39 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Your Wife Will Adore in 2022

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It doesn’t matter if it’s her first or fifteenth Mother’s Day. Your wife deserves a treasure trove of presents for putting up with the family – especially you. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve found 39 of the best gifts to give her. Pick one, two, or ten of the following. Just don’t forget breakfast in bed and those three magic words.

Kath Posh Engraved Keepsake
Maybe she's not in the running for an Oscar or a Grammy. Your wife sure does deserve an award, though. This glass plaque honors your wife for being a top-notch mother. We have no idea where you or your family would be without her. Let her know that she won the award for being the best mom.
14K Gold Pearl Pendant
Jewelry isn't just for anniversaries. This pearl pendant necklace is beautiful and classic. She'll feel honored to receive such a nice present for Mother's Day. The chain is made of 14 karat gold and the real, freshwater pearl is fastened by 18 karat gold. Deck her out in yellow, white, or rose gold.
Happy Wife Wine Rack
The best moms are the happiest wives. You know how to keep her happy. Make sure all hands are off her wine bottles. This wine rack will store five bottles of her favorite vino (not included, but highly recommended) plus four stemmed wine glasses (also not included, and only slightly recommended). Let her indulge in a glass or straight from the bottle.
Full Length Yoga Pants
Comfort is key for moms. If she's always on the go, cleaning up after their (and your) mess, she needs clothes that can keep up. Lululemon are renown for their quality and comfort. Your wife shouldn't have to sacrifice her style for the family. These leggings will keep her looking good while she keeps you all together.
AirPods Pro
Noise cancelling AirPods are possible and very, very necessary. This mother's day, give your wife the chance to tune out. Just her and her favorite tunes, no wires. Setting them up is one less thing to worry about as connecting them to her iPhone is a breeze.
Hard Shell AirPods Case
Stash her AirPods in style. This carrying case makes for a great accessory to pair with the gift of AirPods. Completely solid, this case is shockproof to protect her Pods. A handy wrist-strap keeps the case safely portable. Even inside the case, the Pods can be charged by the plug or wirelessly.
Women's Adrenaline GTS 20
Support your wife in everything she does, from the ideas in her head down to the muscles in her feet. These Brooks running shoes are the epitome of support. The DNA LOFT Crash Pad inserts adapt to her stride while the uppers offer structure. A pair of Adrenaline GTS 20 would be perfect for the active mom on Mother's Day.
24k Gold Rose
Skip the fading bouquet. Buy your wife a forever flower. This one will never wilt. A real rose is dried and preserved in resin. Its petals are tipped in real 24k gold, matching the gold stem. Because it is a real, preserved flower, every single one is as individual and unique as the fresh bloom.
Cotton Crossbody Sling
Mother's Day is a time to acknowledge the seemingly effortless way your wife is always prepared. It may look easy to you, but she needs a hand. This crossbody bag is cute and useful. The sling design helps evenly distribute the weight on her shoulders. The many pockets help store all her handy supplies.
100% Cashmere Robe
Mother's Day means breakfast in bed, if not the whole day in bed. If she does have to get up, don't let her worry about getting dressed. Your wife will love wrapping herself in this supersoft robe. This loungewear is made in Nepal from 100% cashmere.
Women's Thong Sandal
What better day than Mother's Day to let your wife get another pair of shoes? Tory Burch fans will adore this classic slip-on sandals. Made of real leather, they feature the iconic Tory Burch symbol. The toe post is wrapped seamlessly to prevent any discomfort and the footbed is cushioned. Rubber soles keep her from slipping.
Lululemon Define Jacket
There's no better way to spoil your wife on Mother's Day than with a lasting Lululemon piece. Their high-quality sportswear is known hold up through exercise and daily life. This form-fitting, Lycra jacket won't lose its shape. Thumbholes keep her hands warm. Zip pockets keep her belongings safe inside. This jacket goes beyond the gym.
Original Bamboo Tumbler
Eco-friendly meet handy-dandy. This tumbler is useful, unique, and green. Well, it's actually tan, but you know what we mean. It's made of sustainable bamboo. Each bottle has a different grain thanks to natural materials. The stainless steel lining is easy to clean and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. As an added bonus, the tumbler comes with a removable tea-infuser.
Infinity Heart Necklace
Dazzle your wife this Mother's Day. Her eyes will light up at the sight of a jewelry box. This sparkling gemstone necklace will add a pop of color to her outfits. You have seventeen shiny colors to pick from. The chain is plated in white gold and the gem is zirconia crystal.
Fluff Yeah Slippers
If you're ready to spoil your wife for Mother's Day, this is the gift. Let her enjoy moving around the house like she's floating on a cloud. These house slippers will satisfy almost all of her needs. Worth every penny, especially for such a BIG holiday!
Michael Kors Women's Watch
Want to give your wife a new watch this Mother's Day? Her favorite handbag designer, Michael Kors, is an affordable maker of luxury watches. Their timepieces blend classic design with fun patterns and colors. Quartz movement keeps them reliable. Waterproofing keeps them safe. Her new watch will work with outfits day or night.
14K Gold Diamond Earrings
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and every woman needs a pair of everyday studs. These shiny earrings go with everything. The posts are made of 14k gold and hold real diamonds. Screw backs ensure they won't fall out and get lost. They'll be in her ears before you can say 'you're welcome!'
Silk Pajamas for Wife
This Mother's Day, dress your wife in sensual silk. These sleek pajamas are a classic cut. Matching top and bottom are made of pure mulberry silk, the best there is. Natural silk fabric will keep her comfortable while looking stylish. The best part is they can go through the machine, washed on Gentle Cycle.
Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe
Say Happy Mother's Day with a pair of new kicks. These are arguably the comfiest adidas to date. These shoes were designed for running, but support her throughout the day. Cloudfoam memory soles feel super soft. The laces are just for show - your busy wife can just pull them on and go.
Elisa Pendant Necklace
Jewelry is always a good idea. For any occasion, your wife will appreciate a tasteful gem. This Karen Scott piece will be sure to melt her heart on Mother's Day. The necklace features a stone in a unique rectangular shape. Each dainty pendant is centered on a 14k gold chain. Choose her birthstone or favorite color.
Perfume by Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is an American classic. This Mother's Day, get your wife her favorite fragrance. This perfume was the brand's first scent for women, made in the '70s. It's been a timeless classic ever since. A spicy, woody base supports a floral bouquet topped off with green notes.
Women's Basel Ankle Bootie
Lucky Brand has been creating quality leather goods for decades. Spoil your wife this Mother's Day with a new pair of shoes. These booties come in a variety of colors and textures. The perfect pair is waiting for her. Adding to her ever-growing collection will make your wife feel lucky to have you.
Romantic Game for Couples
Make Mother's Day more than just your average date night. Spice up your quality time together with this fun card game. Three levels let you decide how intimate to make things. The Talk category is great for when the kids are still up. Once they go to bed, move on to Flirt and then Dare and enjoy!
Personalized Pillar Necklace
Mother's Day is all about your wife. But to her, it's all about being a mom. Remind her why she's got this position of honor. This stunning necklace mixes simplicity with sentiment. Engrave your child(ren)'s name(s) on it and she'll always carry them close to her heart.
While you do the cooking, cleaning, and childcare, your wife should be at the height of comfort. Blankets are good, but fall off if she wants to walk around. Snuggies don't keep her warm on her back. This is the COMFY. Oversized hoodie meets plush sherpa blanket. Plenty of space to curl up under it. Plus, a big pocket for storage!
Women's Hiking Boot
Is your wife desperate to get out of the house on Mother's Day? Whether or not she leaves you an the kids behind, support her. Literally, with these trail boots. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus make it a pleasure to take a hike. The full grain leather uppers are waterproof, perfect for any environment!
Premium Ceramic Cookware
We highly suggest treating your wife to a shiny new set of pots and pans. You're doing all the cooking on Mother's Day, of course. If your wife's a foodie she'll love this non-stick, copper-colored aluminum cookware set. It suits gas, electric, and induction ranges.
Riedel Wine Decanter
Let your wife feel like a true sommelier. This decanter is a contemporary take on the traditionally square-shaped barware. Its sleek, modern curves make it a statement piece. If wine is your wife's drink of choice, treat her to a good vintage this Mother's Day. While her red breathes before serving, she'll be showering you with thank-you kisses.
Personalized Names Canvas Art
Mother's Day is all about being one half of the founding pair of your family. Celebrate it by commemorating the two who established it. This print symbolizes your star-crossed love with two cross street signs. Customize it with your wife's and your name and your anniversary (if you can remember the date!). Canvas prints are easy to hang and don't need a frame.
Apple Watch Series 6
Let's get technical. The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches out there. Get your wife connected in her favorite color. She's got enough on her plate. The Apple Watch will keep organization simple for her. It easily connects to her phone and keeps her messages, the weather, her step count, etc. to hand. Or, well, wrist. Plus, it's a watch!
Wanted Girl Eau de Parfum
Fragrance bottles are like art. This one is especially stunning and makes for a great gift this Mother's Day. Wanted Girl by Azzaro is a French perfume. It has hints of dulce de leche, ginger flower, and vetiver. This is a great new scent to add to - or start - her perfume collection!
commando Faux Leather Joggers
These joggers by commando don't sacrifice style for comfort. They have a loose-fitting lounge pants silhouette. Meanwhile the design says chic, out-and-about trousers. Choose between black or adobe vegan leather. Indulge in your wife's edgy side while also being four-legged friendly. They even have pockets.
Drop Earrings for Wife
Kendra Scott also does earrings. Go all out this Mother's Day and get your wife the necklace we mentioned above, plus these matching earrings. Or choose another color gemstone and she can mix and match. Either way, these earrings are sure to win her over. The drop shape is timeless. The materials high quality. The wife deserving.
LED Vanity Mirror
This Mother's Day, let her wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see the beautiful woman that's created a family: herself! This mirror does more than show the fairest of them all. It's anti-fog so she'll never have to wipe it down! Dimmable lights can be set to her need. Just don't break out the power tools before she wakes up.
Matching Couple Coffee Mug
You start every day together. If you're caffeine addicts, do it with this sweet coffee mug set. It shows how much you love your soulmate. Your mug is a stick figure man blowing kisses to her mug, a blushing stick figure woman. Brew a pot and cheers (carefully, it's hot!) to the two of you this Mother's Day.
Lululemon Scuba Hoodie
Lululemon does hoodies. This is so much more than that tatty old college hoodie she stole from you. A relaxed fit still complements her form. It features deep pockets, cozy thumb holes, and a structured hood. The zipper pull can even double as an emergency hair tie.
Women's Adrenaline GTS 21
Brooks are a top-notch brand for running sneakers. The Adrenaline GTS 21 is especially designed for support. Classic mesh uppers keep them breathable, while the DNA LOFT Crash Pad cushions cradle her insole. Let your wife spend Mother's Day in bed. But the next morning, she'll be out the door breaking these in.
Women's Mayari Sandals
Birkenstocks have always been in style and they last for years. You can't go wrong with a pair of these high-quality leather sandals for your wife. Oiled leather and a suede sole provide ultimate comfort unlike cheap flat sandals. Giver her casual comfort this Mother's Day.
Fleece Blanket to My Wife
While we think you should probably still get her a card, this says it all and more. This Mother's Day, gift your wife a stylish throw she can wrap up in for her day of pampering. She'll like the cute, blue-toned rustic design. She'll love the sentiment.