21 Mermaid Gifts for Kids That Already Have Everything

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We all know that once a child finds an obsession, they want everything and anything to match. Here is your one-stop sea shop for 21 gifts you can get a kid obsessed with mermaids. From mermaid toys to mermaid dolls, we’ve got you covered so that gift-giving goes swimmingly.

Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll
Barbie can be anything and in this case, she's a beautiful sea princess. Mermaid Barbie comes with a light-up tail which glows if you push the button disguised as her royal necklace when playing on land, and which automatically lights up in water. Play during bath time or when having a dip in the pool!
Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids
Even in stormy weather your child can keep cozy while dreaming of the high seas with this mermaid tail blanket. Hand crochet, kids from 3 to 8 years old can slip into the tail of their choice: a selection of shades in pink, purple. Blue and green guarantees the perfect choice for every child.
7pcs Kids Mermaid Easy-Wash Bed Set
Their dreams will be under the sea when they're tucked under these sheets. This mermaid comforter kit includes 7 pieces spangled from the waves down to the ocean floor, including mermaid-scalloped flat and fitted sheets and matching pillowcases. The best part? It comes in multiple sizes so your kid won't miss out no matter what size their bed is.
Girls Mermaid Unicorn Pajamas
Snooze in style! These pjs will quickly become your kid's favorite because of their soft organic cotton and they'll be your favorite because they're machine washable. With an elastic waistband and tagless t-shirt, comfort is guaranteed. Even better it's highly lauded. They're the best quality a parent could want.
Barbie Fantasy Mermaid & Unicorn Hair Doll
No longer play dress-up alone! With Barbie, your child can pretend to be a majestic unicorn or a seashell-crowned mermaid with their choice of colorful hair extensions. Barbie also comes with two t-shirts branded with each mystical creature, hair accessories, a change of shoes, and a hairbrush.
Mermaid 20 Colors Soak Off Gel Polish Kit
The possibilities are endless with this gel nail polish kit. 20 different colors, plus base and top coats, come in a beautiful gift box you won't want to hide away in the cupboard. These polishes can last up to 3 weeks if you can resist changing colors every day! Toxin-free with no strong chemical smell, parents can feel at ease using these with their children.
Kids Mermaid Tail for Swimming
Let your child live the dream and become a real-life mermaid! This neoprene tail slips on for a snug fit on kids and adults alike. That's right - both you and your child can pick a tail in one of 9 colors and a range of sizes to fit any age!
Crossbody Mermaid Cell Phone Purse
Don't be forced to leave the mermaid at home! This cute crossbody bag is made entirely of vegan leather and has an adjustable strap so that it can fit your child or yourself - if they're willing to share! With a secure zippered closure, it can fit any smartphone plus other essentials.
Toniebox Pink Mermaid Educational Music Toy
Listen to the siren's song: Toniebox is the perfect speaker for your little one! With an interactive Ariel that plays prerecorded stories and music, you can rest easy knowing that your child is listening not just to appropriate music, but to their favorite songs. Plus, Ariel's magnetic so there's less risk of losing her!
Mermaid Cove Marble Run Toy
A decades-old classic. You parents may remember Playmobil from your own childhood. It's still just as good if not better - the Mermaid Cove Marble Run will make you wish it was around when you were a kid. This set includes 5 mermaids with adjustable fins, a light-up dome, and some dolphin companions to help your child's imagination make waves.
Mermaid Necklace & Makeup Bag Gift Set
Buy the perfect all-in-one gift bundle for your child! Whether you want to spoil them with lots of accessories, buy a gift to share with their best friend, or stock up on some great party favors, this gift set does it all. There's a mix of bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, bags, and sticker sheets all featuring cute little mermaids.
Mermaid Musical Jewelry Box
Everyone knows mermaids protect a treasure trove of trinkets. Gadgets and gizmos? They have plenty. Whosits and whatsits galore! All of this they can keep safe in this underwater-themed jewelry box. Your child's face will light up every time they open it and watch the mermaid princess spin to the music!
Sterling Silver Sea Mermaid Necklace
The choice is yours with 4 different options for this stunning necklace. Each variation features a mermaid in sterling silver and a blue turquoise cubic zirconia jewel. A beautiful present for daughters, nieces, and mermaid enthusiasts of any age, you can even buy yourself one to match!
5pcs My First Mermaid Stuffed Plush Playset
It's never too early to start your young one's exploration of the deep blue...while remaining safely on land. Spark their marine fascination with this soft play toy. The perfect 5-piece set including one mermaid and a couple fishy friends, all of which tidy up into a handy plush carrying shell.
Little Girls Mermaid Dress Up Gift
Your little one will feel fancy playing dress-up with this chic jewelry set. They can dive head-first into the world of style and coordination with fashionable clip-on earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, and a hair beret. Store all their undersea treasure in the matching kitty mermaid purse. Purrfectly paired accessories!
Lilac and Turquoise Kids Mermaid Curtains
These ombre curtains are the perfect addition to any mermaid-themed room. You don't have to worry about doing any permanent redecorating to get an under-the-sea effect for your child's bedroom. Simply hang them up and let the sun do the rest of the work as it streams through the reversible panels and sets your underwater world aglow.
Mermaid Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket
Weighted blankets at home? Spruce them up with this specially designed duvet cover. It features adorable mermaids in a pink and gray pattern. Well designed, it has a zipper closure as well as internal fastener strings at each corner for securing the duvet over the weighted blanket so that you can be sure it stays in place.
Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Set
Leave paper dolls in the past with this reusable dress-up sticker set. Your child's imagination can swim free time and time again while also developing their fine motor skills. These 3 packs come with over 200 stickers for dressing up six dolls, the packaging of which sets the scene: the perfect sticker board complete with undersea castle.
Toddler Mermaid Rubber Rain Boots
Master of the seven seas, or the biggest backyard puddle, these mermaid rain boots are a must for your little one. Eco-friendly, lightweight, and non-slip, they feature easy pull-on handles that help your toddler slip into their new favorite pair of shoes, come rain or come shine.
13pcs Play-Doh Mermaid Colors
Let your child's imagination take shape with the help of an age-old classic. This Play-Doh set comes with 13 sparkling colors, a handy dandy rolling pin, and molding tools. Four different cookie cutters help your young one shape a mermaid, a dolphin, a seashell, and a starfish.
15pcs Girls Pretend Mermaid Tea Set
A child's first tea set is something they'll remember even when they're grown and have a family of their own. Another way to make sure the memory will last is a bespoke tea set featuring their favorite deep-sea creature. A themed carrying case holds a mermaid-printed teapot and fishy cups, saucers, and tray.