31 Medical School Graduation Gifts for New Medical Residents

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Believe it or not, your dreams have come true! Your son or daughter, niece or nephew, best friend or spouse, or SOMEONE you know finally graduated med school! Now you can brag to everyone about the new doctor. It’s time to celebrate. Here are 31 gifts to give the new resident doctor.

Leather Medical Bag
Now that they've graduated, you'll be looking for the best gift worth all those years of hard work. What's better than an iconic doctor's bag? Start their residency with this premium briefcase made of genuine leather and sturdy brass hardware. The interior has 100% cotton lining and a variety of handy storage compartments.
Premium CORE Digital Stethoscope
The original doctors' equipment has come to the digital age. Give the classic graduation gift to your med school alum with a modern twist. This Littmann stethoscope from 3M can connect to an app on their smartphone to track and share heart rate waveforms. It can switch between analogue and digital listening.
Women's Livingston Scrub Pants
The perfect fit for women's scrub pants. Scrubs that are designed to be stylish but also with durability in mind. Residency is a difficult endeavor. Have her feeling comfortable with a superior fit while she's dealing with patients. Ditch the throwaway scrubs and upgrade her to quality.
Apple Watch Series 6
The perfect watch for someone who's on their feet all day. The Apple Watch is made for med school survivors. Post-graduation is no time to relax. The Apple Watch can help track all their movements, logging hours running about seeing to patients. Its sports band holds up to sweat and constant hand-washing.
Men's Cairo Scrub Pants
The Cairo pant by FIGS is a must-have for his scrub collection. These cargo pants feature an incredible 9 pockets to store all his workday essentials. The relaxed fit keep them comfy and breathable while the fabric wicks away moisture. Plus, they're anti-wrinkle so he doesn't have to worry about ironing.
Personalized Doctor's Coat
Make it official. Give your grad the gift of the iconic doctor's lab coat. Though there are 19 color options, we think classic white is the way to go. Plus, you can embroider the chest with the resident M.D.'s full name. It's something every med school grad needs.
Hippocratic Oath Plaque
They've earned their degree, but it'll look lonely up on the wall. Complement their hard work with this bronze-toned plaque. The entire Hippocratic Oath is etched out on this decorative resin plaque. It can hang on the wall or sit on their desk so they can display their ethical dedication to the field.
Coffee and Espresso Machine
It's not too late to save them. Even if they've finished med school, a residency is no cake walk. They'll need all the help they can get. This Nespresso coffee machine will be a life saver for your new grad who saves lives. One touch and they have sweet, caffeinated support.
Fitted Scrubs for Women
Say goodbye to those baggy old scrub pants. These fitted joggers make a great gift for the med school grad who wants a snugger fit. Featuring lots of handy cargo pockets and a lay-flat waistband. They're also wrinkle- and odor-resistant. Perfect to last through her residency.
Women's Zip Scrub Jacket
Graduating med school can mean some big changes. Her residency may require new gear. If she's working in chilly Maine or air-conditioned Arizona, this scrub jacket is a grad must-have. Easy zip makes it hassle-free at work and deep pockets keep her prepared. Best of all is its 4-way stretch, ensuring comfort.
Robot Vacuum w/ Wifi
Graduating does not necessarily mean they'll have more time to relax, let alone do chores. Save them the hassle with this robot vacuum. This Roomba model connects to WiFi so they can control it from their phone. They can set a timer so it automatically runs certain hours. Or, turn it on from work if they forgot to that morning.
Personalized Medical Graduation Crystal
A diploma looks nice, sure, but do they have an award? Acknowledge all the hard work they put into med school with this beautiful crystal graduation trophy. The award can be personalized with the new resident's name and alma mater. Let them know they won Best New Doctor this year.
Personalized Waterman Ballpoint Pen
With their residency ahead, it's time to act like a real doctor. Give them the gift that they'll love and nurses trying to decipher their handwriting will hate. This luxury Waterman pen comes in a sleek storage case. It can be personalized with their name or your best wishes.
Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones
The long nights aren't necessarily over. Anyone facing their medical residency is bound to have on-call shifts. Let them wait it out comfortably with these wireless noise cancelling headphones. Sony guarantees 30 hours of battery life. Plus, the headphones can pair to several Bluetooth devices and switch connection seamlessly.
Unisex Medical Satchel
Subtle but still stylish, this doctor's bag is great for a recent grad. This winning satchel is made with beautiful, neutral-colored leather. Its sleek design make it unisex. Anyone starting their residency will be lucky to have this classy backpack alternative. It even comes with a cross-body strap.
Men's AXIM 2.0 Scrub Pants
A resident can never have too many scrubs. These pants are guaranteed to last. Double-stitching ensures durability. 7 different pockets ensure usefulness. Plus, the specially developed, moisture-wicking fabric keeps them soft. He may feel like he's wearing pajamas, but he'll look professional with the tailored legs.
Men's Zip Scrub Jacket
Men can get cold, too. He doesn't need to sacrifice warmth for professional comfort. This scrub jacket is an ideal present for a recent med school grad. It has great pockets for storing everything he needs to have to hand on his residency. Cinched cuffs keep the sleeves from getting in his way.
Indoor Exercise Cycling Bike
For when they're not running around the hospital. This indoor exercise bike is a great gift for a new resident. Graduation came with a diploma, not more hours in the day. Help them get in shape in their time off. They can keep fit at home while they keep saving lives at work.
New Doctors Coffee Mug
Their medical degree took years to achieve. A patient's Google search took seconds. We know which one to believe. Give the gift of this funny mug to the loved one completing their medical residency. They can grumble into their morning coffee while the travel mug speaks their mind.
Women's Daily Backpack
Organization is the key to success. Help her succeed beyond graduation with this handy backpack by Osprey. The main pocket features a safe laptop pouch. The outer pockets feature extra storage solutions. Best of all, this bag has side pockets for her water bottle or travel mug. Everything all in one place!
Embroidered Name Scrub Set
Personalize their scrubs with this embroidered set. Including a matching pair of pants, this is a great gift set for a med school graduate. You'll be proudly telling everyone and anyone that they're a resident now. Let them show it off with their name followed by that magical 'M.D.' on the front of their scrubs.
Chronograph Watch in Super Titanium
A watch is a premium gift to mark an occasion. What better time to commemorate than a med school graduation? They're about to embark on an illustrious new career. Make sure they're not late. This chronograph watch by Citizen never needs a battery change. It's powered by tiny solar panels!
Doctor Diploma Frame
Good things come in small packages. You can buy them lots of fancy graduation gifts, but this will be the most important they unwrap. For your graduate, nothing's more satisfying that displaying that well-earned med school diploma. This frame shows it off in style and keeps it safe on your mantelpiece until they have their own office.
Craft Beer Kit
For the workaholic who finished their medical degree and wants to celebrate. This craft beer kit gives them the tools to make their own celebratory brew. If they like to unwind with more complicated procedures, this Mr. Beer kit is a great graduation gift for any hobbyist. Cheers to being off duty!
Apple iPad Pro
Nobody wants to take work home with them. If they have to, this iPad Pro will make it easy and lightweight. Apple's tablet is the epitome of portability. The Pro offers 256 GB of storage. They're already carrying work shoes and scrubs to and from their residency, ease the burden and ditch the laptop.
Cappuccino and Espresso Maker
You're buzzing over their new degree. Keep them buzzing thanks to the Mr. Coffee Café Barista. This espresso machine can also make cappuccinos and lattes. Any med school grad will bask in the power of fresh espresso. They may even have enough energy to call you on the weekend and say thanks!
Montblanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen
Montblanc is a classic name in luxury pens. Their sleek design and quality materials make them sought-after. Any new resident will be lucky to have one. It comes with a classic carrying case to keep it safe. This pen is sure to last them for years through to their fellowship - even to retirement. And they'll think of you every time they use it.
Unisex Daypack
This unisex daypack from Osprey is a great gift for a graduate. They may just be hiking to the hospital, but this outdoor backpack will keep them supplied door-to-door. The hydration pouch can be used to store a tablet instead. All the other pockets make for a full 20 liters to store spare scrubs and a healthy lunch.
Sterling Silver Stethoscope Necklace
There's no way to fully encapsulate the amount of love and care she puts into her work. This necklace offers a good representation of it, though. A sterling silver stethoscope is twisted into a delicate heart. A Swarovski crystal of your choice replaces the chest piece. A charming gift to celebrate the beginning of her residency.
Hippocrates Bronze Statue
Hippocrates is the personification of medical ethics. A meaningful gift for a med school grad. This representation of him is incarnate in cold cast bronze. It features his legendary oath and measures an impressive 16 in. He'll make a great conversation piece to feature in their future doctor's office.
Full Length Yoga Pants
Lululemon can leave the yoga mat. From the studio to the clinic, these luxury yoga pants will keep her comfy through her residency. High quality, breathable material keep them comfortable for hours. We think this pair of Lululemons are a worthy investment for your med school grad.