39 Beautifully Modern Gifts for Him, Her & Them in 2022

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Gifting for the modern man and modern woman in your life? These simple, yet elegant modern gifts are perfect for your fashion forward, gadget-wearing loved one. No matter where their interests lie, these 39 modern gift ideas will keep them put together.

Wireless Charger Stand
Charge everyone's favorite tech products with one device. This wireless charging stand has the capability to charge a phone, wireless earbuds, and smartwatch all at the same time. It will also has a temperature control feature so you don't have to worry about overheating, and is phone case friendly. It doesn't get much simpler than this!

Thick Yoga Mat
Enjoy a morning yoga session with this convenient and comfortable roll up yoga mat. This modern yoga mat provides the ultimate comfort with a 2/5 inch thickness ideal for any studio or at home use. It is available in a variety of colors and made with all non toxic material. Creating a healthier choice for the environment and anyone using it.

Back and Neck Massager
Roll out any pain in the comfort of your own home with a portable at back massager. This massager pillow has a powerful 3 level kneading feature with heat. This can be used on your back, shoulders, legs, and more! This is great for anyone on the go; you can even take it into the office with you!

Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Surprise her with a beautiful Sterling Silver tennis bracelet. This tennis bracelet features a cluster diamond design setting adding up to 3 carats total weight. It is perfect for any occasion and it also comes in a perfect gift box ready to be gifted for that special someone.

Scentiments Sister Gift Candle
Gift your sister this delicious smelling sentimental candle, perfect for any Birthday or Christmas gift! This USA made soy candle is available in 3 different popular scents, all providing a clean burn and is fully recyclable. On the front of the candle is featured a sentimental quote, a customized card, and gift wrapping upon request!

Weighted Blanket
Gift someone with the opportunity to feel more rested, calm, and stress free by being able to enjoy the experience of a weighted blanket. This weighted blanket can be enjoyed with a duvet cover or by itself. It is offered in a variety of different weight sizes depending on the individual and is stitched with the top of the line material.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Jump start the morning with a deluxe Cold Brew coffee maker. This BPA free pitcher is designed to make 2 quarts of your favorite brew, the lid creates an airtight seal to keep it extra fresh. There is an extra fine mesh filter to keep any unwanted grounds out, and the coffee smooth.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Keep away from the day to day germs by gifting this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand. This set features the dispenser itself and a stand to keep it upright. No buttons are needed, it has an automatic sensor to dispense the sanitizer of your choice. The stand is adjustable depending on the desired height and has a long battery life.

Band 5 Fitness Tracker
Surprise her with a Fitness Tracker watch, allowing her to keep up to date on steps, time, and sleep incurred throughout the day. This water resistant, health tracking watch is a great added accessory for anyone wanting to take their health to the next level. This watch offers a 15 day battery length and also has Alexa built in.

Bluetooth Instant Film Camera
Capture the perfect moments with this Bluetooth Instant Film Camera. This Camera is compatible with all IOS and Android phones, allowing you to capture that original polaroid format. You can switch between two different portrait lenses depending on your distance. This easy to use, one step camera is the perfect way to create lifelong memories.

Amazon Echo
Equip any home with this Smart Home Hub! This Amazon Echo is the perfect smart device to help organize your home. Alexa is equipped to set reminders, shopping lists, or play your favorite music. With a simple but modern look, it matches any household perfectly.

Waffle Maker
Start a morning off with the perfect Belgian Waffle. Making waffles doesn't have to be messy. This waffle maker features an overflow spout, keeping it mess free and stress free. Included is several recipe options, 7 different levels to cook it as much or as little as preferred, and offers easy clean up storage when finished.

Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Give the gift of a rechargeable electric toothbrush. This is perfect for any occasion, who doesn't love clean teeth? This electric toothbrush removes up to 7 times more plaque than a regular toothbrush. It has a 2 minute timer, with 30 second increment breaks so you know when to switch brushing quadrants. Anyone would love this gift, and probably their dentist too.

Bluetooth Speakers with Multi-Colors
Play all the best music with this bluetooth waterproof speaker. This speaker provides wireless pairing, added extra bass, multi changing lights, and up to 24 hours of run time. It is perfect for either relaxing at home, hanging outdoors, or a party with friends.

Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer
Sanitize any phone with this Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer. This device is designed to sanitize anything that will fit inside of it. Whether it is a phone, jewelry, or keys. It will disinfect and keep your items clean. It has clinically proven results and is EPA free. The UV light kills any germs that may of lingered on any of your your devices.

Back and Neck Massager
Take away the day to day stress by using this back and neck massager. With a variety of kneading levels it is designed to work out any knots your body might be carrying. It is to portable and great for on the go. Use it on all different areas of the body to reach the ultimate relaxation mode.

Headbands Knot Turban
Gift her with this 3 pack of stylish headbands. These headbands offer a vintage, yet classic look perfect to match any occasion. All headbands are handmade, with a combination of velvet and imitation pearls. They are a one size fits most with a stretchy design to allow the ultimate all day comfort.

Revolution Running Shoe
Run in complete comfort with these mens running shoes. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect to find the right style just for him. This minimalist design has a soft comfort foam soles to allow the best support for those long morning runs.

Adjustable Desk
Work in peace and comfort with this electric adjustable sitting or standing desk. This desk features a motor lift to allow the desk to be set to your desired height. It has a large workspace available and is built with a steel frame and a solid desktop. This is the perfect gift for someone working from home and trying to stay active.

Lightweight Waterproof Hooded Jacket
Get out on the hiking trails worry free in this mens lightweight hooded jacket. This rain proof and windproof jacket is a great added accessory when getting outside. It's breathable light weight polyester fabric provides a comfortable feel, and folds up easily to grab on the go.

Toaster Bags Reusable for Cheese
Pack the perfect lunch with these reusable toaster bags for your favorite meals. These toaster bags can be used in the microwave, grill, or oven. You can heat up your snack quick and not have to worry about it getting dirty. They can be washed with soap and water and can even be used up to 100 times.

Electric Press Grill
Create a delicious grilled Panini with this Electric Press Grill. It is designed for any sandwich and it's thickness, with no need to flip! You can also create quesadillas, turnovers, or warm up a personal pizza. It is designed with a chrome finish style, and can be stored away easily for future use.

Men’s Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer
Step up any self care routine with the perfect tool for him at home. This Men's Trimmer is equipped with a wet/dry vacuum setting to minimize on any mess. It is designed to help trim unwanted Nose and Ear hair. It's sleek compact design helps reach all the hard to reach spots when needed and will leave him feeling fresh.

Premium Drink Maker
Level up the home bar with this Premium Drink Maker. This easy push button to start machine will create all the party favorites when it comes to premium cocktails. There is no pouring, measuring or complex designs to get the perfect taste. It is mixologist approved, and a perfect, luxurious gift for anyone who likes quality drinks.

Wooden Swiss Army Knife
Surprise him with a Multi Tool Swiss Army knife. This medium sized tool is designed with a wooden center. It's multi-use knife is the perfect tool to help complete any day to day tasks. It has 13 different functions available and is included with a lifetime warranty.

Digital Alarm Clock with LCD Screen
Never miss an alarm or a wake up call with this large digital alarm clock! This electronic wall clock provides a large and clear display with the time, day, and full date. With a variety of daily alarm tones and medicine reminders, you will never miss a beat.

Bath Bomb Gift Set
Wind down with this wonderful Bath Bomb Gift Set and turn any regular bath into a spa at home. There are 24 different bath bombs included in this gift set. Each bath bomb has a combination of different essential oils to help offer a calming or relaxing aroma. It is gifted in a beautiful display box, perfect for a gift for her or kids.

New AirTag Leather Key Ring
Never lose those important items again with this Leather Key Ring AirTag holder. This keyring is available in an array of colors, stainless steel ring, and is made with a European leather. It grasps the AirTag nice and tight to prevent the worry of losing anything, and is stylish all at the same time.

Warm-n-Toasty Slippers
Stay warm with Warm-n-Toasty Slippers or cool down after a long day. These plush slippers can go right in the microwave to warm the lavender infused beads, or be used as a cold pack by placing in the fridge. These multi-use slippers is a perfect gift for her to use at home.

One-Step Hair Dryer And Hot Air Brush
Make getting ready easy with this Hair Dryer and Brush all at once. Minimize the steps to get ready but maximize on the added volume this hair dryer brush offers. It features 3 different speed settings, minimizes frizz, and adds extra protection to the hair.

Yogalicious High Waist Leggings
Enjoy yoga with the utmost comfort by wearing these High Waist Leggings. These leggings are available in several different colors and they consist of a lightweight breathable fabric while still being squat proof. They were designed with a four way stretch comfort, giving the feeling as if they aren't even there. Whether they are for yoga or lounging, they will become the new favorite.

Quartz Facial Roller
Gift her with a top quality Quartz Facial Roller to give her skin the care it deserves. This Rose Quartz facial roller is designed brighten your skin with a favorite serum or oil. It has been proven to help circulation and drainage, and will leave anyone feeling refreshed and clean.

Kimono Soft Long Robe
Lounge around the house in this Kimono Soft Long Robe. It's breathable, stretchy fabric provides the ultimate comfort whether you are getting ready for bed or just out of the bath. It has 3/4's sleeves, and ties to cinch up the robe. The hardest part is picking the color and design you want to purchase!

Cosmetic Drawers and Jewelry Box
Help her organize her vanity buy purchasing her this perfect Cosmetic and Jewelry Box. With 12 different drawers available and a top storage compartment it is the perfect size to fit all the necessities. It features non stick mats and machine washable liners so you are always able to keep it clean.

Matching Couples Distance Bracelets
His and hers bracelet sets is perfect for any couple. This adjustable stone bracelet features a few different stone style options. All stones have aromatherapy benefits when adding your favorite essential oils. These bracelets adjust to any size wrist and offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

You Are My Love Pocket Token
Gift your spouse a keepsake token, small enough to where they can always carry it with them. You Are My Love Pocket Token is a Cathedral Art token with a heartwarming message written on both sides. The tokens are made with a high quality metal and a pewter finish with the durability to last a lifetime.

Rapid Beard Shaving & Grooming Kit
Gift his beard with the best Beard Shaving and Grooming Kit. This gift set features shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, leave-in conditioner, beard brushes, and scissors. Everything you could ever need to keep a beard well maintained is in this set. All these items come in a neat designed box and has a canvas storage bag included.

Toilette Spray for Men
Surprise him with a new scent for your next special occasion! This spicebomb cologne has an array of scents to give the perfect masculine aroma, becoming your new favorite. It comes in a well designed gift box and 2 different bottle sizes to choose from at checkout.