35 Super Hilarious Prank Gift Boxes To Fake Die For

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From farting machines to fake snakes, as well as some newer, more high-tech gags, these prank gift boxes have everything an original prankster needs for their bag of tricks. With these wonderfully obnoxious gifts, you’ll be sure that prankster you love and tolerate is never without a new trick up their sleeve.

Happy Birthday Endless Music Prank Card
Give a gift that never stops giving with this Endless Happy Birthday Musical Prank Card! An ideal gift for the prankster in your life. This battery-operated card continues playing the Happy Birthday Song once it's opened and won't stop until the card gets ripped apart!

Moon Ring Gag Gift
Whether you're giving a White Elephant at the Office Christmas Party or playing the ultimate prank on your significant other - the Original Moon Ring is a gag gift that will blow you away. As seen on the 2020 premiere of The Bachelorette, this novelty toy is sure to get a reaction from young and old alike.

Fake Spider Wooden Box
Arachnophobes, beware, the Tarantula Incubator will have you jumping out of your seat! A double prank surprise, the packaging implies a box full of tarantula eggs, right until they open the lid and a (fake) spider jumps out! A great gift for coworkers, managers, teachers, and more!

Emergency Underpants
Be prepared for any emergency with Code Brown's Emergency Underpants. This 3-pack of disposable adult-sized underwear is a great gag gift at the next office party, game night, or gift exchange. Packaged in discreet metal tins are easy to hide in glove compartments, handbags, desk drawers, and more!

Useless Wooden Storage Box
Break up your stress at work with this Useless Box Toy for Adults or Children. This wooden box requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Flick the switch and watch a little finger pop out and turn the unit back off. Lighthearted fun for all ages, this silly novelty box will bring a smile to all who use it.

Headlight Fluid Gag Gift
They'll never figure out how to use their new Headlighter Fluid, and that's the point! This gag gift is ideal for the new driver, practical jokester, or sassy teen in your life. After unwrapping their headlight fluid, watch in hysterics as they try to use it!

Ultra Prank and Joke Box
Prepare for April First with this Ultra Prank and Joke Box for Kids and Adults. Complete with over twenty-eight different pranks including, fake spider eggs, plastic bugs, false money, lottery, and parking tickets- your cheeks will be hurting by the end of the day from all of your pranks!

Potato Chip Snake Can
A timeless prank for any age, open up this potato chip can and watch a snake jump out! Ideal to use against people who like to steal snacks from others, this pop-up snake novelty prank will remind them to keep their hands to themselves!

Cute Tiger Leave Me Alone Box
Surprise the curious people in your life with this adorable Don't Touch Surprise Box! This USB-rechargeable box features a small plush tiger inside that will pop out when the front switch gets flipped. A great piece to add personality to an office, classroom, or meeting place, this novelty gift is fun for the whole family.

Surprise Open in Case of Fire Box
A great way to introduce a new team member, this Open in Case of Fire Wooden Box Prank Toy is pocket-sized for portable fun. On the outside, it looks like the world's tiniest fire extinguisher. Once they flip the lid, they'll see the message; 'Not Now Dummy! I said In case of FIRE.'

Fake Lottery Tickets
Break out the coins for a scratch-off fiesta with these Fake Lottery Tickets and Scratch-Off Cards. Victims of all ages will fall for these realistic-looking lottery tickets and can 'win' up to $324,530 in cash! Watch the confusion on their face once they read the fine print!

Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter
The perfect gift for the avid golfer in your life, let them get extra practice time everywhere with this Portable Toilet Golf Putter Game. This toy set includes a putting green floor mat, two golf balls, a putter, a cup with a flag, and a 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger.

Device The Won't Stop Beeping
If your goal is to irritate the entire office, this Annoying Beeping Device is the perfect April Fool's Prank! With a battery life of up to three years, they'll be begging for relief from the consistent beeping, crowing you the Champion of the Office Prank Wars.

YEET Prank Gag Gift Button
Show off your knowledge of pop culture with this YEET Button. Inspired by the Easy Button, this battery-operated button comes in Bruh or Oof! to accommodate multiple popular phrases. Ideal for the tweens and teens in your life, let their fingers do the talking with the YEET! Button.

Prank Gift Boxes
Turn any event into a prank opportunity with these Prank Gift Boxes! This 4-Set of Prank-themed gift boxes will throw your victim for a loop once they open the box! With boxes entitled First Fire, Fart Filter, Roto Wipe, and Plant Urinal you'll have the whole room laughing.

Prank Belly Lint Collector Box
Not for the squeamish or weak-stomached, this Belly Lint Kit Prank Gift Box is sure to get gags and giggles from people of all ages. This 9.5 x 12-inch box makes it look like you're gifting an at-home belly-button lint collection kit but hides your real present within!

Hidden Meowing Cat Prank
Make heads turn and foreheads scratch with this Hidden Meowing Cat Gag Prank. With two different cat sounds, a regular meow and a more urgent one, this handheld sound machine plays at periodic intervals, making it difficult to locate. The included battery will last up to 4 days, but please don't make them wait that long!

Realistic Rubber Toy Snake Prank Props
With a prank as tried and true as the rubber snake, this 3-pack set is sure to get a viral video reaction. With one long snake measuring 47.2-inches, and two smaller snakes measuring 31.5-inches, you'll be able to prank during gardening, lawn mowing, outdoor activities, and more!

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle
Bring Spooky to the Stalls with this Talking Toilet Paper Spindle Novelty Prank Toy. Easy to install, this toilet paper roll allows you to record and re-record personal messages.

Whoopee Cushion Prank Gift Box
As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! This Set of 3 Whoopie Cushions is a great Gag Gift for adults and children alike. An iconic prank that is simple to use and contains no messy flour or powder, these self-inflating cushions are the perfect addition to any lighthearted office!

Novelty Dried Scorpion Scare Prank
Special Delivery? These Novelty Noise Making Dried Scorpion Prank Toys will have them scrambling for the door! To use, simply wind the cardboard insert around the rubber band. When opened, the envelope will start to vibrate and make noise, as if the scorpion inside is alive!

Prank Fake Roaches
Hear their screams echo from across the street with this 100-Count Plastic Fake Cockroach Set. A universally disgusted insect, you'll be able to drop these plastic toys around the house, office, or school to provide simple yet, shocking entertainment. Just don't forget and spook yourself!

Practical Joke Set Kit
Keep them on their toes with this 65-Piece Practical Joke Fun Novelty Gag Gift Set. From fake parking tickets to scratch-off lottery tickets to outlet sticker decals, voice-activated stickers, and prank envelopes- you'll be able to switch up the pranks around your home or office.

Magic Flying Butterfly Surprise Gift Box
Give the gift of flight with this Magic Flying Butterfly Explosion Gift Box. Filled with twenty random rubber band-powered butterflies, you will send them into space with a jump when they open this gift box. Made from flexible cardstock, these butterflies will fly at different angles and in different directions.

Novelty Joke Tiny Hands
As seen on the popular video streaming platform Tik Tok, Tiny Hands are making a comeback and bringing humor to people of all ages. These simple yet effective toys are a great way to break the ice or quickly diffuse a tense situation. Set contains one pair of hands.

Washable Funny Face Mask Gag Gift
Share a smile through your mask with this Adult Washable Funny Face Mask. Ideal for those who want to bring a smile to others' faces during cold and flu season, this mask protects the wearer from smoke, dust, sand, pollen, and other allergens and irritants.

Dehydrated Water Can Funny Gag Gift
The perfect gift for the extreme outdoor person in your like, this Dehydrated Water Tin Can is a fun way to remind them to stay hydrated while outdoors. This 16-ounce can 'creates' unlimited gallons of pure, clean drinking water ensuring your loved ones have a quick drink accessible wherever they are.

Funny Practical Joke Stickers
The perfect prank for vending machines, moving doors, and cabinet doors, these Novelty Gag Stickers come in Voice, Motion, and Clap Activated options. With twenty stickers of each sticker option, you'll be able to set these stickers up anywhere! From Bathrooms to Common Areas, kitchens to Cars - you'll keep them guessing what's real and what's a prank!

Funny Donkey Talking Button
Bring the course laugher of a donkey with you wherever you go with this 6-Setting Braying Donkey Novelty Button Toy. With 2 AAA batteries included, this lightweight button slips into your pocket, purse, or desk drawer. With different sounds including, donkey barks, two donkeys in love, and an angry donkey, you'll spread the smiles with this lovely toy.

Prank Congratulations Card with Confetti
Give a card they'll never forget with this BOOM Cube Prank Card with Confetti. With options for general Congratulations, Weddings, Holidays, Baby Showers, Engagement Announcements, and more, this seemingly regular card pops out and becomes a cube with a spray of confetti! Turn any event into a party with a BOOM Prank Card.

Prank Exploding Golf Balls
Let them brag about their Golf Game with these Exploding Golf Balls! This 3-pack of prank golf balls explodes upon impact into a cloud of smoke! Ideal for the avid golfer in your life, take them out onto the green and be sure to record their reaction as they tee up!

Prank Fake Bird Poop for Cars
Not for the faint of heart, this Bird Poop for Card Prank should be when you have ample space to run away! This easy-to-use powder mixes with water for a realistic creation. Cover their car in confidence, knowing this does not cause stain or damage to paint or fabrics. (Not recommended for use on Medium-Solid (MS) clearcoats)

Funny Novelty Realistic Burrito Blanket
Celebrate your love of Latin Cuisine with this 80-Inch Double-Sided Tortilla Flannel Blanket! Available in multiple colors, styles, and sizes - you can give the foodie in your life a blanket good enough to eat! These soft, machine washable blankets are made with cozy fleece and are the perfect stocking stuffers!

Prank Birthday & Holiday Card Envelopes
Make Mailtime Fun again with 17 Prank Envelopes for Adults. Ideal for close friends or office rivals, these joke envelopes include debt collections, final jury duty notice, bill collections, and more! Sized to fit a standard 5x7 greeting card, these envelopes also include a gotcha card for your recipient!