29 Omaha Steaks Gifts to Have Your Mouth Watering Right Now

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Whether or not you’ve been a fan to Omaha steaks in the past, you’ll surely not want to miss these gifts. Lovers of steak already know that your taste buds thank you after finishing one. Take your Omaha steak game to the next level by inviting your friends to join in your joyful journey when you send them one of these taste bud enticing 29 Omaha steak gifts.

Omaha Steaks Butcher Box
Give the gift of a good meal with the Freezer Loader Box from Omaha Steaks. This flash frozen box contains 4 (6 oz.) Filet Mignons, 1-pound of boneless chicken breasts; 4 (5 oz.) steakburgers, 4 (3 oz.) of franks and kielbasa sausages, each, 4 Potatoes au Gratin, 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets and a 3.1-ounce jar of Omaha Steak Signature Seasoning.

Filet Mignon Steak Set
Fire up the grill and eat well with the Feed the Party Filet Mignon Box from Omaha Steaks. This melt-in-your-mouth cut of steak graded USDA Black Angus Choice ensures a tender, juicy bite. Individually wrapped to maintain freshness, you'll receive 20 6-ounce filets, ideal for your next barbecue or family gathering.

Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
Whether you're a new outdoor cook or a seasoned pro, this 8-in-1 BBQ Wood Pellet Grill is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Capable of grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbequing - you'll enjoy rich wood-smoked flavor on all of your favorite meats. Complete with automatic start-up, temperature setting accuracy, and energy-efficient pellet fuel, this grill will change your dinner game.

Kansas City Steak Box
Get a taste of the Midwest delivered straight to your door with the Top Sirloin and Potatoes Meal Box from Kansas City Steaks. Each box contains 8 (5 oz.) Top Sirloin Steaks, and 6 (5 oz.) Cheddar and Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes, an Original Steak Seasoning packet, and a KC Steak Book with cooking directions, recipe inspirations, grilling times, and more.

Texas Roadhouse Butcher Steaks
Make any night Steak Night with the Ribeye Steak Box from Texas Roadhouse. Individually sealed to maintain freshness, this box includes four steaks weighing 12-ounces each. The hand-cut quality of this tender cut delivers a tender, juicy bite. Your steaks come freezer-ready thanks to their insulated styrofoam container complete with dry ice.

Butcher's Choice Gift Box
Bring the heat to your next outdoor gathering with Chicago Steak Company Butcher's Choice Gift Box. The 10 (6 oz.) Premium Angus Filet Mignons and 8 (4 oz.) Angus Steakburgers are all individually sealed to maintain freshness, ensuring you get a juicy, tender bite every time.

BBQ Blend Seasoning Set
Give the chef in your life the power of food chemistry with Spiceology's 6-Pack Mini Seasoning Set. A mixture of their most popular rubs and spice blends - this box includes; Black & Bleu, Chile Margarita, Cowboy Crust, Greek Freak, Smoky Honey Habanero, and Raspberry Chipotle. Whether it's the grill, the oven, or the stovetop - your tastebuds will thank you for trusting in Spiceology.

Basting Brush
Keep your cooking tender, juicy, and saucy with Cuisinart's Sauce Pot and Basting Brush Set. Made from high-quality stainless steel - this 16-ounce pot allows you to coat any size cut of meat evenly. The silicone brush head is removable and dishwasher safe. With an integrated brush-lid design, you'll never misplace brush again, and the pot hand-washes for a quick cleanup.

Kansas City BBQ Sampler
Get Sweet and Saucy with Kansas City BBQ's Variety Sauce Sampler. This 4-pack of curated bar-b-que sauces includes a silicone basting brush to make smoking or grilling mess-free. With Rich & Spicy, Extra Hot, Jack Stack Spicy, and Night of the Living Bar-B-Que, your tastebuds will tingle with spice, tang, and smokey goodness.

Meat Resting Pan
If you're looking for cookware for all types of cuisine, look no further than Trinity Provisions. This 3-piece set includes a Wire Cooling Rack, Silicone Baking Mat, and a Stainless Steel Baking Tray. While most cookware is ideal for light use, Trinity Provisions creates with the griller in mind. That means heavy-duty and durable materials to deliver long-lasting results.

Essential Duo Steak Set
Who said in-home date nights don't mean fine dining? The Essential Duo Steak Box from Kansas City Steak Company provides five classic cuts of beef. From Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, Boneless Ribeye, Strip, to Porterhouse- you'll enjoy a 5-star meal right at home! Your box even includes an Original Steak Seasoning Packet and a KC Steak book with recipes and grilling directions.

New York Strip Steaks
Hand Cut in Louisville, KY, bring fine dining home with this Half-Pound New York Strip Steaks Box. Individually wrapped to maintain freshness, you can choose from a 10, 20, or 50 pack of 8-ounce steaks. Whether it's Sunday dinner, a Graduation Party, or an intimate reunion, enjoy high-quality beef at affordable prices with Feed the Party's Delivery Box.

BBQ Pitmaster Rub Pack
Ideal for Pork, Beef, and every meat in-between, this 3-Pack Premium Seasoning Set will take your outdoor cooking to the next level. Proudly made in the USA, these rubs are Kosher and free of gluten, MSG, and GMO's. Rollin Blue donates free meals to communities impacted by natural disasters and the first-responders that help with every purchase you make.

Smoker Box Kit
Give Dad a gift he'll treasure with Herb & Grills BBQ Smoker Kit. This 7-piece set has everything the PitMaster in your life will need to start a wood-chip smoking journey. Consisting of a Smoker Box, options of wood chips or pellets, steel tongs, a meat thermometer, and a Honey BBQ Rub, you'll want to kiss the cook after every bite.

Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves
Whether you're camping in the mountains, refueling the summer bonfire, or loading up the smoker, these Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves are a must-have for the outdoor adventurer. The food-grade gloves made from liquid silicone can withstand daily use and are capable of handling temperatures up to 480 degrees for long periods.

Meat Shredders
Stop burning your fingers over pulled pork, shredding chicken, or chopping beef with these Stainless Steel Bear Claw Meat Shredders. Say goodbye to bent forks, burned hands, and messy cutting boards! Whether it's Taco Tuesday, game day, or a summer bar-b-que, you'll be able to turn your grilled creations into appetizing entrees in no time.

BBQ Grill Accessories
Set yourself up for culinary success with this 28-Piece BBQ Accessory Set. This traveling bag lets you bring your Grill Skills to Go; made from food-safe stainless steel, this set includes a spatula, tongs, fork, thermometer, knife, a cleaning brush, baster, injector, skewers, meat claws, corn holders, and pepper shakers.

Daddio of the Patio Apron
Stake your claim with this Daddio of the Patio Apron. Ideal for the grillmaster in your life, this heavy-duty apron is perfect for Father's Day, Summer BBQs, Holidays, and Birthday presents. This adjustable cotton apron is machine-washable for easy cleaning and has three deep pockets for storing cooking utensils, towels, cellphones, and more.

Indoor Grill & Air Fryer
Whether you have a small outdoor space or inclement weather, the 6-in-1 Ninja Indoor Grill and Air Fryer brings the power of outdoor cooking inside your home. This XL grill has a 6-quart capacity and heats up to 500 degrees. With the ability to Air Crisp, Bake, Roast, Broil, and Dehydrate; create delicious meals with up to 75% less than deep-frying cooking methods.

BBQ Rub Gift Pack
Even the strictest of dieters can enjoy this Backyard BBQ Sampler! As seen on the tv-show Shark Tank, these sauces and seasonings are two-time winners of Purdue's National Chicken Champions BBQ Battle! With Gluten-free sauces and sugar-free, Keto-friendly rubs, this sample pack is the perfect treat for even the pickiest of eaters.

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer
Upgrade your Grill game with this Bluetooth Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer. With a range of 165-feet, this thermometer is ideal for your hours-long smokes and bakes. Capable of tracking internal and external temperatures of meat, this dishwasher-safe thermometer easily connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Heavy Duty Grill Accessories Set
Whether it's a date night, celebratory dinner, or just because, bring the fun, interactive experience of Japanese-Style Hibachi into your home! This 36-Piece Culinary Set has everything you need for your own Benihana evening. With multiple spatulas, scrapers, turners, knives, hooks, and melting domes, you'll be able to bring the fun to go with a convenient travel bag.

Air Fryer Oven
Ideal for small spaces, this 15.3-Quart Air Fryer Oven is the perfect gift for students, grandparents, and amateur cooks alike. With 16 pre-set functions, this countertop appliance does everything, from roasting a 4-pound chicken to baking loaves of bread and popping popcorn! The 360-Degree Hot Air Rotation Technology gives you healthy and crispy food with 80% less fat than traditional deep frying.

Quick Thaw Tray
Stop scrambling for a way to thaw your dinner quickly - these Quick-Thaw Aluminum Kitchen Mats will do the work for you. Accelerate the natural defrosting process up to 5x faster by conducting warmth across the surface of the tray. You no longer have to worry about uneven microwave defrosts or flash-cooked hot water melts.

Kansas City Sauce Set
Get Sweet and Saucy with Kansas City BBQ's Variety Sauce Sampler. This 4-pack of curated bar-b-que sauces includes a silicone basting brush to make smoking or grilling mess-free. With Rich & Spicy, Extra Hot, Jack Stack Spicy, and Night of the Living Bar-B-Que, your tastebuds will tingle with spice, tang, and smokey goodness.

Hamburger Press
Create restaurant-worthy patties with this Aluminum Non-Stick Burger Press. Whether you want perfectly shaped patties or scrumptiously stuffed burgers, this burger press cut back your kitchen mess. With 100 free patty papers included, you'll be able to stack burgers without sticking for your next big bar-b-que.

Meat Tenderizer
Add a tender, juicy bite with this 48-Needle Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer. Ideal to avoid touch and chewy Bar-B-Que, Smoked or Grilled Meats; this meat tenderizer brings unbeatable flavor and texture to your kitchen. This multi-needle tenderizer ensures connective tissue breaking, better marinade, and seasoning penetration, resulting in a faster cook time.

White Truffle Hot Sauce
Indulge your entire palette with Truff's White Truffle Infused Hot Sauce. Bring the spice of Mexican peppers, the sweetness of agave, the smokiness of coriander, and the umami of white truffles together in this unique gourmet hot sauce. This Limited Edition Seasonal Flavor is ideal for adventurous and sophisticated foodies alike.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker
Nail your cooking time every time with this Wireless Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker. No matter what's on the menu, use your smartphone to control the precision cooker for any dish. With an adjustable clamp for easy attachment, this water-resistant cooker locks in flavor and moisture with ease.