43 Fabled Star Wars Gifts for Kids to Explore the Galaxy

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Gift your little Jedi with Star Wars toys and goodies that will spark their imagination. Whether battling Darth Vader or fighting against the Empire, these gift ideas for boys and girls will engage their sense of adventure. They’ll enjoy them for birthdays and for fun. Set your child free on exploring the Galaxy with all their new little friends.

The Mandalorian 6-Inch Beskar Action Figure
Featuring The Mandalorian himself, this action figure is a great choice in Disney Star Wars gifts. Whether for girls, for boys or for your favorite Jedi, this action figure will be an intergalactic success. Mando is depicted in his beskar armor, and has several of his favorite weapons with him.
The Child Animatronic Edition
The Child is one of the best parts of The Mandalorian, which is what makes this a great choice in Star Wars toys for your own favorite Jedi. This animatronic toy makes some of the same sounds from the show, which is sure to delight and charm your own littles. Perfect for boys and for girls, Disney Star Wars gifts inspire their creativity and imagination.
LEGO Boys Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle
With a whopping 1,060 pieces of LEGO to assemble, your little angel will have a blast watching Darth Vader’s castle come to life as they spend hours working on it. Whether a Jedi or a fan of Darth Vader, this is a great choice in Disney Star Wars gifts for your child to enjoy.
Star Wars Classic R2-D2 Thermos
For your young Jedi on the go, there’s nothing cooler for keeping their drinks warm than an R2D2 thermos. Whether hot cocoa in the car or while out for a winter stroll, the thermos will keep them sipping with ease. You simply can’t go wrong with a thermos inspired by some of their favorite Star Wars toys.
3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light
Light sabers aren’t the only thing that will light up for your little guys. Add a 3D illusion Star Wars night light to their bedroom, and they’ll launch off for adventure in their dreams. Ideal for your Star Wars fan, whether for boys or for girls, this is a great light to add to their bedroom.
Monopoly: The Mandalorian Board Game
Take family game night to new galactic levels, with a Monopoly game inspired by The Mandalorian. This is a game the whole family will enjoy, and it’s perfect both for girls and for boys who are eight and up. Whether your kids wants to play as Baby Yoda or as Mando himself, this game is sure to inspire hours of great fun.
Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Building Kit
With 625 pieces, this Boba Fett helmet LEGO kit is huge. It's a sure way to provide hours of building fun for boys and for girls alike. Fans of Star Wars toys and LEGO kits will appreciate this set. Children will be able to enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters from The Mandalorian come to life.
Disney Star Wars Girls Pajamas
Ideal for girls, these Star Wars pajama sets will ensure the sweetest of dreams. Whether she’s a fan of Yoda, Chewbaca or just likes to embrace her inner Jedi, she’ll love curling up in these adorable pajamas. Get a set for each little one, so everyone can match in their favorite jammies.
The Mandalorian The Child Bed Set
Sweet dreams of The Child, The Mandalorian and having their very own Jedi powers are assured with these charming bedding sets. Perfect for boys and for girls, these bedding sets are great for their toddler bed. Add a few fun Star Wars toys to complete their bedroom. Bedtime is certain to be much smoother, which every parent can appreciate.
Cute Baby Yoda Collectible Toys
Add to their collection of Star Wars toys, with these adorable collectibles based off of the popular Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. Whether your lovebug loves the Dark Side and Darth Vader, or they’re on the side of good, they’ll love these adorable little figures.
The Child Chia Pet Floating Edition
Chi Chi Child! This adorable Chia Pet looks like the adorable Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. What a fun way for boys and for girls to grow something green, while bringing their love for Star Wars toys into it. This little decorative planter is wil be a hit.
Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet
When it comes to Disney Star Wars gifts, this LEGO Stormtrooper helmet is sure to be a winner. With 647 pieces to assemble, this is one gift that even your kids will appreciate while working on it. Star Wars Toys make the best toys for those who love everything about the movies, shows, books and more.
Lightsaber Fun Chopsticks
Teach your little Jedi to master the best things in life, like chopsticks! These chopsticks look like lightsabers, which will help to make every meal an adventure. Whether they’re battling against broccoli or smacking at sushi, these are practical Star Wars Toys for boys and for girls.
Polaroid Originals The Mandalorian Edition
You don’t have to cross galaxies to capture the perfect memories. This Polaroid camera is ideal for fans of The Mandalorian. With great easy-to-use features, this camera will allow them to capture each moment as they see them. They'll be able to remember those memories for years to come.
LEGO The Rise of Skywalker A Wing
With 269 pieces, this LEGO Star Wars kit is a great gift for kids of any age. They’ll have a blast building the resistance Starfighter, playing out their favorite scenes from Star Wars movies. This is the perfect choice in gift for boys and for girls who love the Star Wars movies, shows, books and characters.
The Mandalorian Figures and Vehicle
Inspire their imaginative play, with Disney Star Wars gifts inspired by The Mandalorian show. With a Mando action figure and the Child to play with, along with a collection of weapons, a vehicle and other accessories, these Star Wars toys are great for boys and for girls who love to create fun games featuring some of their favorite characters.
The Black Series Speeder Bike Scout Figure
Their imaginations will race wildly, just like ultra-cool Star Wars toys featuring this speeder bike. This action figure and vehicle set takes inspiration from an adventure packed scene in The Mandalorian. The Child is included with the Scout Trooper figure, so they can recreate that fun scene when they are at play.
Star Wars Classic Throw Blanket for Youth
Curling up warm has never been so cool. These Star Wars blankets feature some of their most beloved and most hated characters from the Star Wars movies and shows. These blankets feature Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and some beloved friends.
Star Wars Boy's Rebel Graphic T-Shirt
Designed for boys but cool enough for girls, this Star Wars graphic t-shirt is a great choice that they will appreciate each time they wear the shirt. What a fun way for them to show off their hate of Darth Vader, and their love for the Empire! This shirt is sure to fast become a favorite worn all year round.
LEGO Robot Toy for Kids to Learn to Code
With 1,177 pieces to assemble, there LEGO Star Wars toys are the perfect choice for your little Jedi. They’ll have a blast learning to program the droid R2 D2. Disney Star Wars gifts are always a hit, so make sure you’re gifting something that will help to keep them engaged as they learn and grow.
Oral-B Kids Star Wars Electric Toothbrush
Blast away plaque and tartar, with an Oral-B kids electric toothbrush designed to look like a lightsaber. As their saber toothbrush zooms around their mouth, taking the bad germs with it, they’ll be much more engaged with this important practice. While they can’t classify it as Star Wars toys, you might!
Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet
Darth Vader has never been so cool. Star Wars toys like this are always a hit for boys and for girls of all ages. The helmet has been designed perfectly down to the last detail, including realistic sounds from the movies. This fun helmet is sure to spark up their imaginations as they take on the Empire in imaginative battle.
Boys Disney Star Wars Pajamas
Disney Star Wars gifts that include pajama sets are always a hit with kids of all ages. Whether they love to watch Chewbacca or cheer for Boba Fett, these cozy pajamas will make family movie night just that much better. Get them Star Wars toys that include lightsabers and masks, for a complete movie night experience.
NERF Rival Star Wars Apollo Blaster
Train them young and show them the force. This NERF blaster has been designed to mimic the weapons of Boba Fett, which is will make them a smash hit for boys and for girls who love Star Wars toys. Whether playing out scenes from The Mandalorian or just having a blast, this is a must-have toy weapon.
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (PS4)
Your favorite young Jedi will love going into battle and defeating his or her enemies in this game. This PS4 game will let them defeat Darth Vader or do battle against the Empire. Designed for the older kids, this game will be fun for the whole family to take part in.
Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber for Kids
Equip your Jedi with the Darksaber, a one-of-a-kind weapon from The Mandalorian show. Disney Star Wars gifts are always a hit with boys and girls of all ages. This saber will make for some great creative play as they act out their favorite scenes from The Mandalorian and other movies.
Star Wars R2-D2 Plush
Plush and cute, this is a great choice in Star Wars toys for boys and for girls. Featuring their favorite droid, R2-D2, they will love snuggling up with this little pal. Whether watching Star Wars movies on the couch or curling up in bed with a good book, they’ll love this fun plush pal.
Star Wars Boys' Chewbacca Robe
Cozy and cute blends perfectly with the roarsome design of this Chewbacca robe. Perfect for boys but great for girls who love Disney Star Wars gifts, this robe is just what they need to curl up in after their bath. Whether watching movies or getting ready for bed, this robe will keep them warm and ready for the bedtime battle.
The Mandalorian 6-Inch Regular Armor Figure
Inspire creative play, in a galaxy far far away, with this action figure featuring Mando from The Mandalorian. Shown in his beskar armor, he also has several of his favorite weapons so that he can be ready for battle. Whether your little Jedi is ready to protect Baby Yoda or run from Boba Fett, they’ll have fun with this collectible action figure.
Star Wars Scream Saber w/ Sound Effects
Standing out amongst other Star Wars toys, this saber is sure to inspire hours of creativity and imaginative play. Watch them leap and swing and scream their battle cry, with a saber that is perfectly made. Play sound effects from the movies or record their own sounds. This is a fun lightsaber designed for girls and for boys alike.
Forces of Destiny Endor Adventure
Princess Leia, with her adorable little Ewok companion, is poised to take on all of her foes. Whether your favorite young Jedi is a fan of Darth Vader or prefers to fight against the dark side, this action figure will bring hours of creative fun. Princess Leia comes with two outfits and two pairs of shoes, along with weapons.
Ewok Faux Leather Mini Backpack
Watch it come together in what will stand out amongst other Disney Star Wars gifts. Designed with a charming Ewok in mind, this backpack is perfect for boys and for girls who love all things Star Wars. They are assured of a great day out, with a backpack that is incredibly cute and functional.
Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga
Passing Go has never been quite so adventurous as it will prove to be with this Star Wars Monopoly game. This is the Complete Saga Edition, and it brings with it hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family. Perfect for boys and for girls who love Star Wars, they’ll love battling Darth Vader and defending the Empire.
2pcs Baby Yoda Froggy Snack
Baby Yoda is a popular choice in Disney Star Wars gifts. This set of two figures features The Child depicted in two positions. Laugh as he’s shown eating a frog, and remember his secret Jedi powers as he uses the Force to defeat his enemies. This Star Wars toys are a great choice for boys and girls who love The Mandalorian.
Rey Future Is Female Girl's T-Shirt
For girls who love Disney Star Wars gifts, this shirt couldn’t be more perfect. Featuring Rey, and a fun empowering quote, this shirt is sure to become her favorite to wear. Whether she pairs it with jeans or layers it for winter, is shirt will remind her the future truly is hers to conquer.
Star Wars Outer Rim Board Game for Teens
Disney Star Wars gifts that offer fun and entertainment for boys and for girls are will be a hit. This game will have your young Jedi racing across the galaxy, battling enemies and forging alliances. Hours of laughter and fun are assured with this game that features some of their favorite characters, including Boba Fett and Han Solo.
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Activity Tracker
Keep your kids in fit fighting form, with a fitness and activity tracker inspired by Star Wars. Featuring several cool details, this adjustable tracker is a thoughtful choice for girls and for boys who share a love for Star Wars and physical fitness. Swim-friendly, this tracker keeps a record of steps, sleep habits and more.
Star Wars Bobblehead
Collectible and cool, this is a must-have Funko Pop! Featuring The Mandalorian and The Child, this choice in Disney Star Wars gifts will please your favorite Jedi. Designed with great attention to detail, including extra cuteness on Baby Yoda, this will look great on a shelf, desk or nightstand.
Baby Yoda Backpack Set for Kids
Young Jedi fans of The Mandalorian will love this backpack set inspired by Baby Yoda. The ideal choice in Disney Star Wars gifts for boys and for girls, this set includes five pieces they’ll adore using. The backpack is perfect for school, while the lunchbox and pencil case will make their school day just that much better.
The Mandalorian Curious Child Bed Set
Watch them leap into bed. They will be so excited to finally go to bed when they get a bed makeover. This adorable twin bedding set includes everything needed to assure them of wild adventurous dreams. Pick up some Star Wars toys to complete their bedroom overhaul.
Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask
Everyone’s favorite Wookie comes to roaring life, with a Chewbacca mask. The perfect gift for the lovable Chewbacca fan. The mask lets them make authentic Wookie roars and growls, with every mouth movement that they make. Be sure to get each kid one of these masks, as they’re sure to all want to grumble and growl like a Wookie.
The Mandalorian The Child Building Kit
Fans of The Mandalorian know just how much the Child loves the gear knob from Mando’s ship! This LEGO building kit features the Child and his favorite toy. Your own Jedi Child will enjoy building this model, made up of 1,073 pieces. This is a great idea for girls and for boys who appreciate Disney Star Wars Gifts.
LEGO The Mandalorian The Razor Crest
Featuring the Razor Crest, this LEGO building kit is seriously amazing. You'll feel like you're actually part of the TV show. The kit includes mini figures of some of their favorite characters, including Mando and the Child. With 1,023 pieces, this is a Star Wars toy that’ll keep them busy for many delightful hours.