93 Peaceful Meditation Gifts For Channeling The Inner Self

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When you want some peace and quiet and want to give your mind and body a rest, there is nothing as effective as meditation. These gifts will have a meditation beginner levitating in no time. Find gifts by the box, with incense, Buddha sculptures, small waterfalls, yoga mats, and more.

Tone Therapy System
With the tone therapy system, medication becomes easier and more effective. All you have to do is turn the device on and listen for 3 minutes. Do this two times every day and see how it changes you. The Tone Therapy System is designed for anti-relief. It has been tested for its effectiveness and has positive reviews from many customers.

Mirror Waterfall Fountain
Nothing would support your meditation better than this relaxing mirror waterfall fountain. The water will slowly trickle down the mirror and transform the aura in the room. Enjoy the feeling of an indoor oasis and marvel at its sophisticated, natural design. The fountain is also an amazing piece of interior décor with an integrated spotlight.

Stress Relief Breathing Necklace
Breathing is key to meditation. It helps to slow your body down and relax you. With this stress-breathing necklace, you will enjoy instant relief as it slowly takes the stress away. This necklace and pendant are made out of stainless steel and do not make any noise as you breathe through them. The breathing necklace would make a great companion to the gym.

Meditation Cushion
Are you on the market for new ways to meditate and freshen up your mind? Why don’t you opt for this large-size cushion? Made from a durable and luxury material, it promises to transform your meditation and take your mind to the next level. Due to the high quality of this cushion, you can use the meditation kit for long periods without wearing it out.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
Looking for a medication item to support your development? The Tibetan Singing Bowl set is made to help people clear their heads and focus on the present. It’s a great choice for deep meditation and relaxation. The Bowl set is portable to carry anywhere. The entire set is also made from high-quality handcrafted materials.

Meditation Chair
Who can say no to a medication chair that will help you renew your focus and clear your mind? What’s even better? This is an upgraded version. This unique design can be used in the home and at the office. Due to its ergonomic design and features, the medication chair will stimulate constant movement and proper posture in your body.

Zen Garden Gift Set
Are you looking for a gift for that him or her? This Zen Garden Gift Set is a great choice. It’s a perfect idea if you want to bring some calm and happiness into the room. The Zen Garden doubles as a beautiful piece of Japanese décor. You’ll learn to discover the hidden meanings, history, and culture that’s on display in this giftset.

Meditation Water Painting Bundle
Are you looking to clear your head and meditate? It’s a great idea to paint some images. The Meditation Water Painting Bundle is designed to help you in these crucial moments. The painting bundle is easy to use and is an effective stress relief item. The kit can be used at home or in your office. As you write or paint, your body relaxes too.

Calming Device
There are times when we all get tense and want to instantly calm down. The Calming device is designed to provide instant stress relief with advanced methods. The device is easy to use and provides effective results. Based on breathing regulation and stimulating sensory patterns, the calming device is a proven anti-stress solution.

Daily Meditation Book of Healing
Discover a new way to meditate and open your mind with the Daily Meditation Book of Healing. In this book, you’ll find over 365 meditations that can help you fight off anxiety and stress. Use this impressive book to transform your thinking pattern. This gift would be perfect for anyone looking to heal through meditation.

Meditating Tank Top
This stylish and trendy tank top is the perfect outfit anytime you want to meditate. You may also choose to wear your tank top as a casual outfit too. This attractive piece features an amazing Pixar design. The tank top is also designed to be lightweight and a classic fit. The meditating tank top is an officially licensed lion king cloth.

Meditation Padded Floor Chair
Relax and clear your mind on this Meditation Padded Floor Chair. The chair is easy to use and can be shifted into 5 adjustable positions. The padded chair is designed with unique metal-locking technology for a perfect balance. This unique chair can also be easily folded and moved to another part of the house.

Meditation Sensory Headband
A good meditation is an effective way to relax after a period of stress. However, you need to practice your meditation to increase its effectiveness. The meditation sensory headband is a great choice to improve your meditation practice. The device is easy to use. All you have to do is pair it with a Bluetooth device and begin to meditate.

Meditation Shawl
Looking for something to cover your entire body during guided meditation? This meditation shawl was handwoven in India and would provide you with the right amount of cover when meditating. This shawl is made from wool & polyester with a polyester finish. It's also known for its durability and softness and would make a great gift for beginners to meditation practice.

Silk Eye Pillow
This Silk Eye Pillow will soon be your favorite bedtime companion. This Asutra Silk Eye Pillow is made using 100% silk. This product can serve as a comfortable eye pillow, used for meditation, and as a Savasana during yoga.

Essential Oil Diffuser
Aromatherapy will transform the ambiance in the room as you meditate and clear your mind. Enjoy the feeling of freedom that the essential oil diffusion gives you during your next meditation session. Simply fill the diffuser with some essential oils and let it spread a soothing natural scent around your home. It's also a great item to put you to sleep at night.

Yoga Mat with Strap
This Yoga Mat with Strap relies on plastic and rubber to offer a tough, elastic, and abrasion-resistant surface. This mat strap is designed for Yoga but can also be used for meditation. The strap will provide a thick enough cushion to prevent your body from injury as a result of pressing too hard on the floor.

Healing Crystal Wands
Looking to add spiritual material to boost your mediation? These healing Crystal wands are a great choice. These magical wands make great gifts for your friends and family on special occasions. These multi-purpose wands can be kept on the table in your home or office as a piece of decor. What's even better? These Crystal Wands come with their gift packaging.

Kneeling Meditation Bench
Take your meditation to the next level with this Kneeling Meditation Bench. The bench allows you to breathe in deeply and focus on your meditation like never before. The meditation bench supports good posture and will prevent you from placing too much pressure on your knee. Made from 100% bamboo, the bench is designed to be durable.

Small Wood Altar
Transform your space with this small hard carved wooden altar meditation prayer table. This piece of work is a magnificent combination of beauty and durability. The small wood alter is made from Sheesham Wood which is carved into dragons. The wood altar is designed to be foldable and convenient. This multipurpose altar can be used for meditation, as a buddha table or altar stand.

Lavender & Chamomile Essential Oil
These essential oils are aromatherapy at their finest. It can be used to provide a light mist that calms the body and soothes the soul. The oils are free from essential oils and are made from vegan ingredients. This Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oil is free from chemicals and made from natural vegan ingredients. It offers a unique burst of freshness.

Aromatherapy Diffusers
Enjoy high-quality aromatherapy with this diffuser. It is designed based on LOXIM Technology which ensures a stable mode of delivering the scent into the room. This diffuser is easy to use and lets you use the oil in a pure state. The machine also operates quietly, and your living space will smell fresh without added noises.

Zen Garden
This simple Zen Garden will change the aura in any room and promote a feeling of relaxation. Add some much-needed peace to your home with a panda garden. Want to practice meditation? The Zen Garden makes a perfect companion. It's a great gift for kids or adults. The Zen Garden also acts as a beautiful piece of interior decor for homes or offices.

Trove of Crystal Gemstones
The Trove of Crystal Gemstones consists of a 45-piece set of bottles filled with gems and crystals. There are different gems in the collection, including Olivine, Aquamarine, Amber, Smoky Quartz, White Coral, and so on. These gemstones are perfect for meditation. They can also be applied for chakra balancing, energy healing, and dowsing. It's the perfect gift for any of our loved ones.

Meditation Timer
Take your meditation to the next level with this unique timer. The timer isn't connected to the internet. As a result, it helps you focus on the present. With this meditation time, you can keep your phone away from yourself during practice. There's an inbuilt gentle chime sound that would silently alert you during meditation.

Marble Stress Exercise Balls
An exercise ball is fitness equipment that can be used to simulate hand movement and can help to maintain focus. These stress balls are also perfect to eliminate stress, anxiety, and tension while relaxing your brain. Made from solid marble, the exercise ball is durable and long-lasting. It's a great item to add to a personal collection and an ideal gift for him or her.

Tibetan Prayer Beads
The Tibetan Prayer Beads are made up of 108 beads which are a symbol of 108 kinds of trouble. These handmade bracelets are made from natural wood. As a result of their origin, each bead is different from the others. These beads are perfect for counting during your meditation. It makes an ideal gift for men and women.

Essential Oil Bundle
Are you a lover of aromatherapy? If you weren't, this essential oil bundle will change your mind. This bundle consists of Vitruvius 4 top essential oils. The oils include Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Quiet. These oils are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere. These oils are designed for use in a warm bath, but their scent can also transform your living space.

Meditation Spinner Ring
Enjoy the beautiful imperfection of the Meditation Spinner Ring. This ring consists of a tri-color spinner ring inspired by Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. This ring is a symbol of uniqueness and individuality. Spin the ring to release a feeling of calmness into your body and eliminate nervousness. This ring is a perfect fit that's designed to accommodate the swelling of your fingers.

Sound Machine
Are you looking to enhance your sleep-wake routine and enjoy as much comfort as you can? The Sound Machine can help you achieve that. The machine will wake you up with a custom sunrise alarm that ensures that your body releases healthy cortisol levels. The machine can be used to create a variety of moods.

The Zen Den Metal Sign
Display your identity as a lover of meditation by hanging a sign that says so. The Zen Den Metal Sign is made from 24-gauge steel. There are holes in every corner for easy hanging. The metal sign also features a glass coating that provides a clear, vibrant finish. This sign is made for indoor use.

Himalayan Salt Candles
Put yourself into that Zen mode with these Himalayan Salt Candles. Each of them is handcrafted from the Pakistani Salt mines. They'll light up your space as you relax and meditate. These candles can also be used as a piece of Interior decor for your homes and offices. Asides from being a source of light, they also provide some health benefits.

Yoga Pose Figurine
Redefine your meditation space in your home with this Yoga Pose Figurine. They are made from high-quality ceramic and would last. This product consists of a 6-piece figurine. The Yoga Pose figure is a perfect piece of interior decor to add to your living room, bedroom, or hallway. The complete set of figurines shows you different classic postures.

Chakra Tree
This Chakra Tree will fill the room with positive energy as begin to meditate. Place this chakra tree in your home or office to draw all the positive energy from the surroundings. This chakra money tree is a spiritual gift that interacts with your body, mind, and soul. This tree offers you the benefits of the 7 chakra gemstones in one stone.

Square Meditation Pillow
The Square Meditation Pillow will transform your overall meditation practice. Made from Cotton and Linen material, the pillow is comfortable to touch. This pillow is large enough to be used for meditation or yoga. The pillow may also be used as a piece of interior decor in your bedroom, living room, and garden. The cushion is designed with a beautiful and brilliant bohemian style.

Natural Salt Lamp
Made from natural salt crystals in the Himalayan mountains. The lamp features a 15W bulb that produces a warm glow. This salt lamp is designed with a neem wooden base. It's also naturally antibacterial and easy to clean. The soft light produced by the salt lamp will clean the air, calm the atmosphere and clear your mind for the meditation.

Natural Crystal Cluster
This Crystal Cluster is made from natural materials gotten from Fluorite mines. Each stone is a unique size and shape. They are all hand-picked so that they maintain their natural appearance. The bulb chips embedded in these crystals make them glow like something out of a fairytale. This string light can be used to brighten any part of your home.

Chakra Tapestry Meditation Yoga
These are the perfect tapestries for you. Designed into a uniform color, they are bright and can create a feeling of happiness. It's made from soft material that's easy to fold and comfortable enough to carry along from one place to another. The yoga mat is designed based on advanced knitting technology. It's also machine washable in either cold or hot conditions.

Positive Affirmations Meditation Cards
Everyone enjoys getting some positive affirmation to push them on and on. This product comprises a bundle of meditation cards and exercises that are designed to make you feel better despite all the stress of modern-day society. These Positive Affirmations Meditation Cards can be used as perfect therapy gifts for your family and loved ones.

Meditation Mindfulness Therapy Games
Are you interested in therapy games that will help you relax your state of mind and develop your inner focus? The Meditation Mindfulness Therapy Game is designed for you. This game is designed by teachers and therapists for players and young kids. Unlike other therapy tools, this game helps individuals engage the inquisitive part of their minds.

Meditation Sage Set
This product comprises three pieces of natural white sage candles. These candles are designed to take away all the negative energies and create a new atmosphere. To chase all the negative energies away from your living space, light a candle and leave the window open. This stage set is an ideal gift for beginners to meditate.

Epsom Salt
This crystal mineral compound is one of the most effective ways of supplying your body with magnesium. Epsom salt dissolves instantly in water and helps to soothe muscle pain, relieve feet aches, detox your skin, and clean skin pores. This salt is not only good for soaking in water, but it's also a great addition to your garden too.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
The Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is an impressive, handcrafted piece of home decor. All of the items in the set are made to the highest quality. The bowl is designed to be tough, sturdy, and durable. It can adapt to harsh environments and weather conditions. What's even better? The singing bowl set is easy to use and will quickly make up your meditation kit.

Mindfulness Quotations in a Jar
This is a perfect idea to help you relax your mind, feelings, and body. The mindfulness quotations in a jar are a great way to start your day. These quotes would also make a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little pickup in their mood. If you need some extra inspiration, read the quotes in this jar.

Mindfulness & Meditation Cards
These cards were made after intensive research and were all designed to help relieve your stress. They are also practical solutions to reduce anxiety and enhance relaxation. The best thing about these cards is that they help to discover yourself. These mindfulness and meditation cards are a perfect gift for anyone interested in learning how to deal with stress better.

7 Chakras Knowledge Poster
Looking for something unique to add to your meditation space? Why don't you opt for the 7 Chakras Knowledge Poster? It's a unique piece of printed information about chakra flow in the body. It's an insightful guide that can transform the meditation process. This poster is an end-to-end print and is unframed.

Biosensing Meditation Headband
If you're looking to take your meditation to the next level, get the Biosensing Meditation Headband. This band is designed to monitor how you are doing during the meditation. It tracks your brain activity and heart rate to determine the effectiveness of your meditation and how your body is reacting to it. There's also an in-built help that'll guide you on more meditation techniques.

Chakras Bracelet and Wooden Burner
Transform your meditation practice with sweet and soothing scents. Aromatherapy is a great way to slow the mind and body during meditation. This Chakra Bracelet and Wooden Burner isn't based on artificial oils. Instead, it is made with natural bamboo combined with scents from a variety of essential oils. They deliver that burst of freshness that changes the ambience of the room.

All Natural Meditation Candle
With this natural meditation candle, you can create the ideal space for your meditation practice. Burn this energy at any time to eliminate negative energies from the surroundings. This natural meditation candle is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The candle will produce a slow-burning, strong scent that will linger hours even after the flame is off.

Meditation Cushion Zafu Zen
Add this amazing piece of furniture to your living space to give you comfortable and deep meditation. The mediation cushion is designed to support your spine and posture during practice. The entire cushion is covered with an organic cotton cover that is machine washable. The height of the meditation cushion can also be adjusted to suit your height.

Steel Tongue Drums
The steel tongue drums are useful equipment that is used in yoga and meditation. The drums are sent with pia CK, mallets, and a music book. This steel-alloy drum is handmade with high-quality craftsmanship. Despite the simple appearance of the drums, it has an ethereal voice that will help maintain focus. Due to its simple design, it can be used by beginners and professionals.

Meditation-Studio Kicks
How much do you care about your style when heading to the meditation studio? Well, you can indicate your passion with these stylish meditation studio kicks. The kick has a simple design with a Platform flip-flop featuring wraparound fabric straps. For optimal comfort of the wear, the base is made from yoga foam.

Mandala Daydream: Meditation Designs
This product is a unique way to relieve stress and anxiety during meditation. The Mandala Daydream is a relaxing adult coloring book that works your mind and brings out the inspiration in you. There are a variety of illustrations in the book including Zen doodles, stress-relieving patterns, geometric patterns, and so on.

Meditation Pocket Crystals
These meditation pocket crystals are great for chasing away negative energies, meditation, and healing. Each thumb stone in the set has a unique color and shape from the others. These meditation pocket crystals are a great addition for you, but they require a high level of care.

Sleeping Eye Mask
Put yourself to sleep quickly with this blindfolding sleeping eye mask. Due to its design, the mask can block out lights from the side of the mask and nose. Made from soft breathable fabric, this sleeping mask is quite comfortable. The eye space is wide enough to prevent any pressure on your eyes. This eye mask is designed to fit all sizes.

Mandala Beach Towel Blanket
The Mandala Beach Towel Blanket is a unique item for anyone. The beach towel is made from microfiber absorbent material. They are designed such that they can dry up five times faster than normal towels. It's an oversize beach towel that is large enough to fit two adults. What's even better? This beach blanket comes with a unique color scheme.

All Natural Aromatherapy Spray
This all-natural aromatherapy bundle is made up of 4 different oils. Each of them has wonderful aromas that will have you feeling on top of the world. All of these products are handmade from 100% essential oils. They are known for their therapeutic benefits and promote a healthy lifestyle. They are a perfect gift for beginners to meditation and aromatherapy.

Foldable Mat with Cushion
This foldable mat is made from natural kapok and breathable fiber. Due to its qualities, the cushion allows for comfortable seating and posture. This foldable mat is versatile. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. The foldable mat is made into a sophisticated, compact design to work out and save space.

Yoga Wheel
If you're interested in a muscle massaging stretch that offers maximum relief, this yoga wheel is ideal for you. The yoga wheel is a great idea for yoga exercises. It's designed to offer you optimal pain relief in your upper and lower back. The Yoga Wheel is also capable of supporting you on your journey to living a healthier life.

Meditation Cushion
The meditation cushion is a new piece of equipment that you need to transform your meditation. The cushion supports your spine and posture to keep your back straight during meditation. The height of the seat can be adjusted to suit the positioning of the user. There is also an organic cotton cover of the cover can be removed for washing.

Boho Blanket
Looking for that extra piece of equipment to add to your meditation kid? Why don’t you opt for the Boho blanket? It’s a reversible, woven, thick yoga blanket. The Boho Blanket can be applied for indoor or outdoor use. The blanket is versatile and can be used as a picnic rug, decorative throw, bedspread, rug, boho blanket, and so on.

Meditation Color by Numbers
The Meditation Color by number is an amazing collection of images that can be used to stimulate a calm and relaxing feeling. It also inspires readers to paint for pleasure and relax your body. There are a variety of images including serene landscapes, anxiety-relief patterns, yoga scenes, and so on. This would be a perfect gift for any meditation lover.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace
How much do you care about aromatherapy? With this special necklace, you get the chance to take enjoy the unique jewelry and smell nice at the same time. The necklace is a useful piece of jewelry that will relieve your stress and anxiety, soothe your mind and boost your sleep. The diffuser necklace is easy to use and will keep your sweet smell.

Flickering Flameless Candles
These Flickering Flameless candles are lifelike remote candles. These candles can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. They are designed into high-quality and are easy to operate. They are the next best thing to a scented candle. This flameless candle is an interesting piece of décor to add to any room. It’s a perfect gift to give to your loved ones.

Lavender Eye Pillow
Give your eyes some wonderful treatment with this lavender eye pillow. This luxurious piece would soon become your perfect sleeping companion. Unlike other sleeping pillows, this one rests on your eyes without exerting any pressure. Enjoy the calming effect as you feel the mask gently put you to sleep. This eye mask is portable and easy to carry around.

Mindfulness Workbook for Beginners
Learn more about mindfulness with this beginner-friendly workbook. The book will inform you about its scope and benefits. There are also a variety of exercises to try out that is indicated within the workbook. Soon, you’ll have the keys to relaxing your mind and body. Looking for an intro to mindfulness? This is it.

Bath Spa Gift Basket
The contents of this gift basket are made from natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. They are the perfect set of items to nourish your skin and keep it fresh after your bath. Enjoy the luxury of this bath spa set from the comfort of your bathroom. There is an extra-large basket that instantly makes it ready to gift.

Tranquil Bubble Bath
Transform your bath with drops from this Lollia Bubble Bath. It's time to soak the tub with amazingly rich bubbles that they will love. The product is made from a combination of Grapefruit, White Lily and more. The bubble bath is in form of Olive Fruits and Avocado Oils that can be used to change your entire bath into something special.

Relaxation Stress Relief Bath Salts
This is a premium soaking solution that is based on essential organic oil. These Relaxation Stress Relief Bath Salts are 100% natural salts that are made for men and women. It’s one of the most relaxing ways to help you get rid of stress and fatigue. The unique bath salts will replenish and enhance your skin’s richness.

Mineral Bath Salt
Enjoy the tranquil feeling of soaking in a bath of this mineral bath salt. Scented with Dried Lavender or Rose, these bath salts are designed to refresh, cleanse and revitalize your skin. Each set comes with a rose and lavender jar. This mineral bath salt is aromatherapy at its finest. It will clean your body and make you smell nice.

Comfort Bath Pillow
Enjoy optimal comfort as you take your bath and prepare for a new day. The Comfort Bath Pillow is made with 4 powerful non-slip suction cups that ensure friction between the bath and your back. The pillow is covered with a soft breathable cover. There’s also a built-in drying hook to dry the cushion quickly.

Apple AirPods
These high-end devices are manufactured by Apple. These AirPods are made with active noise cancellation to prevent interruption of any foreign sounds. There’s also a transparency mode that allows you more access to the world around you. They are shaped into a snug fit that would sit in your ear all day. Their audio quality is also unbeatable.

Garden Seed Starter Kit
Grow your batch of natural tea. There’s nothing that compares with having a fresh cup of tea grown right out of the garden at the back of your home. This Garden Seed Starter Kit comes with Lemon Balm, Chamomile, heirloom, Peppermint, and Lavender herb seeds that you can start to grow. The tea kit also has everything you need to start a garden.

Crystal Stone Massage Roller
The Crystal Stone Massage Roller is made from 100% natural jade with amazing benefits. The jade stone consists of nickel, cobalt, zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and other trace elements that are beneficial to your body. This roller is made with an anti-noise design due to its silicone cover. Made out of durable material, the roller is also easy to use.

Mindfulness Journal
Looking for new ways to control your mind and eliminate stress? This mindfulness journal is a great way to gain constant awareness and control your anxiety. This journal will take you through a rewarding journey to self-discovery. There’s everything you need between the covers, from simple breathing exercises to advanced meditations. Why not start your mindfulness journey with this journal?

Crystal Singing Bowl
These bowls are made with the purest quartz crystals on the planet and heated to about 1800 degrees. The Crystal Singing Bowl is a unique musical instrument that can also be used as treatment. It’s a great tool to use in clearing the mind and going deeper into meditation. These bowls are incredibly resonant and would feed off the energy in the environment.

Peaceful Moon Lamp
Transform your bedroom and change the atmosphere of your room with this Peaceful Moon Lamp. This lamp is made with 3D technology and durable materials. Designed with a dual-color mode and all you have to do is touch to change colors and adjust brightness. The lamp also has a long battery life after a few hours of charging.

Tuned Chime, Zenergy
The Tuned Chime, Zenergy is one of the finest pieces that you’ll find on the market. It’s expertly crafted from natural and other high-quality materials such as ash wood, silver, aluminum, and so on. Designed to calm your mind and refocus a group of people, you can trust the quality it offers. The Chime Zenergy is designed to create a singular, relaxing tune.

Tabletop Fountain
This beautiful fountain is made from durable materials such as polyresin and fiberglass material. They ensure that you’ll be using the fountain for a long time. The fountain is portable and can be moved around. The tabletop fountain is easy to install and does not require any additional plumbing. This product also makes an interesting piece of décor.

Coffee Mug Meditation Cup
This is a cup designed for yoga lovers. It’s designed to inspire you and elevate your spirit with its motivational quote. The Coffee Mug Meditation Cup is a great gift idea for women who practice yoga. The cup comes with a double-wall vacuum installation that is designed to keep drinks hot for more than 3 hours or cold for about 7 hours.

Incense Sticks
Burn some incense to chase out some of the negative energy in your living space. This package gives you enough incense sticks for daily use and regular replacements. It’s a perfect addition to a Halloween party and would relax the mood in the room. There’s a lotus incense stick holder that’s shaped like a lotus and keeps the incense in one place.

Practicing Mindfulness Book
Mindfulness is a proven technique of eliminating stress and anxiety from the body. With this mindfulness book, you’ll learn to gain more control of your mind and focus on your breathing. The Practicing Mindfulness Book will allow you to develop strong mindfulness practices. The book contains expert advice on dealing with wandering thoughts and calming your mind.

Meditation Yoga Tapestry
This beautiful piece of décor can be hung to beautify your yoga practice room. This yoga banner would make an ideal fit to be added to your wall, window, or door. This is the best gift for friends family and those who care. It’s made from durable polyester material and has a high-resolution print with attractive details.

Bonsai Tree Kit
Homeowners can choose to grow either of four Bonsai trees namely Pinus Nigra Bonsai, Juniperus Scopulorum, Picea Pungens, and Picea Mariana. The kit also contains an insightful guide that shows you how to successfully plant and grow these ornamental trees. This kit can be applied indoors or outdoors depending on your taste. Plant one to transform your garden today.

Gold Meditation Decor
Display your passion for meditation with this Gold Meditation Décor. This beautiful piece of décor can be added to any room including your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, room, yoga room, spiritual room, and even office. It would constantly remind you about the benefits of yoga. It would make a great gift for a yoga lover or instructor.

Spiritual Crystal Tree
The Spiritual Crystal Tree is a handmade 10” tall Bonsai tree. This chakra money tree is a spiritual gift to help your body, soul, and mind. Keep this tree in your home to attract positive energy. This unique item would also make a great addition to your meditation space. This tree would be a priceless gift for any meditation lovers around you.

7 Wooden Dice
These kits are designed to show you a fun and innovative way to move your body, find inner peace and also work out. Rolling the dice would be a great addition to your meditation practice at home or in the office. The dice offer everything you need to enjoy a variety of yoga routines from the comfort of your living room.

Meditation Coffee Mug
The meditation coffee mug is a unique item to pick off the shelf in any market. It’s a fun meditation and yoga gift idea. It would surely bring smiles to the faces of your friends and loved ones. This affordable coffee mug is an ideal gift for meditation lovers, teachers, and instructors around them.

Steel Tongue Drum
This unique steel drum is designed to have as much as 13 tones. Without any musical background, you can interesting sounds with the steel tongue drum and explore a little. The entire package includes a steel drum, mallets, picks, a music book, note sticker. The steel tongue drum is easy to use and can be applied to different fields.

Natural Engraved Inspirational Stones
This set comprises 25 different inspirational and motivational words. The words are carefully engraved into natural stones. These natural stones are filled with different types of energy. They would make you feel relaxed and less anxious when you hold them tightly. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who wishes to have a good mood.

Waterfall Incense Burner
When you use the waterfall incense burner along with the wormwood incense you purify the air. After doing this, you can relax and meditate. This burner is a beautiful piece of décor that is widely installed in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, yoga rooms, offices, and so on. The incense burners and holders are handcrafted by the most skilled craftsmen and are also easy to clean.

Zen Garden Water Fountain
This is the perfect item to transform the ambiance in your home. Listen to the soothing trickling sound from the Zen Garden Water Fountain. They are made from supple Tam Vong bamboo for durability. You can add any soothing sounds that you want to make the atmosphere calmer. Keep this in any part of your home and enjoy its sophisticated outlook.