47 Most Popular Reddit Gift Ideas – Best & Unique Reddit Gifts

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For anyone who consults Reddit before making a single purchase. Our curated list of the 47 Most Popular Reddit Gift ideas is for you. Check out Reddit’s best gift ideas from the past year. For anyone who skips product reviews and decides to buy based on upvotes & downvotes. We reviewed Secret Santa lists and all the top sub-reddits. Find gifts for Redditors & cult-like favorites.

Natural Wood Incense Burner w/ Incense Bricks
SeanThatGuy: 'I actually have these and I’m not going to lie I love them. I ended up buying a little cabin that I burn them in so the smoke comes out the chimneys. I usually light it when we have the electric fireplace on to give us that extra ambiance.' A unique Reddit gift that smells like real campfire & species of wood.
Handmade Leather-Scented Soap
deadlittlepuppy: 'I love these soaps! My girlfriend got me a bottle of the Blazing Saddles body wash for shits and giggles, and it smells so freaking good.' A soap bar that smells of badassery and brings Westerns to life. No rosey smells with this gift.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo Switch
tehnoodnub: 'I applaud anyone who has held out this long on purchasing one of the very best titles on the system.' A turn based RPG with battling of strategic elements. Grow skill sets and level up. A great gift for a gamer in your life.
Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy
erissays: 'The Thrawn Trilogy right at the top, where it should be.' Timothy Zahn's Ascendancy book series is critically acclaimed. This isn't just for die hard Star Wars fans. Any reader can love this series. Go beyond the edges of the galaxy and chart unknown regions.
27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms Monitor
EndephTV: 'Bought! Been looking at this monitor and like....all monitors in this range and this LG just hits all the sweet spots, has the reviews and customer service to back it up to cause me to buy it without it even being on sale. My only issue is...buying another two when the time comes xD'
The Witcher Boxed Set
Onarm: 'Join us brother! The first two are really weird being largely short stories that jump around, but once the narrative centers around the journey of Geralt, Jaskier and friends it takes off in a way few books do. You can tell these are true friends, and Andrzej actually knows what true friendship looks like.'
Levi's Women's Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket
BonhamsFourSticks: 'Thanks! I've specifically been wanting the Ex-Boyfriend fit for a while, and at this price, I can definitely justify ANOTHER denim jacket. LOL.' Beautifully imported 100% cotton. Fabric feels heavier and has a great texture. Unlike other jackets which makes it a great gift!
Sony Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds
diego97yey: 'Reeaaalllyyy good set of earbuds. I charge them like once every 3 weeks because i only use them for lunch. Tried airpod pros and did not really compete.' Leading the industry in noise cancellation technology. A virtually soundproof experience. Alexa enabled and activated with a simple touch.
Leather Gun Case for Carry or Storage
PuffPuffFayeFaye: 'Perfect choice for making sure no one finds your gun.' With over 900,000 entries on this subject in Google, this hidden gun storage pops up regularly on Reddit. High quality leather. Comes with either silver or gold lettering. A gift for anyone in your family who enjoys guns.
Logitech C920x Pro HD Webcam
Kravior: 'Man, I am so glad that I bought the C920 on a whim after seeing it on BuildAPCSales for 30 bucks in late 2018. I didn't even need a webcam at the time, just thought it was cheap and might as well. I didn't even set it up for like half a year. But now... yeah it paid off.'
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop
braxtonjames: 'The Predator lineup of laptops is a bit gamer-y, but built pretty well (better than the older MSI GS65/GL65, worse than the Aero 15 & Razer Blade 15), and offer pretty good thermal performance out of the box.' A high powered gaming rig ready to tackle the biggest and best games.
Gloomhaven Board Game
LazerHozen: 'A heavy upfront investment of learning the game. If you're willing to spend a few hours reading the rulebook and watching some rule videos before playing, then this is the game for you.' One of the highest rated board games ever. This game includes a persistent and changing world.
Apple AirPods Pro
Esstehfawn: 'Upgraded myself last year and while the noise canceling is really nice, the biggest improvement is the shape/ design is much more comfortable and falls out less.' Gift this new generation of AirPods to your loved ones. Personally I love my original AirPods but may upgrade soon!
The Complete Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft
claudifornia21: 'Talk about synchronicity! I was looking up his books today! Thank you!!!' The complete collection of HP Lovecraft includes a novel, 4 novellas, and 53 short stories. An absolutely epic amount of writing and a unique gift. Grab it for your sci-fi and horror lovers.
Magic The Gathering Ikoria Decks
slackerdx02: 'You can play in a pod of 4-5 with everyone picking and have good games. They’re also good starting points if you want to upgrade and are a decent value to use to build other decks.' Fight your way through Ikoria with new mechanics and crush your enemies!
Fire TV Stick 4K w/ Alexa
zer0guy: 'It works with GeForce now streaming gaming service. To play games that you own on steam. I used it to play portal 2 and other games. Also can install kodi to watch movies about pirates. Or just about any other streaming service.'
AOC CU34G2X 34' Curved Frameless Monitor
KoppleForce: 'Christ this looks beautiful. One of these days.' One of the most beautiful monitors on the market. An absolute behemoth of digital proportions. 34' viewable monitor with ultra wide resolution and VA panel. This monitor has the most brilliant colors. Every redditors dream gift.
Casio Men's Stainless Steel Digital Watch
parkinthepark: 'This watch is generally regarded to be an affordable alternative to the Seiko G757 worn by Roger Moore in Octopussy, which is out of production and quite rare on the vintage market.' A vintage, classic style Casio. No bling jewelry here. Just simplicity.
Complete Anne of Green Gables 8 Volumes Set
serendiputopia: 'Thank you! I have been reading these once a year since I first discovered the abridged edition in third grade at the school library.' A wonderful collection of original texts. Let Anne Shirly explode into the life of your book loving giftee.
Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
TrayusV: 'It's pretty fun, and a great way to exercise, so if you're thinking about picking it up, you should.' Adventure your way into better fitness. Explore a huge world and defeat enemies with your exercise. Great features and a fantastic environment.
Razer Stormtrooper Mechanical Keyboard
Anonymous: 'I got this keyboard because my roommate told me if I don't find an alternative to my clicky blues he'd kill me in my sleep.' A keyboard built for speed and accuracy. Razer's switch technology has tactile feedback and is great for gaming experiences.
Too Many Socks Paperback
Newkittyhugger: 'I really liked it. Nice flow of the writing. The artwork is really cute. I liked the subtle 'adult' jokes. Really relatable for everyone having too many socks.' A well regarded and reviewed lighthearted story for your toddler. Grab this book and have a wonderful bedtime story tonight.
Alpha MA-1 Slim Fit Bomber Flight Jacket
junzilla: 'After being in quarantine for a while, buying slim fit is not a good idea for me.' A quintessential item to any true Redditors wardrobe. This bomber jacket has an authentic design. Made of 100% nylon it will keep you warm and keep you styling.
elope Plague Doctor Kit
Opening_Doors: 'I'm thinking of ordering this outfit for the first day of class, which will be face-to-face with no restriction on class size and a mask requirement that faculty has been given no authority to actually enforce.' A great costume that will make you stand out at any party.
Bose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
SHOEHORSE2: 'I have these (black tho) and they are amazing they have really good noise canceling and the music quality it really good if you want a good pair of headphones that are going to close out all noise around you while also looking slim'
Star Trek Operations Starfleet Badge T-Shirt
Ace3591: 'Excellent choice. Mine was the chief medical officer. Glad to see there are fellow Trekkers on here!' Live long and prosper. For those that grew up watching Spock, Star Trek and the Enterprise. An enjoyable cut and simple t-shirt that will make a great gift.
Sid Meier's Civilization VI Switch
BlaiseProduction: 'Dope didn’t feel like driving to gamestop for this price. Thanks amazon lol.' The path to victory is a long and arduous one. Set the path to conquer the globe in the newest Civ game. Plan your way and fight expansive empires. Gift or play yourself.
Post-it Extreme Notes
SixDuckSizedHorses14: 'If so I think we should use Sticky Quips because they’re fun.' A tool that will make any job fun. Reddit got the message across loud and clear with these super sticky notes. Place them on any surface (hot or cold) and watch them do their magic.
adidas Originals Men's Samba OG Sneaker
chiarosbarro: 'Wearing a pair of Sambas right now, bought two pairs of shoes in the past week and returned one because it would have been the fourth pair in a month(two were for running, but still).' Become the Redditor with one of the most critically acclaimed Redditor shoes.
African Mythology: Captivating Myths
BlankImagination: 'This is absolutely amazing. All throughout my life I've been taught Greek and Roman mythology, with a drop of Egyptian mythology mixed in. By the time realized how much more I was missing, it's lost my passion to read and search for that knowledge. Thanks for putting this on a platter for me.'
Legend of Zelda Switch Kit
PDX_Bro: 'I got the black & gold triforce one quite a while ago, and I can say that the case seems REALLY solid! I've taken it on a lot of plane rides and while backpacking and it held up perfectly.' Protect your Nintendo Switch with this great themed cover.
The Yellow Wall-Paper
Boilermaker93: 'I’m a college English prof and I love teaching this story. We cover it as horror lit and use feminist literary criticism and archetypal/psychoanalytical literary criticism when analyzing it. This is one of my favorite stories.' Gifts for readers in your life.
Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Mouse
ScytheLxrd: 'I'm gonna snag one for myself, been rocking the G903 wireless (non-hero version) for well over a year and suffering from the stupid double clicking issue. Can't wait to try this bad boy out!' The perfect unique gift this year for your gamer.
Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds
creutzfeldtz: 'These are my go to headphones. I have an OTE for the gym, but I use these as a backup. They are dope.' Premium sound with up to 6 hours of battery life in a single charge. Resists water and comes with adjustable ear tips for the right fit.
Philips Stereo Over-Ear Headphones
033p: 'Chief says get this now you idiot. They might stop manufacturing these (newer but inferior ones were released) so this is possibly your last call on these amazing sets.' Great sound and highly reviewed. These compare to the best headphones of today.
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
jstrife3: 'Highly recommend this game if you like JRPGS. I put 110 hours into it.' Dive deep into the origins of Shulk as he fights against the most unimaginable enemies. This real-time strategic RPG allows you to employ tactical attacks with stunning precision. Watch the environments come to life with this newly released game.
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
overlord-ror: 'If you're on the fence about this one, it's a very well-made love-letter to the old NES platformer games.' A hidden gem on Reddit. This highly reviewed game is all about digging through your adventures. Your loved one will enjoy climbing walls, fighting with cool weapons and slashing enemies to bits.
Koss Porta Pro On Ear Headphones
RustySpork: 'An absolute classic. If you like the sound but not how they feel, pick up some Yaxi Pads for them.' Designed for deep bass performance. These comfortable headphones are vintage and have the perfect balance for your ears. Known for high-level of comfort, these will deliver the excitement of a live performance.
Ghost of Tsushima Video Game
OrganicKeynesianBean: 'I probably don’t have to tell you but this game is amazing.' Japanese folk tale and mythology. This game has captivated Reddit. Go beyond war and uncover Tsushima. This open world game will have you forging to uncover hidden wonders. Fight for freedom in Tsushima.
Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro
XanmanK: 'Best thing I’ve bought for my switch. I couldn’t recommend this more. A must have for those who play primarily in handheld.' A larger grip with assignable triggers in the rear. Grab this gift as a way to say I love you. Comes in several colors and designs.
Super Mario Maker 2
Drewb13: 'I love this game. Basically endless levels, you just have to refine your searches a bit to get what you like!' Design the courses that only you can imagine. This game takes Mario to another level. Hugely popular and addictive to play. Level up your creativity!
Alpha Industries Men's M-65 Defender Coat
following_eyes: 'I got one. It's awesome. Wore it all around Iceland. Best pickup ever.' Another Reddit fashion hit. Alpha Industries puts out the highest quality fashion for the young men of Reddit. Grab this Defender Field Coat and enjoy 100% heavy vintage cotton construction.
Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB
Roh_Pete: 'These are good cards. I've had 2 recording 24/7 for the past 2 years in my dashcams. If these are genuine, its a great deal.' Everyone needs memory cards these days. Great for phones, dash cameras, DSLRs and more. Up to 100MB/s read and 30MB/s write speeds.
MTG Magic The Gathering Jumpstart Booster
Highland_Gentry: 'I think this set has great value for holding. Like everyone always said, a unique draft experience fetches a premium. Even if they do Jumpstart 2, Jumpstart Masters, and Jumpstart Legends, this will be the first printing.' A unique gift for card game lovers.
adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Sneaker
mynameisthrowaway911: 'I have these. My favorite pair of shoes, and I have a ton of shoes.' The Ultraboost 20s come in more than a dozen colors and styles. Made of 100% leather and imported. These adidas running shoes will give your loved one the confidence to turbo charge life.
Risk of Rain 2 - Nintendo Switch
DirtyDave313: 'This subreddit is making me go broke lol.' Available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A co-op roguelike action game. Hugely successful and loved. Fight constant battles and engage with tremendous boss fights. Risk of Rain 2 is a classic multiplayer game (or play solo!). Unlock new loot and find a way to escape.