119 Highly Evolved Pokémon Gifts You’ll Want To Catch

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Get your friend a mystery Pokémon gift – neither you nor they will know what’s in the pokeball. Or go for a Pokémon go gift, the app that was so hot in 2016. This list of gifts will bring you back to when you used to play the red version or the blue version on your Gameboy. Look no further for Pokémon gifts that are so happening, you just gotta catch ’em all.

Pikachu Bluetooth Headphones
Cut the cords without having to listen to all the noise and music on the iPad or other mobile device. These Pokémon Kids headphones are the perfect addition to your home when you are tired of hearing the noise, but other headphones have broken and falling apart. The comfort is great and all Pokémon fans will love these headphones.

Handheld Gaming Console
Play Pokémon! What better way to surprise that special kid in your life than with the latest in gaming technology? Nintendo has long been known for some of the great products that they produce, and the Nintendo Switch is their latest and greatest. With three play styles and a long battery life, they are sure to love this gift.

Pokémon Pikachu Video Game
Pokémon games are always a hit and Let’s Go Pikachu is the perfect addition to any birthday or celebration list. This game will help your child meet countless characters that they will remember from the series and since it works with the Nintendo Switch, you know it is a high-quality game.

Pokémon Board Game
It’s time for family game night and what better way to gather the kids around the table and have some fun than playing a game with some of their favorite anime characters. This time, they come to life in the classic Monopoly game, providing everyone with a chance to play and spend time together.

Pokémon Trainer Snapback Cap
Let your little one dive into their imagination and become a Pokémon trainer! Whether they want to dress up and have some fun or just need a cool hat to make them feel like part of the fun, this Pop Crew embroidered team trainer hat is a great gift they are sure to love.

Video Game Console Carrying Case
Let them take the fun of Pokémon everywhere they go with the help of this carrying case. It has a large capacity and is easy for your kid to carry around. Whether they are going over to friends or looking for some fun at a family member’s home, this carrying case will keep the gaming system safe.

Pikachu 4-Pocket Card Binder
When you are tired of all those Pokémon cards being all over the place and making a mess, it is time to get your little trainer a binder to keep them all organized. This 4-pocket binder is compatible with all Pokémon cards, providing a unique and fun way for your kid to organize and spend hours with their cards.

Pikachu Large Plushie
For the younger Pokémon lover, a cute little Pikachu is sure to make their day. This plush toy is inspired by the Pokémon anime and will fit in with any Pokémon lover. At 12 inches high, they will be able to take it along with them or play out some of their own adventures.

Pokémon Skateboard
Let them roll around in style thanks to the Yocaher Punked skateboard inspired by the Pokémon series. This board has everything that you need form the stability, 8 chrome bearings, strong wheels, and all the style that Pokémon lovers need. The 7-ply maple board is sure to last a long time.

Electronic Die-Cast Poké Ball
Your Pokémon trainer needs their very own Pokeball in order to get started with all of the training that they want to do. This is a highly accurate replica of the Pokeball that is an integral part of the game. The bright colors and multi-color button is going to make a splash this year.

Classic Handheld Gaming Console
The Game Boy is still here to play and can be a lot of fun when it is time to play some of those favorite games. This device provides a great way to play on the go, giving mom and dad a break on those long journeys as well.

Gaming Chair
For the older kid on your list, this gaming chair brings it all. this is a high tech gaming chair that will put the rest to shame. With the LED lights and a pedestal swivel base, this is a great gift that will keep them comfortably playing for hours to come.

Pokémon DVD Collection
Over 15 hours of Pokémon video on four discs for the Pokémon fan to enjoy. This is a great gift to help them see some of the best content of the series, without having to wait for it to come back on TV again and without the commercials.

Pokémon Photo Video Game
There are so many great games that come with the Pokémon Universe, and one option that is sure to provide hours of entertainment is Pokémon Snap. Available on the Nintendo Switch, this game is going to help the player see a brand new side to this universe, exploring lush jungles, beaches, and so much more.

Poké Ball Plus Video Game Device
This is the accessory that is vital for anyone who wishes to be a Pokémon Trainer. Once they are ready, the trainer will be able to use the ball to catch the Pokémon and carry them around on all the fun travels. With this device, the adventures will jump out of the screen and will make them come to life.

Pokémon 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Ball
Keep their minds sharp and strong with this fun Pokémon 3D jigsaw puzzle ball. With 72 pieces, this is sure to be a big hit with them as they work to make a 3D puzzle of their own and see how many of the characters they are able to recognize from their favorite show.

Pokémon Action Figure
Blastoise is one of the most popular of all the Pokémon that you can get. This is the Pokémon that was able to evolve from Squirtle and is one of the starter for trainers in the Kanto region. You will be able to collect them all with this unique gift too!

Hard PVC Card Sleeves
As that collection of Pokémon cards starts to grow, it is important to keep them in good shape. These PVC trading card holders will provide some of the protection that these cards need. They are the perfect size to hold onto each card and will make storage as simple as possible.

Snorlax 9-Pocket Card Binder
Kelp them keep all of their Pokémon cards organized in this cute card binder with sleeves. With the ability to hold a maximum of 720 cards and with 40 removable sleeves, this is sure to help them coral some of their cards and keep them off the floor.

Pokémon Poké Ball Night Light
Change up the lighting in their room into something that they will actually enjoy. This LED Night Light features different Pokémon friends so you can choose what is their favorite. With 7 colors that gradually change and a low light to not interfere with their sleep, this is the gift that you will be excited to give!

Pokémon Light Switch
Every kid wants to live in the world of Pokémon. And when you help them decorate their room, they will feel like they are ready to become a trainer. This single toggle wall switch cover plate is the perfect way to help get them started with a bit of Pokémon in their life.

Pikachu Search and Find Book
Search and finds are perfect for the mind and the eyesight, putting the mind to work, even if the child is not able to read. But instead of looking for things that do not interest your child, give them this search and find book that has Pikachu as the main event!

Pikachu Moving Ears Hat
Keep them warm and happy this winter with the Pokémon character had. Tis hat is cute and soft, while helping your child to stay warm, no matter how cold it is outside. The moving ears just set it over the top, providing some fun for everyone involved.

Pokémon Hardcover Notebook
Get rid of the old and boring and choose something that is high-quality and awesome to use. This provides a durable cover and elastic closure and the limited edition moleskin can be a lot of fun to use too. The quality pages will last and can be fun to use for personal reasons or for school and work!

Pikachu Twin/Full Size Blanket
Let them sleep in comfortable slumber with this great Pokémon bedding set. With Pikachu right by them during the night, they can dream about going on adventures and collecting all the great Pokémon that they want. Choose between twin or full size to cover up any bed and make them smile.

Pikachu Electronic Coin Bank
Throw out the old and boring piggy bank and get them one they will actually want to save money into. This Pokémon piggy bank is cute and simple, providing a great way to encourage saving. When they place a coin at the top, you will hear Pikachu get right to work adding it to the collection!

Pokémon Canvas Poster Art
Bring their favorite Pokémon characters to life and change their room into a trainers paradise. This canvas poster is an unframed wall art decoration to help you get any room decorated and looking amazing, no matter the size or age of the person living there! Bright and colorful, this is going to be an instant classic.

Pokémon Mini Building Blocks Kit
Keep their minds busy and give their little hands something to do with these cute Nanoblock options. Choose from some of the great Pokémon options, no matter what their favorites will be. Collect them all and have a fun activity for the whole family to do each day.

Mew Vinyl Figurine
Funko Pops are a great addition to any toy collection and now you can share some of their favorite Pokémon characters with them as well. This one offers Mew to players who would like to add to their collection and have some fun enjoying the world of Pokémon!

Pokémon Touchscreen Smart Watch
Smart watches are taking over the world, so why not provide them with a cool tool that has Pikachu and their other favorite characters. It includes a voice recorder, alarm, calculator, selfie-cam, and stopwatch for all of their needs with a cool Pokémon faceplate that they are going to love.

Charizard Building Kit
Mega Construx is going to be a great way to entertain your child for hours to come. These toys are going to be buildable and poseable and this Charizard is going to be so much fun to create. With 223 bricks and pieces combined, you will make your own figurine in no time.

Snorlax Oversized Hoodie Blanket
Get ready to be cozy the next time you want to watch a little bit of Pokémon on a cold and dreary day. This wearable blanket provides you with all the comfort you need. This is designed to work for men and women as a one-size fits all blanket that is sure to please.

Men's No Show Socks
When it is time to update those socks, look no further than these Pokémon Socks. These are no show socks that come in a pack of 5, providing the best comfort and style that you need. With several sizes to pick from, you are going to love these socks!

Poké Ball Ceramic Mug 2 Piece Set
Even adults love Pokémon and the right Nintendo sculpted ceramic mug will be a great way to wake them up in the morning. As they wipe the grogginess from their eyes and get ready for the day, this cup will give them the jolt they need as a new Pokémon trainer!

Trading Cards Carrying Case
Keep the cards on hand and easy to get with this hard-shell storage for all those Pokémon trading cards. It is able to hold onto up to 400 cards, making it an easy storage when that collection is starting to get a little big and a mess is all over the place.

Poké Ball Adjustable Belt and Toys Set
Let that Pokémon fan have some fun with their imagination thanks to this Pokémon clip and carry pokeball belt. This will help them to catch them all as the Poke Ball is going to open up with a simple push of a button and will have one character in each one. Hours of fun with their imagination is just around the corner.

Poké Ball Surprise Bath Bombs Gift Set
Make bath time a little bit better thanks to these surprise kids’ bath bombs that feature Pokeball. Simply fill up the bathtub with some warm water, unwrap the ball and drop it in. the colors, scents, and oils will make bath time more fun while helping them to feel better when done too!

Pikachu Stainless Steel Bottle
Whether you need a new thermos for the home or for that big trip, this Pikachu inspired thermos is going to be perfect. It has some of the best insulation technology to handle all temperature changes and the durable stainless steel will make it last a long time too!

Boys' Pikachu Pajamas
Update their pajamas and let them feel like the best trainer around. These Pokémon Boys’ Pikachu pajamas will add comfort and has a matching all over print of Pikachu that they are sure to love. This is a must have set for your young Ash who is ready to go on an adventure.

Pikachu Sleeping Eye Mask
When you are ready to go on a big trip and need your kid to still fall asleep, then this Pokémon inspired eye mask is going to be the perfect option to choose. It is breathable and lightweight to not cause irritation. And who doesn’t want to wake up to the smiling Pikachu each morning.

Kids' Pikachu Slippers
Keep their feet nice and warm during the night with these cute Pikachu slippers. There is plenty of room to grow and many sizes when it comes to the right one for your kid. These plush slippers are going to be perfect to make walking around as soft as possible.

Poké Ball Heart in Bottle with Frame
This romantic anniversary and wedding present is going to be the right one for you. If your significant other is a Pokémon lover, then this cute gift is a great idea. Celebrate one year or 20 and let them enjoy looking at a bit of Pokémon gifting in no time.

Pokémon Grid T-Shirt
This Pokémon Grid T-Shirt is going to work great for anyone who is a fame of this franchise. It is comfortable and can be machine wash cold with other similar colors. Lightweight and a classic fit, this will fit into any of the wardrobes for a Pokémon lover.

Poké Ball Type-C Port Dock Station
Keep the Nintendo Switch charger is going to provide you with a simple way to charge up the device while getting to play. This stand is designed to work well with the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Light, providing the perfect angle to help you have a great game.

Flexible Console Protector Case
Protect all of your gaming devices with this DuraFlexi protector. While there are many protectors available for the Nintendo Switch and other similar items, this one is going to be a great option for that Pokémon Lover with all their favorite characters on the outside.

Pikachu Children's Analog Watch
This simple watch is going to be great for that kid who not only loves Pokémon, but who also likes to ask what time it is fifty times a day. This is a functional watch that is easy to use and the high-quality material makes it a great choice.

Poké Ball Plush Toy
Get them dressed up for Halloween or let them imagine life as a Pokémon trainer with their own Pokeball to use during imaginative play. This soft ball can easily get thrown all over the place, without hitting anyone or getting them hurt. Add with a fun costume and your little one will be ready to go.

Pokémon Classic Chapter Book Collection
Not only is the show and the movies a lot of fun to watch, the books can bring a lot of fun as well! This 15 book collection is going to help their reading skills and get them ready for more adventures in the Pokémon universe.

Pokémon Decorations
Make your front porch look amazing with a bit of Pokémon Flair. These cartoon porch sign banner is great to decorate any porch or front door, whether you want to make a room look better or you are looking to celebrate for a birthday! With 10 pieces, you will be able to organize how you want.

Game Shaped Neon Sign
Add a bit of neon to the room with this neon light game controller. It hooks up right on the wall and has some fun colors for the gamer in any family. At 16 by 11, it is just perfect to brighten up the room, without ruining their sleep at night.

Pikachu Sticker Wall Decals
Pikachu can see you and is ready for a fun night of play! These stickers are the perfect addition to any Pokémon room and the large size can be a lot of fun as well. They are easy to place on the wall and take off without a mess later on if you choose.

Men's Pikachu Graphic T-Shirt
Every Pokémon lover needs a great t-shirt to show off some of their favorite characters. And this great Pikachu shirt is going to be the best option for everyone. For all of your Pokémon trainers, you can choose the right graphic t-shirt with choices like Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and Charizard as well.

Pikachu Console Pro Controllers
Change up the look of your Nintendo Switch with the help of this split pad pro. It is officially licensed by both Pokémon and Nintendo so you know it is going to fit with the device and can last a long time. The shocking black and gold design even features Pikachu to help you with all of your gaming.

Pokémon Game Wrist Device
The Pokémon GO Plus is a simple and small device that will allow anyone to play the game of Pokémon GO while they are on the move, without having their smartphone on them the whole time. Once it is set up to your Bluetooth, you will be able to receive alerts when a new Pokémon is in your area!

Boys' Poké Ball Pikachu Hoodie
When the cold weather starts to come around, it is time to pull out the big guns to be warm. This Pokémon Boys Pokeball Hoodie is going to be a great option. Keep them cozy and warm as they pick which character is their favorite each day!

Pokémon Plastic Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutters are the perfect way to add more Pokémon to your day. Spend the afternoon making some delicious cookies and then cut them out in your favorite shapes. This set includes three of the best options that have a Pokeball, Ash, and Pikachu all in one place.

Girls' Snorlax Nightdress
Even girls can dress up in their favorite Pokémon gear. This Snorlax nightdress is comfy and cozy all of the time and will help them to show off some of the characters that they like the most. Made out of 100% polyester, it will sparkle and shine and can be used all year long.

Large Pikachu Foil Balloon
Pikachu is big and loud and a lot of fun to enjoy at parties or in your room. This Pikachu balloon is going to come uninflated so you will need to find helium to get it blown up. But the sturdy construction and large size will make it an instant hit.

Pikachu Talking Alarm Clock
Getting up in the morning is much easier when you get to see the smiling face of Pikachu right away. This cute little alarm clock will make sure that you are never late again. The bright yellow will make waking up easier and the big numbers can help for those just learning to tell time.

Pikachu Lamp Shade
Stop wasting your time with old lamps that are not going to last or that take up a lot of space and look ugly. With this Pikachu lamp, you will get to smile at the cute little character each time that you wake up and makes you smile each time you brighten up the room.

Pikachu Walkie Talkies Set
Kids will love being spies and talking to one another on different sides of the home with these cute Pikachu walkie talkies. They provide long range talking without any static, making it perfect to play and have fun, whether they are inside or outside that day.

Pokémon School Backpack
As your kindergartner gets ready to head out the door, this Pokémon backpack is going to be a great choice. The size is just right for them to carry and it comes with five pieces, including a water bottle, a gel ice pack, and a pencil case to get them started when they go back to school.

Eevee Bifold Wallet
It is time to finally keep the money, bills, receipts, and credit cards all in one place with this Eevee flap wallet. It is sturdy and stylish, providing you with an elegant look that has your favorite character. With a snap closure and a faux leather lining, this is the perfect wallet for all your needs.

Pikachu Game Console Carrying Case
Get ready to travel with Pikachu and all of your favorite Pokémon characters. You can choose to get just the backpack or choose to add in some of the other options that you would like to complete the package. This comfortable padded shoulder strap will help you get on the road with ease.

Detective Pikachu Blu-Ray 3D
Every Pokémon lover has to see the latest live action in this franchise. The Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie has all of your favorite characters with lots of adventure and laughs along the way. It is available in several formats to make sure that you are able to get the exact one you need.

Poké Ball Plush Backpack
This is the perfect addition when it is time to head to grandma’s and grandpa’s or onto another trip that you have been looking for. This is a plush backpack that is almost soft enough to sleep on and has plenty of room for all of the Pokémon characters that you want to bring along.

Gengar Pendant Necklace
Bring out the bling and provide the perfect conversation piece with this Hip-hop Zircon men with pendant necklace that looks really neat. This is a trendy essential that will be a great gift for a party or just for someone who loves everything that Pokémon has to offer.

Pokémon Trainer Electronic Guessing Game
It’s time to get together to enjoy a fun game together as a family. This Pokémon trainer guess game will help your family learn more about these features of each Pokémon to ensure that they can win the game. You will get a chance to collect up to 151 Pokémon and claim yourself as the master!

Eevee Electronic Interactive Toy
Interact with Eevee and have a fun time all day long. This is an electronic and interactive Eevee who will react to touch and sound. She is able to complete more than 50 interactions with movement and sound, ensuring that you can have a lot of fun with her as well.

Charmander Interactive Plush
When you are ready to catch more of the Pokémon and see what a Pokémon master. You can me, then the 10 inch interactive Charmander plush is one of the best gifts to use. This toy will interact with the users, bringing in sounds and light, including in their mouth and tail, just like in the series!

Pokémon Battle Figures Toy Set
Start your own battle with this multi-pack toy set. You will be able to get many of the options that you need from Generation 1. With six pieces, you will be able to get them all and have a lot of fun at the same time. Start your own collection or add to what you already have for the best results!

Detective Pikachu Trading Cards Set
Bring the whole family together for a fun Pokémon Card Game. This game is based on the movie, Detective Pikachu, so if you have watched that movie more times than you can count, then this is a great game for everyone to work on their training skills and have a few good laughs.

Pokémon Fleece Throw Blanket
You can never have too many blankets, especially if some of those blankets have Pokémon on them. This large fleece throw blanket has all of your favorite Pokémon characters on it, making it the perfect addition to your home as you watch more of the series and movies.

Pokémon Card Game Elite Box Set
It is time to take your training to the next level with this Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box. It includes 10 of the booster packs, 65 card sleeves, and 45 energy cards to help take the game to the next level. This is a fun game for every aspiring Pokémon Trainer.

Pikachu Ears Plush Headband
Show all of the love that you have for Pikachu with this cute and fun headband. This is a great accessory to wear for pretend play, costumes, and even dress up. It works for so many of the games that they will want to play and is sturdy enough to last a long time.

Pokémon Birthday Party Supplies
It is time to throw the best Pokémon birthday party around. This party set is enough for up to 24 guests and has the plates, napkins, decorations, cups and more. When you want to throw the best party for that Pokémon trainer, this is the first set you need to grab.

Pikachu Christmas Ornament
Get ready for any Christmas with this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Spark a bit of holiday cheer with this ornament that is sure to be a hit. The artistry is beautiful and this is a gift that is going to stick around for years to come and passed down through the generations.

Pikachu Video Game Console Playstand
When your Nintendo Switch is charging, it may feel like you have to get out of the game and stop. Thanks to this black and gold Pikachu play stand, you never have to miss a moment of fun with the device, even when it is time to charge it up a bit.

Pikachu Zip Hoodie
This cute hoodie will turn you into Pikachu for a lot of fun. This cosplay costume and hoodie is perfect for men and women and can add a bit of bright, yellow fun to your day in the form of Pikachu. This is suitable to wear around the house or when you go out, providing lots of fun to all Pokémon lovers.

Team Rocket Men's Long Sleeve T-shirt
Join the bad side and be part of the best team around. This Team Rocket inspired shirt is simple and lets you know who the best players are in town. This long-sleeved shirt is comfortable and 100% cotton, keeping you warm and having fun during Halloween.

Pokémon Temporary Tattoos
Show your true love for the Pokémon universe with these cute temporary tattoos. No matter who your favorite character is, you can show off your pride and have a lot of fun. They wash off easily when the fun is done, leaving no mess behind.

Snorlax Giant Bean Bag Cover
This plush toy is the perfect addition to any room. It is soft, lightweight, and the perfect thing to just fall asleep to each night. Pull it out on the floor or use it as a bed to watch TV or fall asleep. Just don’t forget the stuffing so you can be as comfortable as possible.

Snorlax Balancing Game
Create your Pokémon world with the help of the Pokémon Sleepy Hammock game. This is a lot of fun that brings together Snorlax and the Pikachu that you know and love. See how many Pikachu can get on top of the Snorlax to win the game!

Smart Lamp for Gaming Room
Brighten up your room and get ready for a night of gaming with this 11 pack of Wi-Fi Smart LED light kits. Change it into any shape or color that you want to personalize the look and have a bit of fun. Whether you choose to turn it into a Pokémon character is up to you!

Pikachu Comfort Grip Controller
Bring back the controllers with these bright yellow, Pokémon inspired Joy-Con Comfort Grip controllers. These controllers are lightweight and allow you to have some fun gameplay, no matter where you are. You can easily add the Nintendo switch and have a lot of fun all day long.

Pokémon Movies Blu-ray Collection
Get ready to binge watch and enjoy all that the Pokémon universe has to offer. Whether you are ready for a trip down memory lane or you are ready to share your love of Pokémon with the next generation, the first three Pokémon movies are the perfect gift to make that happen!

Pikachu Wired Controller
Let Pikachu be with you all the time when it is time to play those games. There are many controllers out there to make gaming more fun, but for that Pokémon lover, the Pikachu electric controller will be the perfect gift to make them happy. With an intuitive button layout and all the great features, this is a great controller for your needs.

Mini Poké Ball Plush Set
If one Pokeball is good, then four of them are even better. Let their imagination soar as they practice becoming the best Pokeball trainer in the area. This mini collection provides hours of entertainment and can help fans collect all the Pokémon that they want. Parents will love the soft material as it goes flying through the air.

Pikachu Travel Bottle
Keep them hydrated and cool while at the park or on a trip thanks to this large Pokémon water bottle. It has the adorable Pikachu on the side and can hold up to 25 ounces, plenty to keep them from getting thirsty in the hot son. The wide mouth also helps to make filling it up a breeze.

Pokémon GO Ultra Ball Mug
Coffee in the morning has never been so cool. This is the ultimate in Pokémon ceramic coffee mugs. It even comes with a lid! While you should not put it in the microwave, it is big cup to hold all of that coffee and looks just like the Pokémon GO Ultra Ball, helping you become a trainer each day.

Pokémon Premium Ho-Oh Collection Box
If you consider yourself a true Pokémon lover, then you need to have the Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends. This is going to have all of the items that you need to get started, with several promo cards that have never been seen, three collector’s boxes, and so much more compared to other sets!

Pokémon Plastic Cups Set
When you are tired of searching around for cups all the time, then it is time to make an update. And what is better than letting all those kids have some cute Pikachu plastic cups to keep around. These are dishwasher safe and have some of the best characters from the shows.

Pokémon Party Favors Value Pack
When it is time to party with Ash and Pikachu, you need to make sure that you have the best in party favors to seal the deal. This Pokémon Mega Mix of party favors is going to fit the bill. The package includes options like rulers, whistles, laser tops, and clackers to name a few of the neat surprises inside!

Pokémon Carry Case Playset
Carry the fun around with you in this fun playset. Featuring many locations and a lot of hidden things inside, you will find that there is hours of entertainment. It comes with a small Pikachu to get the collection started and can easily fold into a backpack that will make carrying a breeze.

Squirtle Poké Ball Clip Set
Catch your very first Pokémon in this clip in go set. This one features a small Squirtle to be that first character in the collection. This small Pokeball is a great way to help that Pokémon trainer get ready to see the world and start their very own adventure too!

Men's Snorlax T-shirt
Today is not the day according to Snorlax! Maybe tomorrow will be better. This comfortable men’s shirt is going to provide the best in Pokémon to that fan who has not grown out of the love for these characters. It is pre-shrunk and super soft to give all the comfort that you need along the way!

Pokémon Twin Bed Bag Set
Nothing is better than going to bed with some of your favorite Pokémon characters. This cute bedding set will help keep things comfy and cozy while you are ready to fall asleep. This comes with a heavy comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and one pillowcase to seal the deal.

Pokémon Puzzle
Get that mind to work with this 100 piece puzzle inside of a Pokeball sphere. This is a great puzzle when they are ready to progress to something that is a little harder to finish, and they are a big fan of watching the Pokémon series. Let them find all of their favorite characters as they get the work done.

Pokémon Battle Wireless Controller
When it is time to update that wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch, why not add a splash of color and a splash of Pikachu all in one go. This remote controller is perfect for someone who loves the Pokémon franchise and wants to keep it close as they play their favorite games.

Pokémon Essential Handbook Guide
All Pokémon trainers need to have a handbook to help them keep up with all of the different Pokémon and to ensure that they are able to remember all the interesting facts. This one is a great choice as it includes more than 875 characters and all the facts you need to know about these characters.

Men's Pokémon Crew Socks Multipack
Stop buying boring old socks that they do not want to wear anyway and choose some of the comfortable Pokémon socks that are going to stand out from the crowd. These simple socks will look great with every outfit and can make your little trainer look amazing all the time.

Pokémon Card Game Stadium Playmat
Get ready for battle at the Pokémon Stadium. This mat board playmat is going to be the perfect addition when it is time to go fight against another player using some of your best Pokémon cards. It is simple to store and bring out any time you are ready to play a game!

Pokémon Card Game Trainers Toolkit Box
Becoming a Pokémon trainer is something that takes time and commitment. It is an important aspect of really understanding the Pokémon world. And with this trainers toolkit, you will be ready to take on the world and turn into a master trainer in no time.

Shiny Mega Rayquaza Card Game Playmat
If you are looking for a higher quality placemat, then this is one of the best to add to your list. It is simple to use and has some of the best graphics on it from any brand. Let your child play and have fun while marveling at some of their favorite Pokémon characters.

Pikachu Soft Lunch Bag
Let them show off at school that they are a future Pokémon trainer with this neat thermos and lunch box combo! Reduce waste and save money by using your own lunch box that your child is sure to enjoy for years to come. Made out of high-quality materials that are comfortable and easy to transport.

Large Bulbasaur Planter Pot
Add a bit of greenery to your home with this Bulbasaur planter pot. While traditional pots are boring and hard to use, this Bulbasaur planter pot is a great option for houseplants, succulents, and so much more. You can choose the size based on how big of a plant you would like to have. Keep a few around the house to brighten the room.