35 Relaxation Gifts to Pamper & Comfort Your Loved One

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Life can be difficult. It can be hard to truly relax. If your loved one needs a way to unwind and loosen up, we compiled this list just for you. Enjoy 35 gifts that are useful for relaxation. Gift ideas where you don’t need an excuse to pamper them, just pick a comfy present and surprise them!

Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers
Giver her the gift of comfort, inside or out! These comfy slippers have an anti-skid rubber sole which make them versatile. Wear them on tiled kitchen floors or outside when getting the mail. Even better is the memory foam insole lined with a plush fleece faux wool.
Hanging Hammock Chair
This chair is a great relaxation gift. A traditional '70s concept meets modern, sleek design. Unlike a classic hammock, the hammock chair allows your loved one to get lost in a book without worrying about upending themselves. Plus, it can find a home inside or outside so you can find the right balance.
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Pamper them thanks to 6 different heads that work at 20 different speeds. All of this is possible with this deep tissue massage gun. The Fusion can be used alone or with the help of a partner to target hard-to-reach aches and pains. Skip the hour-long massage and treat your loved one to daily doses of relief.
Premium Weighted Blanket
Weighted blankets are a popular present. This must-have accessory goes beyond home décor. It claims the best sleep you'll ever get thanks to its evenly weighted comfort. Users may find that curling up with a Hug Bud will give a soothing feeling and a restless night's sleep.
Women's Cozy Pajamas Set (Many Styles)
Let your loved one dress to impress. This cozy pajama set is perfect for stylish sleeping. The lightweight and silky-smooth material will make her want to wear them all day long. A variety of color choices may make it hard to pick which set, but these PJs are a perfect pick to pamper her.
Portable Personal Sauna Spa
They say Nordic countries are some of the happiest in the world. They're also the countries who make use of the sauna on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Bring that happiness home with this portable personal sauna. Bask in a full 60 minutes of relaxing steam. A portable frame makes it easy to set up and break down.
Vanilla Essential Oil
Essential oils are a much-loved relaxation tool these days. For an oil addict or a novice just getting into them, this vanilla essential oil is a great gift. Made from Indonesian vanilla, this oil boasts several positive benefits. Gya Labs say its vanilla essential oil is great for soothing skin and enhancing sensual moments.
Beauty Face Mask Sheet Set
Have a spa day - or 20! - at home. This massive beauty gift set includes 20 different peel-off face masks in 4 different formulas. She can plump and smooth, brighten and glow, refresh and moisturize, or purify and smooth. All definitions of pampering. All natural bamboo.
Writing Journal for Women
There's nothing more relaxing than clearing one's head. Some find it best to soothe their mind by writing their thoughts down. Whether she wants to write a diary or a great novel, this journal is a great gift. This sturdy hard-covered notebook comes wrapped in soft vegan leather. It features a hidden pocket and a pen holder so she won't worry about forgetting anything.
3D Infrared Electric Fireplace
The dream of relaxing fireside this winder doesn't have to go out the window. Just because you don't have a fireplace doesn't mean you can't still get one. This electric fireplace mimics real flames with 3D technology. Unlike the real thing, you can change the color, speed, and brightness of these flames to suit your ultimate comfort level.
Indoor Tabletop Fountain
Ever wonder why doctors' waiting rooms often have fountains? Feel at ease at home with your own personal one. This tabletop water feature gives zen-like comfort to any room. It features a 3-tiered waterfall with real stones for a natural sound. It can be illuminated with a soft light.
Breathable Bath Pillow
Many people believe in the relaxing power of the bath. How many last longer than 10 minute? Your porcelain tub is not as comfy as it looks. Change that with this bath pillow. Suction cups keep it in place. The pillow's breathable material keeps you in the tub. Just hope the water doesn't go cold.
Sound Machine and Smart Light
It's okay to start the day feeling at ease. Rather than jerking awake from their annoying smartphone alarm, give them the gift of a comfortable morning. The Hatch Restore is more than just an alarm clock. With a mix of sound and light, it helps you fall asleep better and wake up feeling ready to take on the day.
Giant 5' Memory Foam Bean Bag
What's more comfortable than a bean bag chair? You don't have to be a kid to enjoy them anymore. The Chill Sack is the coziest gift you can give. Five feet full of shredded memory foam will keep your loved one in a state of perpetual comfort.
Sweatshirt Relaxation Gifts for a Tired Mom
Being tired shouldn't effect your mom's style. This tunic sweatshirt is the perfect comfy-casual piece she can throw on and still look put-together. The heathered color and varsity stripes make it stylish. The super soft cotton and polyester blend make it comfortable. Best of all, she can relax knowing its machine washable.
Pampering Gift Basket for Friend
Bring the spa day to her with this gift basket! She can pamper herself in luxurious French vanilla. The set includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, and a floral pouf for a comfortable clean. After, matching body mist, lotion, and body butter keep her relaxed in their soothing scents. This collection comes in an attractive and useful handcrafted basket.
Relaxation Scented Soy Candle
Some people are especially sensitive to smell. For them, the perfect scent can be like basking in beloved memories. Give them the gift of comfort with one of these hand-poured soy candles. Pick from classic scents like coconut or vanilla bean, or more exotic mixes like pumpkin chai or mango guava.
Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket
If their idea of comfort is wrapping up in a cozy blanket to read or watch a movie, this throw is the best gift you can give. It comes in several sizes so you can give them the gift of a personal blanket or one for the both of you to curl up under. The 100% microfiber faux fur is soft to the touch.
Shiatsu Foot Massager
Put up your feet and relax. Or, slip them into this shiatsu foot massager. 6 settings and 2 speeds make sure you hit all the sweet spots. An optional heat setting adds a soothing element to the massage. This makes a great gift for your tired loved one who spends lots of time on their feet.
Relaxation Gift Basket for Mom
Cover all the bases with this super inclusive gift basket. This set comes with everything she needs for the ultimate pampering experience. It comes with two bubble baths, shower gel, hand soap, body lotion, hand moisturizer, a spray mist, bath salts, and two bath bombs. Also included are a handy bath sponge and super soft socks that help lock in moisture.
Multifunctional Yoga Wheel Set
For anyone who uses yoga to relax, this yoga wheel set is a perfect gift. 3 different sized wheels help your beloved yogi relax. They can use these wheels to help stretch and massage their back after a workout or at the end of a long day.
Genius Sleep AID
Everybody knows a good night's sleep is the key to a happy and healthy life. For some people struggling with it, a sleep supplement may be a great gift. Help your loved one suffering from tiredness with this genius gift. Doesn't everyone deserve great, restful sleep?
Freeride Longboard Cruiser
For your loved one that's always got to be on the go-go-go, this longboard can make a great alternative gift. Some people need nothing more than the wind in their hair to unwind. This 42in longboard can give them a smooth ride no matter how many bumps are in the road - literally or figuratively.
Water Painting with Bamboo Brush
Mindfulness is akin to relaxation. The Buddha Board was made for mindfulness and meditation. Its disappearing designs are meant to teach the user about letting go and living in the moment. The Buddha Board uses water as ink so it's eco friendly. It's a great gift for the overworked who want to clear their head.
Versace 3 Piece Set For Women
Pamper her with her favorite scent. Nothing's more comfortable than the familiar. If she's a Versace girl, give her the gift of ultimate comfort. This 3-piece set includes a Versace Bright Crystal 3 oz eau de toilette bottle, a travel-sized spray bottle, and matching perfumed body lotion.
Extra Soft Faux Fur Blanket
Wrap them up in comfort. This faux fur blanket comes with two sides - shaggy and mink - to suit different moods. Its solid colors are beautifully muted to match any décor. The throw is made of a lightweight material which keeps it useful through spring, summer, and fall.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
A great choice for anyone into yoga and meditation. These Tibetan singing bowls are said to promote healing through their soothing sounds. This gift set from the Dharma Store includes a beautifully designed bowl, wooden striker, and hand-sewn pillow. They all come packed in a lovely gift box made from traditional lokta paper.
Soft & Warm Animal Sock Sets
Warm their hearts and their toes with this fuzzy gift set. 3 pairs of super soft socks come with cute animal designs on the toes. Choose from cats, pigs, zebras, frogs, and more! The socks are made from bamboo and all feature non-slip bottoms for stability.
Solid Square Floor Cushion
A few of these floor cushions would make a great gift. They could be used on the floor or as cushions on couches and chairs. Whether they want to work on their posture or lay back comfortably, your loved one will love these pillows. Super soft corduroy keep them looking chic no matter where you toss them.
Hot Cold Compress Face Mask
If your loved one is perpetually tired or prone to migraines, this face mask is a thoughtful gift. This hot and cold compress covers the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. Heat it up in the microwave or store it in the freezer depending on your need. It never freezes solid so it still shapes to your face and soothes.
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Let their brain unwind while rounding up the matching pieces to this puzzle. A challenging 1,000 pieces keep the fun and relaxation going for hours. The cardboard pieces are durable and waterproof so there's no worry over snapped pieces or nearby spills. Beautiful, vibrant colors make the final product worth keeping.
Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table
Who doesn't like to unwind at the end of the day in the comfort of their own backyard? Light up the night with this cozy gas fire pit. The stylish table hides up to 20lbs propane tank. A handy cover keeps the pit safe in inclement weather and double as extra table space.
Cozy Luxury Bed Blanket
This luxurious microfiber blanket makes for the most comfortable gift. A choice of 5 sizes and 30 colors give you many options to choose from. Drape a large one over your couch or bed or carry a smaller one with you for long journeys. Its light weight doesn't prevent it from keeping you warm.
Aromatherapy Shower Bombs
Take their aromatherapy into the shower with this bath bomb set. 6 different fragrances help create your own home spa. Each bomb is made from essential oils that are linked to certain benefits, such as relaxing watermelon and refreshing grapefruit. The gift set also includes a free aromatherapy e-book.
Neck Massage Pillow
Give them the gift of portable relaxation. This neck massage pillow can actually be used on several parts of the body. From neck to back to abdomen to feet. This pillow provides a full 15 minutes of heat-enhanced massage. They can relax at home or work, even while driving! It comes with an AC adapter and car charger.