25 Best Soccer Gifts for Boys of All Ages That Love Soccer

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Whether it’s unique soccer equipment, personalized apparel, or just a collection of soccer-themed goodies we’ve got you covered! Deck out your soccer star in great workout clothes and set them up for fun with games, bean bag chairs, and more! It’s never been easier to find something that your young athlete will love.

Nike Youth Mercurial Superfly Cleats
Look fierce and play fierce in these stylish Nike brand cleats. They are suited perfectly for real and fake turf -- so your game will always be on point, no matter the field. Multiple color options are available and each provides easy comfort, without sacrificing performance.
Kids 7-Piece Soccer Bed Set
GOAL! Play time isn't just on the field for your soccer star, it's also in their dreams! This bright green bed set comes with everything you need to customize their room like a real soccer champion. It's the perfect mix of youthful energy with an understated design to appeal to any age and last the test of time.
Hover Soccer Ball for Young Boys
Time to get some practice in, even on those rainy days. This indoor hover soccer ball floats on air, creating an innovative mix between air hockey and soccer! The soft bumpers make it safe for furniture and shins, so anyone can join in the fun. Two child sized soccer nets are also included so that you can practice making goals together.
Personalized Soccer Beach Towel
Are you planning that beach vacation? Or maybe your family just frequents the local pool? Whatever the case, this soccer themed beach towel is the perfect way to make your son stand out from the crowd. It's HUGE, bright green, and easy to customize with your child's name! Dry off and get cozy after a fun day of splashing in the sun.
3D Soccer Night Light for Kids
This night light is more than a way to add a little light to the room, it's also a cool way to showcase your child's love for their favorite sport! The 3D design looks almost like a hologram projection, and the blue light is vivid enough to illuminate, but soft enough to sleep with every night. Perfect for young kids, or even teens!
Kids Soccer Messi Jersey Set
Four gifts in one? What kid wouldn't be excited about that? This set comes with a soccer jersey, athletic shorts, socks, and a matching figure sporting the same outfit. You can even get your child's name screen printed on the back of the jersey! Everything comes packaged together in an easy to wrap gift box. Get the complete soccer get-up for your young athlete!
adidas Boys' Tiro Training Pants
Sleek, stylish, and perfect for your active athlete, these adidas brand training pants are sure to be a hit. Take your pick of several different color options that cater to whatever team or preferences your child is rocking. These aren't just great for training -- wear them off the field as street-wear that is comfortable, yet trendy.
Speed Agility & Quickness Training Kit
Help your athlete stay fit and active all-year long with this training kit. It comes with everything they need to strengthen their endurance, agility, and muscles. Equipment like hurdles, jump rope, and a running parachute is included! Choose between a bright orange or yellow color for maximum visibility while they maximize their athletic potential.
QUICKPLAY Bungee Soccer Training Ball
Optimize kicks, dribbles, and shooting practice with this bungee soccer training ball. The ball is attached to a rubber base by a durable cord, so it always comes back to the player. No more running to retrieve the ball after every kick! Adjust the cord release to fit your play area perfectly, so you can play indoors or out safely!
Soccer Ball Tabletop Board Game
Play a one-on-one match of soccer indoors, without the the risk to your furniture! This tabletop game uses magnets to control players as they try to score a goal on their opponents side of the board. It's compact, sturdy, and easy to assemble for all ages.
Indoor Outdoor Soccer Kick Trainer
Practice your footwork, first touch, and ball control with a ball that stays in place! The ball is mounted to a base so it can't get away from the athlete while they hone their skills to shine on the field. Safe to use indoors or out! Careful this is not for juggling or power kicking.
Kids Goalkeeper Goalie Soccer
Keep your goalie's hands safe and their grip strong while they play. These soccer gloves come in a variety of five colors and are designed to be anti-slip so no shots will be escaping their grasp. The mesh net around the fingers keeps hands cool and dry, even during the most fierce play. Suited for competition use or training.
Soccer Shin Guards for Kids (Many Styles)
Safety is always a huge concern with athletes. We want our players to avoid injury whenever possible, so they can stay in the game! These shin guards will protect your athlete's legs, without weighing them down. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to help your player stand out like the soccer star that they are!
Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls for Kids
Become one with the soccer ball. Experience the joy of being kicked, bopped, and rolled around -- all from the safety of your own bubble! Inflate or deflate with ease, and bring it out to use again and again. A perfect way for kids to rough house outside, but we can't guarantee that the adults won't be waiting for their turn!
adidas Boys Tiro Track Jacket
It's always time to run, train, and sweat during soccer season. But...why not buy a jacket that looks great and feels great for any time of year? This adidas track jacket has a sleek look with strong brand appeal. It is made of a moisture wicking material so you stay dry no matter the temperature.
Soccer Bean Bag Chair for Boys
Your athlete can't spend all day on the field (though we know they would like to try!) so compromise with this comfy bean bag chair made to look like their soccer ball. Help them relax with a book or game at home and give those tired muscles a break They deserve it.
Kids' Samba Soccer Shoe (Many Sizes)
Training doesn't only happen in cleats, these soccer shoes are the perfect balance to keep your athlete going on any kind of indoor turf. They have all of the comfort, grip, and style we've come to expect from adidas. Made just for those growing kid's feet!
The Fastest Soccer Trainer in The World
Hone your reflexes to cat-like precision with this soccer training equipment, and maximize your efforts with the downloadable app and dvd that show some of the best techniques for practice. You can even customize the intensity and speed based on your athlete's age and skill level! Push your stamina and fancy footwork to the limit every time you train.
Soccer Sports Kids Rug (Many Sizes)
Deck out any room for a sports enthusiast with this rug. Not only does it add cushion and comfort under your feet, it also adds a personal touch guaranteed to make any budding athlete feel at home. It's perfect for soccer -- but also features other sports designs for a kid that loves them all!
Soccer Target Field Net Trainer
Whether your soccer star is practicing alone or with a partner, it is always beneficial to have something to shoot for -- literally! This net trainer blocks off sections of the net that are usually guarded by a goalie, giving your athlete the competitive edge to make goals in those hard to defend areas.
5 Panel Soccer Sports Canvas
These artistic wall panels are suitable for any age. They're kid friendly, but gritty and cool enough to stand out as a great decoration even in a mature athlete's room. The panels split into segments to give the piece a modern, minimalist look with a sense of sophistication.
Kick Scooters for Kids Who Love Soccer
Even when it's not soccer time, we all know play time never ends! This kick scooter is a perfect way to play outside and unwind from the field. Its wheels light up in LED and the collapsible seat makes it convenient to use for kids young and old. They can scoot on down the sidewalk while developing their coordination and balance!
Kids Soccer Ball w/ Hand Pump & Mesh Bag
This soccer ball is sized with kids aged three to eight in mind, and designed to keep their focus with the fun, red dinosaur pattern. Whether you're practicing for the team, or just having fun as a family, this is a great starter ball to get your kids active and engaged with something besides their screens.
Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Training Set
This pop up soccer goal is easy to set up and easy to carry anywhere. Play in the yard, the park, or even indoors! Great for a casual game, shot training, or just to blow off some steam with the ball. Pack it up and store it in the carry bag until you're ready to use it again.