47 Arctic Cool Penguin Gifts That Will Give Them Happy Feet

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Penguins are really awesome and fascinating; I think most of us can agree. These penguin-themed gifts celebrate the awesomeness of penguins, and are perfect for penguin lovers and for Christmas gifts. From penguin-themed accessories to penguin photos, books, and movies, a gift from this list will leave the recipient waddling with appreciation.

Penguin Lovers Tumbler
Enjoy a glass of wine in a fun penguin tumbler. This stainless steel tumbler has a fun design on the outside with a penguin. This is a perfect gift for a penguin lover! This glass is designed to keep drinks cold and hot for extended period of time.

Dabbing Penguin T-Shirt
When shopping for Christmas gifts surprise someone with a cute dancing penguin t-shirt. This shirt features a penguin doing the dabbing dance move in the center. It is available in a variety of different colors, made with 100% cotton or a cotton poly blend.

Penguin Weighted Blanket
Help put the body at ease and relieve stress by using a weighted blanket. This weighted blanket is is made with a 100% cotton cover and is stuffed with glass beads. There is a variety of sizes and weights available depending on the necessary size needed.

White Gold Diamond Penguin
Enjoy an infinity diamond necklace with an outline of a penguin featured on a white gold chain. This beautiful necklace is featured with natural diamonds adding up to 1/10th of a carat. This is a great accessory to anyone's jewelry collection, and will become a new favorite everyday necklace.

Stainless Steel Thermos
Keep your favorite drinks fresh with a thermos travel mug. This mug is designed in the shape of a penguin but is able to lock in hot temperatures of your tea or coffee keeping them warm and fresh for an extended period of time. The style of the mug is a great gift for a penguin lover.

Animated Kissy The Penguin Toy
Gift an adorable plush penguin to the little one by surprising them with a baby animated kissy stuffed penguin. This stuffed animal has interactive play keeping it entertaining and joyful. It is able to play songs and teach babies how to blow kisses back with moving its wings.

Pencil Holder with Phone Stand
Add some accessories to your office with a cute penguin pencil holder and phone stand. This holder is designed with resin and very durable. There is a place for all your favorite pens and pencils and on the other side is a place to allow your phone rest up to still give you access.

Penguin Oven Mittens
Bring the penguins into the kitchen with a fun pair of penguin oven mitts. This kitchen accessory is a great and much needed tool to have around the house. It features 1 pair of high heat mittens allowing you to grab hot dishes from the oven or microwave without running the risk of burning yourself.

Color Changing Night Light
Surprise a penguin lover with a unique color changing night light. This night light is a silicone shaped penguin. This light is rechargeable and has a variety of different colors that you can change by using the remote control. There are several different modes available and the LED light bulb allows it to be used for extended periods of time.

Egg Holder
Cook the perfect eggs with this 3 in 1 egg cooker. This tool will allow you to cook the eggs to perfection by holding the eggs in place, and store or serve them all from the same carrier. It is in the shape of penguins to hold the eggs and is able to cook up to 6 eggs at once.

Penguin Track Jacket
Stay warm when on the go or during a workout with a comfortable track jacket. This jacket is lightweight with the penguin emblem embroidered on the corner. It is available in a variety of a few different colors, and a zip up feature in the front.

Baby Girls Winter Bundler
Keep the little one warm with a cute baby winter bundle jacket. This jacket has penguins pictured throughout the snow suit and has a spot to stick your feet through and still wear the snow boots. This style is designed as a one piece allowing an area for your legs and your arms. It's a great gift to stay warm and play in the snow!

Penguin 3D Night Light
Bring your love for penguins to life with a 3D penguin figurine night light. This light is a compact, unique light that is able to change a variety of colors and light changing modes. You are able to control this lamp with a remote control and is great accessory for any kids bedroom or nightstand.

Eddie Bauer Penguin Bedding
Sleep with ultimate comfort with a set of Eddie Bauer flannel sheets. The sheets are available in all the desired sizes and has penguin print scattered throughout the sheet set. These Sheets are made with 100% cotton and are soft to the touch giving you the best sleep.

Pint Pack with Matching Coaster Set
Add some fun pint glasses to your at home bar with a set of 4 penguin styled bar glasses. These glasses come with a set of matching coasters, and have penguins illustrated on the outside. They are dishwasher safe and great for the penguin lover.

Penguin Blankie
Surprise the new baby in your life with a soft plush penguin styled blanket. This blanket is cashmere soft, machine washable, and 100% polyester. There is a penguin plush on the corner for comfort for the baby to grab onto. This penguin blanket is going to be a new nap time favorite accessory.

Musical Water Globe
Showcase your love for penguins with an elegant penguin family water globe. This globe has a pedestal base with penguins throughout the figurine. There is a twist on the bottom to play a soft musical tune and when you shake it there is snowflakes that float throughout the glass.

Penguin Windchime
Add a touch of fun outdoor decor and music by adding a penguin wind chime to your porch. It is made with cast iron and long lasting. This chime is shaped like a penguin and can hang from inside or an outside area and makes a sound anytime it catches a breeze.

Fuzzy Slippers
Cozy up with a pair of plush fuzzy slippers. These slippers have an inner lining of fuzzy fleece and a non slip pads on the bottom. These slippers are great for around the house and lounging at home. There are several different sizes available allowing a pair for everyone.

Inflatable Christmas Penguin
Bring the Christmas decorations outside with a fun inflatable Christmas penguin. This penguin is an indoor/outdoor inflatable holiday decoration that has twinkle lights throughout so everyone can see it and enjoy. This comes with all the accessories needed to secure it and set it up.

Penguin Corkscrew
Give the gift of wine to a penguin lover by surprising them with a penguin corkscrew wine opener. This wine opener gives an easy to use tool to open your favorite bottle of wine. It is compact and easy to store and a great gift that is easy to grab and go.

Bath Toys for Babies
Bring joy to bath time with a gift set of fun bathtime toys! All toy figurines are turtle shaped with a boat, and cups. This is a fun toy that can entertain the little one for hours and help with hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Coffee Tumbler
Enjoy a warm cup of coffee in travel coffee mug. This mug is designed with snowflakes and penguins printed throughout on the outside with an interlocking flip lid. This mug is BPA free and has a stainless steel lining on the inside and is able to hold up to 14 ounces.

I'm a Penguin Mug
Surprise a penguin lover with a warm cup of coffee in their new favorite mug! This coffee cup is a white mug with a cute penguin pictured with a saying on the side. This mug is dishwasher and microwavable safe, and is able to hold up to 11 ounces of your favorite drink.

Plush Toy with Lavender
Wind down and relax with a lavender infused plush animal. This penguin is the perfect animal too cozy up at home with. It is filled with all natural grain and lavender scent, allowing it to be warmed up or cooled down. This is designed to ease anxiety, soothe sore muscles, or add a cute addition to a bedroom.

Penguin Love Laser Cut Wood Card
Get your special message across with a laser engraved wooden card. This laser engraved card has two penguins cut out on the outside, and you can include a special message inscribed as well. This is a great card to gift, the wood allows it to last long term and add as home decor as well.

Penguin Onesie
Whether it is an outing for a costume party or a set of cozy pajamas, this penguin onesie will be the top favorite. This onesie is designed as a penguin suit, it has hood featuring eyes and beak. The feet are open so you can slip some shoes or slippers on, and the loose fitting material allows you to move around freely.

Neoprene Lunch Bag
Keep your food fresh throughout the day with a fun insulated lunch bag. This lunch bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and has a penguin design pictured on the side. This is easy to clean, machine washable, and keeps food warm up to 4-6 hours.

Penguin Stress Relief Balls
Release your stress and anxiety with this set of relief balls. These stress balls are filled with water beads and a silicone outside for extra durability. These stress relievers are designed to relieve stress, anxiety, and ADHD. This is a great tool for anyone, and make a great Christmas gift.

Penguin Love Necklace
Say I love you with a beautiful penguin necklace. This sterling silver necklace has two penguins curled up together, blue crystals around the side of the heart, and has 'I love you' engraved down the side. This is a great accessory for any jewelry collection and is designed to last.

Scrapbook Photo Album
Collect all your favorite pictures and memories by keeping them together in a special scrapbook album. This vintage leather album has 60 blank pages, a unique tie with a charm to latch, and is well binded. Featured on the cover is a group of 3 penguins, making this a great gift for any penguin lover.

Late for the Sky Penguin-Opoly Game
Enjoy a family game night with friends and family with a new board game. This penguin themed monopoly game is designed for 2-6 players, allows you to learn about penguins as you play, and includes sculpted tokens. This is a great twist to the original monopoly game.

Zip Around Wallet
Surprise a penguin lover with a new accessory to their purse with a fun zip around wallet. This wallet is a wristlet style with a zipper feature for added security. There are 8 card slots available, and has a penguin with its baby curled up together.

Sterling Silver Earrings
Gift a unique pair of penguin earrings with this sterling silver pair. These earrings are nickel free and hypoallergenic making them great for sensitive ears. In the center of these earrings feature opal gemstones, making them eye catching and a great added accessory to any outfit.

Cotton Nightgown
Sleep in style with this women's cotton nightgown. This nightgown has a penguin print throughout the gown and has a pull over closure. It's made with 60% pure cotton and a jersey knit making it soft to the touch. This is short sleeved giving added space to stretch out and relax.

Penguin Socks
Showcase your love for penguins with a cute pair of penguin socks. These mid calf height socks have a purple accent around the edges with printed penguins throughout each pair. These are made with a combination of materials making them breathable and soft to the touch.

Foldable Bottle Opener
Break open that bottle of wine in style with a foldable bottle opener. It is compact and folds up making it easy to grab on the go. This is a great opener for anyone who loves penguins, as it is shaped to look just like one!

Penguin Hat With Moving Ears
Bring some fun into the house for the kids with a cute penguin hat and moving ears. This hat is made with velvet plush material, both of the ears are movable so they can flap up and down. This is a fun accessory that also can keep you warm when it's cold too.

Penguin Masks
Upgrade your face mask to a fun animal print reusable style. This mask has a penguin pictured on the front, adjustable ear-loops, and disposable inserts. It is made with a comfortable material and are a great mask to use while out and about, working out, and other activities.

Ceramic Tea Cup
Have a delicious cup of tea with a fun ceramic tea cup. This cup has a surprise hidden penguin in the bottom of the glass. It is made with high quality ceramic, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. This is a great Christmas gift for anyone who enjoys a drink from anything warm.

Penguin 14K Gold Necklace
Surprise someone with a beautiful elegant pendant. This pendant is a 14k yellow gold with a penguin pendant in the center. The pendant hangs on a gold rope chain, with a spring clasp with a chain extender. It is hypoallergenic, and made with combination of fine metals to create a long lasting anti tarnish finish.

Penguin Bathrobe
Cozy up in a soft and fuzzy bathrobe. This robe has penguins pictured all throughout, a belt, and a hood. It is suitable for all seasons, and hits at about knee height. This is perfect home wear for sleep or hanging out around the house.

Penguin Plush Pillow
Let your kids relax and play with a fun plush pillow. It is formed as a penguin with extra soft plush, that can act as a pillow and flatten out, or attach together and act as a pet. These plush pillows are a great gift and everyone's favorite.

Stand Up Pen Case
Keep your pens together and organized with a zip up pen case. This pen case is designed to stand up itself and replicate the look of a penguin. It is made with silicone making it soft and easy to clean, it holds up to 22 pens and can stand up on its own.

Jumbo Folding Plush Pillow
Cozy up with an oversized plush pillow. This penguin pillow is a large sized pillow that can act as a stuffed animal and a pillow. Kids can sit and relax on it or cinch it together and create a stuffed animal. It is soft to the touch, and is a longtime favorite gift for years to come.

Happy Feet Movie Collection
Enjoy a movie night at home with the popular movie collection known as Happy Feet. This collection has all 3 of their films Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2, and March of the Penguins. These movies are great for all ages and will become everyone's favorite.