27 Most Expensive Things on Amazon | Gift Ideas for the Rich

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Absurd. Over the top. Just a few words to describe this curated list of the 27 most expensive things on Amazon. These gift ideas for the rich (and just crazy expensive stuff to the rest of us) are straight up bonkers. I make no claim to the authenticity of these eye popping items, only that they do exist!

Now onto the ranked show (wait for the last one!):

Sea Action, ca. 1940
At that astronomical price, this painting should be hanging in the Louvre. But if you can foot the bill, it will hang in your very own home. Who painted it? Don't know. Why is it so expensive? Also don't know. But if you can afford it, who cares?

(Okay. It was painted by Montague Dawson circa 1940. He is regarded as one of the best maritime artists.)

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Rose Gold
You may not be able to tell the time because you will be so blinded by all the bling on this watch. The face contains 160 exquisite diamonds encased by 18k rose gold. Don't lose track of this baby. If you do, you will be out some serious dough. It's the most expensive watch on Amazon. Perfect for your high maintenance friend.
14' x 26' Antique Persian Sultanabad
One of the most expensive rugs you'll see on the internet. Not sure you'll find it on eBay or Flipkart. This hand woven Persian rug on Amazon will make a statement. If you can afford to have this laying in your home, I bet your home is yuge! Just the size of this rug would be bigger than some of our reader's apartments (okay... and mine).
1955 Topps 164 Roberto Clemente
Own your own piece of baseball history with this Roberto Clemente memorabilia. The Pittsburgh Pirates player and Hall of Famer was a big deal. For the price you could probably attend every World Series game for the next 25 years...
USA Lab Farmer-200 System
Very sophisticated farming equipment. Something about extracting botanical compounds. You can bet your apples that this isn't an ordinary farming system. You actually can buy this on Amazon but it will set you back...a lot. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.
Babe Ruth Single Signed American League Baseball
A piece of baseball history. The legendary Babe Ruth signed this baseball during his time with the New York Yankees. You might have to sell off everything you own to afford it, but hey, for some baseball memorabilia it may be worth it!
Lladro - Niagara Chandelier
Does Niagra make you think of the waterfall? For probably the same price as taking everyone you know on a trip there, you can buy a butterfly chandelier. This piece seems delicate, but at that price, you better hope it's more durable than it looks.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
One of the highlighted features of this watch is that it's water resistant. But if you spend this much on a watch you better not be taking it on an aquatic adventure. It's too risky! You need to keep this ridiculously expensive gift safe and sound.
Meyda Tiffany 24 Light Chandelier
Who is this Tiffany and why does she have such a fancy chandelier? She must be a bold, sophisticated, elegant woman. We are willing to bet she never gets up before noon and only drinks the best champagne. Do you want to be like Tiffany? Yes, yes you do.
Babe Ruth Rare Autographed Signature Bat
Baseball players break tons of wooden bats everyday, but this special one better not. Signed by Babe Ruth himself, this is the perfect item to add to your special collection. It even comes with a frame and photos. Do NOT let your kid get their hands on this bat for practice.
Samsung 98 inch 8k QLED Smart UHD TV
At a price this high, the TV better be smart...REALLY smart. We are talking make me eggs in the morning and do the laundry at the same time smart. No claims on whether or not it will, but one can hope! If the price doesn't scare you off, give it a try.
Labconco Double Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box
Are you looking to pick up a new hobby? Maybe one that involves weirdly specific temperature controlled environments? There likely aren't many people in the world who would need this. But if you are one of them, you hit the jackpot. You can buy your very own right here on Amazon. It will set you back a small fortune though.
Diamond Wish 14K Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Don't let the delicate style fool you. This baby is made up of 36 flawless diamonds and will cost you a pretty penny. It may look small, but the cost is mighty. Maybe try not to play tennis in it though...just in case. Game. Set. Match.
Daum Crystal Ensemble
No two pieces from this designer are alike, so you will have a one of a kind piece of art. Are you wondering what the story behind this is? It looks like the couple might be walking out of a Fanta machine. For the right person, this pricey item would make a great gift.
ActiveCryo Cryo Chamber with Thermal Imaging
Is stepping into an extremely cold chamber and hanging out there for three minutes your cup of tea? If so, you will love this expensive cryotherapy chamber. Immerse yourself in the bitter cold to reduce pain, lose weight and more. Because who wouldn't want to freeze their butt off in the name of luxury?
Turn-Nado EVS Metal Lathe
For the person that has (literally) everything else. Reddit memers are chomping at the bit for this grand purchase. 'I Should Buy a Lathe' sophisticated cats from 2008 all screamed out in unison with this review.
ECOHOUSEMART Timber Frame House
Yes friends, you CAN even buy a house on Amazon. It's 1,000 square feet of fun ready for whatever you might need. You could use it as an office, a man cave or even a secluded fortress. Just make sure you live within 100 miles of a sea port, otherwise shipping is on you.
Daum Crystal Blue Magnum Horse Vase
And you thought that vase you got as a wedding gift was expensive? This handmade crystal piece puts that one to shame. You better have some fancy flowers to hold in this vase. This luxurious piece is handmade and one of a kind. The colors are bold and the design make an intense statement.
Hobart Legacy Planetary Mixer
Calling all bakers! You'll be whipping up cakes, cookies and treats galore with this huge mixer. It can handle 10 gallons at a time. That's enough to feed your entire Instagram following! Which is good, because you will be in need of some serious taste testers. Hopefully they can handle all the yumminess coming their way.
Classico Old World Single Deck Oven
A new spin on a classic pizza oven, this extravagant gift will have your friends lining up for a taste of your pizza pies. Of course, only the fanciest toppings deserve to go on top. Forget the basil leaves, this oven deserves at least a gold leaf. By the way, Deep Dish is NOT casserole.
Truckload of Hammermill Printer Paper
Michael Scott would be proud. You will never have to worry about running out of paper (or a printer jam) ever again. You can print, scan and fax to your heart's delight. Just be careful, Dwight might accuse you of a devious plot and try to steal it back.