21 Orthopedic Surgeon Gifts for the Local Bone Whisperer

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Bone tired of looking for a good present? Do you want to get them something meaningful? Something useful? Something humerus? Don’t be a numbskull! Check out our list of the best presents for an orthopedic surgeon. Show them how hip you are with one of these great gifts.

Yoda Best Orthopedic Surgeon
Hobbies they have outside their career. Gift them this you should. Grateful they'll be. For the orthopedic surgeon with a passion for sci-fi. This travel mug features every nerd's beloved jedi master - a cute cartoon Yoda. This insulated tumbler is good for hot or cold drinks on the go.
Cute Orthopedic T-Shirt
The perfect shirt for a bone doctor with a sense of humor. Hipster takes on a whole new meaning. Especially great for orthopedic surgeons who specialize in hip replacements. This t-shirt comes in 5 different colors. Its lightweight cotton makes it great for wearing under scrubs.
Leonardo da Vinci Wall Art
Give them the gift of inspiration from the original anatomist. This canvas print features sketches of the human form by Leonardo Da Vinci. Any orthopedic surgeon would love and respect his art. A beautiful way to dress up their office and allude to their work.
Premium Quality Fountain Pen
Cross pens are classic, high-quality pens. There's hardly a better gift to give to a professional. Surgeons have to sign off on things just as much as doctors. Pick the bone-colored Pearlescent White pen. Orthopedic surgeons will love using this luxury writing implement. Choose from fountain pen, rollerball, or ball point.
The Bone Collector Movie
The perfect gift to prank an orthopedic surgeon by day, film buff by night. They're sure to laugh when they unwrap this DVD. It is a great movie though. The Bone Collector is a 90s suspense thriller. Starring the equally dreamy Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.
Knee Joint Plush
We've all see the anatomically correct heart plushies. It's time for some other body parts. Now you can buy a cuddly soft knee joint! An adorable gift for an orthopedic surgeon. It comes with a little booklet full of knee facts! Not suitable for real knee replacements.
Portable Saddle Stool
Orthopedic surgeons know better than anyone how important posture is. Help them care for their spine while they're fixing other ones. This saddle stool sits on top of the desk chair they already have. It aims to relax the lower back and activate deep muscles. It can also help soothe herniated discs.
High-Performance Wireless Earphones
Help them stay connected while being unplugged. These high performance earphones are wireless from your phone. They attach to each other with a slim wire so you don't lose an earbud! Give them the quality of Beats without the bulk. They're sweat resistant - great for work or post-shift workouts!
Slip Resistant Crocs
The brand beloved by professionals in many fields. Crocs are especially well-loved in hospital settings. These slip resistant clogs are great for a bone doctor. Unlike the original sandal, these clogs have no holes.
Scotch Decanter Gift Set
Toast to a successful spine surgery with this luxury decanter gift set. A beautiful glass decanter comes with two classically styled tumblers. Set them down on a pair of slate coaster. They match the 8 granite whiskey stones you can use to keep your drink cool. All of this comes securely packed in a natural wood gift box.
Thank You Gift Basket
There are 206 bones in the human body. No wonder orthopedic surgeons are always so busy! Make sure they don't forget to eat. This thank you basket is a great gift to show your appreciation. A selection of sweet and savory snacks will give them a boost throughout the day.
Personalized Name Stethoscope Necklace
This necklace is a darling gift that honors her job in medicine. We recommend personalizing it with their name, rather than their job, though. 'Orthopedic surgeon' is a bit long and 'bone doctor' isn't delicate enough. Whatever you pick, she'll love this dainty necklace. Pick from gold, rose gold, or silver coloring.
Custom Laser Engraved Tumbler
If you want to gift them something useful, this tumbler can also be personalized. Choose from 6 designs and 11 colors. You can put her name in a cute stethoscope or EKG print. Whether she's a caffeine addict, smoothie queen, or calming tea drinker. This travel mug is a work day essential.
Enhanced Office Seat Cushion
Let them look forward to filling out paperwork. Any bone doctor spending hours updating files will love this seat cushion. It fits over most office chairs to enhance them. The thick cushion is a mix of memory foam and cooling gel. It could help reduce stress on their spine and soothe their posture.
Human Anatomy Coaster Set
If they love what they do, let them take work home. This is a great set for an orthopedic surgeon. Protect their table with this set of coasters. It features various body parts - namely the skull, ribcage, hand, and spine! Cool decor for the bone doctor.
Premium Old Fashioned Crystal Glasses
After they perform surgery all week, they'll want to relax all weekend. They can go big and entertain 5 friends. Or pour themselves drinks all weekend without doing the dishes! 6 matching rocks glasses feature a classic beveled diamond design. Toast to a successful week.
Field Notes Black Notebooks
For the classicist who prefers pen and paper. Many may be comfortable with the digital age but prefer writing things down on their own. This notebook set is a great gift for them. 3 pocket-sized notebooks have a dot grid to suit any type of notes. They can sketch a spine and label all the parts.
Scientific Spine Model
Every doctor needs a good model. Especially if they're a specialist. This model of the human spine is perfect for an orthopedic surgeon. It measures a life size 34 inches and comes assembled. The whole set is modelled after real bones to be accurate. Perfect for a bone doctor's office.
Orthopedic Keychain
Be a constant reminder to your surgeon that you were a pain in their neck. Unless of course they fixed your neck. This gorgeous keychain features surgeon inspired trinkets. From a stethoscope to a bone charm, give them a piece of you to remember!
Orthopedic Surgeon Gift Socks
Who doesn't love novelty socks? This pair is the perfect present for an orthopedic surgeon. Crew-length socks feature an x-rayed foot. See every bone in every toe! A fun way for a bone doctor to spruce up their work outfit. They fit both men's and women's shoe sizes.
Orthopedic Men's Leather Slippers
He spends all day on his feet. Give him the gift of comfort. These leather slippers have cushioned insoles and give arch support. Removable insoles let him customize his level of comfort. The upper is made of stylish suede and the inside is a comfortable plush.