21 Critical Medic Gifts for EMT, EMS and Paramedics

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First responders are the first to a scene and the last to leave. They are our lifeline in this country and we salute them. See our top 21 gifts that are perfect for paramedics, EMT’s and other first responders. From practical medic gifts to gifts that just say ‘we love you.’

Embroidered Morale Patch
When your daughter or son graduates as a paramedic finding the right gift can be tricky. With embroidered morale patches, you will always find the perfect say that will bring joy and laughter. The 'rub some dirt on it' medic patch is great humor for any medic.
Watch for Medical Professionals
In the medical field, having the right watch is very important. It needs to be water-resistant and easily read. Give your medic the perfect watch this year with a Speidel original scrub watch. These watches are custom-designed for emergency personnel. The watch fits most wrists and comes in many different color choices.
Deluxe Trauma Bag
Give your paramedic a gift that will go a long way this year. The Lightning X Deluxe EMT First Aid Kit comes stocked with everything crucial to saving a life as a first responder. The kit comes with everything from airway kits to adjustable C-collars.
Emergency Shears
Raptor Emergency Response sheers are a gift that will forever keep on giving. Show the paramedic in your life how much you love them with this amazing gift. Whether just starting out as a medic or a tenured EMT, they will appreciate this gift. These sheers will cut through any material in the middle of an emergency.
Original Astronaut Space Pen
Have you ever been writing at an odd angle, and your pen stopped working? That is something no paramedic needs to experience. Show them how much you care by getting them a Fisher Space Astronaut Pen. You can write at any angle and on any surface. This pen is the perfect choice for emergency responders.
Whiskey Glass Set with Gift Box
Paramedics need fun too! They need the ability to unwind after a long shift full of pain and chaotic emergencies. Give them a whiskey glass set, that is full of 6 ten ounce crystal glasses. Throw in the addition of a bottle of whiskey or bourbon, and you will become the favorite quickly.
Portable Food Warmer
Paramedics are always on the go. They typically get stuck eating food that is not hot enough or something quick and unhealthy. With a Portable Oven lunch box, your medic will be able to reheat leftovers or cook food. Help your medic eat better while being non-stop on the go. They will appreciate you for years to come.
Women's Medic Pants
Being a paramedic means you have little choice in fashion or your wardrobe. Rothco took fashion into consideration when making tactical women's pants. These pants have compartments to hold necessary tools, all while looking good too. Give her amazing pants that she will be happy in this year.
Men's Medic Pants
5.11 Tactical men's pants are the perfect choice for paramedics everywhere. These pants are designed to be comfortable while being faceted with cargo pockets. Each pocket is crafted to hold important tools for a medic's job. He will appreciate the thought you put into this gift.
Emergency Survival First Aid Kit
Give your military medic a gift that is practical and well designed. The Tourism IFAK Molle Trauma kit is full of all the necessary supplies in case of an emergency. This pack is the perfect choice when trying to find the right present. A medic can never be too prepared.
Premium Monitoring Stethoscope
Set your paramedic apart from everyone with a classy gift at graduation. The Littmann Classic III stethoscope is that gift. This stethoscope is available in many different colors to ensure you choose the right one. Show you care on this momentous occasion, and your EMT will appreciate you always.
Men's Vintage Medic T-Shirt
Military medics are a special breed. They are working in intense situations trying to save as many people as possible. Show your medic you appreciate their service to our country with this cute gift. You can not go wrong with a military medic vintage t-shirt. The shirt comes in heather military green and is available in multiple sizes.
Heavy Duty Multi Tool
Leatherman is a great product that makes essential tools. Snag a Surge Heavy-Duty multitool for your medic to ensure they have exactly what they need to be successful. This tool comes with wire cutters, scissors, and many other cool accessories to help in an emergent situation.
Waterproof Composite Toe Boots
Safety and comfortability are important when a paramedic is rushing to a scene or up a flight of stairs. Give your EMT shoes that will keep them safe and as pain-free as possible. With Safetoe work safety boots, you will ensure the feet are protected. 100% leather and waterproof, the shoes provide the maximum level of comfort for the job.
Insulated Tumbler with MagSlider Lid
Medics are always on the go. They never have time to stop and reheat their coffee. Show them you understand how important hot coffee is with the perfect gift. With a Yeti Coffee tumbler, the paramedic in your life will always be alert. This amazing 30 ounce cup will keep your coffee hot for the whole shift and it is available in many colors.
Funny Medic Lunch Tote
Give your medic a gift that will bring a lot of laughter for years to come. The Fred and Friends insulated lunch tote will keep everyone you pass guessing. On the side of this unique lunch bag are the big bold red words, human organ transplant. Before you pull out your lunch people will wonder if there is a brain inside.
Whiskey Decanter Set
After a long 12-hour to 24-hour shift of saving lives in EMS, the need to come home and unwind is very important. Show your EMT you understand and are there for them with a Whiskey Decanter set. Fill the whiskey into the crystal decanter and enjoy the exquisite taste after a long day.
Professional Medic Flashlight
Give your child the perfect gift when they graduate from paramedic training. With a Streamlight 88054, they will have a great tactical flashlight to help in the field. Plug it into any USB charging port in the rig to keep it fully charged and ready. Graduation gifts have never been so perfect.
3-in-1 Tactical Knife and Glass Breaker
Medical emergencies can happen at any time. Keep your first responder ready for anything with the perfect gift. A 3 in 1 tactical knife is great in the heat of any emergency. They will be a hero every day because they cut the seat belt in enough time or get into a screened window. That will be because of your unique and useful gift.
Stocked Trauma Bag
Surprise the paramedic or first responder in your life with a gift that is sure to delight. With a Lightning X trauma bag stocked full of fill kit B, your gift will be welcomed. You can never have enough first responder emergency supplies. The kit comes with everything from gauze to iodine and will stock them up for a while.