33 Man Cave Gift Ideas That Are Incredible – For Him & Dad

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Every gentleman deserves a place devoted to his pursuits, whether he’s an armchair sports expert or cocktail connoisseur. This epic man cave should be filled with the essence of all things men. Turn that sorry excuse for a room into a man space worth hosting the lads. Man cave ideas for real men.

Man Cave Rules Signage
Feel relieved in your dude den with this clever sign that speaks the rules of the room with attitude. This easy to hang canvas can be posted anywhere you deem fit: the bar, the basement, or even your hallway. It makes answering annoying questions like, 'Can we cuddle and watch The Notebook?' easy to answer. No, of course. Man cave rules.
Custom Dual Color LED Neon Sign
Ever wanted your home bar to flash your name in neon lights? Here's your sign - and it can be personalized. This custom dual LED crest is energy efficient with a life span that will keep it shining long after the guys have guzzled all the booze. As the sign says, 'Come early, stay late.'
Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Bullets
It's high-class man cave with these bougie rocks glasses. These high-standard, heavy bottomed, premium quality tumblers are the perfect gift for your cocktail connoisseur. Exude elegance when mixing Manhattans or downing a Dewers. The set also comes in a unique gift case, perfect for groomsmen gifts and birthday gifts.
Vintage Tequila LED Marquee for Man Cave
Make it another tequila sunrise in your downstairs den by adding a vintage touch with this retro sign. The marquee flair is accompanied by 6 LED lights to ensure a festive ambience, and two keyholes in the back make it easy to hang. All you need now is a lime and some salt.
Dartboard Cabinet & Bundle
Had a rough day and need to throw something sharp around? The Viper Vault dartboard is a perfect piece to help let off some steam. This good-looking cabinet will enhance your shooting skills. It comes with steel tip darts, dry erase scoreboard, and a marker.
NFL Man Cave Wall Sign (Many Teams)
It's not a man cave unless there's football involved. Show your love of the game by displaying this NFL signage loud and proud. The distressed look and rules list make for an enticing conversation piece for those lucky enough to be invited to join the party. Choose from a variety of 19 different teams.
10-in-1 Foosball Table
Is your bachelor bunker in serious need of some guy gadgets? This 10-in-1 table includes pool, foosball, shuffleboard, ping pong, hockey, and bowling to guarantee one adventure after another. Grab the boys, pour some potables, and let the games begin with this interchangeable tabletop
Billiards Xpress Pool Cue Rack
If your man space lacks some TLC, get it straightened out stat with the help of this pool cue rack. Not only does it look fancy (it is, really), but it stores 16 balls, 9 cue sticks, and a triangle rack for less clutter and a more organized space. This handcrafted staple boasts easy-to-assemble hardware as well.
Samsung 43-inch 4K Smart TV w/ Alexa
Need to fire up your fandom? Choose wisely with Samsung's 43-inch smart TV. Experience the Masters, the Final Four, or the Super Bowl like you're in the stands. The crystal display and Alexa linked add-on enhances screentime, and makes the picture so clear that you can yell, 'WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, REF?!' and know you're right.
Modern Faux Leather Convertible Couch
Hunker down and lounge around in style with the modern faux leather couch. The savvy sofa exudes comfort and converts to a bed for nights when it's too much to make it upstairs. This sturdy piece of furniture fits one to four people and is ideal for alone time or party time. The included cup holders are an added bonus.
Dog Bed for Man's Best Friend
Your pup gives you tons of lovin' so pay it forward by adding this jumbo, faux fur lined dog bed to your downstairs decor. This dog bed is guaranteed to impress your best furry friend with its velvety, snuggle-worthy cushion support. It's easy to clean and machine washable so no worries about getting a little messy sometimes.
Creative Arcades Full Size Machine
Transform your getaway space into an gaming paradise with creative arcades. This full-sized plug-it and play-it machine has all of the features of a classic joystick set from the 80s and 90s. It's bound to fill your noggin with nostalgia with its pre-installed, premium selection of timeless games.
NES Classic Edition Game Console
Get that back to the future feeling with a gaming console perfect for your guy garage. This pint-sized Nintendo comes complete with a controller and a power and video cable and is travel approved. It's technology will save your scores from unfinished games. Plus, this system includes 30 pre-loaded adventures from Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to Donkey Kong.
Heated Leather Massage Recliner
Nothing can be finer than a man cave massage recliner. If you've been thinking exactly that, than this (literal) hot seat belongs in your den. Enjoy some needed R and R while pursuing the March Madness mania, or when sipping a bold bourbon. Yes, there's a cup holder for that.
Corona Extra Beer LED Neon Wall Sign
Te gusta la cerveza deliciosa? Don't let the current climate deter you from the fun this beverage signage brings to the table. The catchy yellow and blue wall art draws attention to your home bar, garage or wherever you want. Just add lime and que bueno!
Wooden Docking Station for Phone & More
This self-described “throne for you phone” will declutter your life in style. Use this high-quality, wooden charging station to organize your desk, dresser, or counter. Watches, bracelets, and keys perfectly alongside your phone. You'll have everything you need within reach and never lose any of it again.
North American Moose Bust for Den
Need to add rustic flair for your cabin, man cave, or bedroom? Put a moose on it! The natural moose design demands stories of wilderness adventures past. Measuring 20x24 inches, this mounted faux taxidermy will enthrall friends and inspire tall tales to remember.
Full Swivel Bar Stool w/ Backrest
So, you have your arcade and bar, but where's the gang gonna hang? This full swivel bar stool is an obvious addition to your noteworthy nook. Enhance comfort while you're watching the big game or dealing a deck of cards. Complete with a back and footrest and thick foam padding, you'll feel just as you should in your home away from home.
Nostalgic Wood Jukebox w/ Bluetooth
No modern manctuary is complete without a banging sound system. This vintage jukebox with bluetooth capacity will have the whole place jamming in no time. Just 15 inches tall with 5 neon, color-changing LED lights, it'll add a 50s vibe right to your countertop.
Giant Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair
Is your basement hangout in need of a revamp? Lounge out while you veg out in complete comfort with this giant bean bag that's way cozier than the one you had as a kid. This 5x5 inch memory foam chair appropriately dubbed 'the chill sack' won't disappoint.
Man Cave Bar Custom Neon Sign
Make sure your bro cove is never mistaken for someone else's with this custom neon sign. Not only does it blaze your name in glowing lights, but it also projects the much needed luminosity often missing from a downstairs hangout. The remote control function makes for simple brightness adjustment.
Tire Rim Wall Clock
This mechanic-inspired rim wall clock is mancaving at its finest. Night light wrench and screw metal hands keep time while they glow in the dark. The light fades as the night wears on depending on how much sunlight it absorbs throughout the day. Authentic tire tread and speedometer add a fun flair to the theme.
Retro Vintage Assorted License Plates
Cavegating instead of tailgating these days? Give your place a timeless feel of a football parking lot with these vintage license plates. This mixed bag of multicolored plates comes in a pack of 15, and you can request the states you most desire to display. Eye-catching and nostalgic!
Man Cave Vintage Tools Curtains
Trick out your man-atorium with these toolbox inspired display drapes. Unique and definitely bold, these graphic heavy curtains are sure to keep your cave private and funky. They're a fun refresher for your room and are machine washable, making them easy to care for, too.
Baseball Coat Rack for the Boys
Pragmatic and pretty, this baseball coat rack brings some serious sports vibes to any clubhouse. Hang up your hats, coats, and jerseys onto the wooden organizer to keep things organized and decorate at the same time. The easy to hang rack comes in myriad colors and is a great place to showcase your favorite MLB stickers.
Overhead Lamp for Man Cave
Shine the light bright for your bar, card room or pool table. A true gentleman needs the light shine over a proper billiards, poker or drinking game. This sturdy, metal set of three overhead lamps are easy to hardwire and allow zero shade so no ball is left behind when it's your turn for an angle shot or you're running the 7-2 bluff.
Double Old Fashioned Glass w/ Cigar Rest
Close, but no cigar (holder)? There's no better addition to your man canyon than a whiskey glass with a cigar rest. Leave it to Corkcicle to invent a cigar glass that's all class made for sipping a smooth elixir and smoking a stogie. Perfect for parties or backyard brawls.
Rustic Pistol Tabletop Lamp for Home Bar
Start your night off with a bang with this retro pistol lamp that is sure to be an unparalleled conversation piece for your stud hub. This unique lamp has a brushed black finish and gold detail to can rock on any surface like the outlaw you are.
Memorabilia Wall Art Decor (Many Styles)
Upgrade your man pad with a classy touch of personalized wall art. Choose from a variety of designs - from movies and music to NBA and NCAA - to add buzz to your space. The 24x36 inch premium texture looks and feels like an authentic canvas sure to impress your biggest fans.
It's 5:00 Somewhere Glass Neon Sign
Ah, the catch phrase that calls to all libation lovers: It's 5:00 somewhere. This handmaid neon marquee lends an imaginative sense of swaying in a hammock underneath a shady palm beside the cerulean sea, waves ebbing and flowing, mojitos coming and going. It's the quintessential beach bar sign to inspire your indoor cave.
World's Best Couch Cup Holder
Having the gang over for a night in, but no place to hold your booze? Keep drinks close, and the remote closer with this super soft, expandable couch cup holder. This insulated cozy pillow keeps drinks upright, warm or cold. It's washable and portable, making it a perfect addition to your guy gadgets.
Bachelor Pad Canvas Wall Art
Zen up your bachelor bunker with this calming isle canvas wall art. An ideal, serene addition to any music loving mancutary, this eye-catching painting captures a vivid sunset over guitar island. The 28x58 inch piece arrives framed and ready to hang for your convenience.