15 Best Spanish Teacher Gifts for Saying Thank You

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What’s the best way to say ‘muchas gracias’? What about ‘el mejor profesor de todos los tiempos’? We’re not asking for a translation here. In fact, we know the answer. Here are the 15 gifts perfect for saying thank you and showing your appreciation to your wonderful Spanish teacher.

Spanish Teacher Funny T-Shirt
Make casual Friday fun with this funny t-shirt. A great gift for stubborn Spanish teachers, they can wear it to school to make a point and inspire conversation. They best way to learn anything is through practice, so dimelo en espanol! It comes in both men's and women's sizes to make a great gift for your appreciated Senor or Senora.
Spanish Teacher Door Sign
This adorable door sign is a perfect gift for Spanish teachers. Pick from one of 4 colorful designs. It's a great end-of-the-year gift to help you show your Spanish teacher how much you appreciate them. Plus, it's a beautiful way for them to welcome in the next year.
Spanish Teacher Stickers
It doesn't matter what grade they teach - you're never too old for positive feedback. These fun animal stickers have 16 supportive sayings from bien to maravilloso. Whether you're a young beginner or about to finish AP Spanish, give your teacher the gift that keeps on giving. These stickers make grading fun and interesting for teachers.
Spanish Teacher Mug
You don't have to dip too deep for a pun. Show your Spanish teacher appreciation with this funny mug. They can have a good laugh in the teacher's lounge as they show off, being Nacho Average Teacher. Once they fill up on coffee they'll wanna salsa all day long.
Spanish Teacher Stress Balls
Stress balls are a perfect gift for any educator. These ones are especially made for Spanish teachers. We're not saying that you're the one keeping your teacher up at night, dreading school the next day. If you are though, these stress balls may be a considerate gift. A three-pack ensures they're covered anywhere - whether they're grading papers after school or at home.
Spanish Teacher Inspiration Keychain
Add some bling to your teacher's standard classroom keys with this charming keyring. It will help them distinguish between their work and home sets. 'Ensena, Ama, Inspira' is engraved on durable stainless steel. The words frame an iconic apple - the classic teacher appreciation gift. A second charm features an intricately cast tree.
Spanish Teacher Tote Bag
Say muchas gracias to your Spanish teacher with this adorable tote bag. The linen has an all-over print. It features a variety of everyday sayings in Spanish that are interspersed with cute and colorful academic designs. It makes a great gift that will help keep your teacher organized.
Spanish Teacher Classroom Decorations
Spruce up your teacher's space with these stylish signs. This set of posters features 5 inspirational phrases in Spanish. Bright colors make them stand out and the thick paper they're printed on will let them last for years. So why don't you haz de este un gran día by buying these for your Spanish teacher?
Spanish Teacher Flag Set
Celebrate all the wonderful countries Spanish is spoken in. From Argentina to Uruguay, these 20 flags can dress up your teacher's space. This gift will help them celebrate diversity in the Spanish-speaking world and inspire conversations about different culture. If they don't have any flags in their classroom already, this set is a must have.
Spanish Teacher Wine Glass
Toast to a great teacher with this specially Spanish-themed tumbler! The Spanish word for cheers, salud, is hand-etched so it will never fade. It's also made from hand-blown glass which is less likely to break. A great present for a Spanish teacher to do some cultural research into a glass of Rioja.
Spanish Teacher Card Game
This card game is a must-have if you want to give the gift of fun to the classroom. Assuming your Spanish teacher won't want to take it home to share with family and friends. Up to 10 people can play this classic party game where the funniest card wins. Tostitos and salsa come separately.
Spanish Teacher Flip Books
While they may not admit it, teachers love buying more material for class. Save them money and buy them the gift that keeps on giving: knowledge! These flip-book flashcards are great for beginner Spanish learners. They help perfect students' reading comprehension and pronunciation skills by breaking down words into their syllables with contrasting colors.
Spanish Teacher Street Sign
Remind them who's boss with this Spanish Teacher St sign. A cute gift for hanging on their classroom door or above the chalkboard, this sign says it all. You're on Spanish Teacher Street, comprende?
Spanish Teacher Funny Coffee Cup
This novelty mug gives sound advice to live by as a Spanish teacher. Sipping from it in class will remind first period that a pre-coffee Senor or Senora is not someone to mess with. By the end of the day they may be still grumbling some choice words, but we don't think they're the ones on the vocab test!