23 Affordable Return Gifts for Kids That Are Memorable

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Planning a kids birthday party or special event? Do you want to fill up a rewards chest in your classroom? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of all the best party favors, return gifts, and rewards for the toddler boys and girls in your life. Fidget toys, glow wands, and bubble guns ahoy!

Light Up Bracelets
The perfect set of party favors to light up the room and the smiles of your children's party guests! Each light up bracelet is easy to put on, fun to play with, and have three different light modes with spinning action to keep your little one's attention... until it's time for cake that is!
Robot Birthday Party Favors
For the mini science fiction or robotics fan in your home! Sticker sheets, temporary tattoos, action figures, and erasers all come in this variety pack of robot themed play. These robot party favors are colorful and cute; but may still ask to be taken to your leader. There's even a surprise snack for your special little robo-enthusiast.
Digital Sport Watches
It's a digital age we live in, and most kiddos can't even read an analog clock! These digital sports watches tell the time in easy to understand numbers, come in so many colors, and are adjustable to fit on children of any age! These are sure to be a hit for any special occasion.
DIY Kids Craft Kits
Arts and crafts are always a blast especially with funny foam designs like these! The kids can make anything from lady bugs to birthday cake with this 3D art kit. With 12 designs to choose from everyone will find something they love! And once they're finished creating, they can use their crafts as pencil or crayon holders at home.
Fidget Toys Set
Keeping those little hands moving is always fun for them and such a relief for parents. These fidget toys will make a great party favor or return gift, but we can't guarantee you won't want to keep a couple for yourself! Hand out everything from squishy baseballs to puzzle cubes and watch their expressions light up!
Water Growing Unicorns
Every little girl wants their very own pet unicorn to ride off over the rainbow with! Well, we can't quite deliver the real magic horsies for the festivities, but this cute little set of water expanding unicorns will still be a fun diversion while they fantasize about their future unicorn stables. And also about candy mountains.
Paper Plate Craft Kits
Let their creativity take center stage with these paper plate craft kits. Not only are they simple to make, the bright and colorful animal designs will have your kiddos gigging all day long. Send one home for your little guests to do later or make them into a fun party activity everyone can do together! Dibs on the snowman!
Colored Sand Art Kits
This next one can get a little messy in the very best way. Create colorful decorative bottles that will be a nifty decoration and a fun memento of all the fun you'll have making it! Pouring sand into the plastic bottles is easy and the kids will love being in charge of the patterns and designs they come up with.
Super Fun Glow Sticks
Is it time for a sleepover or movie watching party? Get your glow on with this set of vibrant glow sticks that come in a variety of colors. With the 400 piece set, the fun will never end! Connectors are included so your little friends can make chains, bracelets, and whatever their imaginations unleash. The possibilities are endless when the fun glows in the dark!
Bubble Guns
This gift is perfect if you aren't quite ready to make the commitment to the soaking antics of water guns, but still want to enjoy all of the giggles, screaming, and tag sessions that come with them! The bubble solution is non-toxic, safe, and ready to fill your backyard with floating rainbow spheres.
Space Activity Books
Who doesn't love a activity book? They're fun, they're easy to clean up, and they're a great way to stretch a child's problem solving skills and motor functions! If your kiddos are fans of the solar system, the planets, or outer space, they're in for a treat!
Emoji Toy Spring Poppers
Push these emojis down and watch them sky into the air. Launch some awesome tricks! These emoji themed poppers will cruise up and have a silly face ready to make the kids giggle every time! The more you press, the higher you can send them. Every kid will love these.
Kids Jungle Toy Sets
We mentioned lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) before, but these are the real deal people. Okay, close to the real deal. We can't actually fit the whole zoo on this tiny package, but your kids will have a blast with the miniature zoo that's about to be unleashed at their party!
Fun Puzzle Balls
Brain teasers and puzzles always guarantee hours of fun, especially in a variety pack like this where the kids can swap and trade as they finish their own! They'll fiddle with gears, rings, and more while their minds work furiously to unlock their secrets. Shhhh, no hints now!
Spinning Light Up Wands
If you thought glow sticks were cool, wait until you put these spinning glow wands in the hands of your party guests! We guarantee smiles, sword fights, and lots of fun. Actually, maybe you should keep them for your next adult party too. They'll be just as big of a hit there!
Kids Sticker & Stamp Set
You just can't beat stickers and stamps for a kids party. Their unlimited application and wide appeal make them a must-have every time! All of the stamps are pre-inked so you don't have to worry about inkpad mess and the stickers are all easy peel and easy to remove!
Race Car Toy Gifts
There's a reason race car & construction toys have been around this long -- they're just so darn fun! Race, drive, and battle the cars on any surface; inside or out! With so many colors and designs to choose from, they might even end up being traded around like baseball cards! They're small enough to travel and entertain your tyke anywhere.
Kids Squeeze Toys
Okay, these little squeeze toys are just adorable. Your kids will love playing with the soft shape and enjoy collecting the different styles they come in. With this 70 piece bundle, there's a lot to choose from! Popcorn, sharks, teeth, cake, bears -- you name it, they can squeeze it! It's all the fun of fidget toys, without the clicks or breaks.
Light Up Toy Party Favors
Let's get this party started! Glow Sticks are awesome, it's basically a proven fact, but light up accessories and toys? This just got crazy. Your kids will love dressing up and accessorizing with these glow in the dark necklaces, sunglasses, rings, and bracelets -- the lights even flash for a fun strobe effect. There's something for everyone! Time to get lit!
Watercolor Paint Sets
The ultimate in arts and crafts fun had to make it on this list. We are talking, of course, about watercolors! Not only are they so much fun to paint with, they are non-toxic and easy to wash out of any fabric. Help creativity flow and get their eyes away from those devices for a while. They'll love it just as much as you do!
Sensory Toy Bundles
Kids just can't get enough of the fidget toys these days! They're so much fun to squeeze, bend, click, spin and AH! We're feeling fidgety just writing about it! This variety pack comes with something for every pair of tiny hands to occupy themselves with. Whether they're into sports balls, puzzles, or stuffed animals they'll find a new toy to fiddle with in here!