59 Best ‘The Office’ Gifts | Super Fan Ultimate Gift Guide

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Become the world’s best boss (or friend) using The Office super fan gift guide. Snag a drinking glass for your group’s Meredith, a cute t-shirt for the Pam to your Jim, or a game the entire party planning committee can rock together. You’re bound to secure a Dundie for ‘Most Likely to Distract the Office with The Office’ award.

The Office Custom Dundie Award
Whether you're the best paper salesman or grow the tastiest beets, everyone deserves their own Dundie! Gift your favorite coworker this golden statue and fill in a unique, honorable superlative on the customizable plaque. The vinyl figurine measures 5.5 inches tall, perfect to display on top of your bedside George Foreman grill.
The Office Wall Calendar
If you need a sarcastic way to begin your day, look no further than The Office calendar. The first three seasons of the hit TV show are captured in classic The Office style, chock full of exasperated Stanley stares and Dwight's know-it-all smirks. Add your 9-5 schedule to the dates, and seize the day with your favorite characters.
The Office Prison Mike Flip Pillow
Fake out your friends with the champagne sparkles before scaring them straight with Prison Mike! These fanciful throw pillows are the perfect decor for being da belle of da ball at the next office party. After rolling your hand over the glossy sequins, fake-incarcerated Michael Scott and his mean muggin' frown take over. Don't worry - no prison dementors in this scenario.
The Office Cardboard Cutout
There's no better way to keep an eye on your friends than with the Dwight cardboard cutout. Known for loving to one-up others with his survival skills, this life-size shrewd Schrute is bound to shock any unsuspecting victim who roams within his territory. Dwight's disappointed face can greet guests for funny photo-ops at your next garden party.
The Office: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
If you want to run away from your responsibilities, as least make it feel good with the complete Blu-ray DVD set of The Office. Follow all of your favorite paper pushers through their outlandish pranks, wild office behavior, and sweet romances. The included blooper reel and commentary will be enough to make your day.
The Office Figure Set
Never underestimate the power of nostalgia with the tiny Dunder Mifflin figurine set. Bring the shenanigans into your own office with Michael, Pam, Jim, and Dwight. They're in iconic toy form and will delight anyone who knows the show or future Dunder Mifflinites who like to play.
The Office: The Complete Series (DVD)
For when you need to watch The Office now. Like right now. Which means you need the complete DVD series. Gather 'round the watercooler again and again with Michael's antics, Dwight's alpha-male(ness), and Kevin's famous chili. Blooper reels and webisodes included so you don't have to get the guys from YouTube to come over and film it.
The Office Elementary Book
All eyes are on Michael as he tries to succeed as Line Leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary. In this silly kid's book spin-off of the classic show, the bright illustrations and captivating story will captivate a new set of fans. Adults will enjoy the callbacks and Easter eggs hidden in the pages.
The Office Dunder Mifflin T-Shirt
Show off your position as the assistant to the assistant regional manager when wearing the Dunder Mifflin t-shirt. Perfect for a casual Friday or a booze cruise, this tee is a comfy fit that's bound to put a satisfied smile on fan's faces. That's what she said.
The Office World’s Best Boss Mug
If you're always five minutes ahead of schedule right on schedule then you deserve the world's best boss mug. This no-frills, classic take on the Michael Scott staple won't offend anyone, but it may make them laugh. Get a matching one for your favorite work weirdo, too!
Michael Scott Motivational Poster
If you need to lend some inspiration to a friend, this is the perfect piece to set the tone. The Wayne Gretzky quote 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take' from Michael Scott is iconic. It's long-lasting wall decor for any The Office fan, so be sure to scoop up it up ASAP as possible.
The Office Iconic Moments Blanket
Imagine all your favorite moments from the greatest show captured onto a warm, cozy blanket. This sherpa-lined throw is great for curling up and watching The Office or for a conversation piece at an unconventional dinner party. Beets, jello staplers, (one of) Angela's cats, and Pretzel Day are just some of the fun finds dotting this blanket.
The Office Sign
Add a pop of excitement to your cubicle with an official The Office sign at your desk. The black and white official symbol won't peel or fade, and the durable acrylic sign is sure to capture coworker's attention. It may even inspire an office prank or three.
The Office Insulated Tumbler
If you have a Jim in your office always throwing stuff in your mug, it's time to switch to a tumbler. This Office-themed Tervis comes with a lid, and the insulation will keep drinks hot or cold for 8 to 24 hours. It's covered in colorful and catchy show lingo so you, too, can feel like a member of the Finer Things club.
The Office Clue Board Game
Need some new team-building exercises to freshen up your work week? Try The Office murder mystery game! While we all know Michael doesn't care if Toby is dead, you and your team must use your sleuthing skills to find out who done it. And maybe discover who the Scranton Strangler is, too, while you're at it.
The Office Shot Glass Set
Capture classic office moments with your booze with these festive shot glasses. This set of 3 includes Prison Mike, the Dunder Mifflin logo, and the three things that matter most to Dwayne, oh, wait, Dwight: beets, bears, and Battlestar Galactica. Your liquor will taste like it's aged to perfection, just like the show.
Schrute Beets Baby Romper
It's never too early to get your mini-Michael on board with Dunder Mifflin. This 100% cotton baby onesie shows off Schrute Farms in fine form with its tiny beet and bed and breakfast logo. It's a nice little farm, just like your nice, little one.
Kevin's Famous Chili Dress Socks (Many)
Kevin Malone and his famous chili are not to be truffled with by these fancy dress socks. Grab a pair or two for your funny fashionista The Office fan, or snag a pair yourself. They come in several laugh-worthy options like Prison Mike, Date Night Mike, and the always-creepy Hello Clarice Dwight.
The Office Birthday Card
Every The Office super fan knows how important birthdays are. Instead of making a socially awkward Dwight move with an obvious 'Today is your birthday' banner, make this one a special day for the books. Gift a simple, but classic Hallmark card with well wishes from Michael. They'll surely be afraid of just how much this card means to them!
That's What She Said Easy Button
A wonderful gag gift if you want to annoy your wife or thrill your husband (or the other way around), the That's What She Said Easy Button does the trick. Keep the button handy when you're with friends, or make it a game of who can make the best worst inappropriate jokes. Whatever you decide, it's bound to incite groans and giggles.
The Office Dwightism T-Shirt (Many)
While identity theft is no joke, impersonating Dwight with this shirt sure is. The 'Beets, Bears, and Battlestar Galactica' tee is a necessity for your paper pusher pal who loves quoting the iconic sitcom. It's super comfy, too, so you can wear it to any Survivor Man competitions.
The Office UNO Card Game
The Office-themed UNO card game adds a twist to the traditional one by adding your favorite characters to the mix. This game is great for all ages and requires quick thinking strategies. So, while you won't be tested with any of Jim's pranks, keep an eye out for the 'Kevin's famous chili' rule!
The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom
Unfold the secrets behind the most binge-worthy show of the 2000s with The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom. This oral history gives insight to what writers, actors, and producers were up to while filming the documentary style show. Perfect for anyone who could use a heavy dose of laugh-out-loud nostalgia.
The Office Dwight Mask Pillow
This flip sequins pillowcase will either terrify or delight your guests at the next company event. Flashy on the outside and Dwight's failed mask attempt on the other, this decorative cushion is a must for any office buff. You are certainly guaranteed to catch Dwight on the flippity flip!
The Office Ugly Christmas Sweater
Angela isn't the only one allowed to dream of a Dwight Christmas. You won't want to hide in a cubicle during the annual holiday party when wearing this ugly sweater. The red and green festive jumper is high-quality and soft, just like one that Dwight would make for himself!
The Office Wall Decor
This colorful canvas is a great reminder to always do your best, just like Michael Scott. 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take' canvas will add a pop of entertainment to your home decor. The easy to hang piece comes in three sizes and will keep guests smiling as they try to figure out who really did say that.
Michael Golf Hat Clip with Ball Marker
While the Michael golf combo may be small, it makes a big impact. Prison Mike is back and ready to make any opponents on the course a little 'stitious with his intimidating stare down. The durable clip can be used as a ball marker to double the fun.
Michael Scott Keychain
Make them believe you are Beyonce, always, by adding this high-quality Michael Scott keychain to your life. With six The Office versions to choose from like Threat Level Midnight, I'm Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, and That's What She Said. Note: no employees were hit by cars while admiring these key chains.
The Office Funny Coffee Mug
Strike up engaging conversations in the break room when you drink from your not-so-subtle nod to Michael's inappropriate and often ill-timed (but always hilarious) jokes. This cup will keep your coffee hot and office reputation hotter. A great way to add laughs to the 9 to 5 life.
Schrute Farms Hoodie
Nothing beats Dwight's beets! Show your appreciation for Schrute Farms, an agro-tourist attraction in the heart of Dwight's home. The unisex hooded sweatshirt pays homage to the bed and breakfast where you can learn to make beet wine and trampoline tricks, and take a table-making class. Guten Tag!
What Do You Meme? The Office Game
Alert your office that it's time to let the games begin with this The Office style edition of What Do You Meme? It's up to you to meme your favorite Dunder Mifflin paper-pushers depending on the selection of cards chosen. This side-splitting game will have everyone laughing, except for those under 17. No laughing for children.
The Office: British Version Complete Series
If you've binged all of the American version, now it's time to head across the pond for the original The Office series. The British version, created by Ricky Gervais, features the complete set with 12-episodes and a double Christmas special. The beloved team at Wernham Hogg will be all be there, from Tim Canterbury to the Renaissance man himself, David Brent.
The Office Trivia Game
Round up the crowd for an epic trivia night with The Office. True Dunderheads everywhere can test their knowledge of the television sensation with this 150-card game. Much like an Office Olympics, you'll have to battle other teams to win, however, you probably won't have to stuff a ton of M&Ms in your mouth. Bonus points if you get creative with yogurt lid medals!
Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Pants
These Dunder Mifflin cozy company pants are a perfect fit for the current-day at home office environment. Or if you just want to watch more Office episodes in comfort. From sizes XS to 3XL, they'll fit any guy in your life or on your couch. Ideal to pair with the great equalizer - pizza!
The Office Ornaments
Deck the halls with Dunder Mifflin with this eclectic collection. Make it a memorable holiday by adding this set of 5 to your tree: Michael, Belsnickel, Scranton Branch, Kevin and Michael, and Dwight and the Teapot. You can also gift them, which, as Michael quotes, is a great way of saying, 'I love you this many dollars-worth.'
The Office Cuffed Beanie
Any assistant to the regional manager will shine in this spirited Dunder Mifflin beanie. The one size fits most cuffed toboggan keeps your ears warm and is a low key way to show team spirit for the best paper company. Also perfect for office temps and those who need to fly under the radar like, perhaps, cult leader Creed.
Michael Scott Bottle Opener
If you like doing alcohol, this is the Michael beer opener for you. Durable, magnetic, and catchy, using this opener enough is bound to make you the boss of dancing by midnight. It's small enough to fit anywhere and strong enough to get the job done. That's what she said.
The Office Engraved Wooden Music Box
Did you know John Krasinski created The Office opening with just a camera? This music box captures the essence of the opening theme song and includes The Office logo carved into the natural oak - kind of like something Dwight would do. It's the perfect keepsake to make any Kelly in your office jealous.
Dwight Silhouette False T-Shirt
The quickest way to let friends know they're wrong in a fun way is with this Dwight 'false' tee. When you see Dwight and his spectacles peer over the word 'FALSE', you can hear him say it in your head, too. The tee comes in three colors: red, black, and blue.
That's What She Said Dress Socks
You can never have enough socks. FACT. Decorate your feet in a matching pair of Michael with the 'That's what she said' socks from Balanced Co. Soft, durable, and great for lounging around, these clothes for your toes also come in a variety of The Office-themed antics.
Dwight Schrute Corporate Ladder Poster
Would an idiot buy this poster? No. That means this Dwight wall art is for you, smart guy. The 12 x 24 inch placard will delight The Office fans all around. Chock full of all things Dwight, you'll be ready to face any challenges foolish enough to face you.
Dunder Mifflin Logo T-Shirt (Many)
Become a member of the Office team in this shirt that comes in many colors. With the Dunder Mifflin logo sprawled across the tee's torso, you're guaranteed to be on your way to a top earning paper salesman Dundie. Great for company picnics, and make sure to wear red if you're supporting Scranton!
4pcs The Office Throw Pillow Covers
You will never be fired from the party planning committee with this kind of The Office spirit. This 4-piece pillow cover set includes a different quote on each: World's Best Boss, Dwight, You Ignorant Slut, That's What She Said, and Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. They're also ideal conversation pieces.
Michael Scott Buildable Set
You can have Michael Scott at your beck and call with the buildable set consisting of 52 pieces. Dress him up as a hole punch for Halloween, celebrate a Benihana Christmas, or take him out for beach games. I think that pretty much sums it up.
Assistant to The Regional Manager Party Game
Whether your a salesman, a receptionist, or the world's best boss, you can still play this The Office-inspired game. The Regional Manager party game embodies the sitcom in all its shenanigans. Play office pranks to collect tokens and take control of the office areas while you lay out Scheme Cards to throw off your adversaries.
Collectible Character Shot Drinking Game
Would you like another alcohol? This drinking game is complete with a set of 4 shot glasses each with a specific The Office character: Michael, Angela, Dwight, and Jim. Be careful who you choose because the character and the episode you watch will impact how you feel the next day. Guaranteed to make your mind go a mile an hour.
Dwight Schrute Bobblehead
A surveillance savant, karate kicking superhero, sci-fi aficionado and now a bobble-head - what else can Dwight become? Add this assistant to the regional manager decor to your desk for some day-to-day inspiration. It may even earn you a 'Fine Work' Dundie if you're lucky!
World's Best Boss Tumbler
Invest in a tumbler that states not only how great you are, but also has a lifelong warranty. The Tervis 'World's Best Boss' tumbler is double wall insulated to keep drinks hot and cold longer. It's microwave safe and is shatter-proof, qualities sure to make you a legend at Cafe Disco where the caffeine will inspire hours of office dancing.
The Office Dishwasher Magnet Set
Every super fan will be delighted to add a Michael Scott addition to their kitchen. The small magnet will make you smile at your dishwasher instead of moaning when you have to unload it. The magnet reveals 'CLEAN' on one side with a content Michael and 'DIRTY' on the other with Prison Mike, and it comes with 50 The Office themed stickers as a bonus!
The Official Party Planning Guide
Never get kicked off the Party Planning Committee again with this savvy guide to office life. Inspired by The Office antics, this book is full of recipes and party planning tips from the Dundie Awards, Garden Party, and The Finer Things Club, and also sneaks in epic office pranks and factoids. Now you can wear tissue box shoes and make Kevin's famous chili!
Prison Mike Beer Glass
You'll have no idea how high you can fly until you're sipping cervezas from the Prison Mike glass. Buy two to have a convict friend to imbibe with. After a few, you'll feel confident enough to kidnap the president's son - and never get caught.
The Office Funko Figurine
Dunder Mifflinites unite to collect one of each of these mini-figurines. From Stanley and Darryl to Oscar and Kelly, your favorite characters are here to display in cute, detailed form. Each mystery blind bag comes with one 3-inch tall The Office character to display proudly at your cubicle.
Michael Scott Framed Poster (Many)
Brighten up your bedroom with the classic Office misquoted 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take' canvas. The high-quality, waterproof wall art is inspiring for any occasion. It'll keep you going if you have to volunteer in a fun run to fight rabies or have to deal with a work merger.
The Office Dunder Mifflin Sweater
Need to bundle up for a classy Christmas before Dwight pounds you with snowballs? Say no more! This blue and white sweater will keep you cozy through the emotional highs and lows of an office holiday party. Plus, you'll gain more prestige for Dunder Mifflin as the logos displayed proudly across your chest.
The Office Stickers Pack
Any Scott's Tots member will gladly appreciate this set of stickers highlighting the best of The Office. Stick 'em to your laptop, water bottle, or notebook, as they're bound to make fans smile. Each character has their own iconic moment captured in sticker form. So don't be a professional idiot, and grab the 50 pack now.
Dundie Award Trophy
Improve morale in your home or the office with this golden Dundie trophy award. Gift the professionally dressed business man to anyone who deserves it, like the 'don't go in there after me' guy or the person who always has the whitest sneakers. No matter who gets the prize, it'll be love at first...see with my ears.