65 Bagpipin’ Scottish Gifts For A Gaelic Occasion

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Scotland is charming and appealing. With wonderful landscapes and a rich culture, it’s quite a country. Celebrate an upcoming wedding or occasion with these cheerful Scottish gifts. From Scottish kilts and other apparel to bagpipes and souvenirs, these gifts will bring Northern European charm to any event. Make someone laugh with one of the funnier items.

Scottish Bagpipe
Have you ever wanted to learn a new instrument? Look no further because we have found the perfect melody. With a set of Scottish bagpipes and a beginner's how-to book, you will find yourself learning a whole new skill. The best part is you can get it in your favorite color.

Green Tartan Wrap
Tartan isn't just for kilts and ties. It is also for some amazing designs that women love. Give your mom or sister this lovely shawl wrap that comes in many different color choices. No matter what she likes, this will be the perfect Scottish gift.

Traditional Scottish Haggis
Haggis is a traditional dish that is the National dish of Scotland. It consists of a pudding that contains the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep or other animal. It is mixed with beef or mutton and seasonings. Then they're stuffed into a belly lining and cooked to perfection. Now you can share your culture with the gift of Haggis in a 15oz can.

Grey Leather Sporran
Scottish dress and customs are an important way to show your beliefs. Now you can adorn yourselves with a Scottish kilt semi-dress. This Kilt is a great addition to a full kilt or any outfit. The front has the rampant lion and goat sporran with tassels.

Highland Blend Tea
Tea is very important in many traditions and customs throughout the world. Celebrate Scottish ways with an amazing cup of Edinburgh tea. Order this for yourself or with friends and family to enjoy a taste of home anytime they get a craving for a delicious cup of tea.

Thistle Porcelain Mug
Set up your tea room with beautiful Scottish bone china. Grab some elegantly painted Royal Tara Scotland mugs with thistle for an amazing collection. When you are entertaining guests, everyone will ask about your fine china. You can show it off or snag a few extras to hand out as gifts.

Scottish Tartan Kilt
Scottish yard tartan kilts are a traditional wedding custom. Ensure your whole wedding party is dressed in the right, traditional garb with this purchase. Snag the tartan kilt in many different color choices to go with the theme of the big day. From groom down to the ring bearer, this is the perfect way to go.

Scottish Heather Honey
Before you take that big trip to Scotland, familiarize yourself with the local allergens. Pick up some honey that is local to the Heather Hills in Scotland.

Scottish Fine Soaps Liquid Hand Wash
Living away in a new place can be so hard when you don't have anything that reminds you of home. We made it easier to feel at home with this amazing Scottish product. Pick up this set of two Scottish farms, fine soap. This hand soap was handcrafted to moisturize and soothe even the roughest of skin.

The Highland Bagpipe Tutor book
Does your best friend want to learn a new instrument? Look no further we have the perfect gift for them. Pick up the Barefoot Bagpiper book and help them go from newbies to pros on the bagpipes. This book comes with a beginner's practice chanter set.

Scottish Brooch
Wear your heritage with pride on any occasion. From a Scottish festival to a Scottish wedding, this sterling silver Luckenbooth brooch wears well for any occasion. No matter if you wear this yourself or buy a few as gifts, everyone will enjoy this brooch anywhere.

Cable Stitch Crewneck Sweater
We have found the perfect look for you to gift your spouse. Whether it is for a birthday or anniversary, he will love this surprise. Give him a cotton cable stitch, crew neck sweater that comes in different sizes and colors. It is perfect for anyone.

Scottish Tartan Apron
Aprons are designed to protect your clothes from food messes, whether you're cooking indoors, or outdoors. Now you can proudly display your Scottish heritage with this red tartan apron. This one size fits all apron comes with an adjustable neckband and a back tie to secure with comfort.

Scottish Coat of Arms T-Shirt
In art class, we learned the importance of a coat of arms. We designed our imaginary family arms and displayed them for all to see. Now, you can display your real coat of arms when you wear the Scottish Rampant Lion t-shirt. It is available in many sizes and colors.

Scottish Baking book
Learn how to make traditional Scottish delights with this amazing cookbook. Buy a second one and give it to your family member and learn online together. From savory foods to desserts, there is a recipe for everyone. Learn Scottish cuisine and expand your palate from the comfort of your home.

Thistle Brass Book Hook
Do you enjoy reading? Do you have the bad habit of folding the pages, or does someone you love have that annoying? Teach people how to properly save their place in a book with this Thistle brass bookmark. This is a fashionable way to take care of your books while you read.

Plaid Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirts are back in style. No matter what color you decide to wear, plaid tartan maxi skirts will make great gifts for all your Scottish friends this year. The maxi skirt comes in different sizes, so there is something for everyone this winter season.

Highland Cattle Slippers
The Winter season is the perfect time to wear fun fuzzy slippers. Now you can show off your culture with your slippers as well. Throw on some highland cattle slippers to keep your feet toasty, and grab a pair for everyone in your family. They will love their pair of slippers

Bagpipe and Accessories
Bagpipes are a fun instrument to learn and one that is less played than others. Teach yourself a new skill that everyone will be envious of. You will be able to get lost in the sound of this unique and melodic noise every time you sit down to play.

Personalized Whiskey Set
Beautifully handcrafted wood designed with a unique finish, this whiskey set is the perfect gift. It contains four glasses, coasters, chilling stones, tongs, and a whiskey decanter. Each box can be customized specially for the person that you are giving this gift. They will be pleasantly surprised when they open up your present.

Kilt Jacket & Vest
Make your wedding one everyone will remember. Make sure your husband stands out in this Scottish suit and kilt. This set has everything you need for a traditional Scottish wedding. From the Prince Charlie purple tartan kilt to the black vest and jacket, everything will be perfect on your day.

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Bracelet
The Celtic love knot has been displayed on many different pieces of jewelry. From rings to necklaces, there is a beautiful piece of jewelry for everyone. Now you can have your very own Celtic love knot with this sterling silver bracelet. It slips on and off easily, so there is no hassle.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors
Ancestry is very important in many cultures. We have found a book that helps in the process. Now you can trace your Scottish Ancestors with this amazing book. Scotland has one of the most accurate ancestry databases in the world, and this book walks you through all of the steps to help you.

Hand Painted Thistle Suncatcher
Scottish flowers are very beautiful. They are displayed proudly on many different items. We found a hand painted stained glass suncatcher and it is the perfect gift for any household. Adorned with elegant Scotland flowers, this suncatcher place lights all over the room on any sunny day.

Traditional Tam o' Shatner
Tartan bonnets are the perfect complement to your kilt and vest. Now you can be fully dressed in uniform when you add the hat to any setup. The bonnet comes in different tartan colors, which ensures you have the perfect matched plaid. Whether you wear one for yourself or give one out as a gift, this is perfect.

Assorted Shortbread Gift Tin
Tea time is a big thing in the United Kingdom. Whether at home or out visiting family, everyone stops and enjoys a good cup of tea. Now you can compliment tea time with yummy goodies. Grab the Walkers Shortbread tin, and you will always have the perfect snack.

Plaid Tempered Glass Cutting Board
Cutting boards are useful in the kitchen for any cutting need. You can also have fun with them by having a beautifully decorated cutting board you can show off at parties and get-togethers. This one is perfectly designed with red tartan plaid and is a large-sized glass board.

Scottish Porridge Oats
Scottish porridge is a great tasting porridge. It is a great way to bring you back to your roots. This yummy food has been handcrafted and is 100% made in Scotland. Fill yourself with a yummy and filling meal that will last for a long time.

Sterling Silver Highland Cow Pendant
Finding the perfect gift can be very hard. Look no further because we found a perfectly designed sterling silver necklace. This necklace is great for any cow lover. The chain is 18 inches in length with a highland cow pendant. It is the perfect choice for a gift.

A Year of Scottish Poems
Scottish poetry is eloquent in every way. Reading each poem is like music as it is heard. When you buy the book 'A Year of Scottish Poems,' you will get 366 different poems. Now you can get a feel for the beauty in Scotland and the heavy dialect from the region.

Jewelry Roll in a Glencoe Thistle Design
Everyone needs a good jewelry travel bag. This jewelry roll-up bag is the perfect bag in the color purple, adorned with Glencoe thistle. Secure with ribbon and tuck it safely in any travel bag. Now your jewelry will transport safely with no more tangles and knots.

Schotten Totten Basic Board Game
It is time to bring your Scottish heritage home to your family with this unique board game. Schotten Totten is a board game for ages 8 & up and only needs two players. Unlike American games, this is full of cunning and skill unseen in the states.

Wooden Bagpiper Nutcracker
Add on to your amazing nutcracker collection when you grab this fun Scottish Nutcracker. The nutcracker has a set of Scottish bagpipes to show off your culture. No matter what holiday, you can place this on any shelf or wall display. It makes a fun and unique decoration.

Tartan Throw Blanket
Tartan plaid is a symbol of Scotland. Now you can display this symbol of honor in a warm and beautiful blanket. This tartan throw blanket is 60-inches x 80-inches in length and comes in blue and grey plaid. The fabric is 100% acrylic with tassels on two ends.

Scottish Mini Desk Flag
Adorn your party tables with small Scottish flags. Each blue and white flag is attached to a stand so you can place them anywhere. These small flags can be displayed at a party, or you can set one at your desk at work. Proudly display your heritage every time you pull out this adorable flag.

Outlander Kitchen
Are you an Outlander fan? This Starz show brought out a lot of interest in Scottish heritage. Now you can cook like your favorite Outlander characters. The Outlander kitchen is a New York best seller full of many different Scottish recipes. Get creative and start learning new cooking techniques.

Eilean Donan Castle Puzzle
Scotland is full of so many unique aspects and beautiful land. Now you can take a slice of Scotland into your home when you purchase this puzzle. After assembling this puzzle, you will have a great view of the Eilean Donan Castle tucked in the Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness Monster T-Shirt
The search for The Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot continues. Let your favorite Scottish fan roam the countryside in search of their favorite monster, while wearing this amazingly fun t-shirt. It's the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year.

The Lore of Scotland
Folklore comes in many shapes and styles and is passed down in many different cultures. The Scottish culture is no different. Snag this book called 'The Lore of Scotland: A Guide to Scottish Legends' and learn all you can about Scotland lore. This book will allow you to share your heritage with your family.

Kilt Hose Socks
Pick up a pair of knit hose socks to go with any kilt. Now the men in your life will be able to be fully dressed in style when they add this to your outfit. They come in 3 sizes and are wool material. They are made with the Scotland Kilt company.

Scottie Dog Earrings
Calling all dog lovers! We have found the perfect dog item to add to your collection. This set is the perfect pair of dog earrings with adorable Scottie dogs with red bows. Whether you rock these daily or give them away to someone who loves dogs, this is a perfect choice.

Urquhart Castle Scotland Wall Art
Loch Ness Scotland is an amazing place full of old ruins and big castles. Now you can take this majestic land with you everywhere you go. Display your canvas wall art proudly on your wall. It comes in a 24-inch x 26-inch size. Now you will never feel lonely for your homeland.

Scottish Cashmere Cable Socks
Graham cashmere women's socks are the perfect gift for any Scottish girl. These socks are made straight from Scotland and are pure cashmere. You will be able to show your friends just how much you care with this high-quality pair of socks. Your feet will stay warm all winter with these.

Treasury of Scottish Mythical Creatures
Every culture has different tales and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Now your children will get to know your Scottish folklore with this amazing book full of many tales. This hardcover picture book shows illustrated mythical creatures that all kids will enjoy.

Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Ring
Getting married is such a momentous time. During this time, couples like to incorporate their culture and beliefs in some way. Show your soon-to-be husband that his culture is important with this sterling silver, Scottish Thistle wedding band. In the center of this band, you will find a Celtic knot. The ring comes in all sizes for the perfect fit.

Mug and Baby Nessie Tea Infuser Set
Tea diffusers are a great way to make a great cup of coffee or tea. It keeps the grinds or leaves secure and gives you what you need slowly. Make your diffuser an adorable decoration as well when you snag a Nessie tea infuser ladle.

Highland Cow Framed Canvas Wall Art
Decorating is such a fun adventure. Now you can decorate in just the right way. Snag this highland cow, framed canvas art. It is 23 by 33 and fits perfectly on any big wall. Everyone will want to know where you got this amazing work of art.

Orange Marmalade
Give your mom the taste of the old country. She is always reminiscing about all the things that brought her joy when she was back home in Scotland. Now you can bring her what she is missing when you give her some Keiller Marmalade. She can put it on toast or eat it from the jar

Tartan Bathrobe
Give your husband or father the perfect gift on any holiday. This man's fleece robe with a belt to secure it is a long robe with two pockets. The rob comes in black tartan color. Not only will he be warm, but he will feel proud to wear his Scottish colors.

Celtic Tie Clip
Tie clips are designed to keep a man's tie in place. Over the years, fashion designers have come up with a way to make tie clips very desirable and unique. Give this Celtic tie clip is a great way to represent your heritage while looking good at the same time!

Loch Ness Monster Apron
Get-togethers are a time to show off all of your cool toys. Now, as your friends are all admiring your new grill they will also enjoy a laugh when you put on your Nessie apron. No more kiss the cook aprons at your house because this is even better.

Call the Nurse book
Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Countryside Nurse on a Scottish Isle' is a riveting book that tells many stories. You will find yourself hanging on every word as you journey through what it is like in this true-life story. The best part, this is only book #1.

The Colouring Book of Edinburgh
Have you ever spent hours coloring as a child? Now you can color as an adult too. Adult coloring books are so much fun, with intricate lines and exquisite detail. You can get so creative with color as you take a tour through Edinburgh with this fun coloring book.

Red Tartan Check Tie
Red Tartan ties are a traditional design for any special day. Whether you are going to a wedding or to a family get-together, this tie is the perfect choice to spruce up any outfit. This is also a great way to share your customs by giving this tie as a gift.

Loch Ness Monster Desk Pet
Does your coworker's desk have a collection of Loch Ness Monster memorabilia? Add to their collection with this unique display. Give your coworker the world's smallest Loch Ness Monster in a glass jar. They will get a lot of enjoyment at such a thoughtful and cute gift.

The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook
This book is the best gift for any of your tattoo artist friends. The Scottish Gaelic tattoo book is full of so many unique symbols and designs that will honor your Scottish culture and beliefs. From words to phrases there are so many ways to rock these tattoos.

Scotties Water Bottle
Scottish dogs are known for being cute, small, and pointed. Show your friends you pay attention to their heritage with this unique gift. This Scottish dog is adorned in a pattern on this stainless steel water bottle. It will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot ones hot.

Nessie Ladle
The Loch Ness monster is one of the biggest folklores the Scottish have. We have found the perfect gift for any Nessie lover. Show your friend you pay attention when you give him this adorable Nessie Ladle. This teal Nessie ladle was designed to handle high heat and will hold soups, gravies, and sauces.

Scottish Flags
When you look outside, flags are displayed everywhere. Why not join the club and display your cultural flags' too? Not only will you hang your proud culture with the blue and white National Scottish flag, but you will get the yellow and red Rampant Lion flag. Your love or Scotland will be displayed proudly for all to see.

Sterling Silver Thistle Earrings
Wear your Scottish heritage with pride this year when you snag this unique set of earrings. They are sterling silver with cubic zirconia in the heart of the Scottish Thistle. You will turn many heads when you put these earrings on. They are so beautiful you may decide to buy a second pair and give them out as a gift.

The Anthology of Scottish Folk Tales
Folktales have been around for a long time. They were designed to pass down stories and folklore from a long time ago. Learn about the legends of the Scottish with many different tales. From story's of wealth to perilous adventure, there is something for everyone in this exciting book.

Scottish Spurtle
Help make the creamiest porridge you can with a Muldale porridge spurtle. It is made of wood, handcrafted to help keep your oatmeal and porridge from being lumpy. This extraordinary invention is perfect for families that like to stick to tradition. You will truly feel content after enjoying a fresh bowl.

Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks Book
There is nothing better than learning a new skill. Now you can grow and teach yourself a whole new language. Whether you use this for yourself or give this as a gift, Gaelic in Twelve Weeks is a challenging and fun way to learn a language that isn't used in many places.