65 Romantic Gifts for Him to Say You’re Still the One

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Finding him the perfect romantic gift is not easy. Who knows what guys really want. Or maybe he has everything (you!). We promise these unique gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day will keep your love burning. No romantic stone was left unturned. Long distance lovers, we’ve got you covered. A passion for personalized gifts? You get the picture. Find the perfect romantic gift for him, and send it with love.

His and Hers Distance Bracelets
You know the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder? This pair of His and Hers Distance Bracelets will make that statement a guarantee. It's a romantic gift for him that shows the strength of your bond no matter how far apart you are. Made of surgical grade A steel, each is a thoughtful reminder that your love makes the world go round.
Bourbon Whiskey Decanter
How does he like his whiskey, on the rocks or neat? This unique Bourbon Whiskey Decanter will be the center of attention at his next gathering with friends. They’ll be more than a little envious when they learn it was your romantic gift for him on his last birthday. No worries, a few glasses of the good stuff and they’ll be feeling alright.
Tag Heuer Formula 1
Hey babe, what time is it? The smile on his lips and the fire in his eyes are the only answers you'll need as he glances at his elegant Tag Heuer Formula 1. It's the kind of romantic gift for him that reminds him of your love every minute of the day.
Talk, Flirt, Dare! Game
It's not complicated. The Talk, Flirt, Dare game for couples, is an anniversary gift that takes you back to the beginning. You'll recall great memories and create new ones in the most fun way possible. If he's still in the boyfriend zone, it's a romantic gift for him that makes it easy to do the things you both like to do - Talk, Flirt, Dare!
Men's Pure Cashmere Robe
Ladies, you know your man better than anyone. He's the type that likes to be pampered and you love that about him. You won't find a more romantic gift for him than this pure cashmere, full-length robe. It's a sweet way to show him that you'll always have him covered. One way or another.
Leopard Print Chemise
When you ask him what he wants for his birthday or your anniversary and he says, only you, what he really means is, you in this leopard print chemise, designed for his eyes only. It's stretchy, soft and seriously sexy. It's a romantic gift for him he can't refuse.
Laser Engraved Crystal
Your next anniversary is the right time for a romantic gift for him to cherish always. This Laser Engraved Crystal can be personalized with your favorite couple's picture or perhaps your wedding photo. Or make it a family affair, gift in on Father's Day with a photo of him and the kids. He'll love it!
Custom Star Map
Remember the day you met, how time stood still? A Custom Star Map of the day will do just that. Choose any moment from your time together - birthday, anniversary, the day you said yes - and create a star map. It will be the most out-of-this world romantic gift for him.
Sempli Cupa-Rocks Glasses
He's going to love these elegantly styled rocks glasses. Allow him to truly enjoy his whiskey with these uniquely designed glasses. They incorporate a swirling motion to enhance the taste. With a combination of Swedish simplicity and Italian elegance, this is the perfect gift for him.
100% Silk Spa Robe
You're going to feel snuggly on the inside, and look silky smooth on the outside in this 100% Silk Spa Robe. It's luminous and luxurious. He will not disagree when you say it's your Valentine's Day romantic gift for him. And that's precisely why you love him, he's so darn agreeable.
Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set
For those times when you want to send your guy a love note and a text won't do. Everything you write with this Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set will have special meaning. Each note, a special romantic gift for him. Say I love you with elegance and flair in a way that you can't with a text.
High-Waisted Yoga Pants
It's his birthday and the only thing he wants to do is veg out on the sofa. No sweat, you can still make the day special for him. Put on your High-Waisted Yoga pants and join him, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Ask what would make the most romantic gift for him. We doubt his answer will surprise you.
Husband Pillow
Your honey bear will laugh out loud at this gift. Is it a romantic gift for him? You bet it is! Just spritz the Husband Pillow with his favorite cologne, and when he's out of town, working late or hanging with the guys, he's still your main squeeze. When he finally gets home, he'll be happy to make up for lost time.
Custom Poetry Picture Frame
Shine the spotlight on your love with this Custom Poetry Picture Frame. Your favorite couple photo complemented by a romantic poem. There's no question, this is a romantic give for him bar none. A perfect gift to be treasured always. Ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or wedding days.
Luxury Shaving Kit
A quality shaving kit for the quality man in your life. Makes a perfect father's day gift. Complete luxury shaving kit that includes a safety razor stand, badger hair brush, pre-shave oil and aftershave balm. He'll gladly say goodbye to electric and disposable razors. His evening smooches will be just as smooth as they were in the morning.
John Varvatos Artisan Blu
He deserves it all. The color of the sea, the scent of citrus, the feel of the sun. The Varvatos Artisan Blue cologne spray is infused with light and fresh citrus notes that can be worn year-round. It's a refreshingly romantic gift for him, your man of all seasons. Don't wait for a special day. Give him this just because.
Men's Iron Ranger Boot
He will become obsessed with these boots. They've been called supreme boots and now, we're naming them the they-may-even-make-your-man-blush boots. They are the kind of boots every guy secretly dreams about but is afraid to ask. When he asks why you thought these would be a great romantic gift for him, tell him you heard him talk about them in his sleep.
Leather Motorcycle Jacket
This 100 percent leather motorcycle jacket is a body-warmer, compliment-grabber and a show-stopper. It's so many things, we'll just call it the ultimate romantic gift for him. That covers all the bases. All you need to do is determine the right occasion - birthday, Valentine's Day, or make daddy super happy on Father's Day.
Percussive Therapy Gun
This Percussive Therapy Gun provides in-home massage therapy, post-workout soothing and general muscle tension relief. It's powerful, practical and proof that you really care. With each muscle that relaxes he'll feel a deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness in buying this romantic gift for him. He can't imagine another birthday without it, or without you.
Apple AirPods Pro
He will be so pumped when he gets the Apple AirPods Pro on his birthday. He'll be wowed by how comfortably they fit, the clarity of the sound and the general awesomeness of the noise cancelling abilities. You won't need to tell say it's a romantic gift. For him everything you do is filled with love and romance.
Electric Wine Aerator
A Electric Wine Aerator may not be the first romantic thing that comes to mind. But take a closer look. It's easy to use, aerates in seconds and doesn't spill. We think these are great features that could well lead to a romantic scenario. There's no waiting, no fumbling, and no cleanup.
Sportswear Club Joggers
Club Joggers that are not too tight, not too baggy, and a not too shabby romantic gift for him. The back pocket with the snap button closure makes it versatile enough for a morning jog or a coffee run. Gift it to the boyfriend for his birthday. Gift it to your long-distance lover and runner.
To My Husband' Whiskey Set
The 'To My Husband' Whiskey Glass Set is more than a romantic gift for him. All the elements in this set - the loving message etched in the wood container box, the exquisite crystal cut glasses, the embossed ace of hearts stainless steel stones - set the stage for an intimate celebration of your love.
Fuzzy Lounge Set
He may not like to wear a three-piece suit, but you know he'd love to see you in this three-piece Fuzzy Lounge Set. That's why it's made our list of the perfect romantic gift for him. Each piece in the set fits and feels so comfy, you won't want to it off. Your man, on the other hand, may have some other ideas.
Love Language Card Game
Call it what you will. Date night fun, conversation starter or just a way to get to know him better. We'll simply call it the Love Language and Card Game Romantic Gift for him. Whether he's boyfriend, fiance or husband, whether it's his birthday, Valentine's Day or your anniversary, this gift is all the love language you needed to speak your love.
Heated Therapy Massage Mat
He'll love you even more for soothing his stress away, even when you're not around. This Heated Therapy Massage Mat with 10 vibrating motors is just the thing he needs to make him relaxed and ready the minute you come in the door. A romantic gift for him? That's what he thinks. But you know better.
Hermes Paris Soap
If he loves a steamy, soapy shower, this Hermes Paris Luxury Soap set has what it takes to make him clean and happy. It's a steamy romantic gift for him that will not disappoint. He'll enjoy those long showers even more. The only thing that would make them better is you, especially on his birthday.
Luxury Crocodile Wallet
Not every guy could carry this off, that's why you know this is the romantic gift for your man. You know things about him that nobody else does. You know him inside out. You know that he'll be thrilled at the luxurious feel of crocodile wallet. He'll think, she's really my better half.
Naughty Hammer
He's so helpful around the house. You're looking for a romantic gift for him that shows your appreciation for all the good things he does for you. You want an anniversary or birthday gift that says thank you but in a very special way. Nailed it! The naughty hammer sends the right message. It drives the point home over and over again.
DIY Homemade Whisky Set
Thinking outside the box is the most romantic gift for him. You know it's something he'll enjoy completely, yet he'll be completely surprised when he opens it. You'll be tickled by his boyish delight. He'll be tickled by the flavor possibilities of the 12 woodchip blends and botanicals. Get ready, there's a homemade whisky brew on it's way to light your fire.
Knitwear Jumpsuit
Sexy on top. Sexy in the middle. Sexy on the bottom. That just about sums up the qualities of this Knitwear Jumpsuit. And when you playfully tell him that it's the most romantic gift you could find for him this Valentine's Day, he'll thank you from the bottom of his heart.
Message In A Bottle for Him
A message in a bottle is undeniably the most classic and timeless romantic gift for him. Personalized with your own message in a 12-inch bottle with red silk rose petals, it will be hard to top this Valentine's Day gift. But you can give it any time of year.
Men's Advanced Skin Care Set
He's the light of your life and you want him to look his best in every light. In that case the Men's Advanced Skin Care Set is a romantic gift for him because your feelings run deep. Father day, Valentine's Day or any day of the week, his skin will glow because of you.
Waterman Hemisphere Pen
It's black and gold, and feels light and sleek, it's his new favorite pen. If your guy has a way with words, then this romantic gift for him will show him your love is indelible. As much as you love when he whispers sweet nothings in your ear, his handwritten notes are among the things you treasure most.
Men's Downlight Jacket
He'll be surprised by the warmth of this light down jacket. You won't be surprised by his touching reaction when you tell him why you thought this was the right romantic gift for him. It will seem like an unexpected choice, but then he'll get it. He'll realize that you're just too good to be true, and he'd be a fool to let you go.
Michael Kors Chronograph Watch
No matter what the occasion, a watch makes a meaningful gift. The Michael Kors Chronograph Watch gives new meaning to romantic gift for him - husband, boyfriend, fiance or other. The categories don't really matter. The sentiment is everything. He'll see that perfectly clearly in the face of this handsome gift watch.
Tom Ford 'Oud Wood'
Ah, the scent of a man. That movie hasn't been made yet, and it's long overdue. Luckily you don't have to wait for the movie. You've got your own leading man and Oud Wood' Eau de Parfum is the romantic gift for him to prepare for his starring role on your next anniversary.
Thor Horn Drinking Mug
If he's a Game of Thrones fan, one Thor Horn Mug may not be enough. It might not strike you as a romantic gift for him, but it all depends on what's inside and who is by his side. Get one for yourself and chug with your mighty man on his next birthday. Every mug is a unique color and shape.
Engraved Wallet Insert Card
When you're far apart, this small token of love will keep you close to his heart. This engraved wallet insert card is an indelible love note. A sweet reminder that fits all the criteria for the romantic gift for him, no matter where in the world he is.
Keepsake Hands Casting Kit
Do you love the feel of your hand in his? Capture the feeling with this Keepsake Hands Casting Kit. Make it a fun and romantic gift for him by creating the right ambiance. Lower the lights and look into each other's, slowly join hands and entwine your fingers and then make the magic happen. The end product is a life-sized and lovely replica.
100% Silk Kimono
The best romantic gifts for him are those that are for his eyes only. Snap a sexy selfie in this 100% Silk Kimono and it's sure to become his new phone screensaver. Long and luxurious with artfully placed floral prints you'll be the birthday treat he can't get enough of.
Riedel Fire Whisky Set
Whether it's a classic whiskey sour, an old-fashioned cocktail or a smooth hot toddy, every sip he takes from his Riedel Fire Whisky Set will make him think of you. It's the romantic gift for him, that he'll insist on sharing with you. Say cheers to your love.
Versace Eros Flame for Men
Send him your love notes all day long with Versace Eros Flame eau de parfum. It's Valentine's Day ready in an attractive flame red packaging. Buy why wait till then to make this a romantic gift for him on his birthday or your anniversary. Whatever the day, whatever the occasion, this gift will ignite sparks of passion.
Tom Ford Men's Sunglasses
Durable, stylish and oh so very sexy on him. It's hard to explain, there's a certain something about a man in the right pair of sunglasses. The French call it je ne sais quoi. These Tom Ford Men's Sunglasses will make an oh so romantic gift for him. They're durable, stylish and says happy birthday, and 'sorry ladies, this one's mine.'
Unique Wine Gift Set
Is the one you love a lover of wines? He knows where there is love, there is wine. And that's why you know this unique wine gift set is the best romantic gift for him. This set is a treasure trove of all things wine, from corkscrew to bottle stopper. We see lot of wine and love in your future.
Distressed Leather Weekender
When your lover is a travelling man, you want him to travel in style. This Distressed Leather Weekender tells the world he's a man of substance. He'll understand immediately why you thought this was an ideal romantic gift for him on Valentine's Day. He may be a travelling man, but he always comes home to you on the days that matter most.
Tommy John Luxury Trunks
A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. That's the dictionary definition of the word romance. The keyword here is excitement. These Tommy John Luxury Trunks will make all parties involved excited, thereby making this a very fitting romantic gift for him. Box up these boxers for him on Valentine's Day. The fun will really begin when the unboxing ends.
Cobra Wine Decanter
This beautiful Cobra Wine Decanter is a two-fer romantic gift for him if he loves wine and appreciates beautiful things. If he decides to make it a show piece you'll understand completely. But you won't mind when he insists on pouring you the very first glass of wine.
Classic Leather Blazer
Look who's dapper now! The smooth lambskin and expert tailoring make for a very fine fit indeed. When he's sporting this classic leather blazer everyone's going to want a piece of that. But they better beware! It's a roaring romantic gift for him that'll bring out the lioness in you.
Men's Work Chukka
He'll be pleasantly surprised by these good looking and well-made Chukka boots. In fact, he's the one who will declare that this is prime romantic gift for him. That's because it shows him you're in for the long haul. It says you're going to be by his side come rain, come shine.
Men's Wallet & Fob Set
This Wallet & Key Fob Set sends a very special message to a man. It says you're on his side. You care about his safety and security. If you want to make it an even more romantic gift for him, slip a few notes inside, love notes that is, and you'll sweep him off his feet.
Diesel Men's Watch
Any man who is gifted with this handsome Diesel watch will know instantly that he is loved. It's a bold, romantic gift for him that will stand the test of time. Ultimate birthday, anniversary or Father's Day gift for watch-lovers. He'll think of you with every wear.
Complete Tie Set
You think he's hella sexy when he's all suited up. This Complete Tie Set is the real deal with cufflinks, pockets squares, and tie clips. Everything he needs to get his finery on and set you on fire. This will definitely rate highly in your list of romantic gifts for him.
Premium Journal Gift Set
Of all things you love about him, your most fave is that he takes the time each day to journal. He is reflective and consistent in his habits. The Premium Journal Gift set is a deeply romantic gift for him. Simply picturing him writing on the smooth cotton pages of this suede leather journal with the 24K finished ball point pen, makes your heart flutter.
Luxury Candle Scent for Him
The minute he walks into the room and picks up the scent from his Luxury Candle Set he'll know you have plans of passion. Contained in an exquisite black glass holder with a platinum-coated metal snuffer lid, this might as well be named a prelude to passion. It's an aromatic and romantic gift for him.
Custom Soundwave Art
Ladies, here you have it! The most romantic gift for him that's high-tech, arty and also plays your favorite couple's song. All you need to do is choose the song or record a special message and select the soundwave art color. The result is a one-of-a-kind gift for your anniversary or Valentine's Day.
Eggplant 3D Pop Up Card
Romantic gifts for him don't have to be all poetry and flowers. Sometimes, a simple vegetable will do. You should carefully plan when you present him with this laugh-out-loud Eggplant 3D Pop Up Card on Valentine's Day. If you hand it over before dinner, he'll be so distracted he may not eat all his vegetables.
Casual Pajama Sets
This casual pajama set is exactly what you need to be wearing on those nights when you and your man just want to order in and sit by the fire. They're even more perfect on those cloudy weekend mornings when you decide that sleeping and snuggling is the best romantic gift for him.
Sexy Token
What we have here ladies is the winner of the most romantic gift for him in the 'I can hardly wait' category. A sexy token with a promise you must keep. We think this is one token he'll never misplace. It's a Valentine's Day special he won't want to miss.
What I Love about You Book
Fill in the blanks to write your love story and make this the most intimate of all the romantic gifts you've ever given him. I love your BLANK. You are my favorite BLANK in the world. I love hearing stories about your BLANK. I love how talented you are at BLANK. When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about BLANK. Perfect bedtime reading on Valentine's Day.
Personalized Wood Watch
When he sees the engraved message on the back of this unique romantic gift, he'll fall in love with you all over again. When you see the smile on his face, you'll do the same. This stunning wood watch with personalized engraving for the man, fiance, boyfriend or husband - you're proud to call yours.
Elegant Nightgown
Hello sexy! Just when you thought you'd run out of ideas for romantic gifts for him. This elegant nightgown trimmed with European lace is not just for sleeping. Be sure to pack this for your romantic Valentine's Day or anniversary getaway. This one is a keeper, just like him.
Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle
If Paris is on your romantic trip bucket list, this 3D Eiffel Tower puzzle will inspire you to call the airlines. If you've been to Paris together, it's a perfect romantic gift for him as you reminisce together. If you've already planned your next trip, the 84 puzzle pieces can help you count down the days.
The Ultimate Game for Couples
The Ultimate Game for Couples at any stage in their relationship. Play as a couple or as a team against other couples. Includes 200 cards with questions and challenges, a fun Valentines' Day for new couples just learning about each other. Perfect anniversary gift for couples who think they know all there is to know about their partner.
Stretchy Fitness Pants
It's his birthday and you bought the perfect romantic gift for him. Maybe you got him concert tickets or a gift card. Perhaps it's a symbolic key to your heart. The hidden waistband pocket on these everyday stretchy fitness pants are perfect for keeping your secret safe and snug, until you feel the moment is right. He will love these on you.