45 Mother of the Bride Gifts That She Will Cherish Forever

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When it comes to the M.O.B. you could be dealing with anything from a sentimental sweetheart to a powerplayin’ mastermind. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of favorites known to woo the most important woman in the room. Yep, you guessed it: the Mother of the Bride. The good thing is that once you win her over, you’re a made man.

Forever Your Little Girl Picture Frame
A woman's wedding day isn't just about a father giving away his little girl-- what about mothers? This heartwarming picture frame says it all, and might even make it a little easier on emotional parents. Sure, today she's a bride, but she will always be a mama's girl.
Comfortable Full Zip Robe
Let's be honest, once mom gets to a certain age, she can get pretty particular about comfort. And rightfully so! Who knows more about making others feel comfortable and loved than she? Let mom rest easy (and warm) in this plush full zip robe. It offers a cozy collar and roomy pockets for utility as well as a cozy sense of home.
Unique Makeup Mirror Set
A beautiful, personalized gift goes a long way with mother-in-laws. Include both mothers in your special day by extending your vows to them! This compact mirror set is engraved with a heartfelt sentiment thanking the Mother of the Bride for raising the woman of his dreams. The Bride can even gift one to her new Mother-in-Law to create one big happy family.
Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag
Subtly hint at a destination wedding by gifting the Mother of the Bride a Vera Bradley quilted Cotton Weekender Travel Bag. The brand is a favorite since it's tried and tested for durability while the Rose Quartz color adds an element of glam. If you're not careful, she'll think she's going to Italy! When in Rome...
Ceramic Ring Dish
If the Mother of the Bride is especially prone to worry, set her heart at ease with a sweet ceramic ring dish. With the tender inscription of 'I promise to take care of her always,' this ring dish is a beautiful reminder that her daughter is happy and healthy. What more could a mother want? Other than some more rings, of course.
Mother of The Bride Handkerchief
The waterworks will be coming, but don't worry. Make sure both mothers are placated with personalized cotton hankies that read: 'To MY mother...to dry your happy tears as you have always dried mine.' It's a thoughtful way to remind mothers that you will always be connected.
2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier
If she's a Chardonnay mommy, stay one step ahead of her with this 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier. With this svelte carrying case, she'll never have to ask for a refill again. Designed to stop bottle breakage while keeping them cool and refreshing, OPUX wine totes are perfect for picnics, camping, or any event that requires a little BYOB action.
Mother of the Bride Survival Kit
Moms know: wine can get you through even the toughest of days. And while her baby's wedding day may seem a cakewalk compared to her teen years, Mom still deserves a glass-- or two, or three!-- of wine. Cheers to the woman that made everything possible! *Cue Destiny's Child*
Mother of the Bride Bracelet
For some mothers, their daughter's wedding day happens once in a lifetime. Memorialize this moment not just as the happiest day of your life, but as a touching tribute to your mother's hard work. The stainless steel bangle features a bouquet, a crystal heart, a mom charm, and a special message. Let the Mother of the Bride feel special today and every day.
Mother of the Bride Ornament
Remind the Mother of the Bride that you will always cherish her daughter, even on holidays! This porcelain ornament is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet big enough to make a lasting impression. The message is printed on both sides and surrounded by hand painting greenery for that delicate dollhouse touch.
Mother of the Bride Mug
There's always a bit of truth in humor, and what better example than a graphic mug for Mom. It reads 'Don't mess with me, I'm the M.O.B. (Mother of the Bride).' Regardless of how scary she usually gets, beware-- this mug may turn her into a monster! She'll love stomping around the venue with this as her main accessory. Just don't get in her way.
Mother of the Bride Gift Box
To catch a Mother of the Bride, first reel her in with firming face masks and brightening lip scrubs. Then get her in the tub with a lavender bath bomb and an adorable bunny soap. Once she's finished moisturizing, she'll forget all about the seating chart! And she can relax guilt-free knowing that all her spa goodies are cruelty-free. Has anyone seen the M.O.B.?
Mother of the Bride Tumbler
It's a presumptuous gift, sure-- the I Survived My Daughter's Wedding stemless wine tumbler. But why not manifest success and survival by gifting this tumbler just before the ceremony. She'll have no other choice but to survive! Pro tip: Always fill the Mother of the Bride's glass. Always.
Forever Love Heart Necklace
If the Mother of the Bride is one to have a piece of jewelry for every occasion, make sure that this day stands out among the rest. This sterling silver necklace is plated with rose gold and inlaid with gem-quality cubic zirconia, the highest of its class. The pendant sparkles like a diamond-- sure to catch her eye even in the best company.
Forever Gold Plated Rose Dipped Rose
For the Mother of the Bride that has everything, give her the gift of a Forever Rose. The rose is handpicked for quality and dipped in 24K gold to preserve its beauty forever. The attention to detail does not go unnoticed, and the gold highlights the flower's leaf veins and natural imperfections. Let the forever rose be symbolic of real love, old and new.
Family Photo Album
A tried and true gift that never fails is a quality family photo album. Showcase your favorite moments from the wedding! Yep, everything from Mom surprising everyone on the dance floor to the groom getting too emotional. You'll be grateful to have these special memories forever, and Mom can look back on one of the proudest days of her life whenever she wants.
Gift Set for Mother of the Bride
Let's be real-- mama's gonna need all the beverages on her daughter's special day. Whether it be with coffee or champagne, make sure the Mother of the Bride's cup is always overflowing. This gift set makes it easy with a cute marble mug and matching jewelry dish, gold mixing spoon, necklace and earrings, and a candle for when things start to get really crazy.
Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
If the bride grew up surrounded by Hummels and Precious Moments, the Mother of the Bride is sure to love this sweet Willow Tree figurine, sculpted and hand-painted to portray a mother and young daughter embracing. Give this beautiful gift of art.
Laser Engraved Musical Box
For those who know a mother's love, 'You Are My Sunshine' remains a favorite and familiar tune. This delightful mini music box will take the Mother of the Bride back to those sweet beginning years, when her baby was just a baby. Just small enough to fit in your hand, this music box has the words when you don't. Thank you, Mom. I love you.
For Moms Who Have Everything
For the unabashed drinker, make the choice easier with some cheeky kitchen decor. The rustic board comes ready to hang and is adorned with the script, 'How Mom Tells Time.' I think you know where this is going....yeah, it's a mom clock! One side holds coffee mugs and is labeled 'AM' while the other side holds wine glasses and is labeled-- you guessed it!-- 'PM.'
Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser
Despite how hard it is to shop for moms, aromatherapy has been known to swoop in to save us from time to time. It's a holistic healing treatment that utilizes essential oils to promote zen and good health. And well, the Mother of the Bride could use a little chill. This bundle comes with 10 essential oils and a cute diffuser for all-day smells.
Infinity Heart Charm Bracelet
A wedding brings people together; it celebrates old relationships while starting new families altogether. And while a wedding is a happy occasion, the start of a new chapter is often the end of another. Let the Mother of the Bride know that she is always cherished with an Infinity Heart charm bracelet. As the description says, 'Only love can be divided endlessly and not diminish.'
Personalized Photo to Canvas Print
Ah, yes, when all else fails...turn one of your photos together into your very own canvas print. This high-quality personalized wall art comes ready to hang and will immediately make any room warmer and brighter. Immortalize special moments-- a graduation, a birthday, a walk down the aisle-- on thick, gallery-quality canvas wall art. Voila, perfection!
A Prayer for My Mom
For the mamas that find comfort in prayer, 'A Prayer for My Mom' is a heartfelt take on gratefulness. Featuring a beautiful wood frame around a scripted prayer, this piece of decor is sure to show how thankful you are for all the snuggles and snacks throughout the years. Oh yeah, and thanks for the open bar!
Immortelle Divine Star Gift Set
Let the Mother of the Bride feel like she's the brightest star in the sky! The L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Star Gift Set is created to lift and illuminate. As we age, our skin becomes prone to dark spots and loose skin. This set works to combat signs of early aging with oils, creams, scrubs, and serums.
Scented Candle Gift Set
Let's be real: one can never have enough candles. And zen? Well, most of us would like some of that, too. With the Chesapeake Bay gift set, she'll receive three unique candles. The soft scents of Peace, Harmony, and Serenity will guide the Mother of the Bride into a stress-free sleep.
Decorative Jewelry Tray
When mama's already got too much jewelry, help her out with a cute decorative jewelry tray. The ceramic dish is ideal for holding your most prized possessions whether doing the dishes or doing your makeup. It's the ultimate way the say, 'I got your back, Mom!'
Forever Love Heart Earrings
Symbolism can be a meaningful way for us to show love when language fails. If your mouth opens but nothing comes out, try expressing yourself through the Forever Love heart earrings. With a unique double heart structure, the earrings represent love shared between two people. If you can't say it once, say it twice.
Keepsake Jewelry Box
Maybe the Mother of the Bride isn't super keen on jewelry, but everyone loves a good keepsake box. This charming glass box features handcrafted stained glass in the color of your choice, held together by delicate metals and adorned with decorative feet. It's the ultimate show and tell-- perfect for showcasing your favorites while safeguarding them.
Engraved 3D Crystal
A proud mama always has an extra picture frame ready. It might even already be up, wedged between your brother's prom picture and Family Christmas 2014. (What a disaster.) You can set yourself apart from your siblings with a 3D Crystal Photo Engraved Heart. Each 3D crystal is laser-etched to create the perfect personal tribute and backlit by an LED light base. Centerstage, baby!
Luxury Makeup Brush Set
The first look is always a special moment, but mama's been behind the scene for years! Perhaps the bride can recall watching her mother apply makeup and wishing to do the same. Since so much of mother-daughter intimacy relies on beauty rituals, it makes sense to gift the Mother of the Bride a gorgeous, professional-quality brush set. Thanks for being there since the beginning, Mom.
Eau De Parfum Roll
Whether the bride likes to admit it or not, her mother taught her to be a woman. And not just any woman-- she taught her to be a smart, strong, and confident woman. Logic follows that the Mother of the Bride would wear Jimmy Choo's original fragrance. The epitome of grace and charm, this scent is the embodiment of a spirited woman.
White Flower Reed Diffuser
The picture we like to paint of the Mother of the Bride is one of elegance and sophistication. Yet in the hubbub of the big day, minute details can be overlooked. The Cocod'or White Flower reed diffuser guarantees opulence and luxury with minimal effort. Simply set out the sticks and take in that fresh April Breeze.
Mother of The Bride Shirt
If the Mother of the Bride is masterminding the event, a simple personalized mug is not enough. Who is gonna listen to the crazy lady giving directions in the parking lot? No one. But who is gonna listen to the crazy lady wearing an official shirt? Everyone. Let her have this one thing, ok? It's like she has a backstage pass. Security!
Jet Set Travel Clutch
With all that money Mom's been shelling out, she'll need somewhere fashionable to hide the rest. The Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Clutch is timeless, luxurious, and it's designed with the wearer in mind. Not only does it make the wearer look incredible, but the Travel Clutch is totally utilitarian with 16 card slips, 6 billfold slips, a zippered compartment, and a removable wristlet strap.
Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board
If the Mother of the Bride's love language begins with pancakes and ends with pot roast, do yourself a favor and get her a personalized bamboo cutting board. A laser-engraved bamboo board is perfect for decor or light snacking. Or both! This keepsake cutting board will ensure you stay forefront on mama's mind. She might even serve up a cheese plate next time you visit!
Chocolate Gold Gift Box
Now that the baby birds are leaving the nest, mom might get to finish a box of chocolate by herself. A feat that's decades in the making deserves the most decadent gourmet chocolates. Enter Godiva: the Gold Collection. Highlighting 36 tiny masterpieces, this Godiva gift box is bursting with dark chocolate, white chocolate, ganache, fruit filling, and more. Give her some privacy, ok?
Women's Perfume Gift Set
If you could bottle a fairy-tale wedding, Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb would be it. A perfume spray that hints of youth and first love, Flowerbomb gives you the ability to relive the moment again and again. Although Mom might not want to change anything, let her relish in the full package featuring perfume, body wash and lotion.
Pampering Mother of the Bride Box
The Mother of the Bride is taking care of the Bride in addition to the rest of the crew. So who's taking care of her?! Let this box work its magic, full of quality essential oils and natural goodies. It includes soap bar, body oil, mask, shower steamer, lip balm, candle, sponge, and towel for the complete resort experience.
Our Lady of Grace Figurine
For the mother that seeks shelter in God, gift her comfort with an exquisite Our Lady of Grace figurine from the Renaissance Collection. Depicting the Virgin Mary in flowing white and blue robes, the figurine implores Virgin Mary for protection. The craftsmanship and quality make it a welcome addition to any living space. (If only she'd had this during the bride's teen years.)
Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Sign
It's no secret that country mamas love country signs, and you know that #blessed is going to be in there somewhere. Make sure you're always welcomed into the Mother of the Bride's home with an aggressively loving sign. Boy, you may be many things, but you better be thankful, grateful, and blessed. Amen.
Passport Case
If the wedding requires any jet-setting, it goes without saying that the Mother of the Bride should have the coolest set up. Track suit? Check. Champagne? Check. Cute luggage? Check. Now all you're missing is a handsome passport case. The eco-friendly leather is a stunning wine color. The front is 3D embossed and RFID blocking for an added layer of security.
Sunflower Heart Shaped Locket
Moms will agree that if they can't have their babies nearby, they'll take the next closest thing. The sunflower heart locket allows the Mother of the Bride to keep the bride close to her always, right by her heart. But this is not your traditional locket-- the pressed flower design makes for an inventive picture frame surrounded by the text 'I love you.'
Bathtub Caddy Tray
Maybe the Mother of the Bride is stressing over ceremony flowers. Or perhaps she's chillin' harder than she has in decades. My daughter is finally getting married! Either way, the full princess treatment could help to smooth away any unresolved feelings. Equipped with a book stand and wine holder, this pro bathtub caddy tray comes with everything but the pool boy.