25 Great Therapist Gifts for Mind, Body and Soul

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Therapists get you through the worst of times and are there to celebrate with you during the best of times. If anyone can use a gift of thanks and given appreciation, it’s them. Show how much you care. We’ve rounded up the best thank you, goodbye and mental health gifts for therapists.

Therapist Wall Art
Your noggin is a pretty impressive piece of equipment. So why not display it as a piece of art? Or in this case, three pieces. The watercolor prints feature the coronal, sagittal and axial views of the human brain. This lovely set is colorful and thought-provoking.
Therapist Book
We could all use an ear to listen to us, or in this case a page to support us. Lori Gottlieb's book is wise, warm, smart and funny all at once. It will challenge you to see yourself in a new light. After reading it, you are sure to be transformed.
Therapist Wine Tumbler
Give your therapist an eternally warm cup of coffee while they diagnose...or listen to your problems. This funny gift is guaranteed to crack a smile. The double wall vacuum insulation will keep their hot drinks steaming and their cold drinks icy. The spill-resistant design and portable lid keeps liquids secure. The perfect accessory for a busy day of appointments.
Therapist Barbell Tank Top
If you use the gym to work out your problems, this item is for you. Throw on this racerback tank to sweat it out and leave your problems on the weight rack. The trendy light grey color and twist back detail bring style to your workout. Remember, working out gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!
Therapist Comedy Central Complete Series
Dr. Katz may not be your traditional therapist, but he sure is a hit on Comedy Central. Bring home the complete 13 disk series and relax while you watch him tackle the minds of some familiar faces. His patients are always funny (and slightly troubled).
Therapist Brain Necklace
The human brain is a complex and special machine. This copper necklace symbolizes a thinking mind with its hollow head and gears. If your therapist enjoys searching through data to solve problems, this necklace is for them. It comes in a delicate velvet bag ready for gifting.
Therapist Funny Shirt
Something grinding your gears? Do you stomp out your problems with pedals? If so, tell the world that cycling is your therapy. This heather grey unisex shirt is soft and smooth with a high thread count. Now the only other thing you need is a helmet and you will be on your way to sorting out whatever has you bothered.
Therapist Shadow Box
This therapist shadow box will help remind you to always look at the glass half full. It's a great gift for your favorite therapist. They can place it in their office or even their home. With many functions, it can be a piggy bank, a box for memorabilia or simply decor.
Therapist Door Sign
Even therapists need some time with just their own thoughts. They listen to people's problems all day and could use a few private minutes every now and then. Help them politely tell everyone else to leave them alone with this door sign. The floral design is soft and sweet, but the message is clear. Keep out!
Therapist Counselor Mug
Show your counselor how much you appreciate them. Whether they helped you work through a specific problem or you want to thank them for a great year. They have been there for you when you needed it most. Share a lasting memory that will bring a smile to their face.
Scented Candle Boxed Set
Soy candles in western aromas will transport you to a calming place far, far away. The unique Native Pinon Pine and Vanilla de Leche scents will make your office (or home) feel cozy and welcoming. The beautifully packaged gift has a card and ribbon to make the recipient feel extra special.
Comfort Office Foot Rest
Therapists are constantly focused on you, but they need to remember to take care of themselves too. Help support their well-being and ergonomics. This foot rest will protect their hips, back and feet. The memory foam design promotes blood flow and good posture. If your therapist receives this gift from you, they will know how much you care.
Chinese Ceramic Tea Set
Tea has calming and therapeutic properties. After a few minutes with this modern minimalist design and a warm cup of tea, any therapist will feel recharged. Plus, the set is portable! They will be ready to tackle the rest of the day and the issues that might arise.
Inspirational Gift Pen with Quote
As said, 'Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.' The quote is from Hippocrates, who is often called the Father of Modern Medicine. Remind your therapist that you are thankful and appreciate their care. The gift features a stylus, pen and light. Whether they are jotting down notes or researching on a screen, they will have the tools they need.
Engraved Human Brain Model
Mental health professionals know the inner workings of the brain. Help them illustrate their knowledge with this numbered 2x life-size anatomy model. It's superior accuracy can aid in teaching or explaining. Easily dissect each piece then put it back together with sturdy magnets. Hold it inside the lightweight carrying case between visits.
Mindfulness Gift
A daily dose of mindfulness will reduce stress, enhance creativity, promote positivity and give you peace of mind. Kick start this beneficial habit with a preset task. Each day, open the rustic jar and remove an instruction. The paper might give you a task or a challenge. With practice, you will get into the habit of being more mindful.
Feng Shui Bonsai Tree
Indian Chakra items are used to heal and balance all seven chakras. Each one is an energy center in the body. You can use the crystals to promote positive vibes, healing, meditation and more. You'll bring the good vibes and juju to any room where you place this tree.
Inspirational Coin Box
Take what you need from this box to start the day off on the right foot. Inside, you will find coins that remind you to love, be confident, have patience and more. The cute box will help set yourself up for whatever challenges may lie ahead. A perfect goodbye gift or end of year therapist gift.
Before Patients, After Patients
It's sort of like the saying 'work in the front, party in the back.' This drinkware set will quench your therapist's goals no matter what side of the workday they are on. These are appropriate for chugging coffee to gear up for the day or sipping wine to calm down after it.
Positive Energy Throw Blanket
The only thing better than a warm, comforting hug is one that also spreads good vibes. And this blanket does both! It will keep you comfortable and relaxed while reminding you to hang in there. It features words like 'hope' and 'healing energy.' It's an extra little gift to show them that you care.
White Noise Sound Machine
Good sleep is essential for good health. Make sure you are getting those quality Zzzs. One way to create a perfect setting for slumber? A white noise machine. With 20 soothing sounds to choose from, you will feel refreshed and recharged when you wake up.
Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser
This earthy tumbler is made for versatility. Use it to brew your favorite loose leaf tea, infuse fruit flavors into your water or steep tea bags. The unique bamboo grain means no two bottles are alike. Whether you fill it with hot or cold drinks, the vacuum insulated material will maintain the temperature all day long.
Shiatsu Neck Massager
After a long day of listening intently, therapists need to take a load off. They can use this massager to release the tension in their neck. It sits gently on their shoulders and is easy to support. The shiatsu massage balls quickly target pain for immediate relief. The simple and portable design means they'll be able to use it anywhere.