21 Must-Have Tequila Gift Sets For Your Next Party

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Tequila is the party drink. Margaritas. Shots. Tequila mules. Need I say more? This list of tequila gift sets has all the best tequilas, mixers, shot glasses, and more – perfect for that big party coming up. Luxury, top-shelf tequila items, from Patron to Avion. Make your margarita a masterpiece.

Agave Tequila Decanter and Glasses
Show how much of a Tequila lover you are with this unique decanter. The Agave Tequila Decanter and Glasses can be added to spice up your bar. This item is a must-have because of the beautifully constructed decanter and wine glasses. With plants displayed in them, this glassware is a great idea to enjoy some Tequila scotch, wine, or even whiskey.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
Are you looking for one-of-a-kind glassware to transform your entire Tequila experience? With these Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, you’ve got what you want. This product includes a set of 4 natural pink salt glasses. Made from natural materials and with remarkable craftsmanship, these glasses will add a natural salt flavor to all your shots.

Tequila Bottle Pinata
Looking for an unconventional way to express your love for Tequila? This Tequila Pinata would make a great addition to adult birthday parties, Mexican theme parties, and other events. The Pinata also comes with a small wooden stick. This product is easy to use as it comes with a plastic cable for hanging and an opening to insert different types of candy.

Tequila Cocktail Guide
Learn how to create a Tequila cocktail with this informative guide. In the Tequila Cocktail Guide, you’ll learn the true history of tequila. The guide will also put you through setting up about 35 cocktail ideas. Written by award-winning author and chef, James Beard, coupled with contributions from other professionals, the details explained in this book are unlike anything before it.

Stick on Salt Rim Strips
Everyone likes to get some salt and lime added to their drinks. It gives a slightly distinct flavor that’s unbeatable. The problem is adding the salt and lime mixture may be a little messy. All of that inconvenience led to the innovation referred to as Salt Rim Strips. Stick it to any bottle or cup and get a tangy, salty flavor.

3-Tier Bar Glass Rimmer
A visit to the bar should be a memorable experience. Some people don’t enjoy taking their drinks without an additive to spice up the taste. The 3-Tier Bar Glass Rimmer offers you a chance to have 3 additives: lime, salt, and sugar all in one place. Made from durable food-grade plastic, this piece of décor would sit well in any bar.

Exotic Cocktail Salt Collection
Are you a lover of fancy things? With this salt collection, you can make your drinks and food more enjoyable. You may choose to add these salts into your drinks for a better all-natural, delicious taste. In this collection, there are 5 different flavors. This salt collection is trusted by dietitians and also comes with a digital cookbook.

Hand Blown Glass Pitcher
Serve your Tequila in a special handmade pitcher. The Hand-Blown Glass Pitcher is an original NOVICA fair trade product. It’s an authentic product that’s made with Blown glass and from natural processes. The craftsmanship on display is the expert work of artists, Javier and Efren. It’s just the size you need to serve your favorite drink.

Margarita Machine
The Margarita machine is an easy-to-use device that lets you make tasty tropics-inspired party drinks. While it’s capable of offering 400W of shaving and blending power, the machine also features a 'No-Brainer' mixing tool that lets you blend with accurate measurements. It's easy-pour jar allows you to instantly transfer its content without spilling.

Tequila Purse
Here’s something for the Tequila lover to flaunt their style. The Tequila – inspired purse is made from high-quality leather and polyester interior. The bag is designed with enough space for lipsticks, mobile phones, credit cards, cash, and anything you may need during your daily activities. There’s also a unique zipper for easy access and a chain strap to carry it easily.

Chiller Margarita Glasses
The Chiller Margarita glasses are designed to serve you frozen cocktails, as well as mixed drinks. These unique glasses are designed with insulated plastic walls that are filled with a cooling gel that continues to cool the drink for hours. What’s even better? The glasses feature a comfortable grip with a silicone band that prevents slipping.

Perfect Margarita Kit
With this product, you get everything you need to prepare your Margaritas in one box. You’ll find all the bar accessories and recipes that you need to prepare these tasty drinks. Only essentials such as a Shaker and Juggler, Cocktail Set, Glasses, Lime Press, and so on, are added to this kit. It’s a suitable gift for any cocktail lovers you may know.

Margarita Pitcher and Glasses Set
There’s no better way to serve your cocktails than with this Margarita and Pitcher Glasses set. The glassware is designed to be thick and handy while you enjoy your favorite cocktail. These glasses are multi-purpose and may also be used to serve water and beverages. Each glass including the pitcher is handmade with a high level of craftsmanship.

Shot Serving Board
Are your friends coming over for a quick get-together? Use this shot serving board to create a remarkable experience. Made with beautiful acacia woods, the board is designed for serving and entertaining. There are carved indents on its surface for components. This board would make an ideal gift for any Tequila lovers who love to drink in style.

Spin The Shot Game
You must have heard of Spin The Bottle. Now this game follows the same concept but this time you’re playing with shots. All you have to do is fill a glass of shot and spin the arrow to decide who drinks. You may also decide to incorporate your own rules too. Perfect gift idea for lovers of alcoholic drinks.

Shot Roulette Game
Remember the classic game of roulette? Now, this is the shots version designed for lovers of alcoholic drinks. This game is designed to combine the fun of being in a casino with the thrill of a house party. The complete kit includes a roulette wheel with 16 glasses and 2 metal roulette balls. This game can feature at different events too.

Cocktail Kit With Recipes
Get yourself a cocktail mixologist kit and mix all your drinks like a professional. With this kit, mixing cocktails is simplified. The kit includes all essential bar accessories along with a leak-proof shaker. What’s even better? The cocktail kit comes with a beautiful stand that can be used to display your work and attract the attention of people.

Embroidered Tequila Bottle Baseball Hat
Step out in style and identify yourself as a Tequila lover with this special baseball hat. The most attractive thing about the baseball hat is the minimalist design it adopts. With the Tequila bottle embroidered to the center of the hat, you get to announce your identity to the whole world. There’s even a buckle strap at the back.

Hand Blown Margarita Glasses
Enjoy your cocktail in a special hand-blown margarita glass. Made by skilled artisans, the quality of craftsmanship on display is impressive. These margarita glasses are designed to display the real Mexican style. All of these glasses are made with eco-friendly recycled glass and are completely lead-free. Each of these glasses has also been handcrafted to be unique.

Cocktail Kit Gift Set
The Cocktail Kit Gift Set contains 6 separate cocktail kits that will be suitable for your guests at any event. It allows you to mix either Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, Vodka, and Champagne. This gift set is portable enough to be carried on flights and travels. Looking for a Father’s Day gift or something for your spouse? This gift set would be ideal.

Funny Tequila Coffee Mug
With the print 'There’s a chance this is Tequila', this coffee mug would bring a smile to the face of your guest. Perfect for drinking your favorite beverage, water, and Tequila. The coffee mug is designed to be sturdy, durable, and machine washable. It’s a perfect gift idea for Tequila drinkers. This cup would also sit well on an office or home desk.