13 Lucky Lottery Ticket Gift Ideas for Presents & Pranks

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Find the perfect gift for any gambling enthusiast on your list! Surprise them with a fake lottery ticket (though they may not find the joke as funny as you do!) or pick up a variety of gift holders and raffle cards. There’s something for everyone here, whether they’re feeling lucky or not.

8 Fake Lottery Tickets That Look Real
Test your luck with the ultimate gag gift- the fake lottery scratch ticket! Guaranteed to make your friends THINK they've won big, until they read the fine print. Have a laugh as they scratch, and maybe get a few groans after your prank is revealed. The crazy reactions are what make this gift a must buy.
Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Off
Feels just like a real scratch off- until the recipient reveals their prize! This is a fun and innovative new way to share your pregnancy announcement. Watch your loved ones scratch away for big bucks, then celebrate together once they realize they've gotten some big news instead! It's even gender neutral, with a prize that says, 'We're having a baby!'
Fake Lottery Ticket Scratch Tickets
Certified hilarity for the giver, recipient reactions may vary! These lottery tickets come in an assorted variety pack with multiple designs. Watch your unsuspecting victims 'win' up to $10,000 per ticket, and go crazy when they have to cash it at various places like 'yo mama's house'. Warning: You may be in for a few punches in the arm with this gag gift.
Money Tree Lotto Ticket Holder
This tree-shaped display allows for money, lottery tickets, and more to be clipped to each branch. Assemble in seconds and pose branches however you want! A perfect centerpiece for showers, birthdays, or a fun way to display a personal gift. It gives a whole new meaning to the term 'money tree'!
6 Pack DIY Baskets for Lottery Gifts
Wrap your gift in style with these gold trimmed baskets. The baskets, plastic bags, and gold bows are all included to make assembly quick and ornate for any occasion. Fill each basket to the brim, or tuck one item in the center for a minimalist look. Let's take a second to imagine a fake lottery ticket wrapped in gold... you're welcome.
Brass Plated Raffle Drum
Not only does this raffle drum look fancy, the traditional hand crank adds a sense of suspense for any drawing. The tumbling mechanism ensures a good mix with every turn, and you can use it for years thanks to the corrosion and water proof design. Great for traditional raffles, bingo, or any lottery game for extra drama at parties!
25 Diaper Raffle Tickets for Baby Shower
A diaper raffle is a great way to provide diapers for expecting parents, while creating a fun party game for guests! These tickets have a woodland theme, and come 25 to a pack. Choose the prize your guests will compete for (make it serious or funny depending on your guest list!) and have them 'buy in' to the raffle with diapers for the baby.
Holiday Advent Scratchers Calendar
Feeling lucky this holiday season? This advent calendar isn't for chocolate lovers, it's for those ready to gamble! It is custom fit with 25 pockets for scratch off lottery tickets, so you have 25 chances to win big before Christmas! Mix it up a little by adding wide range of prize pools, and maybe a few fake-outs to keep your family on their toes.
Silver Fortune Cookie Gift
Present your gift in a way that is sure to dazzle! This silver painted fortune cookie is not only a novel way to make an impression, it serves as a wonderful keepsake afterwards. It has a clasp mechanism that makes for easy opening and closing, so whatever you give can be stored safely and accessed conveniently. How fortunate is your cookie recipient going to be?
Deluxe Bingo Game Set
BINGO! The classic game that adds competition, fun, and excitement to any party. This game set comes with everything you need for up to 18 people to play. Bingo isn't just for nursing homes, especially when the prizes can be as wild as you want them to be!
Scratch-Off Ticket Lottery Pen
This is the must have pocket pen for that frequent lottery or scratch off player in your life. It has a fine tip marker so selected numbers always come out clear and dark, and also doubles as a scratching tool! Say goodbye to digging for change, or looking for a pen in the glovebox that isn't out of ink.
Fake Joke $25K Prank Lottery Tickets
The stakes are high with prizes this big- or are they? These prank scratch off tickets deal in prizes of up to $50,000, which makes the gag even more hilarious when the 'winner' realizes they've been had. Each card in the pack has a realistic design, to keep even the most suspicious friend along for the ride until the end.
Fake Gold Bar Doorstop & Paperweight
This is the perfect gift for all those Scrooge McDuck's to be- without having to pay for the real thing! This imitation gold bar shines bright in all types of lighting, and makes for a perfect office doorstop or paperweight. Let your loved ones know they're worth their weight in gold! Well, at least worth 1.5 lbs in fake gold.