37 Minions Gift Ideas for All Ages – Minion Lovers, Assemble

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Know someone who’s bananas for minions? Our gift guide has just the list for mini masterminds and competent chaos creators alike. From cheeky t-shirts to wacky gadgets, we have everything you need on your search to serve the most evil villain of all time. Doesn’t it feel good to be bad?

Minions Super Soft Comforter & Sheet Set
Just like our tiny, yellow friends, we need some shut-eye before we help evil take hold of the world. With this super cozy, ultra-fun 5 piece set, kids will dream well when cuddling alongside Otto, Stuart, Kevin, and Bob. High quality, wrinkle-resistant material makes the set easy to care for and as durable as a Minion itself.
Mattel's Rise of Gru Fart ‘N Fire Blaster
Get ready to sound off your 21 fart gun salute! This shiny, side-splitting joke blaster has a dual- action trigger you can use to let it rip 20+ different ways. Incapacitate your enemies with a mess of gas-tastrophic bangs or an orchestra of tiny toots, or shower them with a gassy fart mist. A Fart Gun is better than a Dart Gun any day!
Minions Dave 2-Slice Toaster
Minions are always cute and funny, and now they're tasty, too! With this fun, two-slot banana yellow toaster, a burned-on Dave design will fire up your morning meal like a rocket launcher. Find yourself cheerier each AM when you add syrup, butter, or jam to your breakfast buddy's smiling face. There's no better way to toast Dave!
LEGO Minions: Brick-Built Minions
Evil enough for the Vicious 6? The Rise of Gru fans can find out while constructing their despicable empire with help from some goggle-eyed servants. Kids will get a kick out of kung fu Bob, inventive Kevin, and sleepy Stuart. The chaos continues once each minion is built; flip it around for a sneak peek into the ornate rooms based on each character's personality.
Minion Laplander Hat
It's hard to be bad when you look this good! This laplander hat fits snug over your head and ensures you'll be seen wherever you go! Whether your ears are cold or you need to complete your Halloween costume, this Minion masterpiece can do both.
Minions Toddler Bean Bag Chair
Minions love to support their mischief making friends, which is exactly what they'll do here in bean bag form. The pint sized cushion is perfect for your tiny ones to snuggle up and play in. It's easy to clean and move around the house, too. So, moms, clap along if that makes you feel happy!
Cluttered Minions Ceramic Mug
Nothing gives a proper minion 'Bello!' quite like this playful mug. The delightful, 14-ounce home decor piece stays as busy as it looks keeping your drink toasty. It's microwave and dishwasher safe, and it's full of enough personality to wake you up before your morning coffee does.
Colgate Kids Minions Toothbrush
Let minions help your kids defeat the Cavity Man! These animated toothbrushes inspire kids to practice healthy oral care habits with their fun designs. The soft bristles are gentle on kids' teeth, and there's even a soft tongue scraper included to make sure their mouths are super clean.
The Rise of Gru Boogie Dancing Bob
It's time to get down with Boogie Dancing Bob! The lovable goofball shows off his wild side when you touch his hand and he shakes his booty. Watch and join the fun as Bob rocks the night (or day) away with some funky 70s inspired beats.
6pcs Fisher-Price Rise of Gru Figure Pack
Create your own diabolical operations with the help of some mischievous characters from Minions: The Rise of Gru. Let the tiny top banana in your life take command of Young Gru, Belle Bottom, and the minion crew with this 6-figure set brought to you by Imaginext.
Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Set
Make your getaway faster than you can say lipstick laser with the buildable Minions Station Wagon. Help Stuart and Kevin keep their secret loot safe by forging the movable wheels, blaster, and roof of their breakout car. Stuart and Kevin have interchangeable parts, too, so you can create several action-packed scenarios for both.
Despicable Me Kids Socktop Slipper
Take a walk on the wild side with these googly-eyed Stuart sock toppers. Little ones will have a blast keeping their toes toasty and smiles smiling as they wear these super soft slippers around the house. Slippers have a stippled bottom to keep mini masterminds from slipping as they move about morning and night.
LEGO Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase
Conjure mega Mad Max feels with the Minions Motorbike set. Fast-paced fun is right around the corner for Gru and the gang as your child builds and imagines a world of impossibilities! From rocket skates to toy banana treats, this set engages young kids on an epic Minions journey they can make by themselves with the help of an interactive guide.
Minions Stuart Face T-Shirt for Anyone
Bake your day with the Stuart graphic tee. All eyes will be on you when rocking this sly shirt with a cantankerous grin on the front. Minions and evildoers alike will be grappling at your feet to secure their own classic fit, lightweight tee.
Minions Boys & Girls Crocs
Walk softly and carry a big banana in your yellow minion crocs from Crocs fun lab! Playtime shenanigans abound for kids in their cool, lightweight clogs. Laden with visionary graphics of their favorite cartoons, these shoes are sure to keep little ones laughing as they explore the world.
Minions Stuart Interact Toy with Guitar
Make all your friends cry, 'Bello, papaguena!' when you rock out with your rockstar buddy Stuart and his new guitar. This little guy has some big attitude when you move his arms, legs, and head. For a silly surprise, try putting Stuart's guitar near his belly.
One In A Minion T-Shirt (Many Sizes)
Find and serve the greatest villain of all time in this one in a minion shirt. The hilarious henchman tee will give grins to friend's faces when they spot you 'cuz you'll make them feel happy. All you need now is a pair of goggles and a banana to complete your look.
4pcs Cotton Pajama Set (Many Sizes)
You don't need a Minionizer to become a minion with this whimsical pajama set! The days of lamenting lights out are over for the little guys in your life when they don these bright, colorful jammies. Perhaps they can even steal the moon in their dreams.
Toddlerific Minions Party Plate Set
With their tiny hands and hungry tummies, toddlers are a lot like minions! This plate set is perfect to keep your child's attention with its bold and busy design. The plate is separated into three sections to keep picky eaters happy, and a bowl, fork, and spoon are also included.
Hallmark Pajama Minions Ornament
Deck the halls with Bob the Minion fa-la-la-la-la-well, you know the song. All hail King Bob in all his glittering glory as he shines bright from your tree. Complete with teddy bear Tim and blue jammies, Bob is bound to bring a kind laugh from friends and family.
Giant Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals
Go mad for minions and add these Despicable Me 2 characters as part of your decor. The 11-piece peel and stick decals will add a bundle of personality to your room and can stick to any smooth surface from walls to doors. Don't worry-these funky stick-ons don't have any residue, so they can be reused and repositioned.
3pcs Minions Boys Cute T-Shirts
Excited for the premiere of Minions: The Rise of Gru? Try wearing some minions instead of waiting to watch them. This bundle of 3 t-shirts is jam-packed with everything minion-y, like bello, bananas, and even fart blasters. Kevin, Stu, and Bob are featured, and the tees are great for outdoor wear.
Despicable Me Over The Ear Headphones
Minions love to sing and dance! Join their party with these rockin' headphones from iHome. The headphones are quirky and colorful in design and create a lavish sound experience. A built-in microphone is included. These cool headphones even connect to your smart device. It's the perfect gift if you want to make your Despicable Me fan feel happy.
Minions Boys Girls Rain Boots (Many Sizes)
Your little one can make a big splash with these adorable rain boots! It's easy to keep an eye on your giggling tot as he/she splashes through muddy puddles in these bright yellow wellies. They inspire an imagination-filled day in the worst kind of drizzle.
4pcs Minions Badge Retractable ID Clip
Whether you're in the Anti-Villains League or part of Villain-con, you'll definitely need a badge. These retractable ID clips will make you the proudest professional around. They're designed to be bold and cheeky and are sturdy enough to stay put on your belt buckle, pocket, or even a pair of blue overalls.
Dynacraft Minions Boys' Bike
Let your active youngster blast off on the super cool Minions bike. Stellar graphics and eye-catching colors accentuate its curved design, and Bob, Stu, and Kevin will always be along for the ride. Training wheels and coaster brakes ensure a safe trek for kids so they can have fun all day long.
Minions LED Night Light Projector Plug-in
Sometimes even our minion pals need to see the light to feel safe. The LED Night Light illuminates any dimly lit room, hallway, or ceiling by emanating a 3 feet tall image of Bob, Kevin, and Dave from its movable globe. The dusk to dawn light is energy efficient and sure to protect against new villains that have yet to surface.