17 Heroic Luffy Gifts For The Biggest Anime Fans

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Do you know someone who is a big anime fan but you don’t know what to get them? Here is a list of great Luffy-themed gifts that they will love. From Luffy hats and costumes to t-shirts, posters, and more, this list will transport that person into the fantasy world of anime. Happy shopping!

One Piece Gift Set
If one piece is your favorite anime character, then you would definitely love this item. The One-Piece Gift set is an officially licensed One Piece merchandise which you’ll use to show your fandom for the show. The mug is designed to be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Perfect gift idea for lovers of anime characters.

Luffy And Brothers Canvas Print
Let's be real: Luffy makes a great gift and for amazing Luffy gif images. The Luffy and Brothers Canvas Print is the perfect choice for both. It’s designed to help transform any room in your home, including dining room, playroom, living room, hotel bar, offices, etc. This beautiful print can be hung easily on the wall without additional installation.

One Piece Pirates Wanted Postcards
We all like anime, but how much of a One-Piece fan are you? Get these valuable postcard to prove yourself. This item includes 100 different cards that have a variety of One-Piece characters designed on them. These cards are made with the premium quality materials and highest attention to detail. Perfect anime character gifts for everyone.

One Piece Pirate Flag Tapestry
The One-Piece Pirate Flag Tapestry will make a bold statement in your living room, bedroom, dining room or any preferred room of your house. This flag tapestry has a bold, beautiful digital print in the middle of a dark background. Add this piece to your home and leave your guests in awe as they step in.

Luffy Hoodie
If you love anime characters just like us, then this Luffy jacket is a must-have for you. Stay trendy while showing everyone what it means to be a true Luffy Fan. This hoodie has an incredibly colorful and attractive digital print with popular characters from the animated series. It’s made from a blend of premium materials that make it easy to wear.

One Piece Throw Blanket
Celebrate the whole of One Piece and get yourself a valuable piece of merchandise with this One Throw Blanket. The blanket is made from 100% polyester for optimal comfort. It also features high quality graphics that display the favorite characters from the show. The blanket is designed to be a warm, soft material to keep you warm in the cold.

Luffy Magazine Cover Wall Art
Are you interested in a unique item to add that anime-touch to your home? Look no further than this Luffy Magazine Cover Wall Art. It’s a great One Piece merchandise to help beautify your walls. They are even available in a variety of sizes and designs. Any true one piece Luffy fan would like to have this item as an addition to their home.

Luffy LED Lamp
Let Luffy brighten up your room and keep watch over you at night. This Luffy LED Lamp is designed with laser carving technology leading to a clear line 3D effect that creates the best aesthetic appeal. The easy-to-use lamp can be changed to a variety of colors. Are you looking for a perfect anime character gift? This is it.

Luffy Crew Socks
It’s time for another adventure and prepare to partner with Monkey D. Luffy with these 2 packs of socks. Express your fandom the best way you know how to. These Luffy Crew Socks are designed for Men’s Shoe Size US 5-10 & Women’s US 6-11. These socks are made from a perfect blend of materials that is breathable and comfortable to touch.

Luffy Wanted Necklace
Show the whole world how much you love Luffy with this unique necklace. Made from a durable alloy, the necklace is eco-friendly and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about any side effects to your body and it doesn’t fade quickly. The Luffy Wanted necklace is a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other important events.

Luffy Fabric Shower Curtain
Say goodbye to boring shower curtain with this exceptional piece. The Luffy Fabric Shower Curtain is designed to be the right size to cover a standard shower. It’s also compatible with straight or curved shower rods. This piece of curtain will breathe some new life to your bathroom and serve as a additional piece of décor.

One Piece Makeup Brushes Set
Let the spirit of one piece guide you as you create beautiful makeup ideas on your face. The One-Piece Makeup Brushes Set consists of 5 unique makeup brushes. Each of them has a unique, distinctive design. They are also made from a makeup material that makes them solid in the hand and easy to hold. Perfect anime character gifts for your family.

Luffy's Straw Hat
Are you interested in dressing up like your favorite anime character? This straw hat is for you. The Luffy Straw Hat is instantly recognizable by fans of the show. It could be used as a straw hat or another cosplay accessory. The hat has a bright yellow color that is distinctive and easily noticeable. The unique hat is designed to fit most heads.

Luffy Throw Pillow Cover
The Luffy Throw Pillow Cover is a great replacement for traditional throw pillow covers. The pillow cover is made from premium quality polyester that is soft to touch and comfortable to use. Each cover has an elegant, double-sided design that would blend well with almost any type of interior décor. Perfect anime character gifts for your loved ones.

Luffy Keychain
The Luffy keychain is a high-quality keychain that would thrill any anime lover. They key chain features a sturdy construction to maintain its quality for a long period. There are also high-quality graphics on its body. The key chain has a compact, functional size. It would make Perfect anime character gifts for your loved ones.

Luffy Changing Coffee Mug
Are you on the market for an additional piece of one-piece merchandise to add to your collection? The Luffy Changing Coffee Mug is a perfect choice. The mug is made for coffee, tea or hot water. Pour some hot liquid into the mug and enjoy a little surprise. This unique mug would make a fancy gift on birthdays, anniversaries and important events.