55 Timeless Retro Gifts That Are Sure To Be Nostalgic

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From Pacman to Galaga, from typewriters to beanie babies, cue up the nostalgia because these retro gifts are a level up! The list includes shirts and collectibles, and actual games to play, plus other vintage items. What better gift to get for him than a retro item that will take him back to his childhood!

Retro Smoothie Maker
The perfect gift for your beloved at-home cooks. This retro blender will become a fun addition to your kitchen as you experiment with the various recipes within your day-to-day life. This stainless steel appliance comes with one BPA-free jar and one glass Mason Jar. Experience the smooth finish of any recipe with its high-powered heavy-duty blades.

Graphic T-Shirt
Gift your friends with this premium blend of cotton and polyester Graphic T-shirt. Express your love for fashion with the multi-colored MTV design, it's the perfect add-on to any retro outfit. Have him leave the house for almost any occasion, with the simplicity of the T-shirt, you can dress this top up or down.

Retro Game Console
Do you have a gamer in your home? Gift them with a blast from the past- a retro classic mini-game console! This dual control 8-bit console comes with hundreds of games, including dozens of the most popular retro video games. Keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours as you bond over the vintage gaming experience.

Bluetooth Turntable
Enjoy this Victrola 50's record player with all the features of a modern stereo. Dance to your favorite tune through CD, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, Aux & headphone jack! Save your go-to songs to MP3 with the sound system's recording feature. The easy set up process makes this the perfect gift, with no stereo system or extra equipment required.

Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard
Bring your friend's writing back to the basics with this bluetooth typewriter. With the ability to simultaneously pair with up to 3 devices, the support of the LED backlight, and the classic audible click sound, you'll experience the full beauty of a retro typewriter. The icing on the poetic cake is the integrated tablet stand!

Vinyl Record Coasters
Give him a lively addition to his home with these retro vinyl record coasters. Add personality to the house parties in any environment, slip proof and durable in outside/inside, functional on any surface material, and caters to all cup sizes. the perfect gift for vinyl enthusiasts.

Mid-Century Kitchen Curtains
With the business of life, a man's home decor can become unnoticed. Gift him with a 2 panel set mid century kitchen curtains. The best part is, the retro curtains groove with with any room! The colorful curtain size gives you the creative space to pair it for most living rooms and bedrooms.

The I Love Lucy Cookbook
Lucy, you've got some mixin' to do!' Blend your love for cooking and 'I Love Lucy' with the I Love Lucy Cookbook. With this compilation of delectable retro dishes inspired by one of the best TV sitcoms of all time, indulge in the taste of a blast from the past.

Vintage Cocktail Party Swing Dress
Be the showstopper to the next 50's function! Choose from over 40 different colors/patterns and 9 sizes to find a dress that speaks to you. Arrive to any occasion looking luxurious within the retro theme, thanks to a quality blend of cotton and spandex with a retro sweetheart neckline.

Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Game
Who doesn't remember playing Clue growing up? Ugh, probably this new generation! Well be a good family member or friend and pick up this nostalgic Hasbro gaming classic. No one will disappointed playing... not even Colonel Mustard. In the billiards room. With Mrs. Peacock!

Retro Crafting Kit
You're gonna love this one for the rainy days. Indulge in the making of knit potholders with the retro crafting kit weaving loom. As you and your loved ones master the basics of looming, choose from a variety of hues. The old craft's simplicity makes it the ideal gift.

1950's Retro Candy Gift Box
The perfect gift for you retro-sweet fanatics. Inside this signature box, you'll find some great gourmet sweet and savory delicacies; indulge in a selection of over 68 unique pieces of candy, including a delightful childhood memento box. Take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with a wide variety of flavors ranging from sweet to sour.

Nike Jordan 1 Shoes
Give him the Nike Jordan 1s, a classic pair that has resurfaced in the spotlight. The retro colored detail placed on the swoosh and soles will connect any colorful outfit together. Whether he's heading out in business casual or just for a night out, he'll be doing so in comfort and style.

Console with Built-in 821 Classic Games
This console will appeal to both adults and children. Gift your loved ones a bonding experience with a wide variety of 821 built-in retro video games. Bond over the joy of growth and enhance communication and feelings between parents and children. This present is ideal for any occasion; surprise them on their birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions!

Hot Dog and Bun Toaster
What's more all-American than a hot dog toaster? In the comfort of your own kitchen, enjoy the classic taste of a grilled hotdog. This toaster can cook chicken, turkey, vegetable links, sausages, and brats in addition to weiners. Cook up an all-time classic dog within minutes.

Custom Viewfinder Reel
Give your loved ones a method to keep their vintage memories alive. The RetroViewer Viewfinder for Kids from Image3D is a good buy that will be passed down. Create one-of-a-kind memories for weddings, showers, deployments, seniors, college souvenirs, and business events. A blast from the past can add an extra something to the sentimental recollection.

Retro Comics Ceramic Mug
Any Marvel fan will love this gift. Your cup of joe will be a trip down memory lane as you recollect from where it all began, with a dose of nostalgia from the original heroes on the mug. The novelty ceramic coffee cup holds 14 ounces of your favorite beverage and has the resilience to hold both hot and cold liquids.

Elvis Retro Tin Box
Gift a beloved Elvis fan with this Elvis Presley lunch box. The perfect Elvis inspired collectible storage companion to take with you wherever you go or proudly display on your shelf at home. This officially licensed metal lunch box is 100% authentic which makes it the perfect Elvis collectible to add to your collection.

Men's Khaki Field Mechanical Watch
The men's Expedition Ranger Solar is the right sustainable, adventure-ready gift for him. The stainless-steel metal design can resistant in water for up to 50 meters. The watch's unique features, such as sapphire crystal glass, three-hand display, and retro design, make it the perfect touch to any of his outfits.

Desk Organizer Bookends
This vintage style camera pencil holder will add a lovely touch to his study area. This 5 inch poly resin container is ideal for storing pens, pencils, and other small supplies. This is a wonderful present for any book enthusiast, and it adds a stylish touch to your home.

Classic Ladies Watch
Give your lady the perfect watch to compliment her. This Citizen classic quartz watch is a stunning timepiece. Imagine it sitting on her wrist as you take her out for the evening... perfects an anniversary dinner! It's a two-tone stainless steel watch with diamond markers.

Coca-Cola Retro Vending Machine
Keep your fizzy drinks cool with this Coca-Cola vending machine. Pack up to 10 beverages in this cherry red themed cooler. The cooler's slim profile makes this mini fridge a great fit for any room. The dual action of having the drink dispenser beverages kept cool makes this a memorable gift.

Jacks and Pick-up Sticks
Let's get back to the basics. Gift the new generation with all time retro gaming set. Happy Jack & Merry has everything you'll need to keep your loved ones occupied for hours. With 30 colorful pieces overall and 12 pieces of sturdy and finely crafted metal jacks, experience the authentic feel.

Classic Unisex Reebok Shoes
Gift your friends with style to their step with the classic Reebok leather sneaker. These sneakers feature soft garment leather for instant support as you go through your day rockin' the retro feel. Whether you decide to save these bad boys for athletic or leisurewear, the high abrasion rubber outsole adds durable responsiveness that adapts to either environment.

Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio
The classic antique radio is now even better. This version of the Victrola radio is a Bluetooth FM/AM radio with sleek bronze dials built for brass, treble, and music levels. The walnut stained wooden and bronze/brown design ties this radio to a retro feel.

Vintage Sun Tapestry
Brighten up the room decor with this vintage sun tapestry. The color block drapery spreads across is 51 by 59 inches in size, making it the perfect decoration for any home living. Relax in comfort knowing the colors don't fade over time, leaving you with a beautiful presentation of vivid colors, crisp lines, delicate hemming, and neat edges.

Retro Remix Edition Fashion Plates
Relish in creativity with the fashion plates craft kit. Let your mind wander as you mix and match clothing, hairstyles, and accessories to find the perfect look. Explore the wide variety of crayons, fashion plates, and more. The fun retro-themed activity makes this an amazing gift for the young.

Instant Camera Set
Polaroid's done it again. save your favorite moments with the Polaroid instant camera bundle. Capture the best memories from any angle with the self-timing feature. Keep your favorite photos all in one place with the 32-slot photobook. It's retro design makes it an exciting gift for photo fanatics.

Classic Picnic Set
Whatever the occasion, this picnic set will make it memorable. You can pack a variety of appetizing spreads for a meal for two. The sturdy leather handles and an insulated liner makes this basket durable for any picnic environment. Bring your dream date to life by surprising them with a retro-themed picnic.

Retro Earrings
Whether you are in need of costume accessories, or you know someone who stands out with their jewelry, these retro dangle earrings will solve your problems. Mix and match the 4 pairs, or just wear them as is to any event. Add to your outfit the color that it needs with the geometric jewelry

Heated Lazy Susan For Tacos
Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot easier. Indulge in your favorite foods with the topping bar warming pot. Pack up to six of your favorite toppings in the dividers, and share across the table with the lazy susan design. Keep your tacos and side toppings all in one place with the four taco holders.

Wood Blocks Toy
Get a lic' of these retro Lincoln Log stacking blocks. This gaming kit comes with 111 pieces of real maple wood, each carved with indentations to connect with the rest. The quick and easy clean-up makes this a fun gift for the developing brain.

Retro Tin Sign
Gift your car-loving friends with this Ford Mustang tin sign. The sign's high-quality vintage tin plate design comes with pre-drilled holes which makes it the perfect gift for wall art for the kitchen, living room, or in your own bar. The high-quality build and crystal clear print will ensure a long usage of retro metal art.

Leg Lamp Replica
Add a conversation piece to your household with this classic leg lamp. Based on the lamp from 'A Christmas Story', this twenty-inch replica has a sleek attractive curve and design to the leg. It also has a golden shade with black fringing, a sexy fishnet stocking, and an elegant stiletto heel.

Retro Makeup Book
The Retro Makeup book is the perfect gift for any beauty gurus. Learn a range of methods and styles for every era across 100 years. Examine the development of cosmetics styles from the 1920s jazz period flapper through the mid-1960s. Recreate the original looks to current trends such as the cat-eye wing eyeliner.

Retro Cotton Towels
Stay clean and dry with the Lita cotton bathroom towels. These high absorbent bath towels are made with 100% cotton, providing you with safe towels for quality comfort and wellness. Bring the bathroom look together as you pair it with these grey lining orange patterned sets. The retro-styled set includes two bath towels and four hand towels.

Rubix Cube Socks
These silly socks will be the perfect gift for him. The eye-catching retro design makes the one-of-a-kind socks a fun addition to any outings or off days. The durable build of the breathable material, absorbent bottom, and vibrant colors ensure long-lasting wear to these novelty socks.

Telephone Shaped Handbag
What could be more of a statement piece than a telephone purse? Choose over 8 colors of the high-quality phone-shaped bag. The waterproof exterior and sturdy leather straps ensure a long-lasting wear for any occasion. The design of the classic telephone makes this accessory that will never go out of style.

Retro Lamp
Ooo you'll love this one. When you take modern and blend it with retro the outcome is always chic, especially this Blu Hennessy Table Lamp. The rectangular blue shade and ceramic base with a hole in the center makes this a unique furniture piece to any room.

Arcade Game
Bring the arcade festivities right home with you! The Space Invaders countercade makes the perfect gift for any gamer who doesn't want to take up too much space. The countercade comes fully assembled with coinless operation making it a quick and easy set up. The retro design and real size arcade controls bring you back to the golden age of gaming.

Cassette Tape Shaped USB Flash Drive
Save your important files with this fun momento. The retro cassette inspired flash drive holds up to four GB of storage. Whether you add music to make killer mixtape, or photos/videos to hold all your special memories. This is just one step away from becoming a genuine gift from the heart.

Wall Mountable Bottle Opener
Gift your loved ones who appreciate the little things with a Coca-Cola bottle opener. The ability to hang it on a wall and the built-in cap catcher make this bottle opener stand out from the rest. The cherry red retro design adds to the opener's quirky look.

Cassette Tape Throw Pillow
You're looking at the new addition to your groovy home decor. This throw pillow cover is designed as a classic retro cassette tape, with a premium blend of cotton and polyester. The decorative pillow cover comes packed in paper bags, leaving you with a gift that's ready to go.

Route 66 Throw Blanket
Set your worries at ease as you wrap up in this soft throw blanket. The high-quality blanket features a Route 66-inspired American retro design with vivid colors. Whether you decide to use this blanket purely for decoration, or as a source of warmth, this lightweight throw is the right decision.

King Kong Movie Poster Tin Sign
There's nothing better than the film from the earliest days. Show your love for film with this King Kong poster. This lightweight tin sign comes with curved edges and pre-drilled holes made for easy installment to any space. This poster will wow your visitors with its retro appeal, designed with vivid colors made to last a lifetime.

Assorted Fruit Slices
This assortment of gummies makes the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. This fruit gummy tray comes with two pounds packed of orange slices and spice drops. Snack on delicious delicacies while you make new memories and reminisce about the good old days.

Classic Sunglasses
Crank out with these classic sunnies for any occasion. These sunglasses come ready for any event, built with shatterproof lense and waterproof reflective coating for maximum durability. The lightweight build makes these glasses a great companion anywhere you go. The polarized lens lets you see the world with increased visual comfort and enhanced appearance to any view.

Retro Jewelry Box
Keep your jewelry safe and cozy with the Vlando jewelry box. The Half-moon retro design, velvet lining, and flannel padding add elegance to the extensive storage. The premium leather handle and built-in mirror make this the perfect gift for any girl on the go.

Retro Camper Enamel Mug
Start your morning with nothing but a cup of joe and good vibes only. This coffee cup is designed with a long-lasting varnish of a camper parked by the ocean, giving it a sunny retro vibe. The simple design of the mug makes this a meaningful gift to any happy camper.

Retro 1950's Modern Scrapbook Paper
Spice up your favorite scrapbooks with the 1950's modern scrapbook paper. With twelve double-sided pages of retro patterns, you can let your creative side shine with endless opportunities. Whether you're making a new scrapbook or brewing up crafts, these printed sheets will do just the trick.

Mystery Date Classic Board Game
Are you tired of the same old board games? Take a dive into the past as you explore all the wonders of the Mystery Date board game. The game features graphics inspired by the 1965 edition, filled with vintage game board components and original artwork for a nostalgic experience.

Retro Neon Windbreaker Pants
Let's put these bad boys back in the spotlight. Have all the eyes on you at any event as you pull up with these neon windbreaker pants. These high-quality bottoms are made with 100% percent nylon to maintain that true retro look. The multi-functional design allows you to convert these rockin' pants to shorts, making it the perfect piece for any season.

Mid-Century Color Block Art
When retro and modern art meets, you get this tasteful piece. This wall art comes in a collection of six unframed pieces, each with its own unique design. Made with waterproof and durable material, you can enjoy the delicacy of art without the worry of damage.

Retro Razor Shave Kit
Give him the gift of self-care with Bevel's starter shaving kit. The kit has all the basic necessities to keep a cleanly shaven face, including the safety razor, shaving brush, shaving treatment, and 20 blades. The products are clinically tested to help prevent razor bumps and irritation, making shaving the easiest and safest it's ever been.

Retro Clock Radio
Never be late again with a classic Studebaker alarm clock. This isn't just ordinary alarm clock; it includes a slew of additional cool functions. Play your favorite tunes through aux, Bluetooth, or the radio. As you tuck away for a long night's rest, you can plug your phone in to charge.