67 Quirky Rick and Morty Gifts to Get Riggity Wrecked

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Oh Jeez, Rick. Don’t know what to get your Rick and Morty lover this year? You are not alone. Check out these 67 quirky gifts that they are guaranteed to love! From exclusive collectibles to fun merch, there is an idea here for everyone to satisfy any Rick and Morty lover.

Rick And Morty Autographed Signed Reprint
An authentic reprinted script version of Episode 102 'Lawnmower Dogs' from the television show Rick & Morty. The cover is signed by Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Rob Paulsen Rick Sanchez. This item has the option of being bought framed or unframed for yourself or as a gift for any fan.

Pickle Rick Collectible Figure with Laser
I’m Pickle Rick! A 3.75 inch Funko Pop stylized vinyl version of Pickle Rick with a laser from the animated show Rick & Morty. Multicolored, this POP was awarded collectible of the year and people’s choice by Pop! No actual pickles were injured in the making of this collectable.

Rick And Morty Monopoly Board Game
Jump into the world of Rick & Morty by playing the official Rick & Morty Monopoly game. Explore the multiverse by selling locations including Planet Squanch, Gazorpazorp, or even places from Earth. Collectables include tokens, Flooble Cranks, Gooble Boxes and customer Flurbo currency. The interstellar adventure gives 60 minutes of fun or more per game.

Rick And Morty Mr. Meeseeks Paperweight
This multicolor cube is an exact coloring of a Mr. Meeseeks box as seen on the show Rick & Morty. The cube is made of ceramic for durability and measures 4.5 inches. It can be used as a statement piece, paperweight or even a place to store your coins.

Rick And Morty Smartwatch Band
Connect your watch to the multiverse with this Rick & Morty open portal smartwatch band. This band is officially licensed by Warner Bros. The band includes 2 sets of connectors for Apple watches that are 38/40mm and 42/44 mm including watch series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. This also fits Samsung watches and any others with a pin that is 22mm.

Rick And Morty Spaceship USB Light
Light up your desk with this officially licensed USB Light from the television show Rick & Morty. This spaceship is a unique way to add light to any area for people of any age whether child, teenager or adult. Once plugged-in, watch it light up with Rick and Morty inside.

Rick And Morty Backpack
Aim for the stars with this backpack from the television show Rick & Morty. In these interdimensional portals you can see Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks, Snowball, and Summer. Additional artwork is featured on the inside of the bag as well. Inside art includes Rick, Morty and the saying 'Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.'

Rick And Morty Glow in the Dark Wallet
Protect your wallet from the dark with this glow in the dark Rick and Morty wallet. This is a bi-fold wallet with an ID window and polyurethane lining. This is an officially licensed product by BioWorld. One size fits all holding cards, cash and more.

Rick And Morty Collector's Chess Set
The officially licensed Rick & Morty chess set based on the Adult Swim television series. Pieces include Rick as king, Morty as queen, Summer and Beth as bishops and Mr. Meeseeks are the pawns on both sides of the chess board. This collectable strategy game is a game for two players.

Rick And Morty Dimension Portal Hoodie
Stay warm with this officially licensed Rick and Morty Pullover Hoodie. It has Rick, Morty, stepping out of an interdimensional portal. It’s officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise by Ripple Junction. This is a unisex sweatshirt for anyone to sear that’s best cared for by machine washing on cold with like colors then drying on low heat.

Rick And Morty Official Coloring Book
This is the first official coloring book from the show Rick & Morty from Adult Swim. It features show favorites like Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks, Summer and more. This is an adult coloring book with a science fiction twist showing different location across the multiverse.

Rick And Morty Tie-Dye T-Shirt
Rick and Morty are at it again. They are walking through an interdimensional portal arriving on a T-shirt sized for your fit. This Tie Dye shirt is made of cotton that is machine washable. It is brought to you in the psychedelic way by Ripple Junction.

Rick's Gym Wall Banner
Rick, from the show Rick & Morty, is here to motivate with this wall banner. This official merchandise shows Rick buff and the words 'Rick’s Gym ‘Rick’s gon give it to ya’'. It is made of woven polyester and has aluminum grommets for simple hanging.

Paladone Rick And Morty Drink Coasters
Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks and Mr. Poopy Butthole stepped out of the wrong portals and landed on cup coasters. They are now on multicolored 3D coasters that are good for protecting against cold or warm drinks as needed. These round coasters are officially licensed merchandise from the Rick & Morty show.

Szechuan Dipping Sauce Shot Glass
No Rick and Morty lover should go without these dipping sauce shot glasses. Officially licensed and high quality kitchenware that brings novelty into their lives. Get them prepared for dipping their food and drinking shots (all in the same glass!). Just hopefuly not at the same time. Get schwifty with these shot glasses.

Heat Reactive Mug
This is the officially licensed coffee mug from the television show Rick and Morty. On the ceramic mug art showcases Rick and Morty walking out of an interdimensional portal. The mug then changes with heat revealing an alien adventure. This item is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed for best use.

Rick And Morty Pint Glasses
These are the official glasses from the Rick and Morty show featuring Rick, Morty, Snowball and Jerry. Perfect as gifts for fans of the show for house warming, birthdays holidays or other celebrations. Each glass holds 16 ounces. For best use hand wash glasses and use with cool liquids.

Rick and Morty Operation Game
Let all of your favorite Rick and Morty characters operate in this fast paced game. Take care of important diseases like Hepatitis C, Bubonic Plague and Haunted Liver. A fun game that will have everyone in the group laughing and playing along. Makes a fantastic gift.

Fleece Throw Blanket
Relax and melt into this Rick and Morty throw blanket. This is the officially licensed novelty blanket for the show Rick and Morty and Toynk Toys exclusive. This blanket is made of 100% polyester fleece for comfort and the unique design of Rick and Morty traveling in their space cruiser.

Adjustable Baseball Hat
Take Rick and Morty on the go with this adjustable snapback baseball cap. This hat features the main characters of the television show Rick and Morty jumping out of an interdimensional portal. It’s 100% cotton with buckle closure. The buckle is adjustable so one size fits all.

Bioworld Pom Beanie Hat
The officially licensed Rick and Morty pom beanie by Bioworld from the Rick and Morty Adult Swim television show. This beanie is 100% acrylic to keep in heat and a 2.5 inch cuff for additional style. This one size fits all item is a perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas and more

Good Luck Undies Boxer Briefs
If you need some good luck undies Rick and Morty have a unique pair from the multiverse. One the front it notes that they are good luck undies and showcases Rick and Morty running away from multiple aliens. These undies were made to be comfy, durable and eliminates seems.

Friendship Puzzle Keychain
For best friends, family or anyone with connection with the multiverse these Rick and Morty friendship Keychains are the perfect gift. These high-quality stainless-steel keychains show’s your connection with the words 'You are the Rick to my Morty,' and 'You are the Morty to my Rick.'

Holographic Snapback Hat
Go on a trip with this Rick and Morty sublimated bill snapback hat. This is the officially licensed Adult Swim hat from the television show Rick and Morty. It is 100% Cotton and one size fit all for any fan of the show to enjoy.

The Science of Rick And Morty Guide
If you are curious about the science behind the show Rick and Morty this is the book for you. It explores the truth behind the show including how close science currently is to Rick’s experiments becoming reality. This book was written by Matt Brady in 2019.

Rick's Car Spaceship Bank
Keep your valuables safe in Rick’s well-armed ship from the show Rick and Morty. It’s multi colored to match the ship as seen on screen. Giving that feeling of protection that any coins in this safe will be safe. This is the officially licensed Rick and Morty bank from Adult Swim.

Portal Umbrella with Molded Handle
This is the officially licensed Rick and Morty portal umbrella. This umbrella has uniquely molded handle to recreate Rick’s portal gun. The top of the umbrella is multicolored green acting as a portal as seen on the show. This would make the perfect gift for any Rick and Morty fan to keep them dry from the rain.

Collectible Chrome Portal Gun
This is the officially licensed chrome portal gun. It’s a toy portal gun based on the Rick and Morty show. In the right light the wielder will produce portals on the wall or wherever wanted. This item is perfect for kids or adults of any age.

Collectible Mystery Mini Action Figures
The universe – even the multiverse – is full of nearly infinite possibilities. As characters traverse the multiverse in Rick and Morty they’ve shown multiple worlds and possibilities that could exist for everyone. With multiple mini Rick and Morty characters to collect, which one will you get?

BlowChair Inflatable Portal Ottoman
If the universe is getting you down the Rick and Morty Air Candy Inflatable Ottoman is one way to take a load off. It inflates in minutes and holds up to 250 pounds. It can be used as a chair, footrest or any other way of leisure.

Mr. Meeseeks' Dice & Dares Game
If you dare, pick up and play the Cryptozoic Entertainment Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun. It’s full of dares that could make for a hilarious party game. Besides the game of dares, the box doubles as collectible Meeseeks Box. We dare you to give it a try.

Bird Person Action Figure
He is both bird and a person and all action. From the television show Rick and Morty this 5 inch Funko version of Bird Person is ready for adventure or to be collected. He comes in a box with a window, and it’s up to you if you let him out to fly.

Men's Crew Socks
If your feet get cold learning about the multiverse then this pair of Rick and Morty socks could be the perfect solution. These socks are for men sizes 6-12 and includes two pairs of socks. One pair features rick on black and blue socks where the other pair features Morty on blue and yellow.

Silver Buffalo Ceramic Soup Mug
This is the officially licensed oversized Rick and Morty Ceramic Soup Mug. The mug holds 24 ounces. It also shows the different expressions of Rick and Morty from the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty as seen on screen. This product is made by Silver Buffalo.

Lanyard with ID Holder Set
Hold your keys, ID or whatever desired with style with the officially licensed Rick and Morty Lanyard with ID Holder. Attached to this fine lanyard is a rubber portal gun charm. A collectors portal gun sticker is also included with purchase. This makes a great practical gift for your Morty lover.

Dungeons & Dragons Book
This Graphic Novel adventure crosses over two juggernauts with Rick and Morty and Dungeons and Dragons. In this adventure Rick and Morty get sucked into a world of Dungeons and Dragons world – alternate universes governed by the games rules. With this you don't need a D20 to see what happens next.

Spaceship Lunch Box
This is the officially licensed lunch box for Rick and Morty by BioWorld. The front features Rick and Morty flying in their spaceship from the show Rick and Morty. Inside is room to hold food, drinks and more. Just don't let the time to pack food fly by you.

Character Guide
This is the hardcover encyclopedia on all of the wacky characters in the show Rick and Morty from Adult Swim. It’s full of character information, hilarious trivia and full-color art from the show. Have you ever wanted to know more about the Council of Ricks or your favorite character?

Talking Pickle Rick Figure
Have you ever heard a pickle talk? Do you want to? This is the talking pickle Rick from Rick and Morty who says catch phrases like 'I turned myself into a pickle, Morty,' and 'I’m Pickle Rick!' This talking pickle comes with a 48 page book on Pickle Rick in full color.

Rick And Morty Rubik's Cube
Give your mind a workout with the Rick and Morty Rubik’s Cube. It features some of show’s favorite characters including Pickle Rick, Squanchy and Mr. Meeseeks. This product comes with the rubik’s cube and display stand. It’s time to get schwifty and take the challenge.

Gaming Mouse Pad
Update your desk with this Rick and Morty LED Light Gaming Mouse Pad. The mousepad is smooth with a waterproof surface with easy to clean capability. It has a slip rubber base ensuring the gaming mousepad is sturdy as well. The RGB Mouse pad is powered by a USB. It’s plug and play ability makes it easy to switch light colors as well.

Mad Max Rick Collectible FIgure
The Official Mad Max Rick Funko Pop! As seen on the show Rick and Morty Rick drives in as a stylized pop from Funko! This figure stands at 5 inches tall and would make a great addition to the collection of any Rick and Morty fan.

Party Decoration Set
The 150 piece birthday decoration piece is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday in a schwifty way. Each decoration kit comes with 1 happy birthday banner, 24 latex balloons, 1 roll of balloon ribbon, 1 cake topper and 50 Rick and Morty stickers. Use them and have a Schwifty time.

This is the official Rick and Morty Munchkin game. It comes with 168 cards featuring favorite characters from the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty. This is a fast-paced party game created by Steve Jackson games. This game is best played with 3 to 6 players.

Deluxe Poster Set
Check out the official Rick and Morty posters. Posters include Rick and Morty appearing from an interdimensional portal, Szechuan Dipping Sauce, and them walking out of an interdimensional portal onto a colorful planet. This purchase also comes with a bonus bookmark. These deluxe mounted prints are ready to hang when purchased.

Spaceship Polyester Door Banner
Let them express their Rick and Morty fanboism with this unique door banner. Everyone goes through a phase of having their favorite show plastered over their walls. Let them take it to the max with a covering for their bedroom door. It's easy to attach and detach, and officially licensed gear!

Rick Keychain
It’s Rick from the television show Rick and Morty. This time he’s a Funko Pop! Keychain version of the scientist from the Adult Swim show. You can now have the world’s smartest man (In Rick and Morty) on your keychain. Rick and Morty lovers will love your practical nature.

Rick's Ship Pool Tube
Puff up and float out in style with this Rick and Morty Inflatable Rick Ship. Traverse any water you’re in comfortably floating on or in this this inflatable. It inflates quickly so you're not having to spend much time puffing it up and can spend more time on the water.

Windshield Accordion Sunshade
Let any onlookers know your car is protected from the sun with this Rick and Morty windshield accordion sunshade. On the accordion Rick and Morty sit in their spaceship with outer space showing behind them. Perfect for Rick and Morty fans to keep their car cool.

Pickle Rick Men's Slippers
These are the officially licensed Pickle Rick slippers from the show Rick and Morty. They're made with premium quality, long lasting fabrics to keep feet the wearer’s feet warm. These slippers come in men’s sizes of 8, 9, or 10. Grips on the bottom help wearers feet from slipping as well.

Pickle Jar Glass Mason Jar
Pickle Rick is now at the center of the 'Pickle Jar.' This is pickle Rick as seen on the show Rick and Morty. It can hold all kinds of beverages whether hot or cold up to 20oz. This glass mason jar is a great gift for any fan of the show Rick and Morty.

Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game
Rick and Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game is easy to learn featuring the zany characters from the show Rick and Morty. This game includes mimicked actions from the show as well as advanced play with hidden roles. This is a cooperative game with up to five players.

Mr. Meeseeks Vinyl Figure
I'm Mr. Meeseeks! The Funko Pop! Version of Mr. Meeseeks as seen on the show Rick and Morty. He is part of the Rick and Morty Funko Pop! Styles of Mr. Meeseeks may vary, much like the character himself. A very wise character makes a very wise gift!

Evil Rick And Morty Construction Set
This McFarlane Toy is Evil. Rick and Evil Morty from the show Rick and Morty to be precise. The construction building set comes with approximately 99 pieces with the figures themselves having swappable limbs and joints. This set was inspired by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty television series.

The Pickle Rick Game
The Pickle Game from Rick and Morty let’s players decide where they want their pickle. Their pickle could be at home, school, work or even a therapy session. When the pickle is cracked open someone gets to play as the pickle and escape a heavily armed compound. Are you pickle enough?

Dancing Pickle Rick
Want to see a pickle dance? Well, you can with your own Dancing Pickle Rick from the show Rick and Morty. With the press of a button or motion to activate Pickle Rick can dance to any song including the Rick and Morty theme song. Three 'AA' batteries are needed to operate.

Pickle Rick Collectible Plushie
Pickle Rick is a 7 inch fun plushie. Get your own soft Funko! Plush Pickle Rick from the show Rick and Morty. This is part of the Rick and Morty Funko! Collection where you can collect and display them all. The perfect plush for any Rick and Morty fan.

Scary Terry Costume Robe
You can run but you can't hide from this officially licensed Scary Terry Costume Robe. It features Scary Terry from the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty. This is a comfortable plush robe that is hand wash or dry clean only for its best care.

Pickle Rick Lounge Pants
These are the official Rick and Morty Pickle Rick lounge pants. They’re 100% cotton and adult standard fit. These pants have drawstring closure for a good fit. Besides the prints no pickles come with these pants. No pickles were hurt in the making of these pants.

Mr. Meeseeks Sleep Set
With the blue color Mr. Meeseeks Unisex Unisex 2 Piece Sleep Set makes the perfect warm set for sleep. Mr. Meeseeks is from the show Rick and Morty and this is an officially licensed product from Cartoon Network. The 2 piece set is made of fleece and has removable mittens for comfort.

Shaker Bottle with Loop Top
Stay healthy and fit with this Rick and Morty 28- Ounce Shaker. This is officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise featuring Rick and Summer. The shaker was made with BPA free plastic and is hand was only. Do not microwave or put in the dishwasher.

CLUE: Rick And Morty
This is the Rick and Morty collectable Clue Game. The board has custom illustrations featuring artwork from the Adult swim show Rick and Morty. It also comes with six custom sculpted pieces: Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, Beth and Mr. Poopybutthole. Can you figure out who stole the plans to Rick’s Portal Gun?

Risk: Rick And Morty
Risk has gone galactic with Risk The Game of Strategic Conquest Rick and Morty edition. This is featuring characters and locations from the Rick and Morty Show. In this game five power driven factions include the Mythologs, Robot Dogs, Gazorpians, Post-Apocalyptic People and the U.S. Government.