31 Miscarriage Gifts for Women in Your Life Who Matter Most

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Wondering how you can help your loved ones through despair? Do you need the most memorable memorial for that special person in your life? We have a wide array of 31 miscarriage gifts for your sympathy needs. And while a gift is a kind gesture, we think the greatest remembrance gift is a kind friend and a big shoulder.

Guardian Birthstone Necklace
Pay your respects to an unspeakable loss with an Angel Wings Guardian necklace, personalized with the stone of your choice. When there are no words left, jewelry can be a meaningful and lasting memento-- not of loss, but of love. Gift this thoughtful necklace as a tribute to a little angel taken too soon.
At a Loss: Finding Your Way
If you're feeling inadequate as you support a grieving loved one, this powerful book can help to fill in the spaces that you can't. Dealing with infant death and miscarriage can be a lonely and confusing time, but knowing that there are other parents out there learning to cope can quell the feelings of hopelessness.
Sunshine After the Storm
Learning to cope with the death of child can be a lifelong process that's often discounted in our culture. This book lets grieving parents know that their feelings are valid and offers different support methods. 'Sunshine After the Storm' details the survivor stories of families who have experienced the same heartbreak.
Sterling Silver Loss Necklace
Words can seem inadequate to someone suffering the unspeakable loss of a child. Use you words wisely with this tender necklace that reads 'Mommy of an Angel.' Surrounded by baby footprints and angel wings, this necklace is a sweet tribute to the special bond between mother and child. No words, no problem.
Garden Memory Stone
It may help to have special tributes to their little angel throughout their home. If that's the case, a garden memory stone can be a great option to help grieving parents see a little sunlight through the dark clouds. Since it's made of durable resin, this memory stone can be used in a garden walkway or it can be easily hung on display.
I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book
I Love You Still is an inclusive memorial baby book created to help parents actively work through their grief. The book is half pregnancy scrapbook and half gratitude journal, encouraging parents to embrace the grieving-- and healing-- process. Prompts like 'I miss you most when...' are heartbreaking, but can help parents acknowledge their loss and honor the memory.
Memorial Statue
For a more official ceremony, a somber memorial statue may be warranted. This Garden Angel memorial statue pays a warm tribute to your little angel and works well as a decorative cemetery tribute or garden memorial. Since it's powered by a solar panel, it automatically lights up at night so you can spend a special moment with your loved one.
Memory Candle
There's something ceremonious about lighting a candle, making this memory candle a great personal tribute for the home. With the sweet inscription, 'Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home,' this candle is a thoughtful sympathy gift that still allows them to mourn their loss.
Tiny Wing Charm
For a subtle remembrance tribute, try this tiny wing charm necklace. Featuring a dainty sterling silver angel wing, this necklace is a sweet way for a grieving mother to honor their child every day. The accompanying card reads 'Mommy to an angel' and is a thoughtful way to show your support.
Lavender Scented Candle
The healing process can be difficult, but a memorial candle can be a tender way for grieving parents to honor their loss. The mix of lavender and eucalyptus makes for a calming and soothing experience during these trying times. The goal is not to forget their loss, but to remember their love for their little one.
3D Memorial Gift
When a little one is gone too soon, give a lasting memorial gift instead of temporary flowers. This 3D Remembrance memorial heart is a beautiful tribute and is a great way to carve out a space for healing in the home. The keepsake stands upright and is perfect for bookshelves, offices, and memorials.
Memorial Stone
If you're struggling to find the words to say to a grieving parent, let this memorial stone poem do the work for you. This versatile stepping stone is made of stone-cast concrete to look like a real stone and bears a memorial poem to honor their little angel. Stand upright for a memorial garden or use with other stones to make a personalized pathway.
Always with You Memorial Blanket
Grief is often silent, but they don't have to be alone in their pain. This 'Always with You' memorial blanket is like a consoling hug during those overwhelming times. With plush faux fur on one side and micro mink on the other, this blanket offers that soul-strengthening warmth and comfort.
Angel Figurine
Angel figurines hold significance for certain mourners, and this regal angel memorial brings comfort with its warm flickering light. And since the candle is LED, it never goes out! Allow loved ones to embrace their grief, and even explore it as they search for healing. It's the thought that counts.
Light Your Way Garden Stone
Some parents can get lost in their grief-- and rightfully so. This Light Your Way garden stone features a beautiful sentimental quote about lost loved ones: 'not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down.' The copper-painted stars shine up from the pathway and are a sweet reminder of your guardian angel.
Love Stone
This 8-lb solid stone bears the tender truth, 'If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.' Not plastic or resin, this memorial is made of stone and represents the lasting impression their little angel had on their life. The stone stands upright to bear the deep, high-quality engraving.
Relaxation Rock Salt Lamp
Sometimes the best memorial is the one that says nothing. This Cora Himalayan salt lamp features a dimmable touch switch and USB adapter for ultimate accessibility and 24/7 comfort. Since salt lamps are promoted as mood-boosters, it can serve as a comforting and consistent presence. It's the little things.
Chunky Knit Blanket
Whether the grieving parent is dealing by sleeping a lot or too little, their self-care is important to their healing process. Make sure they feel surrounded by love and warmth with a handmade chunky knit blanket. The thick cords are great for regulating body temperature and throwing over the couch for a quick spruce-up.
Forever Flowers
When temporary flowers just don't cut it, upgrade your gift to Forever Flower. This immaculate white box set of four preserved roses is a kind way to express your sympathy. Fresh from Ecuador, these flowers are sprayed with a non-toxic preservative and last up to 3 years.
Dainty Bracelet
An engraved baby bracelet is a sweet way to pay homage to a little angel. Put it on a teddy bear or around a candle holder for a personalized memorial. Even if they don't get to wear it, the bracelet is a powerful reminder of their mark on the world, even if they were only here for a short while.
Sympathy Gift Bracelet
Sometimes it may help to keep a piece of their little angel with them, and this sympathy gift bracelet is a much-needed reminder that love lasts, even if the grief doesn't seem to fade. Featuring an infinity loop and the phrase 'a piece of my heart lives in heaven,' this bracelet honors their love and their loss.
Memorial Wind Chime
This made-to-order memorial wind chime is a popular way to symbolize that although their loved one may be gone, they are still here watching over them. Made with a rich walnut stained top and with the choice of copper or silver chimes, this wind chime set is meant to weather the strongest of storms.
Relax Aromatherapy Candle
There are memorial candles and then there are aromatherapy candles. Don't neglect the idea of candles for relaxation! Grieving parents may experience guilt for letting go even for a moment, but it's important for their health that they take a moment to themselves. Encourage self-care and say 'I love you!' with this simple gift.
Dragonfly Wind Chime
Wind chimes make great memorials as the gentle music can remind you that your loved one is still here with you. It's a beautiful sentiment, only made more beautiful by the intricate craftsmanship. The dragonfly brings a pop of color while the poem reassures and celebrates your love.
Miscarriage Memorial Ornament
With miscarriage, it doesn't help to shy away as if it is taboo. This beautiful memorial ornament is heartbreaking, but speaks a heartwarming truth in a time of need. Grief doesn't disappear just because it's a holiday. Honor your angel baby with a marbled glass ornament.
Knit Blanket
When it's just too hard to get out of bed, there's nothing as comforting as a plush knit blanket. This chunky chenille throw is soft but heavy enough to offer a therapeutic and calming effect. Float in the clouds, if only for a little while.
Miscarriage Ring and Necklace
It can be difficult to address a miscarriage, but this silver tribute ring has a subtle touch. Including the inscription, 'Mommy of an Angel,' the sterling silver ring is a beautiful reminder that her angel is not forgotten. Rather, that love can suffuse and color all the other aspects of her life.
Pocket Hug
When gifts seem trivial for so great a loss, a pocket hug can be a thoughtful show of support. The silver token can be accessed at their convenience and when they need it the most. Containing an encouraging sentiment on one side and 'pocket hug' on the other, this token is a way to say 'I'm here for you' when they're ready to hear it.
Angel Bereavement Gift
This angel memorial tealight candle holder makes a good go-to bereavement gift. Powered by batteries so it can go all night, this LED angel memorial can watch over the grieving as they try to get some sleep. The matronly figure makes it a fitting gift for a mother experiencing an especially hard loss.
Baby Loss Ornament
For a keepsake that she can keep close to her heart, this religious wooden ornament can bring her comfort no matter where she is. The ornament is made of high-quality red alder wood and features the image of Jesus holding a baby with the sentiment, 'until I can hold you in Heaven.'
Hanging Bereavement Ornament
Sometimes few words are the most powerful, and such is the case with this hanging 'miracle' ornament. The metal keepsake is meant to remind parents that their little baby is 'always an angel' and that their love is a beautiful and most special thing. Hang this tribute ornament in the car, in the office, or as a bookmark.