79 Sunflower Gifts That Post Malone Would Approve Of

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Everyone loves a sunny day. Throw a sunflower into the mix and you’ve got a sure recipe for happiness. This list of wonderful boutique items with a sunflower theme will brighten everyone’s day. From sunflower-themed handmade bags with personalized messages to beautifully designed sunflower jewelry, these gifts are quite in blossom.

Sunflower Shaped Rug
Make every room a happy room with this beautiful sunflower shaped rug! Made out of high-quality acrylic and a textured back, it will work even in the kitchen or the bathroom. The bright colors and all the warmth from the flower makes it a perfect addition to any home.

Canvas Wall Art
It is time to change up the artwork in your home, and what better way to do that than with this simple and sunny Canvas Wall Art with sunflowers as the main event. These three simple sunflower poses will make you smile and can fit into any room that needs something special.

Sunflower Clear Longboard
Hit the streets and have some fun while showing off your style. The sunflower design can add a touch of personality to your skateboard while the light up wheels can make the fun even better. With a wide deck and lots of stability, you will be able to make any sunflower lovers dreams come true.

Porcelain Tea Cup with Saucer
Wake up in the morning with a bit of sunshine. This sunflower vintage coffee mug is simple and elegant. With a splash of yellow in the sunflower, it is certain to make every morning just a little bit better, no matter what is on the agenda. Get one for them or several to share and see how lovely the morning can be.

Sunflower Coffee Cup
Take your coffee on the go, and a few smiles as well. While everyone would love to sit around and savor their cup of coffee each morning, our busy lives and schedules just do not allow for this. With this Sunflower Bamboo coffee cup, it is still possible to enjoy some great sunflowers and coffee no matter where you go.

Sunflower Cowboy Boots
Dress up for a night out or look great for work with these cowgirl leather boots. The embroidered sunflowers will really stand out and will make this boot an instant classic. Made out of a leather sole and designed to be comfortable, you can style these sunflower boots with almost anything in your closet.

Warm Sunflower Blanket
Cozy up on those cold winter nights with a bright, yellow blanket that will make everything alright! This sunflower blanket is cozy and warm with a splash of brightness that everyone is going to enjoy. At 50 inches by 60 inches, there is plenty to wrap up in or to share with someone else.

Sunflower Diamond Heart Necklace
Carry a bit of sunshine and a sunflower around with you all the time. This unique and simple necklace can fit with any outfit and adds a bit of elegance to what you are wearing. With a few diamonds wrapped around and a mixture of silver and gold, this is a great way to incorporate a sunflower into your jewelry.

3-Piece Sheet Set
Fall asleep surrounded in a field of sunflowers thanks to this three piece coverlet set with two pillow shams. You can have flowers all around with a thick quilt to keep you warm and snuggly all night long. With several sizes to choose from, you will be able to cover up each bed in the house!

Throw Pillow Covers
Spruce up your bed or add some comfort to the couch with these decorative throw pillows. With four different poses of sunflowers on each one, this can be the perfect addition to the home of any sunflower lover. This package comes with four throw pillows so it is a fantastic deal to make your home amazing.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad Set
Is your desk looking a little drab and boring? Then this mouse pad and wrist rest support is the perfect way to make each day at the office a little better. With a simple pattern with sunflowers and black to help hide the dirt over time, you can stare at wonder and enjoy work more than ever before.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Case
Cute and adorable are the best words to describe this phone case! Everyone will ask you where this came from with a cut sunflower and elephant staring back at you on your phone. Provide all of the shockproof and safety to your phone that it needs with a little bit of fun sunflower flair added to the mix.

Sunflower Pen Set
Stop bringing boring pens into your home or office. Enjoy some sunflower pens that add a bit of brightness and color to any occasion. This set of 12 sunflower pens are designed with quality in mind, allowing you to write out everything from bills to notes, making every day a bit nicer.

Reusable Shopping Bag
Do something good for the environment while also sharing a bit of sunflower sunshine with the world around you. This stylish reusable shopping bag includes sunflowers and fun navy and white lines along the side. With the ability to hold up to 55 pounds, this bag is going to go around with you everywhere.

Sunflower Throw Blanket
Brightness can follow you all around your home with this retro sunflower blanket. It is also available as a blanket for a twin, queen, and king so you can enjoy something comfy and bright on a regular bed as well. Everyone needs a pop of color in their lives and this blanket set helps make that a reality.

Sunflower Glass Lamp
When you are looking for a unique and creative gift, look no further than this artificial sunflower in a glass dome. It makes the perfect gift with so many ways to use it. This works as a simple decoration, a centerpiece, and even a glowing nightlight thanks to the beautiful lights found inside!

Sling Sunflower Backpack
Get ready for back to school or that next big trip with this Sling Backpack from MOSISO. The dimensions are slightly smaller than a traditional backpack, but it is sturdy enough to take along on any adventure and keep your stuff all in one place. With some beautiful sunflowers on the outside, this is going to be the right one for you.

Sunflower Convertible Tote Bag
This is a bag with a purpose. It provides plenty of room and comfort to carry everything that you need and with genuine leather on the outside, you know it is meant to last. The beautiful artwork on the side makes it a wearable masterpiece that you will want to stop and stare at all the time.

Stained Glass Window Hangings
This stained glass window hanging is the special gift that you can choose for a family member or even a friend. The sunflower in the hanging is surrounded by a happy birds, giving a pleasant picture that can make everyone smile. With bright colors and a way to attract more sunlight in, this is the best gift for everyone on your list.

Short Sleeve Tunic
The MONNURO Women’s shirt is a great option for those who are looking for comfort and style during pregnancy and while nursing. Finding clothes that make you look good and fit comfortably during motherhood can be daunting. With this tunic shirt, you can enjoy the brightness of sunflowers while starting your new journey.

Sunflower Laptop Sleeve
Keep your laptop safe with this bright and colorful laptop sleeve. It is easy to carry around, compact, and can hold onto your laptop, no matter the size. The fantastic and unique sunflower pattern is printed out for all to see, giving you a fashionable case that can go to school, the office, and more!

Sunflower Bookbag
This lightweight and durable backpack can get put to work. With all the compartments, you will have room to hold onto everything for school and work, making this a perfect addition to any collection. And with the floral print on the outside, you can turn any boring day into a fun time!

TOMS Sneakers
Not only are TOMS shoes comfortable and easy to wear all day long, they also help you to feel good for helping give shoes to those in need. These sunflower TOMS shoes will soon become some of your favorites with a bright print and comfort for the whole foot.

The Sunflower Book
Calling all booklovers! This book is one that you have to read right away! This book talks about compassion, justice, forgiveness and so much more all in one. A poignant story that will really stick out and makes life even more meaningful than before, it is not one that you will regret.

Duffel Bag
Never lose your bag in the airport again thanks to this sunflower inspired weekender overnight duffle bag. While other women’s duffel bags seemed designed to fall apart, this one is strong and durable, with enough compartments to hold all your things. And with a bright sunflower exterior, you are sure to surprise that special someone on your list.

Pajama Pants
Slip into something comfortable with these Women’s Comfy Pajama Pants. They are comfy and stylish and ready for a day of binging your favorite shows or relaxing after a hard day. With a sunflowers frolicking up and down the legs, these will soon find their rightful place in your nighttime routine.

The Sunflower Movie
Take a break and get ready for a movie marathon. With so many movies to choose from with that special someone, it is hard to know where to start. Sunflower is a great movie with suspense, mystery, love and everything in between. It is an instant classic you will want to watch again and again.

Crystal Ball
Look deep into the crystal ball and see your future. It’s a sunflower! This beautiful little keepsake or décor piece is the perfect present for someone you love. The wooden base is equipped with LED lamps that will help to turn the rest of the light on around the sunflower. Simple and elegant, this is sure to please.

Sunflower Car Accessories
For the person who is obsessed with sunflowers and who can’t seem to get enough, this Sunflower car accessories kit is the perfect option. From car seat covers, steering wheel cover, and more, they will see sunflowers wherever they go. They will think of you each time they decide to take a drive thanks to this bright ensemble.

Life is Good T-shirt
Life is good and full of beauty. And with the help of this simple and comfy t-shirt, you can show someone you car. Choose from vintage blue and pink with a bright sunflower right in the middle that they are sure to live. Add to their wardrobe or help them get comfy any day of the week.

Sunflower Wooden Prints
These sunflower wooden hanging wall plaques are the perfect way to brighten up a room and make you smile. These are small enough to fit on any wall that you want and add a rustic charm when you need to change up the room. Make these a focal point in your home.

Sunflower Unisex Baseball Cap
Let the sunflowers protect you and keep the sun away with this baseball cap. The fine mesh on the back will let plenty of air in while the bright sunflowers on the front will help show off your personality and bring in a lot of fun. This hat is lightweight, breathable, and durable to provide the best in quality to every wearer.

2-Piece Kitchen Rug
Live life to the fullest with this heavy-duty canvas art with sunflowers and a unique saying that will make life just that much better. This eco-friendly piece of art will be able to fit in your office, in a bedroom, or somewhere else in your home.

Sunflower Kimono
Keep comfortable and cool at the beach or while lounging around the house. This simple Kimono cover up will be the perfect way to protect against the sun, with lightweight material that feels comfortable and can be worn all day long. Add in the bright sunflowers and make a splash this summer.

Large Tote Bag
When you are in a rush to get out the door, this water resistant large tote bag will get the job done. With lots of room for all your things and simple handles to take on the go, this back will work for work, the gym, the beach, or to travel.

Metal Flower Wall Decor
Change that old décor from boring to fun with this sunflower metal flowers wall décor option! This bright yellow sunflower can be used on its own in the color scheme or combined with several flowers to make a garden of your own on the wall.

The Sunflower Illustration Book
Have you ever wondered what a sunflower would do if the sun did not shine for a whole day? Would they be able to bloom bright and see the world, or feel sad and all alone? That is just what we get to find out in this delightful book about a little sunflower!

Artificial Sunflower Garland
Stop going with boring decorations for that big party. Whether you are getting ready for a birthday, wedding, or another big event, this sunflower table décor will fit the bill. With one long strand, you can pick and choose how you would like this to be set up on the table of honor for your next event.

Sunflower Earrings
The sunflower is a strong symbol of happiness and it is going to radiate light and warmth into your life. With the help of these sunflower boho bracelet friendship jewelry, that special someone will be able to enjoy a bit of warmth and sunshine each day, making life a little bit happier.

Sunflower Color Chuck Taylors
Get ready to show your style with these men’s Chuck Taylor high top sneakers. This add a pop of yellow that will remind you of the brightness of a sunflower each time that you look down. High-quality and stylish, you will fall in love with these shoes in no time.

Sunflower Airpod Case
Tired of losing your Airpods and hoping that you are able to find them again? Los them no more with this sunflower American flag case. It is simple with a dash of color that will really show some of your personality while keeping these earbuds protected.

Sunflower License Plate Frame
It is time to spruce up that license plate with something that is a lot of fun. Your original license plate is looking drab and no so much fun to work with. This sunflower license plate frame can take care of that issue and makes it look amazing again while staying out of the way. Durable and long-lasting, this will become your favorite!

iPhone 12 Case
If your iPhone 12 is your baby, then it is important to keep that baby protected. And now it is easier than ever before thanks to this easy phone case, you will be able to do just that. This simple phone case will protect the iPhone while adding a beautiful sunflower on the outside to brighten up any day.

Basket Storage Bin
When storage is a problem in your home, having the right storage basket can make all the difference. These rectangular storage baskets are large, perfect for storing all the items that you need to use. And with a pleasant sunflower print on the outside, you will find that this is a great option for your home.

Salt And Pepper Shaker Set
Pass the salt and pepper! These simple salt and pepper shakers have a beautiful hand painted sunflower design on the outside. And with a translucent background, you will be able to see the exact amount of each spice that is still in the bottle. This is a great and simple gift for that someone special!

Garden Gnome Figures
Bring a little love and laughter into your home with a few gnomes! These gnomes are designed to bring you everlasting luck and the handmade craft will become one of the best holiday gifts that you are able to choose. These come in the perfect size and with a sunflower hat, you will be able to enjoy these gnomes all the time.

Hand Towels
You can never have enough hand towels to help keep your home clean. These hand towels will be able to help you get this done. The simple sunflower print with black and white stripes are going to brighten up any day and will provide the durability and longevity that you need in strong kitchen towels.

Garden Welcome Statue
The smiling flowery frog is the perfect way to show someone you care while brightening up their day. This is a hand-cast item that is high-quality and can be added to your own collection or given to someone you love the most. It simple colors and a strong design, this will be one a hit.

Passport Holder
Let’s travel the world and see all the sights! With this sunflower passport holder, you will be able to keep all of your travel documents safe, no matter how far you go. This is a strong passport holder that you are sure to love and was designed by Coco Rossi. Match your bag and your clothes and see how great this can be.

Travel Toiletry Bag Kit
This makeup and traveling bag are large and roomy. No matter how many items you need to take along with you, this bag will have the necessary room to get it done. It is even multifunctional so you can organize all of those travel essentials and find them easily when you get to your final location.

Hardcover Pocket Notebook
Got a to-do list that is growing like crazy and won’t go away? Struggling to remember everything or need to keep track of notes and other important information? Then this small pocket notebook with a simple sunflower on the outside is the right option for you to use. Never forget anything again!

Sunflower Wine Glass
Get ready for a wine night that will be unlike anything ever. This beautiful painted wine glass features elegant sunflowers to brighten up your night. This is a great party gift or Christmas present for that one person on your list who loves sunflowers and is ready to relax.

Crystal Sunflower Glass Ornament
When you need a unique gift idea or an oddity to share with someone, then this sunflower glass figurine ornament is the perfect option for you. made out of premium crystal glass, this sunflower figuring is beautiful and a lot of fun to look at. Add it to your table or keep it as a paperweight and have a smile all the time.

Sunflower Sunglasses
Hit the beach in style with this flirty and cut sunflower sunglasses. These provide the perfect amount of protection for your eyes so you can spend all day out in the sun. With the cut design and the UV protection, these sunglasses will quickly become your favorite.

Wine Stoppers
Class up your wine and keep it fresh with this 3 pack of decorative wine stoppers. Each one comes with a different design of sunflowers to give an authentic look that can be fun. Color coordinate based on the top of stopper or just use your favorite and have a great conversation piece each time.

Plush Eyeglasses Holder
Keep those glasses safe when you are asleep with this Fintie Plush Lined Eyeglasses holder. The unique sunflower design will be fun to wake up to in the morning as it is the first thing you will see when you wake up. Stop leaving your glasses around to get stepped on. Use this eyeglasses holder to make life a little easier.

Sunflower Leather Crossbody Tote
When it is time to replace that old tote and get something new, then this Frye Melissa Mini Leather Crossbody Tote Bag is one of the best options to make life better. With several colors to choose from, you will find the one that meets your style.

Van Gogh Wall Art
Let art liven up your life in every room of the home. The ArtKisser Sunflowers Canvas Wall Art can do just that. With its simple, yet elegant beauty, you will find that this canvas piece is going to give you a great focal point and be the perfect gift for that sunflower lover.

Sunflower Seed Starter Kit
Stop looking longingly at the sunflowers in the field and bring some into your own backyard. This sunflower seed starter kit will provide you with everything you need to grow your own sunflowers at home. You may just discover a new hobby that can be a lot of fun!

Paint By Numbers Kit
Pick up the paintbrush and create your own work of art. This Canvas Paint By Numbers kit can help you combine a long-lost hobby with the beauty of the sunflower. Think that you can’t be an artist? Think again. By the time you are done with this gift, it will look like a masterpiece!

Soy Candle
Get ready for a soft and stunning floral blend to take over the whole house. There are so many great scents in this candle that you will want to get more! And since it can last for 60 hours of burn time, you can sit back and relax with your new favorite scents!

300-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Bring out the card table and set aside some time to relax and unwind! This 300 piece jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to chase those cloudy days away. Whether your loved one likes sunflowers or is an avid puzzle lover, this gift is sure to be a hit.

Tealight Scented Candles
Sit back and relax after a long week at the office or having to chase around your children with these aromatic and relaxing candles. These are perfect for any event that you would like to host or just for you to get some relaxation as well.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
Willow Tree is known for creating beautiful and unique works of art in each of their little figurines and this is the perfect one for that sunflower lover. Use it as a gift to celebrate friendship and love and enjoy the sentiment of being surrounded by the warmth of family and friends.

Sunflower Jewelry Tray
This decorative tray is certain to become a big hit in no time. Made out of non-toxic, high-quality resin, you will quickly find so many uses to make it work. Whether you use this as a ring holder, perfume dish, or for something else in your home, you can marvel at the beauty and sturdiness of this beautiful plate.

Sunflower Summer Wreath
Who says a wreath can only be used at Christmas? Bring out the decorations and brighten up any door or entrance with this sunflower summer wreath. It is the perfect size for decoration and can make life just a little sweeter as well. The beautiful decorations on the wreath are all handmade to ensure the highest quality.

Wooden Cooking Spoons
Getting ready to enjoy time in the kitchen with this sunflower wooden cooking spoon set. With five spoons available, you will be able to cook, saute, and enjoy all of the other cooking methods on your list. With a splash of sunflowers on each one, you can smile and enjoy their radiant glow while cooking a great meal.

Sunflower Umbrella
Keep safe from the rain and enjoy a big smile from a sunflower when it is time to go out on those dreary days. This umbrella is sturdy and strong and ready to take on all of the bad weather that may be coming your way. With a unique handle and the bright sunflower, you can keep dry in the biggest storms.

Sweater Vest
Update the wardrobe and your mood with this cute and unique Argyle Sweater vest. The preppy style is comfortable and is meant to help you feel comfortable and stylish all in one. While there are different patterns to choose from, the sunflower choice is bright and beautiful and can make any day a little better.

Sunflower Gold Necklace
Get ready to update your bling with this 14K Real Gold Sunflower necklace for women. The bright gold sunflower is small, yet beautiful, and it stands out on the silver chain. Simple enough to wear each day yet elegant to bring out on those special occasions, this necklace is going to work for any rotation and any event.

Sunflower Apron
Keep clean and have fun with this waterproof and dirt resistant cooking apron. With several styles to choose from, you can make sure that those kitchen messes stay far away from you and that you can still have a lot of fun. Add in two pockets and you are ready to go on your next cooking adventure.

Sunflower Running Shoes
Carry a little bit of the sunshine energy of a sunflower thanks to these ASICS Men’s shoes. The bright yellow right down the middle is sure to get you noticed and the cushioning and high-performance material will help to make this shoe the one you want. When you are ready for a new pair of shoes, this is the best one for you.

Hippie Headband
This hippy flower crown can implement sunflowers into your hair and is one of the best accessories for your needs. Whether you just want to spruce up your hair or you need to plan for that special event, this flower crown will get it done!

Sunflower Vine Decor
Whether you are getting ready to decorate for a big event or you just want to add a bit of sunlight and love into your day with the sunflower, you will find that this artificial sunflower vine hanging garland can do the trick. With high-quality materials, this garland will last for years to come, bringing smiles to your face each day.

Sunflower Tablecloth
Need a way to brighten up a room while keeping the table clean? Then this sunflower tablecloth is one of the best ways to get this done. This durable table cover is not going to wear out or fall apart like other options, and it is easy to clean when a mess does occur.

Picture Frame
This gift is perfect to share memories with a friend or a loved one. The sunflower frame can be placed anywhere in the home and the 4 by 6 picture spot will let you hold onto any picture that you would like. Between the picture and the sunflowers, it is hard to know what will make you smile the most.

Sunflower Poem Bracelet
This simple sunflower bracelet is a great option to give to anyone who needs a gift. The inspirational jewelry mantra is done in silver and meant to give a bit of encouragement on those tough days. The simple bracelet can go with any outfit and will soon become one of the best pieces of jewelry in your collection.

You Are My Sunshine Necklace
Love and brightness shine through this this beautiful sunflower and heart necklace for women. It is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection, big or small. Made out of 14K gold, this love necklace works great for any holiday or anniversary that you are sharing together.

Sunflower Yellow Luggage
Never lose your luggage at the airport again. This bright yellow luggage set will provide you with all the features that you need, including hard backs to protect it and wheels to make heading through the airport a little easier. And with a bright yellow siding, you will be able to see it from any location.