21 Best Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts From Her Sweet Chive

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Your mom pruned and cultivated you into the person you are today. While it can be joyful it is also hard work. Show your horticulturist & vegetable grower mom how important she is this Mother’s Day. We have the best list 21 of Mother’s Day gardening gifts for mom. From pruning shears to cowskin leather gloves, we promise there’s a gift for her!

Funny Mother's Day Shirt
Mothers Day is a very special day! It is a time to give your mom a gift that shows her you know her inside and out. Gift her with the perfect gardening shirt. This quirky but adorable shirt comes in different colors and sizes and will be sure to put a smile on her face.
Floral Gardening Apron
Show your mom just how inspirational all of her cooking is with the perfect gift this holiday. Say Happy Mother's Day with a set of 2 floral aprons. She will be thrilled to have a partner in the kitchen and you will get to learn all of her amazing recipes. This gift is a win-win for everyone.
Mother's Day Decorative Rose Lights
Mom will be surprised when she opens up this beautiful gift. Now she can enjoy her patio any time of day with these elegant rose-shaped solar lights. They will work as decor during the day while they are off and charging, and at night they will light up the porch perfectly.
Mom Garden Tools Set
Nothing says you matter like a Mother's Day gift. When she opens her 9-piece gardening gift set she will have everything needed to keep her garden perfect. Whether this gift is for your mom or your best friend, they will feel loved this holiday.
Outdoor Deep Tone Wind Chime
Help her relax and feel rejuvenated this Mother's Day. These elegant 30-inch wind chimes are the perfect gift to soothe away stress and worry. This amazing gift comes in many different colors from green to rose gold and will show just how thoughtful you can be.
Funky Veg Kit Gift Box
Now you and your mom can start something new this Mothers Day. Learn how to grow a garden together with this Funky Veg Super Grow Kit. Everything you need comes in this one box to grow this crazy garden. Each seed is special, to help bring brightness to the table. From yellow carrots to stripped tomatoes, there is something unique in every box.
Slip On Comfort Shoes
Crocs are versatile. Whether you are in the garden or at the beach, these durable shoes are made to endure. Show your mom how much you appreciate her this holiday with this perfect gift. They are available in different sizes and colors so you can ensure you snag the perfect shoe.
Happy Mother's Day Garden Rock
Engraved Rocks are an amazing way to say exactly what you want and for the memory to last a lifetime. Make Mother's Day special this year with a Happy Mother's Day rock. Express your love and appreciation the best way you can this year and she will display it proudly in her garden for years to come.
Mom Heart Suncatcher
Suncatchers are a fun way to brighten up any room. Let the light shine through from the backyard and into the kitchen with this adorable shamrock mom heart suncatcher. Whether you suction it to a window or dangle it from one of the provided hooks, the places this can be displayed are endless. Say Happy Mother's day this year with this perfect gift.
Decorative Sunflower Stake
Help your mom decorate her garden this holiday. Give her a gift that will bring her so much joy with these outdoor sunflower stakes. Place them throughout the garden for an added pizzazz. Each order comes with a set of three sunflowers sized from small to large.
The Gardener's Friend Pruners
Start building your mom a gardening gift basket this Mother's Day season. Add these gardening pruners to her basket to ensure she has a little bit of everything a gardener needs. She already loves spending her day in the garden, now it can be easier to work in there too.
Womens Gardening Gloves
Cowhide leather yard work and gardening gloves are another amazing addition to a handcrafted gardening gift basket. She will be truly surprised by the quality of these rugged gloves when she pulls open her Mother's Day surprise. Show her your love her with this thoughtful addition and she will be truly happy this holiday.
Women's Weekender Watch
Mother's Day is the day you show mom just how much you appreciate all she has done over the years. To do this properly you need to give her something that she never realized she needed. When she opens up a lovely Timex water-resistant watch with a floral watch band she will be very happy. Now she will know the time, even when outside.
Garden Kneeler Seat
The Tom Care garden kneeler seat is the perfect gift for a garden lover not ready to give it up. No matter the age or the bone aches your mom will never stop gardening and now she won't have to. Become her favorite child this Mother's Day with this gift.
Large Brim Sun Hat
If you can't keep your mom out of the garden, ensure she is protected with the perfect gift. The Tirrinia women's wide brim safari hat will protect mom from skin damage while she enjoys hours of gardening. Show her you care this holiday and get it in her favorite color. a
Mother's Day Wind Chime
Windchimes are in this holiday season, and they are a fun gift. She will love this unique wind chime that is shaped in the form of an angel. With its beautiful design, each piece will play a melodic tone that will keep positive energy around always.
Mother's Garden Stone
Help your mom customize her stone pathway this Mother's Day. Etched in this beautiful circular stone is a poem to show mom just how important she is to you. Liven up her garden with this beautiful decoration and see it displayed proudly going forward.
Plant Lady Bracelet
Gardeners everywhere love to show off just how much they enjoy gardening. Your mom is no different, and this cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for her. Give her an aluminum plant lady engraved bracelet that she will never want to take off again.
Waterproof Garden Shoes
Back support and good footwear are very important when you are out in the garden. Gift your mom with the perfect pair of garden shoes. Adorned with poppies, these shoes provide the perfect amount of arch support to ensure your feet are protected when you are out in the garden working to make it beautiful.
Garden Rock for Grandma Love
What is the perfect way to tell your mom she is about to become a grandma? Give her the perfect garden rock that says 'If Grandmas were flowers, I'd pick you'. Not only will she love her mothers day gift, but she will also be able to celebrate the joy of a new baby.
Floral Garden Tool Set
A gardener would be nothing without the right equipment. Show your mom you care about her beautiful garden with this cute floral print garden kit. It comes with a spade, pruning shears, and a trowel. Now she can garden in style this Mother's Day.