45 Breezy Nautical Gifts That Will Float Their Boat

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Cruising on the water can be such a good time – wind in your hair, under the sun, not a care in the world. We made this list so that you won’t go overboard but instead will find some rutterly perfect gifts for sail. From personalized boat accessories to captain outfits for babies, the best gifts are on deck!

Waterproof Dry Bag
It can be problematic when you have to head out in the rain and go about your daily activities. There’s always a chance that you and your items will get soaked. However, you can put an end to that with the Waterproof Dry Bag. Designed to keep all its contents dry during a storm, the waterproof dry bag is a must-have item.

Handcrafted Wooden Clock
There is a high chance that you have never seen a wooden clock as beautiful and well-made as this. Crafted from natural wood, this wooden clock may also serve as a piece of décor. The bright color of the clock will draw the attention of everyone in the room. This clock can also be hung in any room in the home.

I'm The Captain Tumbler
Show everyone who is boss with this specially designed Tumbler. Made from insulated stainless steel, the tumbler is durable and designed to keep your drinks hot or cold. The tumbler is multipurpose and can be used to serve a variety of drinks. This is a great idea for him or her at special occasions or memorable events.

Whale Ceramic Butter Dish
Keep your better fresh and well spread with the Whale ceramic butter dish. The butter dish can be used to achieve a consistent spread and a more enjoyable meal. The dish also serves as air-tight storage that keeps your butter clean hygienically and away from the mess in the kitchen. The dish is also large enough to hold 2 sticks of butter.

Compass Wall Sculpture
Are you a lover of nautical items? Then, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind piece of décor interesting. This compass wall structure is handcrafted from high-grade metal and finished with Verdigris Bronze. The wall structure is a brilliant piece of structure that can be used to beautiful indoor or outdoor part of your home.

Mermaid Round Mirror
The mermaid is a mythical creature that has caused widespread controversy around the world’s oceans. These creatures are considered to be one of the most beautiful and elegant on the planet. The Mermaid Round Mirror is one of the most beautiful pieces of décor out there. While it’s designed as a mirror, this item beautifies your entire living space.

How To: Knots Coffee Mug
Show the entire world how passionate you are about sailing. The How to Tie Knots mug will set you in the mood for traveling on vast expanses of water. There’s something more. The handle of the mug is in form of a cleat and some piece of rope is included in the packaging. You’ll also learn simple instructions on how to tie knots.

Shark Crib Bedding Set
Every parent needs to guarantee their child’s comfort by purchasing only the best items on the market. This shark crib bedding set is made from 100% cotton. As a result, it’s soft, durable, and comfortable to touch. The shark theme is super cute and will add some life to your baby’s room. This is an ideal gift choice for a young baby boy.

Hand Painted Oil Painting
Reveal your love for the ocean to the whole world with this beautiful oil painting. With wall art details like never before, this handmade oil painting is beautiful and equally immersive. The painting is easy to install and comes with a metal hanger The best thing about this painting is that you can keep it in any part of your home.

Dolphin End Table
Are you a lover of unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces? Then, this Dolphin End Table would appeal to you. Made from polyresin material, the table is built to last. All of its parts are hand-painted to ensure the highest quality. This dolphin-inspired table is the next best thing that you can add to your living room.

Ship Porthole Mirror
Do you want to know how it feels staring into a porthole on one of the majestic ocean lines? This ship porthole mirror gives you an idea of that feeling. The mirror is handmade from solid aluminum into a spectacular nautical interior décor. The Ship Porthole Mirror can also be included in any part of your home.

Brass Sundial Compass
This unique sundial compass is made from high-grade brass. The brass pocket also has a rich, antique patina finish. The compass is built into a portable design that’s easy to carry around. It makes an interesting piece of decorative objects. This item is also coveted by collectors of nautical items and enthusiasts too.

Ocean and Sea Salt Candle
Are you interested in scented candles that will breathe new life into your personal space? The ocean and sea salt candle is a perfect option. The ocean and sea salt candle is made from non-toxic natural materials. This can candle is designed to eliminate pet odors and other house odors. They are also eco-friendly and can be reused.

Sailboat Canvas
If you are passionate about the sea and being a sailor, this Sailboat Canvas will sweep you off your feet. It’s a high-definition modern-day artwork. Due to its glossy finish, the canvas artwork is incredibly durable and will maintain its color and attractive appearance. Perfect for every room and wall in your living space.

Metal Crab Wall Art
There’s no better way to establish a nautical theme than with a crab. This metal crab wall art is unlike what you’ll find anywhere. The wall art has a unique design with life-like crab claws and a beautiful glass pattern. Their crab is also finished in an unusual, attractive color scheme that complements the room around it.

High Performance Docking Lines Set
Docking lines are an important part of every sailor’s journey. They are used to get the ship back onshore and it’s important they are high quality. This High-Performance Docking Line Set is made of double braided docking lines for extra toughness and durability. The set is made up of 4 different lines designed for high performance.

Captain Gift Set
Are you looking for a unique gift to thrill a seaman? Look no further than this Captain Gift Set. The set contains hats, can coolers, and bottle coolers. There’s a matching digital print on all items in the gift set. Items in the set are made from high-quality materials. The coolers in the set will keep your drinks cool for a long period.

Steampunk Diving Bell Clock
If you want a one-of-a-kind nautical item to keep all your guests in awe, the steampunk diving bell clock is your best bet. This driving bell clock is made from bronzed resin and is durable. The item has impressive details and all of its parts are hand-painted. Keep this clock in any part of your home to unleash that nautical feeling.

Brass Polished Ship Bell
The Sea Bell announces the return of a sailing ship. While there’ll be no ships in your home to announce, this Brass Polished Sea Bell is a unique piece of décor. It was handmade by skilled artisans. The bell rings with a clear, loud sound. This sea bell is useful in ships but will also transform your living space.

Handmade Sailboat Figurine
The Handmade Sailboat Figurine is a little Murano-style glass sailboat that has been designed with attention to detail. The boat has a rich blue color that will relax any home décor. This small sailboat will enhance and strengthen a nautical-inspired theme. The figurine can serve as an art statue to be displayed on the table of your home or office.

Lighthouse Quilt Set
Bring in the nautical vibes into your bedroom with this Lighthouse Quilt Set. This quilt set is designed with incredible attention to detail and nautical elements. Everything is added to this set, including a blue and white rope twist along its edges. This quilt set would make an ideal gift for your baby boy who dreams of sailing.

Octopus Fleece Blanket
The Octopus Fleece Blanket is an interesting item. It’s useful to keep warm on a cold winter night or you may also decide to wrap your legs with it while reading a book on the couch. This blanket is made from flannel fleece. As a result, it’s lightweight, soft, and comfortable to touch. The multipurpose blanket may be used during summer or winter.

Lighthouse and Whales Musical Mobile
Looking for an effective way to put your child to sleep while paying attention to their development? Look no further than the Lighthouse and Whales Musical Mobile. This mobile has been designed to play music and help your baby sleep. Filled with nautical items, the musical mobile will have your newborn dreaming about sailing on the ocean.

Mariner Cheese Board and Tool Set
The Mariner Cheese Board and Tool Set contain a large board that is shaped like a ship’s wheel. 4 cheese tools are added to the side of the cheeseboard. The revolving design of the cheese board gives everyone direct access to its contents. All of the parts of the set are made from tough are made.

Vintage Copper Finish Telescope
This is an antique telescope with a copper finish. This beautiful mariner gift is beautified and made from the highest quality materials. Designed to look just like the authentic piece, the Vintage Copper Finish Telescope is a must-have item for nautical lovers. The telescope can be used for bird watching and other observatory activities.

Blue Octopus Nautical Placemats
An octopus is a symbol of calmness and good luck. Usher in positive energies into your home with these Blue Octopus Nautical Placemats. They are designed with an attractive digital print and color scheme. This set includes 6 pieces of these octopus placemats. There’s enough to cover the table for a small, modern family.

Large Wooden Wall Clock
The Large Wooden Wall clock is a one-of-a-kind retro-style item that you can’t find anywhere. The wall clock has a large clock face that has a world map in it. It’s designed to function with high-quality quartz movement. The clock face has large numerals on it for easy reading. This wooden wall clock is designed to be thick, durable, and elegant.

Ocean Theme Throw Pillow Covers
Welcome the ocean into your home with these magical throw pillow covers. They are made from eco-friendly and durable cotton fiber. With an elegant digital print on one side, the ocean theme throw pillow is majestic to behold. They can be used as a decorative cushion cover for your throw pillows. These nautical pillow covers will brighten up your living room.

Titanic Collectible
Are you a collector of nautical items or only looking to transform your living space with exquisite nautical décor? Then, this Titanic Collectible Museum Replica would appeal to you. It’s made from hand-painted wood and gives a representation of the popular majestic ship.

Pirates Chest Jewelry Box
Store up your treasures like a pirate and keep anyone from gaining access with this stellar jewelry box. Designed like something out of a movie, this jewelry box has a high level of attention to detail. It’s recommended to keep jewelry and other small items. This Pirates Chest Jewelry Box would make a perfect gift for any lover of nautical items.

Nautical Seashell Welcome Mat
Made from 100% coconut coir fiber, this welcome mat features stiff bristles that will get the dirt off your footwear. This welcome mat is designed to be the right size for your door entrance. The Nautical Seashell Welcome Mat is available in a variety of colors and designs. All the doorways in your home would be cleaner with this mat at the entrance.

Aquarium Kit for Starters
Have you been looking forward to having an aquarium in your home? With this kit, you can bring your dream to life. This aquarium kit would be a great addition to any home or office you get to set up the entire aquarium and choose the fish you want. The aquarium kit is easy to set up and you can easily look after your fish.

Engraved Brass Pocket Compass
All you need to sail the seven seas is this engraved brass pocket compass. The compass is made from brass that ensures that all of its internal components are continuously functional. It’s kept in a well-designed, polished wooden box. Both items are small enough to fit into your pocket comfortably.

Handcrafted Wooden Ship Wheel
Bring that nautical feeling into your home with this Handcrafted Wooden Ship Wheel. This antique ship steering wheel is made from high-quality wood. This beautiful maritime woodcraft is perfect for any wall in your home. It’s even more elegant in the living room and kitchen. This item is an ideal gift for sailors or would-be sailors that you know.

Sea Turtle Shower Curtain Set
Say goodbye to boring bathrooms with this fabulous curtain set. The Sea Turtle Shower Curtain Set features an elegant, well-printed design that will give your bathroom a fresh look and nautical vibes. The curtains are easy to install and do not require any expertise. The curtains are made from polyester fabric that doesn’t wear out easily.

Navy Blue Anchor Area Rug
The Navy Blue Anchor Area Rug is a small piece of rug that is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The rug is designed to be resistant to UV rays and doesn’t fade easily. Made from 100% polypropylene, you have a long-lasting item to beautify your home. This rug is made with flat weave construction that makes it attractive and makes it extremely durable.

Starfish Wall Art Decor
A starfish is everyone’s favorite marine animal. Prove your love for marine life and nautical items with this Starfish Wall Art Décor. It is designed with a unique, bright color scheme that blends well with any room in your home; living room, bedroom, kitchen, and so on. This wall art can also be used as an outdoor piece of décor.

Nautical Wooden Bookends
Store your books like a real nautical lover. With these nautical wooden bookends, you prove your hidden passion to the world and keep your books organized at the same time. These bookends are an interesting tabletop décor. The bookends feature realistic details with a real rope included in the full package.

Electric Jellyfish Nightlight
The beauty and elegance of jellyfish are unbeatable when compared to other marine animals. Transform your room with this one-of-a-kind nightlight. This desk lamp consists of a container that holds water and 2 pieces of plastic jellyfish. The light from this lamp constantly changes colors. The lamp also has a lot of visual appeal as the jellyfish dance around in the water.

Baby Storytelling & Sound Machine
Put your child to sleep with this innovative machine. Users get to choose from 10 different stories to help their newborns sleep. A gentle voice from the machine will read the chosen tale to the child for up to 40 minutes. The machine also has about 10 calming lullabies and soft sounds that will relax the baby.

Insulated Wine Carrier Set
Are you looking for an innovative way to store and move around with your favorite bottles of wine? The Insulated Wine Carrier Set is the solution. The carrier set is designed with 1680D polyester that is durable and water-resistant. The wine carrier also includes silver padded insulation to keep your beverages chilled for long hours.

Weather & Maritime Wall Clock
Get ready to tell the time like a real sailor. The Weather and Maritime Wall Clock is made from Rosewood Hall wood and designed based on quartz movement. The wall clock has everything you need to tell the time including a barometer and thermometer. This nautical item would serve as a great piece of décor to transform your living space.

2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set
Get into the Kayak and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Designed to be comfortable for 2 people, the kayak has inflatable seats and a backrest. The entire kayak can be set up quickly and easily without any professional expertise. The kayak has been designed to the finest specifications to give you a great time on the water.

Anchor Splash Insulated Tumbler
Keep all your drinks and favorite beverages hot or cool with this insulated tumbler. Due to its double-walled insulated construction, the tumbler will keep your drinks hot or cold for long periods with minimal condensation too. The tumbler is made from BPA-free material that is scratch-resistant and impact-resistant for extreme durability.

Glass Buoy Float String Lights
Add some much-needed vintage décor to your nautical setting with this Glass Buoy Float String Lights. Designed to look like vintage lifebuoys, this piece of décor is perfect for any wall in your home. With its realistic design, you can keep your guests in awe as they step into the room. This item is a perfect girl for nautical item lovers.