorn pajamas are a fun and comfy set for the woman in your life. The V-neck top and capri pants come in soft pink and purple colors. They are made of breathable, moisture wicking fabric so they will be comfy as well as cute!

Unicorn Tutu Dress with Headband
This dreamy unicorn tutu dress will be perfect for the girl who loves ballet, or who just loves feeling like a beautiful unicorn. This sequin and gauzy dress comes in bright rainbow colors and the dress is silk-lined for comfort. It comes with a matching unicorn crown. Your girl can feel magical in this dress!

Sensory Unicorn Stress Balls
These sensory stress balls come in unicorn shapes and in 4 bright colors! Children to adults can enjoy relieving tension and stress with these squeezable, gel-filled friends. The outside layer of these unicorns is thick so that it won't easily pop under pressure. These unicorns can be fun party favors.

Grow Unicorns Terrarium
A Unicorn fan can make their own miniature, magical world with this terrarium. This terrarium comes with seeds and soil to begin growing your own plant life. It also includes figurines that can be painted according to your daughter's imagination. This set allows a child to learn about growing plants and also puts their artistic skills to use.

Unicorn LED Light 7 Colors
This unicorn LED light can glow in up to 7 colors. The colors and light can be adjusted from the base of this lamp or with a remote control. It also comes with an energy-saving timer option. This can make a perfect bedside lamp for a unicorn lover!

Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume
This hilarious adult costume looks like you are reigning in your own unicorn steed. The costume is inflatable and comes with its own battery-operated fan. You can also don the princess cap to complete the look. This costume will add a bit of fun wherever you go!

Unicorn Kids Digital Camera
This unicorn digital camera is designed for toddlers and on up! This sweet design is covered in a rubber-like material for protection. It comes complete with a zoom lens and 6 filters for photo taking fun. This gift can be perfect for your little aspiring photographer.

Oversized Unicorn Beach Towel
This oversized unicorn beach towel can be perfect for girls and women alike. It is made out of microfiber material, so it dries quickly and sand doesn't stick. This towel can be a perfect addition to a trip to the beach or a backyard pool party.

Insulated Unicorn Lunchbox
When you need to keep your food items fresh at lunch or at school, this insulated lunch box can lend you a helping hand. This soft-sided lunch box comes with a zipper to keep your food items together and fresh. It is made of waterproof material and is insulated so you foods stay at the right temperature for longer.

Unicorn Tea Party Set
This Happy Unicorn tin tea set is perfect for having a play tea party. It comes with brightly colored tea cups, plates, and more and even has a tin tray for serving. Play food is included in this set so your daughter can set up and serve her toy friends a tea time feast.

Silver Unicorn Stud Earrings
These beautifully designed stud earrings will be a treat for a unicorn lover. The earrings are made from synthetic opals that are held in place by sterling silver with white gold plating. On top of each opal stone, a bright unicorn horn sparkles and shines. These unique earrings will make a sweet gift for any age!

Unicorn Heart Gem Necklace
A beautiful unicorn necklace could be the perfect gift for a daughter who continues to love unicorns as she grows. This necklace is designed with sterling silver and white gold and depicts a unicorn holding a blue crystal heart. Your daughter will be thrilled with this sparkling gift!

Unicorn Card Game
This reigning unicorn game can add some life to your party! In this game, you are trying to get rid of all of your cards first. Each player will have to go through a series of hilarious activities before he or she is worthy of the Reigning Unicorn title. This can be a fun party game!

Unicorn Print Jacket
This JoJo Siwa zip up hoodie is decorated with a colorful unicorn print, and of course, a bright oversized bow to match. The cotton-poly blend will be comfortable to wear and is also machine washable. Girls from age 4 to age 16 can enjoy this festive jacket.

Oversized Unicorn Hoodie
An oversized sherpa wearable blanket makes for perfect loungewear around the house. This sherpa hoodie is also topped with a unicorn hood so you can feel magical while you relax and keep warm. It's one size fits most so all sizes can enjoy wrapping up in this unicorn hoodie.

Unicorn Party Game
Unstable Unicorns is a game where you have to choose between your love for your friends and your love for unicorns. It's pretty obvious who will win out in this situation. Unicorns! This game can be a fun way to make unicorn allies and take over the world.

Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle
You can't get much more unicorn than this unicorn puzzle! This unicorn puzzle is printed with a unicorn design and unlike most puzzles which have a rectangular shape, this one is designed in the shape of the unicorn. Even the puzzle pieces are uniquely designed into unicorns, stars, wands, and other bits of magic.

Unicorn Purse
This pastel unicorn purse comes in sweet rainbow colors. It is the perfect size for carrying some jewelry, miniature toys, or money from the tooth fairy. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable to make the perfect gift for girls from age 3 to age 10.

Cute Unicorn Animal Slippers
These fluffy unicorn slippers can add some cheer to a relaxing day indoors. These house shoes come brightly dyed and ready for wear. The memory foam insoles of these slippers will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. But, the non-slip soles will keep you safe on solid ground. These adult unicorn slippers are sure to be a winning gift!

Be Yourself Unicorn Tank Top
This racerback tank top reads 'Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.' The tank is silk-screen printed for longer lasting color and a more comfortable wear. This tank is made from a cotton-poly blend that is breathable with a slight stretch to it.

Unicorn Coloring and Gift Set
This unicorn gift set will be a winner! The treasure chest includes a soft plush unicorn toy, unicorn jewelry, a unicorn headband, and a 'You are Special' unicorn coloring book complete with colors. Girls from 3 to 12 years old will go wild about this charming gift!

Unicorn Toilet Paper
Encourage your child to start using the toilet with this cheery unicorn toilet paper. The soft, 3-ply paper will get the job done. This unicorn toilet paper can also be a great gift idea for an adult white elephant party. It could be the favorite gift at the party.

Ceramic Unicorn Piggy Bank
This ceramic unicorn piggy bank can encourage someone of any age to start putting some change away for a rainy day. It comes in a pearlescent white with chic gold accents. A teen or adult can enjoy displaying this ceramic unicorn bank on a nightstand.

Plush Unicorn Backpack
A little girl can enjoy carrying around snacks and toys in this pink unicorn backpack. This plush backpack holds a unicorn for safe toting and the unicorn can be removed for playtime. It can make a sweet first backpack for mother's day out or when a child starts preschool.

Winter Snow Tube Unicorn
Go sledding on the slopes with this fantastic winter snow tube unicorn! This unicorn tube is much thicker than a summer float tube so it can withstand trips on snowy ground. It comes with a repair kit and it will inflate quickly for instant fun. Both adults and kids can enjoy this unicorn snow tube.

Inflatable Unicorn Pool Decoration
When it's time to party, you can bring out this inflatable unicorn. The unicorn is white with a rainbow mane and shiny gold horn. This unicorn can be a poolside decoration or can make a fun prop in a photo op corner at a party.

Unicorn Gift Set with Plush Toy
Encourage your child to read and play with this 3-piece unicorn gift set. This sweet gift set includes a stuffed unicorn, a festive unicorn headband, and a book entitled 'If I Were a Magical Unicorn.' This set can spark imagination and creativity in your child!

Neon Unicorn Desk LIght
This neon unicorn desk light can light up a room with its trendy vibes. The glass tubes are filled with real neon gas to create light and color. This lamp is ready to deck out a dorm room or bedroom. It is sure to be a hit with teens and adults alike.

Unicorn Pool Float
This oversized unicorn pool float is sure to make a statement at the pool. It comes in white and rainbow colors with a gold horn. A flamingo pool float is included in this set as well! A kid or an adult can rest and relax while floating in this trusty steed or a pink flamingo!

Paint Your Own Unicorn Set
Squishies have become popular because they are stress relievers that are also cute. This set comes with 4 unicorn themed squishies that you can paint yourself. Put creativity to work to make unique and cuddly friends. Glitter, paint brushes, and paints are included in this set.

Unicorn Diamond Painting Kit
Make a unicorn diamond painting with this art kit. This kit includes a unicorn design ready for you to add a personal touch. You can place colored gems in the appropriate dots to create your own masterpiece! When you are finished you can hang it on a wall or prop it up on a table.

Unicorn Spa Kit
This unicorn spa kit contains a set of bath bombs which melt away to reveal surprises inside! The bath bombs contain shea butter and essential oils to make the skin softer and provide a relaxing experience. This set also comes with a unicorn mask and a loofah sponge for the ultimate spa experience!

Decorate Your Own Unicorn Water Bottle
This insulated water bottle is stainless steel and BPA-free. A girl can decorate this bottle as she chooses with gems and unicorn stickers. This bottle comes with over 11 pages of decorations so there should be plenty to choose from and some stickers to save for later, as well.

Dabbing Unicorn Rug
This nice sized area rug can make a statement with its colorful unicorn. The mat is made from memory foam so your feet will feel magically comfortable every time you walk on this rug. On the back of the rug is a skid-proof backing so your rug stays securely in place. This rug can make a great addition to a unicorn-themed room!

Unicorn Clogs
These unicorn kids' crocs are decorated in true unicorn style. The bright colors on these blue crocs make for cherry footwear. These low-maintenance slip-ons also include all the comfort that we have come to expect from crocs. They can be a great gift idea for a little girl.

Unicorn Tapestry
This lovely unicorn tapestry can add a touch of warmth to white walls! The high-quality watercolor print has neatly sewn edges. It can be used to dress up a bedroom or as a background for a photo op at parties. This large, beautifully crafted tapestry will be a winning gift!

Unicorn Wall Decal
This set of two watercolor unicorn decals will be sure to delight a girl's heart! The prints come in two slightly different styles. Your daughter will have fun seeing these decorations go up on her wall. She can choose her favorite print, put up both, or the prints can be used to designate the space of 2 sisters who share a room.

Rainbow Tutu with Unicorn Headband
This stunning tutu comes in bold colors for a girl who is ready to take center stage. It comes with a matching unicorn headpiece and a bow to complete the look. This can be an adorable outfit for a birthday party, dress up play, or dance.

Unicorn Scooter
Your little girl can ride a unicorn with this adorable unicorn scooter. This scooter is designed for ages 3 through 5+. It has 3 wheels for extra stability and balance while a child is learning to ride. This gift is sure to be a hit!

Unicorn Dabbing Set Covers
To add some bling and unicorn love to a car, this 2 piece set of dab unicorn car seat covers should do the trick! These seat covers are made to fit most front seat sizes. You can enjoy the protection that these covers add, as well as the bright colors.

Unicorn Kids Sparkle Sneakers
These denim 'Twinkle Toes' unicorn sketchers sneakers are made to sparkle and shine. The top of the shoe is printed with a festive unicorn and colored sprinkles. At the toe, they are decked out with crystal studs. These shoes can go with many different outfits and will be a favorite with a little girl!

Unicorn Swimsuit Girls
This unicorn swimsuit is ready to bring some style to the water. It is designed with ruffle shoulder straps, and a skirt with pom-pom trim. This swimsuit comes in a sweet tie-dyed hues and a unicorn with a gold glittery horn accents the front.

Unicorn Swimsuit
This girl's swimsuit is not much on frills but keeps the unicorn theme with bright colors. The straps are adjustable for the most comfortable fit. Also, the material is made out of UPF 50+ to keep a girl's skin protected from the sun.

Plush Unicorn Toy Set
This sweet plush unicorn toy set is a great gift idea for a little unicorn lover! The set includes 2 plush unicorns, a unicorn cat, dog, and whale. These pastel colored toys all fit into a rainbow carrying case. A little girl can enjoy toting these friends around wherever she goes!

Unicorn Phone Case
You can deck out a phone with a little bling with this unicorn phone case. This case has a soft silicone exterior for protection and easy grip. It has a unicorn head and horn at the top and a glitter window covers the back of the phone. This case will fit an iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8.

Unicorn Cookie Baking Set
Mama's little helper can try out her baking skills with this adorable unicorn baking set. It comes with a happy unicorn apron with 2 large hand pockets, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, a recipe book, and icing bags. This sweet set will be perfect for an aspiring baker.

Unicorn Kids Rashguard
This unicorn kid's swimsuit comes with long sleeves to protect from sunburn while a little girl enjoys the water. The fabric is fade-resistant and is UPF 50+ for further protection from the sun. A zipper closure allows for quick and easy changing. This swimsuit will allow a girl to enjoy sunny days without becoming burned.

Unicorn Umbrella
This unicorn umbrella will make rainy days more fun! It provides a large arc of protection and it is simple for a girl to open and close herself. There are no buttons to pinch fingers on this umbrella! It is decorated with a large unicorn head and a horn tops it off.

Unicorn Decorative Pillow
To add a bit of glam to a sofa or bed, you can give the gift of this unicorn pillow. This decorative pillow comes in a soft white square, which takes on a unicorn shape at the top. It is crowned with gold and colorful flowers. This pillow can be a hit for a unicorn lover of any age!

Unicorn Kids Rain Boots
These kids unicorn rain boots will keep feet dry and water out. They are made of waterproof rubber on the outside and have a poly-cotton liner for extra protection and comfort. These boots have a cheery unicorn pattern that a girl will be sure to love!

Unicorn Sleep Sack
This unicorn sleep sack is perfect for travelling, overnights at Grandma's, and sleepovers. A zipper closure allows you to stay cozy and warm inside. When you are finished using it as a sleepsack, you can fold it into a cuddle pillow. This soft unicorn makes a fun gift!

Unicorn Float Set
When you are taking your child out for a day of water activities, this float vest can help keep her safe! It is made for children from 30 to 50 pounds and is decorated with unicorns to make it fun for a girl to wear. The vest clips at the torso for safety and also includes arm floats to keep your child upright in water.

Rainbow Unicorn Tent
This play tent sets up quickly with its strong fiberglass poles. It can easily fold down to transport to a new play area. The tent is decorated in a scene that is straight out of a fairytale, complete with unicorns fairies and an enchanted forest. A press button will let you hear the sound of unicorns to make playtime even more fun!

Unicorn Riding Toy
This colorful unicorn can help a child learn balance while she plays. It inflates easily with a handy pump and can be used indoors or outdoors. The fabric cover and furry mane make this one of the friendliest bounce toys on the market. It also includes 4 evenly spaced legs for added stability.

Unicorn Zip Wallet
This Chala zip-around wristlet is perfect for keeping cash and a few cards close. This wallet can be worn around the wrist or tucked into a purse. It has 2 different spots for cash, 8 slots for cards, and also a place for change. The unicorn exterior is made out of vegan leather. This wallet is fun and practical.

Unicorn Doll Set
Unicorn fans will go wild for this Polly Pocket set. When you open the unicorn case, you will be showered with confetti and will find 25 surprises inside. Inside the case a magical world for Polly Pocket and friends awaits. A castle, playground, and more are ready for interactive play.

Unicorn Laptop Sleeve
You can keep a laptop safe while on the go with this unicorn laptop sleeve. This laptop bag has a main zippered area that is lined with velvet for shock absorption. On the outside of the bag are 2 zippered pockets for keeping papers and accessories handy.

Unicorn Electric Toothbrush
Kids will have fun learning about hygiene with this unicorn electric toothbrush set. Besides the electric toothbrush, this set includes a toothbrush stand, a timer, and spare brush, and a cup for water. This complete set will help a girl keep her teeth in sparkling order.

Unicorn Dabbing Backpack
This dabbing unicorn backpack is made out of lightweight, waterproof material to keep books and valuables safe. It comes with padded shoulder straps to help you carry the load. This fun brightly colored galaxy print backpack with its dabbing unicorn can be fun for kids and adults.

Unicorn Pillow Kit
For a girl who likes to add her own creative touch to her decor, you can gift her this unicorn pillow kit. This kit comes with everything you need to make a sophisticated looking throw pillow. No sewing is required! This can be a fun time to pull out your artistic skills and bond with your daughter.

Unicorn Plush Chair
This mint green unicorn plush chair allows a little girl to have a comfy spot of her own. It is just the right size for a child 18 months and up. The plush exterior can be removed to wash when needed. A child will fall in love with this soft and cute unicorn chair.

Toy Unicorn with Lights and Sounds
This toy unicorn is the perfect companion for Barbie. It has lights that shine when you press a button. Also, its long rainbow dyed hair is perfect for brushing and creating styles. This interactive unicorn also makes different sounds for fun and creative play.

Unicorn Bean Bag Chair
This soft and cuddly bean bag chair cover can be used in two different ways. You can fill it with bean bag filler, or you can choose to fill it with plush toys. Whichever way you choose to stuff your chair, this cover is an adorable addition to a room.

Unicorn Drawing and Coloring Kit
This unicorn art set is filled with a sensory experience! You can smell the markers' fruity scents, enjoy bright colors, and use tactile senses while decorating art with stickers. The unicorn carrying case is filled with a total of 48 markers and 28 scented stickers.

Unicorn Bot Coding and Building Kit
Build and program your own unicorn robot with this unicorn coding kit. Girls can have fun trying out their tech skills with this complete robot kit. Program the LED horn with different colors and watch as the unicorn follows your commands. This gift can help a girl gain confidence in her building abilities.

Unicorn Popper Fidget Toy
This set of 4 popper toys can be perfect for sensory fun. Included in this set are strawberry, pineapple, heart, and unicorn shapes. Kids can have fun pressing down the poppers to relieve stress or you can use it to find and learn different letters. These could make fun party favors at a girl's birthday.

Unicorn Lamp
A unicorn fan will be pleased to receive this bedside lamp as a gift! This unicorn lamp has 3 different lights to choose from: a warm light for reading, a warm light for bedtime, and a cool white light for focusing. This gift is useful and also fun decor for a unicorn lover.

Unicorn Sheet Set
This Queen-sized unicorn sheet set can be perfect for a teen's (or adult's) bedroom. It comes with 2 pillow cases and a fitted sheet in bright purples with glitter stars. The sheet is made out of microfiber fabric which is hypoallergenic and, also, shrink and wrinkle-resistant.

Unicorn Smartwatch
This Smartwatch is everything unicorn from its band to its face. Besides the normal watch function, it is also a pedometer, voice recorder, calculator, selfie cam, and includes 6 games. A USB cable is included for charging this watch. This gift will provide hours of fun!

Unicorn Ring
This fierce looking unicorn ring has a sleek, sophisticated design. The open ring is plated with sterling silver so it should be friendly to all skin types. Glowing blue CZs are used for the unicorn's sparkling eyes. This ring can be make a unique fashion statement.

Unicorn Pinata
A pinata always adds some extra fun to a party! This unicorn pinata also comes with a decorated mask and hitting stick. Fill this unicorn with candy and see who will be the one to break the surface and let the candy out. This unicorn pinata is sure to be a hit!

Unicorn Doll Sleeping Bag Set
This unique doll sleeping set is perfect for dressing up your American Girl, or a similar doll, in unicorn swag. The set includes a winged sleeping bag, a doll-sized neck pillow, pillow, a doll eye mask, slippers, and nightgown, plus a unicorn eye mask for a little girl.

Unicorn Cell Phone Stand
For video chats or phone charging, you can use this adorable phone stand to prop up your phone. This stand will hold iPhones, Samsung phones, and many other brands. When not in use, this stand can be a cute bedside decoration with its colorful unicorn and rainbow.

Unicorn Figurine
This sea unicorn mare's mane and tail is decked out in glitter and rhinestones. The realistic-looking toy can make for fun, creative play for kids from 5 to 12 years old. Or, it can also be a cute decoration for a unicorn room.

Unicorns Water Table Toy
A unicorn lover can have fun playing with friends or alone with this unicorn water table. The table is a comfortable height for toddlers and up. It comes complete with a rain tower, 3 unicorns, and other water accessories. This gift will give hours of fun and healthy water play.

Big Inflatable Magical Sprinkler
This extra large unicorn stands over 6 feet tall! Not only is it large and colorful, but it will also rain down a mist for fun water play. It is easy to connect to your water hose, and when playtime is over, it can be deflated to pack away compactly.