43 Best Sports Gifts for Kids Who Love Playing Sports

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Time for kids to be kids. Active sporty games for outside and cool sports toys for inside. This gift guide has it all. No matter what sport or age you are. Great gift ideas for football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, and hockey players. Treat your aspiring young athlete to these amazing athletic gift ideas!

Kids Golf Club Set (Many Styles & Sizes)
Have a hot shot who needs a smooth swing? This golf set geared towards inspiring confidence in young learners is guaranteed to pique their interest in the game. It has a lightweight, easy to use design built for efficiency that makes getting a hole in one feel like child's play.
Door Basketball Hoop for Kids
Your toddler will be ballin' like Lebron in no time with some help from this mini-hoop made just for little ones. The over-the-door hook design allows for practice anywhere, from shooting free throws in the kitchen to alley-oops in the hallway. The rubber ball and sturdy backboard is perfect for introducing your youngster to sports and increasing his/her hand-eye coordination.
iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set
It's never too early to begin crafting a solid shot with your mini-Masters champ! The iLearn Golf Set helps refine kids' motor skills and golf expertise with its sleek-designed iron golf head and ball-to-tee trainer. Great for backyard fun and parent-child bonding, the easy-to-install game will amp up kids' and extend their endurance for 18 exciting holes.
Toss and Catch Ball Game Set
Longing for sweet summer afternoons playing catch with mom or dad? Then you'll love this paddle-board toss and catch play set ideal for recapturing those memories with your family. Equipped with 4 fuzzy balls, 4 velcro paddles, and a storage bag, this timeless portable pastime is a winner for kids of all ages.
3D LED Sports Night Light (Many Sports)
Doze off dreaming of a slam dunk in the company of this awesome 3D LED sports night light! A neon glow emanates from the lamp. Choose your favorite light: baseball, basketball, football, or hockey. A remote control is included for quick on and off access from across the room.
Lawn Bowling Skittle Ball Game
Exercise your inner kingpin with a competitive game of backyard bowling. Kids, friends, and family will go bonkers strengthening their strike game at cookouts, birthdays or pool parties. The set is complete with two bowling balls, ten multi colored pins, and a mesh bag for convenient for transport and storage.
Basketball Hoop Pop Shot Arcade Game
Make it rain with this awesome arcade basketball game your kids will love. The set is great for continuous practice and play and comes with two inflatable basketballs and an air pump. It's lightweight and easy to assemble so your hoops hero will be sinking threes in no time!
Active Play Gigantic 3 in 1 Net Set
Super-size your fun with this jumbo 3 in 1 backyard summer game. Kiddos will be entertained for hours under the sun thanks to the set's adjustable net that switches from badminton to tennis and volleyball. The giant equipment is geared towards inspiring active athletes and is always a hit at picnics and parties.
Auto Ball Return Mini Golf Game
Practice precise putting with this portable mini golf game. Whether you're at home, outside, or in the office, this handy kit will help beginners and golf enthusiasts alike perfect their hole in one. The green mat is designed to mimic a putting green, and the auto ball return system guarantees more putt practice with less effort.
10-in-1 Multi Kid's Game Table
Let the games begin with this combination play table for kids (or adults, because why not?). From slinging balls in push hockey, pool, bowling, and foosball to slicing 'em in table tennis, this unique collection has it all. For a quieter scene, maneuver the interchangeable top for backgammon, chess, or cards.
Fast Sling Puck Kid's Game
Creativity abound with this wildly engaging table game fit for the whole family. The high-quality, fast-paced sling puck activity transforms into different versions for children and parties and is built to withstand travel. The innovative setup encourages strategic thinking and friendly competition.
Tennis Baseball Training Outdoor Toy
Cross-train your junior jocks in tennis and baseball with this multitasking pitching machine. The pitching game is adjustable for different heights and angles for children 5 and older. This game is great for motivating hand-eye coordination and developing focus and skill in young athletes.
Premium Roll and Score Game Set (Many Styles)
Channel your inner skee ball fanatic as you throw down with the roll out and score game set. Flashing lights and a sound effect scorekeeper make for an authentic feel, and the metal cage attachment keeps balls from flying off course. The rubber balls are durable enough for kids to test their skills, too.
Foam Shooting Game Toy
Load it, pump it, and pop it! Minimize screen time and get physical with sturdy army-themed targets and foam shooting guns ready to launch soft, colorful balls at your enemies. Air powered and armed with a shooting distance of up to 20 feet, these super fun ball poppers are sure to fire up your little warriors.
Badminton Fun Starter Family Set
Bring some old fashioned fun into your fam jam mix with this beginner's badminton set. Liven up picnics and backyard parties, or just bat the birdie around a bit with this collection that's sure to bring cheer and inspire competition. Nets, poles, rackets, and birdies are included.
Basketball Hoop Laundry Basket Hamper
No home should be without this multitasking tool of fun. This 9 in 1 wizard gadget is a basketball hoop, laundry hamper, toy basket, organizer, storage bag-you name it! Whatever you want to call it, one thing's for sure: it will make kids more inclined to shoot and score their dirty clothes into the basket instead of onto the floor.
Rawlings Youth Gloves (Many Styles & Sizes)
Your awesome ace deserves a great glove for pitching from the mound or catching in the outfield. The Rawlings Youth Glove offers a pliable, easy to open and close hand cushion perfect for grabbing a grounder. The mitt has vibrant color options and a signature vinyl style comfortable enough to cradle a hard ball.
Rawlings Raptor Youth Bat (Many Styles & Sizes)
Hey, batter batter, swing! Kick off your child's pro career with the help of this sleek and vicious raptor bat sure to be the envy of his/her teammates. The electric blue and green bat colors stand out even through the seven inning stretch, and each hit is sure to craft confidence in your up and comer's performance.
Holographic Glowing Reflective Basketball
Holy holographic rainbows! You'll be dropping dimes in no time with this psychedelic Hologear basketball. The out of this world design glows in the dark, so you can play day and night. Show off your skills in a pick-up game with friends or shine on with eye-catching photos for social media with this too cool for school creation.
Oversized Inflatable Baseball Bats for Kids
Hit one out of the park with these ginormous, inflatable baseball bats. Super entertaining and eye-catching, these bad boys are a guaranteed winner for the whole gang. Each set comes with 12 comic book inspired bats perfect for kids who are ready to wallop their next grand slam.
Inflatable Football & Baseball Target Set
Whether your active athlete is throwing to home plate or the end zone, he/she will be ready for action with the dual football and baseball target practice game. This inflatable toy is perfect for outdoor play and will keep their energy amped and motor skills engaged. Soft baseballs and footballs are great for tiny hands so your child can learn to throw with eagle-eye precision.
Bean Bag Toss and Cornhole Kids Game
Think of the bullseye bean bag set as a competitive game of cornhole, but amplified. This 3 in 1 game is awesome for picnics, beach days, and barbeques, and kids will love the change-up option. Challenge their hand-eye coordination by switching between Bullseye Bounce, Exact Experts, and Black Hole.
Table Tennis Ping Pong Training Robot
Sometimes your biggest sports rival is - a robot? With the table tennis trainer, the iPong robot will fire balls to the walls using backspin and topspin speeds in every direction. Test your strengths and hone your weaknesses while you practice solo or in a game of doubles. iPong holds 100 balls and is great for all levels.
Mini Bowling Wooden Desktop Game
Rock and bowl with this mini desktop activity great for encouraging busy tots to take interest in the game. Leave no pin standing with this set that includes ten tiny pins, a stainless-steel ball, and a movable ramp. All parts are supported by a high-quality, transportable wooden base so playing anywhere is always an option.
Topps Baseball Card Blaster Box
Strike out (in a good way) with a pack of eye-catching collectable baseball cards. Your cute collector will love owning the best of the MLB player cards from Derek Jeter to Bryce Harper. The 2020 Topps pack comes with 7 packs of 14 cards including your favorite players from rookies to home run legends of the past decades.
4pcs Sports Blue Comforter Set
Drift off with dreams of scoring goals, dominating the end zone, and sinking buzzer beaters underneath this cozy 4-piece comforter set. Kids will love snuggling under their sports themed blankets and adore the colorful personality it adds to their room. The baseball plush toy pillow included is sure to be a home run.
Giant Inflatable Football and Tee
It's always time for kick-off with the giant inflatable football set. The football and tee measure 3 feet and are exciting additions to birthday parties and backyard play, or to spice up your man cave. From first downs to touchdowns, this supercharged toy brings fun for players of any age.
Baseball Pinball Tabletop Skill Game
With this nostalgic, wooden baseball diamond tabletop game, the only things missing are the chili dogs. This retro arcade baseball replica mimics a pinball machine and exudes charm reminiscent of past summer days spent catching fly balls from the stands. The durable wood and smooth levers add to the already high-quality design, and is sure to become a memorable pastime for the entire family.
Giant Outdoor Ping Pong and Pickleball Set
It's a battle of the paddles with the Wicked Big Sport set bound to boost competitive sportsmanship for the whole crew. Larger than your typical pickleball or ping pong game, the set includes 2 paddles, 1 ball, and 1 net, is quick and easy to use, and allows for a variety of play. Try it out at your next tailgate or backyard adventure.
Kids Educational Bowling Set
Tots will go bananas for this whimsical bowling set that's anything but boring. The vibrant colors, soft foam pins and goofy bowling ball faces will delight young children as they practice how to let the good times roll. The numbered pins will ensure they're learning more than just the rules of bowling during ten frames of fun.
Safety Dart Board Set for Kids
Your young one will be a smokin' ace once you install this dart board. The safety dart board improves coordination and social skills all around without darts damaging walls or people in the meantime. Attach it to the door or use the detachable metal bracket for tabletop play.
NERF Vortex Aero Howler Foam Football
Go far or go home when you're flinging the Nerf Vortex Aero Foam football. The high-launching, long-carrying, fun-inspiring football has neon chromatic coloring that spins fast when your budding quarterback fires it in the air. The ball emits a low howl as it flies, a testament to its speed and tailspin. Great for a pick-up game or tailgate fun.
40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table
The Sports Squad Air Hockey Table will add laughter and excitement to your game collection. This fast-action activity is fun for friends and family to compete against each other while also stimulating motor skills in kids. Electric-powered airflow gives the pucks a smooth gliding surface, and the small table is compact, durable, and easy to transport from the basement to the patio.
2pcs Inflatable Body Bubble Soccer Ball
Shake up your party plans with these wild, inflatable bubble ball suits. Your whole family will delight in knocking each other over when wearing one of these shock absorbent, bubbles. The crash 'em sumo action is a definite change of pace to regular game night. These crazy getups roll, tumble, and bounce and encourage healthy outdoor play for all ages.
Magnetic Foosball Air Hockey Party Game
Klask is the wackiest game you'll find this side of Denmark. Half foosball, half air hockey, this mishmash set combines concepts from both games to create frenzied, fast-paced chaos that challenges reflexes for kids and adults. The magnetic tabletop game is sturdy and small, and each match lasts about ten minutes.
2pcs RC Flying Soccer Ball Glow Toys
Kids will gaze in wonder watching these mini, shining soccer-themed disco ball drones float into the sky. Once turned on, the glowing toys lift off and land with the help of a remote control. Built-in sensors keep flashing balls from knocking into objects, and they charge easily with a USB port connection. The glow in the dark feature makes for a killer nighttime spectacular.
Grip It Waterproof Football
Rain or shine, the Grip It Waterproof Football is ready to play. The ball features a special pattern for a non-slip, easy hold, elevating the fun of a muddy game of football toss. It's big enough for adults and small enough for kids so everyone can take advantage of the waterproof technology. Great for dunking in lakes, muddy puddles, and swimming pools.
Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set
Become a paddle master without spending the big bucks. Compact and lightweight, the Sports Anywhere Table Tennis set is portable and complete with everything you need: net, balls, and two wooden paddles. Start an impromptu game with family or friends whenever and wherever you want.
Sports Whirl Ball Arcade Game
Introduce an authentic arcade experience to your whole family with the Sport Whirl Ball Arcade Game. Little gamers will especially relish the competition as they race to secure the highest score while the automatic clock counts down from 30 seconds. An automatic ball ramp will send balls back to you for quicker play in the scoring zone.
Mini Frisbee Golf FROLF Set for Kids
It's never too early to inspire sports passion in kids, and this mini frisbee golf set is perfect for the job. Kids can work on their fitness indoors and out by creating mock courses to sling the discs into the net. They'll feel like they're playing like the pros with the easy to grip discs, perfect for developing throwing technique.