37 Science Teacher Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

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Is there a perfect present for a science teacher? Abstract: We have carefully tabulated a dataset of experimentally validated gifts. Analysis: From the physical sciences to the natural, here are 37 options for the science teacher in your life. Conclusion: We have proven the hypothesis that there’s a perfect gift for everyone.

Rock Tumbler Polisher Kit
Show them they rock with this polishing kit. National Geographic has made a quality rock polisher perfect for the amateur geologist. Made to last, this kit is great for children and adults, although your teacher may not want to share. They can set this up in the classroom to produce 9 different gemstones.
Caffeine Beaker Mug
This coffee mug is a great gift for someone buzzing for science. It features the molecular diagram for caffeine: C8H10N4O2, but surely they already knew that. As long as they know which beaker is safe to drink out of. Hint: the one that's not bubbling over.
Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket
Set their dreams aglow with this starry blanket! The constellations are all labelled and glow in the dark! After being exposed to a bright light (natural or artificial) for 15 minutes, this cozy throw will glow for hours. Bring outer space indoors and make it washable.
Cytosis: A Cell Biology Strategy Game
You spent all your high school years memorizing the stages of mitosis, and for what? Nothing, apparently, since this board game is all about cytosis. This strategy board game is a great gift for moving a large quantity of friends into a cell - or living room or classroom. Buy Cytosis for fun at home or at school!
1000x Microscope for Teachers
Even if the school does provide microscopes, it's unlikely that they're smart-phone compatible. This high-quality microscope can magnify up to 1,000x! It comes with LED lights and standard accessories. The head can rotate 360º so everyone can have a peek. The removable phone mount helps you take up-close photos.
4pcs Vintage Science Lab Patent Poster
Spruce up their space with this set of scientific posters. Leave the primary-colored diagrams behind with this set of 4 chemistry patent prints. Each poster has a stylish, vintage look on thick, quality paper. They're quick to frame, or pin up just as easily on a cork board.
Resistance is Not Futile T-Shirt
Do they like science? Do they like pointing out scientific inaccuracies in Hollywood? This novelty t-shirt is perfect, then! Set the record straight with this Resistance is Not Futile graphic tee. T.V. writers may have been a bit lazy back then, and this shirt makes sure they won't forget it.
Digital Precision Analytical Balance
Let us weigh in on one of the best presents for beloved science teacher in your life. This scale is a must-have tool for their lab. Bonvoisin high-precision electronic scale can be plugged in for guaranteed power. Or, run it on a 9V battery for convenient relocation. Multiple functions allow you to change the unit of measurement without having to do your own calculations.
Microscope DNA Dangle Earrings
Don't get your panties in a twist trying to figure out what to buy. These DNA earrings are a great gift for the science teacher who's already got everything. They have their own DNA, sure, but we doubt they already have the iconic twisted double helix in a shiny silver tone.
3 Piece Abstract Science Canvas Art
Make a big bang with this solar print. For the science teacher who enjoys the visual arts, a solar eclipse is depicted against a canvas of vast black space. Highlights of orange, pink, and blue accent this astral artwork. No trip to the hardware store is needed as hanging hooks are included.
LED Light-up Terrarium Kit
Leaving an apple for your teacher is nice and all, but it'd be nicer to give them something that lasts past lunch. This light-up terrarium kit may say for kids, but it's the perfect pet project to display on their desk. Wheatgrass and chia seeds grow through layers of soil, sand, and rocks.
Mini Science Vortex Mixer
Science is about results. Cut the prep time and move towards a successful hypothesis with this mini vortex mixer. The simple pressure from one hand mixes up to 50 ml in 3 seconds. It comes with a USB cable to recharge the mixer, meaning you can carry it around the lab.
Large Inspirational Teacher Tote Bag
Has your teacher inspired you to love science? Tell them with this tote bag. Perfect for carrying around their laptop or papers to grade, this tote bag features a variety of pockets. There's a choice among several phrases to express your gratitude in the perfect way.
Stuffed Plush Anatomical Heart Pillow
Feel like you're stuck at absolute zero? Melt their heart with this cuddly cushion. The Heart of Hope plush pillow is a great gift for your biology teacher. They will love that it's anatomically correct. You may learn something from the heart-related facts on the back of the box before wrapping it up.
2pcs Teacher Appreciation Mugs
Everyone knows science is about the facts. Two mugs halve the amount of time they spend cleaning out these cups. Brilliant!
Brain 3D Illusion Lamp
It's not just MRI machines that can light up neural pathways. This brain lamp will set the amygdala aglow. Light graphics give the illusion of a 3D holographic brain. It comes with a remote control that can display it in 16 different colors. You can also change the brightness.
Funny Science Teacher Shirt
We could give you 23 reasons why this shirt is the perfect gift for any science teacher. We think only 4 will do the trick. A. T. G. C. Now that you're convinced order this double helix tee. Any science teacher who receives it is sure to rock it.
Compact Laser Engraver Machine
Looking for something personal? This laser engraver machine is as personal as it gets. Give them the power to customize any and every object. Its compact size makes it useful at home or work. It can engrave wood, felt, paper, cloth, and leather. Your teach will monogram everything they own!
Grill Fire Pit Oven Mitts
Safety first! These Blue Fire gloves can go beyond the BBQ. These durable gloves can withstand heat up to 932ºF! They're made of a variety of materials, including kevlar, to ensure a firm grip without hurting yourself. The extra-long cuffs ensure protection of the wrists, too.
Science of Whisky Glasses
Say cheers to your teacher with these whiskey glasses. These Old Fashioned rocks glasses come in a pair. They feature sand-etched diagrams of molecules commonly found in whiskey. Each one has a short explanation of its effect on the senses. Science is everywhere we look. Even on the glass!
Tie Dye Lab Coat
If your science teacher is no stuffed-shirt academic, get them something that shows their true colors. This tie dye lab coat will stand out while still protecting them on the job. Science is all about experimentation, so why not break the mold with this gift?
Men's Science Socks
For the more reserved teacher, these science socks are a good choice. A range of patterns lets you pick the perfect pair: chemistry, space, astrophysics, or the periodic table. Quality material that doesn't fade will keep these socks fitting their feet like an enzyme and its substrate.
Research Laboratory Notebook
Technology may be moving ahead, but you can't go wrong with paper. For scientists, a lab notebook is an indispensable tool. It features green grids for plotting and charting their data precisely. A sturdy cover and lay-flat pages help it hold up through all types of experiments.
Glass Blown Science Ornament
Get them to adore you with this seasonal adornment. Many people collect quirky baubles for their Christmas tree. Add to their collection with this glass-blown beaker. It's handcrafted using a 19th century technique. The bubbling blue beaker is the perfect design for a science teacher.
Anti Gravity Magnetic Globe
Give them a gift, no strings attached. This anti-gravity globe is a beautiful and educational display. It will look good featured on your science teacher's lab desk. Magnets keep our planet afloat, but don't quote us on your next exam! We mean the globe, not the actual planet.
14pcs Chemist's Spice Rack
For the scientist who's also a foodie. Your chemistry teacher doesn't have to go full Walter White to get cooking. This set comes with 14 spice jars. The oil beaker and Erlenmeyer flasks for salt, pepper, and sugar all come pre-labelled. A sticker sheet featuring 54 different spices and their 'elemental symbols' lets them customize their collection.
Star Trek Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker
Science fiction and science teaching seem to go hand-in-hand. Get the geeky professor a novelty gift they're unlikely to own. This Star Trek Enterprise salt and pepper shaker set is as unusual as it is useful. Magnets keep the ships standing upright so there's no risk of spilled salt.
Periodic Table of Elements Blanket
Let science keep you warm at night. This Periodic Table of Elements blanket would make a great present for your science teacher in the holiday season. The soft, fuzzy blanket comes in a choice of sizes. It's lightweight enough to take from home to the lab, in case it gets cold while waiting for experimental results.
Scientific Human Skeleton Model
Make an anatomical gift. This human skeleton model is a classic. It's been ages since we've actually seen one in a classroom. Keep up the tradition with Axis Scientific's model. Life size, it comes with a study guide and removable skull for up-close inspection. Great for kinesthetic learners.
DIY Science Robot Building Kit
You may be the teacher's pet, but this gift won't completely replace you. This DIY robot is a great distraction when your science teacher has some down time. They can built this working robot which, with the help of a couple batteries, scuttles about like a mechanical spider.
Botanicals Linen & Wood Scroll Wall Poster
Celebrate the softer sciences. There may be less smoke and mirrors in botany, but a biologist will love this natural print. The linen canvas features 19 different flowers in rustic hues on a black background. The scroll comes framed by two wooden strips with a handy string on top. Simply unroll and hang!
Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station
Stop wasting time watching the clouds. Meteorology tech has come into the 21st century. This wireless weather station accurately measure rainfall and temperature in real-time. It can store data for 10 days. Great for long-term experiments or logging data over school vacations. The sensor can transmit up to 100 ft away from the base unit.
Scientific Explorer Bionic Ears
The gift you'll regret giving! Make your science teacher's life easier with these bionic ears. Proctoring exams got so much easier. The device can pick up sounds up to 150ft away. It also comes with a zoom lens feature. Take it outside and spy on the natural world with up to 8x magnification.
Decodyne Math Wall Clock
This wall clock is perfect for the type of teacher who says 'I dunno, can you?' when a student asks to go to the bathroom. Instead of Roman numerals, each of the 12 positions are filled with math equations. While they all know where 2:00 is, having to do the square root of 4 can help keep students' minds sharp when filling out hall passes.
Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass
Vintage isn't an adjective usually associated with science. This stemmed beaker is perfect for blending the two, though. Hopefully they're not fermenting alcohol in the lab. Your science teacher may be making some experiments at home, though. They are sure to use this glass for testing reds and whites.
Isotonic Energy Science Gels
Don't lose steam throughout the day. These energy gels promise to provide quick energy for a lagging athlete. Teaching isn't a sport, but it's like running a marathon. With low sugar and a promise of no crash, they're sure to replace your teacher's coffee consumption.
Funny Sci-fi Science Shirt
If all else fails, you can't go wrong with this cute novelty tee. They can hide it under their lab coat or wear it proudly on casual Friday. Either way, your science teacher who love Star Wars will love this funny t-shirt. It could also make an ironic gift for the science teacher who bemoans sci-fi inaccuracies.