49 Adorable Ring Bearer Gifts That Are Just Too Cute

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Being the designated ring bearer is one of the biggest responsibility that many toddlers will have! Whether this is their first time being one, or they’re a pro at being in weddings, they deserve a special surprise for all of their hard work. Whether it’s a new outfit or fun toy, your baby and toddlers have earned it!

Kids Waterproof Camera
Being the ring bearer is a special job. Show your nephew just how important his role in the wedding is with a special gift. This kids, waterproof camera is a fun and creative way to say thank you for being a part of your big day.
Ring Security Glasses
Get creative on your wedding day by giving your ring bearer a pair of custom sunglasses. He will feel really important wearing 'ring security' sunglasses as he walks down the aisle. Everyone will truly enjoy how adorable his part in the wedding is. You may even get some lovable family giggles.
Kick Scooter
Scooters are fun for all ages. Show your ring bearer you appreciate his help with this fun gift. This scooter is made for toddlers ages 3-5 and has the added safety feature of having 3 wheels. The scooter is perfect as a starter and will keep him busy all summer.
Rock Painting Kit
Does your ring bearer have an interest in arts and crafts? A rock painting kit is a great way to say thank you for all of your help. It comes with 42 pieces to create some beautiful art. Whether you are creating rock people or a beautiful nature scene everyone will have fun.
LEGO Classic Set
All little boys love to play with Legos and creating fun designs and toys. Give him more Legos to add to his collection for being such a big helper. There has never been a better way to show your ring bearer just how much you appreciate him.
Camping Set with Tent
Let your children get lost in their imagination with a 24 piece play camper set. The set comes with a mini tent and all the pretend camping gear you could want. Set this gift up and watch them play camping for hours. You can even go out back and set up the tent in the yard.
Tree Climbers
Turn any tree into a rock climbing wall with this cool tree climbing kit. Your ring bearer will love their thank you gift because it will last a long time. It comes climbing holds and straps to go up a tree with ease and is great or all ages.
Flying Saucer Rope Swing
A 40' saucer tree swing is great for all ages. Hook it up in your backyard, and everyone will enjoy climbing on the swing and soaring. The Ohuhu swing is the perfect addition to any new home. It will make a great gift for a family.
Huggable Night Light
Give your toddler this amazing night light pet. This is such a creative gift to present to your special ring bearer. Remote operated, you can change the color and brightness at any time. They will love this surprise when you present it to them at your wedding.
Custom Name Puzzle
Whether your toddler plays with this puzzle or you use it for display this is a fun toy and decoration. Personalize this puzzle to have your baby's first and last name in wooden puzzle form. This toy will allow your child to learn how to spell their name so much easier.
Kids Headphones
Now you can combine keeping your child on their best behavior with their love of Pokemon. Give them these Pikachu headphones for an adorable new look they will always carry around. They are adjustable and compatible with most devices. This is the right gift for any toddler.
2-in-1 Backpack & Lunch Bag
This fun gift will last for many lunches at school. Give your ring bearer this thoughtful 2 in 1 backpack and lunch bag. The cool design of this backpack will make you the coolest aunt and uncle ever. The insulation keeps all of your child's food fresh.
Play-Doh Kids Set
All kids love play-doh and your ring bearer is no different. Carrying the rings is such a big job, and this surprise will make him feel extra important. This set comes with 36 different colors of 3-ounce tubs of molding clay. You can get as creative as you want with all the different choices of play-doh.
Portable Blanket Fort Kit
If your child is anything like mine, they will love the ability to build a fort anywhere. This blanket fort kit is perfect for all ages. No matter where you are, you can throw together a lot of fun and imagination. Your children will get a laugh out of this gift.
Kids Fun Tablet
Your wedding day is a very important day for all those that play a role. Show your ring bearer just how much you appreciate them by giving them a fun gift. You can't go wrong when you choose this 7' tablet with a hard case.
Shape Shifting Box
Fidget toys have officially soared to a new level. With this Shashibo shape-shifting box, your child will have hours of playing and creativity. You can transform this box into many different shapes. There are several design choices to ensure you get the exact one you want.
Underwater Pool Toy
Pool toys are always a plus during those hot summer months, especially when it looks just like a watermelon. Give your ring bearer a cool gift after your wedding. The watermelon ball holds up great in the water for dribbling and passing without falling apart.
Harry Potter’s Light Painting Wand
Give your young Harry Potter fan an amazing and unique gift. The wand is 14 inches long with unique features detailed along with a cool light-up flashlight end. Now your child will have hours and hours of play while making up fun spells and pretending.
Karaoke Microphone
Karaoke singing is so much fun. Now you can teach your children young with this Kidz Bop karaoke microphone. It connects with any speaker to sing whichever songs you choose. Your house will be full of melodies from the time you wake up until bedtime.
Giant Tumbling Timber Toy
Snag these giant tumbling blocks for a fun yard game this year. There are 54 wooden blocks that are oversized ready to be played. Stack them one at a time and see who can make them tumble. The wooden tower can get up to 4 feet high.
Kids Cooking and Baking Set
It is never too early to start teaching your children how to bake. With this 31 piece kids baking set, they will learn many useful tips. They will learn how to measure ingredients and create their very own recipes with 12 notecards. Baking has never been so fun.
Bean Bag Chair for Kids
Give your ring bearer a fun and unique gift at your wedding. Show him just how important his job is when you give him this adorable kid-sized bean bag. The bean bag chair comes with beans and a machine-washable bag cover for a perfect fit for your toddler.
Nature Bound Bug Catcher Set
All kids love looking for different, unique bugs. Now it has become that much easier with a bug catcher vacuum and bug terrarium. With this kit, you don't have to get close to the bugs you want to catch and still have a huge collection.
LED Remote Control Car for Kids
The job of the ring bearer is such a big one. He walks down the aisle and carries the most important piece of the ceremony, the rings. Show him how special he is by giving him a Force 1 tornado remote control car. He will have hours and hours of fun with this car.
Throw Throw Burrito Game
Turn every family event into a crazy party with this goofy burrito throwing game. This fun and interactive game has grownups and kids alike throwing burritos at each other for a chance to win. Follow the game rules or make your own for a unique experience.
Giant Funny Realistic Burrito Blanket
Show everyone just how big your sense of humor can be. This burrito tortilla blanket will surely get many laughs when you have visitors and pull this blanket out. This gigantic blanket is 60 inches wide and will cover your whole family for a fun snack-filled movie night.
3D Simulation Bread Plush Pillow
Give that special toddle a gift he will love with this adorable stuffed sloth. He will always be able to enjoy his plush that looks very realistic. It is 100 cm in size for an extra snuggly experience. This is the perfect ring bearer gift.
Realistic Stuffed Sloth Plush Toy
Get goofy with this life sized french bread plush pillow. It is 39.4 inches and looks so realistic you could reach out and bite it. Stick it on your sofa for an extra cushion or place it in your bed so you can snuggle it to sleep at night.
Big Bubbles Kit
Now you can have a lot of fun making bubbles. Take your kids to the park or out in the back and bring along these big bubbles. Use the big wand and mix it inside the mix and run around. Everyone will make bubbles bigger than the children.
Slingshot Finger Rockets
Slingshot finger rockets are fun for boys of all ages. Show your ring bearer just how special and important they are with this amazing gift. Each order comes with 8, so he can shoot them all or share them with his friends. They soar up to 100 feet in the air.
Magic Drawing Board Set
You have never before seen such a cool gift as this magic neon drawing board. Create doodles with this battery powered doodle pad. Let the creativity flow with your loved one. The perfect gift for a toddler that's the cute ring bearer!
Cloud and Moon LED Neon Light
This moon and cloud LED neon light makes a great gift for a special ring bearer. Show him just how special he is with this thank you gift. This sign has bright pink and blue lights for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can plug this in with a USB or add batteries and take it anywhere.
Light Up Letters with Remote LED
Decorate your wedding in style. Snag some light up letter laps to celebrate the special couple's big day. These dimmable timed lights are the perfect accompaniment to all of the other decor you have chosen. You will get a lot of compliments at the reception when everyone sees the style.
Harry Potter Party Game
Give your ring bearer a fun gift for being such a big helper. This is an easy game for children to play and the whole family will enjoy. Place headbands on each of your heads and take turns guessing Harry Potter-themed topics. So strap on a headphone and get engulfed in the wizarding world.
Felt Letter Board Set
Get creative at your wedding with a felt letter message board. This comes with 3 different sized letters so you can get really creative and announce your wedding in a big way. You will be able to have a lot of fun on your wedding day.
Wax Seal Stamp Kit Starry Whale
This stamp kit is a great way to send out thank you cards after your wedding. You can use this wax seal stamp to make your thank yous extra fabulous. Choose from many different designs to ensure a completely personalized look for all of your cards.
Celebration Sparkling Apple Cider
Let the kids have fun at your wedding too with these fun bottles of sparkling cider. This gift of 12, 8.4-ounce bottles are the perfect present for your ring bearer and flower girl to feel like part of the big day. Now they can toast to celebrate with Martinelli's sparkling cider.
Personalized Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar
Make gift-giving fun with the personalization of Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate with the name of the giftee. This makes a great option as gifts for your wedding party, from the maid of honor down to the ring bearer. You will be the best Bride ever.
CraveBox Care Package
There is no better way to say you are special than surprising your ring bearer with this amazing Cravebox care package. This 45 count box is full of so many different name-brand snacks and goodies from goldfish to fun dip, there is something for everyone.
Mindfulness Workbook
Keep your ring bearer entertained with this cool and thoughtful gift. This mindfulness workbook for children helps with keeping calm and focus. This book is great at helping through troubled times and the ability to cope. You can't go wrong when snagging this for all ages.
My First Daily Magnetic Calendar
Teach organization from a young age with this unique gift. Give your baby a Melissa & Doug My First Daily Calendar and team them all the way to stay on top of things. You can include chores and daily tasks to keep your child focused.
Craft Art Supply Kit
Art supplies are a way to open up your child's creativity. This kit is the perfect gift for your ring bearer so they can enjoy hours of countless crafts. It includes googly eyes, fuzzy pipes, beads, sequins, and much more. No matter what you choose you can come up with a cool project.
Trucks Personalized Name Book
Surprise that special toddler in your life with a personalized book all about trucks. The book will include their name and will give fun facts about 62 types of trucks. The most exciting part is the book is customized to spell out your child's name throughout the book.
Customized Ring Bearer Puzzle Invitation
Ask your nephew to be your ring bearer in the most creative way. Give him this puzzle so he can put it together and see that he can have some fun. He will be truly excited when he reads the cute way you have been invited.
First Name Meaning Keepsake Print
Personalize this beautiful wall poster as a way of saying thank you. The ring bearer plays such a pivotal part in the wedding by presenting the rings. Show him just how special he is with a wolf poster that has his name and its meaning on it.
Name Wood Sign for Room Decor
Customize this adorable wooden black sign with your ring bearers name. Give this to him as a surprise gift after your big day. Everyone will be wishing they had one too. He will feel extra special when he hangs this up in his room for all to see.
Rollerblades with light up wheels
It is never too young to start learning how to roller skate. Spoil your ring bearer with these adjustable size rollerblades. As they pick up speed the wheels light up bright. This is a great way to say you are important with a fun gift.
Personalized Keyring
Get your family personalized name tag key rings this year. Give them out as gifts for your wedding party as a way to say thank you for all their help. Customize the names and the colors to match any theme. Your ring bearer and flower girl will love this.
Ring Security Kids Hat
You can't snag the ring security glasses without also getting the ring security hat. Make your ring bearer feel really important and special at your wedding with his blinged-out outfit. The hat will add some pizzazz to your event and it comes in different color stitching.