31 Male Teacher Gifts That They Actually Want

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An apple is so last decade guys. So instead we’ve prepared a list of the best gifts that will be a hit with your male teachers. It’s sweet for a student to want to give a gift that their educator will love AND actually use. Remember teachers are here to inspire us. Sometimes a personal thank you card goes further than any gift on this list!

Knock Knock Teacher Journal
If you're struggling for the perfect way to express you appreciation through words this is the perfect gift. It's a fill-in-the-blank style card that prompts you to share the things you love about your teacher. It's meaningful, personal, and sure to bring a smile to their face. They'll read it again and again.
Science Spice Set
This is an LOL worthy gift that's clever to boot. A perfect gift for the science teacher that doesn't end the experiments in the lab, but takes them home to the kitchen as well! These beakers are labeled with periodic names for spices and cooking products to give a real sci-fi effect to any dish.
Funny Math Teacher Gift T-Shirt
Does not compute! If your math teacher feels like they're speaking a different language then this t-shirt is a hilarious way to communicate your grievances. Those ridiculous equations aren't just intimidating to you -- trust us. Choose from multiple colors to add a little brightness to the room. At least an orange shirt will give your eyes something to focus on when they cross!
Coffee Mug Gift Set for Mentor
That hot cup of joe is a necessary part of any educator's day. For some, it's the pick-me-up they keep on their desk constantly! Even if they aren't a coffee drinker, this mug gift set comes with a stainless steel strainer and everything they need to make one killer cup of tea. Mmmm, steamy.
Ernest Hemingway Luxury Gift Pen
Looking for something for that bookish librarian or English teacher? This ultra fancy pen is embossed with a quote from one of the greatest literary voices, Hemingway himself. It's guaranteed to not only be inspirational, but also make the writer feel like a real dapper chap. 'In order to write about life, first you must live it.'
Leather Messenger Bag
Style is always an essential thing, and teachers should get to be stylish too! Whether it's books, snacks, supplies, or a laptop -- this leather messenger bag can tote it all. And making your teacher look like a 1900's pedagogue just makes it even cooler. Did we mention it's 100% leather? No pleather or fake fabric here!
Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion
Sitting down may be comfortable at first, but if you have to sit hours upon hours every day while teaching, typing, and grading papers -- that can be less than enjoyable. It's hard on the back and your bum! A memory foam seat cushion is a thoughtful gift and your teacher's screaming tailbone will thank you!
Pocket Watch for Men
Smartphones may be the way of the future, but there's something to be said for class (pun intended). This pocket watch may be technologically obsolete when everyone has a digital clock in their pocket, but the cool black color and sleek appearance make it a noteworthy fashion accessory. And the inscription is pretty darn sweet, too.
Thank You Teacher Abundance Gift Basket
Everyone needs brain food! It can be hard for educators to take a moment for themselves during the day, even for something as essential as lunch! This snack laden gift basket will ensure that they have a delicious bite to eat whenever they can't spare a moment to pack a lunch or cruise the cafeteria.
I Know Things Teacher T-Shirt
History teachers can be a bit of a know-it-all, but that's because they kind of do! Mix historical context, their big brain, and the biting wit of Tyrion Lannister all in one! Game of Thrones may be over, but the fandom lives on; especially until George R.R. Martin finishes the last book!
Electric 3 Hole Punch
Office supplies are a must, but getting the best kinds are often way too hard on a school's (and teacher's) limited budget. This gift will make every day easier for your favorite teacher. Sometimes it's the little things, like not having to slam holes into reams of paper, that make a big difference!
Sarcastic Funny Teacher T-Shirt
Oh, math class. You love it or you hate it. In either case, this sarcastic take on Pythagorean theorem will have your teacher and peers cracking up. Don't be a square, get a math whiz you love a triangle with sass! If only this kind of answer was acceptable on the test.
Teacher Appreciation Gift Mug
There's no such thing as too many mugs when you work in education. All teachers are one cup of coffee away from total success or a total meltdown. Make sure they have a mug close at hand for whatever the occasion, and remind them of their great qualities at the same time! This gift has 100% of your daily value of awesome.
Teacher Appreciation Docking Station
Organization might be the key to a happy work space, but that doesn't always mean it comes easy; especially when you're responsible for a classroom full of kids every day. Help your teacher organize, prioritize, and stay connected with this docking station that doubles as a small cubby system. Everything they need to keep their day flowing is ready at the touch of their fingertips.
Tea Forte Tea Sampler Gift Set
It's not just all about the coffee; hot tea is worth its weight in gold. It provides the same caffeine boost to get you up in the morning and re-energize after lunch, without the jittery crash. And sometimes, you just need a warm mug in your hand to feel a bit of household comfort while working your butt off.
Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug
Give your music teacher or band director some love -- it's really no treble to find a great gift to match their interests! This music note adorned coffee mug is sure to be a hit, and they'll be singing on their way to class after they get to sipping on their favorite beverage.
History Teacher Travel Tumbler Mug
The past has a tendency to repeat itself -- and so does your history teacher! Throw a little sass their way while also giving them a gift they can use every day. Whether it's hot or cold drinks, soup, or maybe just a smoothie, it will stay temperature controlled in this cute tumbler so they can come back to it any time.
Gourmet Coffee Sampler
Some may call it the nectar of the gods, but we'll stick to calling it coffee for now. Your teacher already pays worship to the might Keurig and coffee pot every morning; help them out by supplying their sacrifice! This sampler gives them a variety of beans to choose from so they can choose the best one to suit their tastes.
Standing Desk Mat with Anti Fatigue Bar
Help relax those tired feet and aching muscles with this standing desk mat. They can use it under the desk or at the podium to help relieve tension, stress, and improve posture for those long, all-day lectures. This is a gift that keeps on giving.
Bob Ross Bobblehead with Sound!
Time to look at some happy little trees ad bring a smile to your teacher's face with this adorable Bob Ross gift set. The king of calm and relaxation will make a welcome debut in your classroom and really mellow out the vibe. You don't have to be an aspiring artist to pick up what he's putting down with every brush stroke!
Thank You Teacher Paper Weight
This is such a thoughtful and warm way to express love, admiration, and gratitude to a person who touches your life every day. A perfect desk or bookshelf decoration that will really brighten up the room and any educator's outlook when it feels tough to keep on going. Remind them why they got into it in the first place: for the students.
Solo Rolling Laptop Bag
There's probably a combination of papers, coffee mugs, breakfast, and any assortment of hand held items cluttering up your teacher's arms as they come to work every day. Make travel easier with this rolling laptop bag! Easy to take anywhere and big enough to store all of their important items, this baby is sure to be a hit!
Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener
This one's for every teacher that has at least ten kids a day that need to sharpen their pencil. Fast, reliable, and sturdy as can be, this is a machine to be reckoned with. It can be used longer between cleans and really makes a point of getting kids back on track with their work.
Teacher Appreciation Book Holder Gift
It can be difficult to orate and hold a book at the same time -- especially if your teacher loves to talk with their hands. This remarkable little tool might seem simple, but it's a game changer. Versatility and freedom of movement all in one compact package. Perfect for holding open any books that need to be read or referenced.
Dual Foot Massage Stress Roller
Standing and walking around all day to help students can be the bane of a teacher's existence. Their feet are so tired and sore at the end of it all! Relieve the pressure with this massager. While it may not give the best massage through the soles of their shoes, they can even take this baby for a spin during class.
Funny Quarantine Shot Glass for Principal
Between widespread school shutdowns and mandatory distance learning across the board, Covid 19 may have impacted the education system the most. It's been a tough year, and a tough year calls for a drink. Bottoms up to the end of 2020 and a not-so-fond farewell to this crazy pandemic!
Glass Blown Apple Book Ornament
Apples for a teacher are such a cute tradition, but a little innovative touch never hurts! Make the holiday season special with this education themed tree ornament. It might not be a healthy snack, but the glitz and sparkle will last the test of time and bring a smile to their face for years to come.
Funny Nerd Teacher Socks
Any math enthusiast will absolutely adore these fun equation themed socks. They're warm, cozy, and give a great pop of color to peek out from under slacks or blue jeans. And they're also a great way to be nerd chic. Revenge of the nerds, eat your heart out!
Floating World Map Globe
A futuristic and sleek take on the classic globe. Not only is this a great decoration to any geography or history teacher's classroom, it makes a great addition to ANY classroom; a curiosity starter for all students to get their minds flowing as they try to figure out the levitation trick.
Funny Teacher Stemless Wine Glass
The inscription really says it all, need I go into details? At the end of a long day, sometimes you just need to kick off your shoes and unwind with a nice glass of wine. Or grape juice. Or chocolate milk. We're not here to put their taste buds in a box. Unless it's a nice case of boxed wine.
Liquid Patience Flask for Student Teachers
A not-so-subtle nod to all of the crazy classroom antics that your teacher or professor has to deal with on a daily basis. A little liquid patience might be needed to deal with students, and now they can bring it anywhere! A funny play on the assumption we all had about the teacher who needed something stronger than coffee to get through the day.