41 Virtually Awesome Long Distance Friendship Gifts

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Keeping in touch with a great person who just so happens to live not so close to you? Here is a list of the perfect gifts to send them for a special occasion. From decorative lamps and other home items to friendship bracelets and interactive board games, the gifts from this list are sure to bring you closer together, even if only metaphorically.

I Miss You Journal
Give a gift that can help your friend who has lost a loved-one, a beloved pet, or has experienced any loss with an I Miss You Journal. There is plenty of room to write feelings about the loss. They can also write memories of times spent with this person. This journal is a very personal special gift from you.

Message In A Bottle
A Message in a Bottle gift is a great reminder for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend to remember that you love them and are thinking of them. Filled with special, colorful capsules with smiley multi-colored faces will bring a smile to their face. This bottle is the ideal gift for someone you love!

Best Friend Forever Succulent
Your best friend will treasure the Best Friend Forever Succulent pots. When played together they make the message very clear that you are happy to have them in your life. There is plenty of room in the three pots for potting soil and some beautiful succulents.

Pair of Touch Bracelets
A Pair of Touch Bracelets is a great gift to keep you connected to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. When the pair of bracelets is worn by both of you, simply touch your bracelet to let your partner know you are thinking of them, Then, their bracelet will light up for them to get your message.

BFF Unicorn Necklace
The Beautiful BFF Unicorn Necklace is specially designed for you and your best friend. Each of you wear one to let everyone know that you value this person a lot. They are beautifully designed in pastel colors for you and your friend. They will be honored when you present them with this gift. Perfect for all holidays and special times.

Friendship Bracelet
Looking for a special gift for a best friend, sister, bridesmaid or that special someone? The Friendship Bracelet is designed with a beautiful silver knot. Black cords tie to hold the bracelet on both of your wrists. The story attached to the Friendship Bracelet is that when it falls off or wears out, you fondest wish will come true!

Friendship Book
If you're looking for a meaningful gift for a friend, the Friendship Book is the right choice. It honors and discusses the power of friendship. You and your friend can both read the book and become stronger in your unique relationship. Show your friend how much they mean to you with the Friendship Book.

Best Friend Gift Set
Pamper your friend with spa ingredients like soap, lotion and more. This Best Friend Gift Set also has a cup with 'You're the Sister I Got to Choose' on it. There is nothing more that she will want besides this gift set that allows her to feel like a pampered princess! Perfect for her birthday or any holiday.

Friendship Candle
Looking for a gift for a friend with a great sense of humor? This Friendship Candle has a special message on the front that says that if she ever forgets you, you will burn down her house. This large Friendship Candle will burn for hours, and it will surely make her laugh!

Long Distance Keychain
The perfect gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend who is far away is the Long Distance Keychain. Let them know that you want to see them and be with them soon. This keychain is made of highly polished stainless steel, so it's made to last, no matter how long they will be gone. It's a perfect going-away gift for you to present to someone you love.

Best Friend Picture Frame
Your friend will appreciate your gift of the Best Friend Picture Frame. They can use it to frame a special photo of you two together to preserve memories for a long time. Made in a rustic style, it has a heart and clever saying telling them you will not forget your friendship.

Long Distance Friend Bracelet
If you and your friend live in different states, the ideal gift is the Long Distance Friend Bracelet. It has both of your state's engraved on the bracelets to make them unique and truly special. The Friend Bracelet is ideal for a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's available in pink, gold or silver, and it's made of allergy-free stainless steel.

Best Friend Blanket
The Best Friend Blanket is designed in pink with a white message written in large letters all over the throw. This Friend Blanket is ideal for a best friend and also for couples. Give the gift that will last much longer than flowers or candy. The Best Friend Blanket is a unique gift that will truly be appreciated for that loved-one in your life.

Sending You A Hug Candle
The Sending You A Hug Candle is a perfect gift for Mom, sister, a friend, or a co-worker. This Hug Candle has a delightful lavender and eucalyptus scent made from essential oils. It has a relaxing scent that anyone will like, and it is a long-burning candle. Also, it's made from 95 percent soy wax. The Sending You A Hug Candle is a deluxe gift!

Friendship Quotation Jar
A gift of a Friendship Quotation Jar will keep your friend's spirits up. The jar has 31 quotes, so there's one for each day per month. They can be used over and over again. The messages are positive and motivational in this Friendship Quotation Jar that is bright and colorful.

Good Friends Sign
If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your good friend, consider the Good Friends Wooden Sign. It is made of rustic-looking black wood, and its small size of 6 x 4 inches makes it just right for the kitchen or any other room. A bonus feature is that it can be hung on the wall, or you can use the freestanding feature of this Wooden Sign.

Best Friend Gift Box
The Best Friend Gift Box is the right gift for the friend who tells time by what they drink. There are 2 coffee cups for the morning included and 2 wine glasses for the evening. These are all hung on a beautifully designed board with brass-like hooks. Your friend will get a kick out of receiving this Best Friend Gift Box from you.

Thinking Of You Greeting Card
The right gift for the friend who likes to stay in touch with people they care about will love the Thinking Of You Greeting Card set. It includes 20 cards that will send various loving messages to friends and family. Some of the titles are 'I Love You' and 'Miss You.' A very thoughtful gift that will be appreciated!

Thoughtful Pop Open Cards
The Thoughtful Pop Open Cards are the right gift for anyone on your list. Their contemporary design and pop open feature that reveals the message inside will be used and appreciated. These cards are handy to keep on hand so you don't have to run out for a birthday card or anniversary card. If you're not sure what gift to give, the Thoughtful Pop Open Cards are just right.

Bath Bombs
A fun and relaxing gift for adults or kids is the beautifully designed Bath Bombs. Each one is made in the form of a cupcake, heart, or other shape. Six bombs are included in the set. They are filled with delightful scents that will make your friend, teacher, or co-worker feel like they made a trip to the spa. The Bath Bombs are made for melting away stress!

Fujifilm Instax Camera And Set
Stay in touch and share your photos with the Fujifilm Instax Camera and Set. It makes a perfect gift for teens, family, and friends alike. The camera is complete with a protective case in the set. The Fujifilm Instax Camera and Set stores your pictures for many years.

Macrame Friendship Photo Display
The Macrame Friendship Photo Display is a wonderful gift for your good friend. You will also want one for yourself! It is made to hold photos of special places you've gone with your friend or other meaningful photos. The Macrame Friendship Photo Display lights them up with the tiny fairy lights included. This a gift that will be appreciated by anyone who receives it!

Digital Photo Frame
You can instantly transfer photos from your phone to the Digital Photo Frame. It is very easy to use so it's even the perfect gift for Grandma who hates technology! The Digital Photo Frame has a huge internal storage and also comes with a USB driver and a 64GB storage capacity card. Give the gift that allows your family and friends to share photos with Wi-Fi.

Friendship Succulent Plant
A much-appreciated gift for your friend, family member, college student and others is the Friendship Succulent Plant. This live plant is in a white square planter that says, 'Life would succ without you.' It is well-packed and protected so that your succulent plant arrives in perfect shape. This Friendship Succulent Plant is something that anyone on your list would enjoy having!

Homesick Candle
A meaningful gift for the person who has moved and feels homesick is a Homesick Candle. You can find a candle for many states, cities, and subjects like 'beach house.' Each candle has something related to the missed location, such as the Hawaii candle with coconut and pineapple scent.

Best Friend Makeup Bag
Give your special pal the Best Friend Makeup Bag. It is a gift that is practical and will be used every day. This Makeup Bag is neutral in color and has a brass-like zipper on top. She will be happy to have her makeup organized and ready to use when she needs it!

Best Friend Glass
Bring a smile to your friend by giving them the Best Friend Glass. This funny glass has the message 'I Miss Your Face' on it. The glass will hold 15 ounces of their favorite wine. You can be sure that they will enjoy the Best Friend Glass and think of you at the same time. It is a great gift for your best friend.

Friends Photo Frame
The Friends Photo Frame is especially made to hold a photo of you and your friend together. It will surely touch her heart when you give her this Friends Photo Frame with a photo of you both having fun together. It will be perfect for any room, and especially for her desk where she will see you and think of you every day!

Friendship Trinket Dish
The Friendship Trinket Dish is a great gift for your best friend. With its special message about friendship written on it, this dish is the perfect place for her to place her rings and other jewelry when not using it. The Friendship Trinket Dish is made in white glass. It will become one of her most treasured treasures, and she will think of you when she sees it.

Friendship Tumbler Mug
The Friendship Tumbler Mug makes a much appreciated gift for your dear friend or for another pal on your list. She will use this wine Tumblr Mug for coffee and other liquids as well. The Mug is made of stainless steel and has a stainless straw. It is sturdy and well-made.

Big Friendship Book
The Big Friendship Book is the perfect gift for you best friend. It can be given for a special occasion or for no special occasion at all. The Big Friendship Book discusses how friendships form and how to nurture them. There is a special importance to friendship in our lives. The Big Friendship Book is readable as well. Your friend may share it with you!

Weighted Blanket
Looking for a way to add comfort to your best friend's life? Give them a Weighted Blanket. These blankets provide coziness and better sleep for most people. A Weighted Blanket comes in many different colors. This Blanket is made from bamboo for extra comfort.

Bracelet Making Kit
A creative gift for your friend is a Bracelet Making Kit. These kits contain strings of various colors that are woven together and worn by the friends. The kit is fun to use to make a bracelet for your bestie. The Bracelet Making Kit will be loved by adults, teens, and younger school-age kids. Give the gift that can make many designs and color combinations.

Primitive Friendship Hinge Wood Box
A Primitive Friendship Hinge Wood Box will be loved by your best friend. Whether you give it to them for a holiday, birthday, or other occasion, you know they will appreciate your choice of gifts. This box is made from black wood with a special message with white letters on the lid.

Friendship Pillow
Your good friend will appreciate the beauty and message of the Friendship Pillow. Designed to look like handmade tapestry, it has a border of flowers around the perimeter. Butterflies also adorn the pillow. There is also a special message about friendship. The Friendship Pillow will look lovely on their sofa or bed.

Photo Clip String Lights
If you have a woman or girl on your gift list, they will enjoy getting Photo Clip String Lights. These special lights have clips where they can place special photos. The string lights will illuminate their bedroom or anywhere else where they are used. Photo Clip String Lights are truly unique!

Play Games Together
You and your friend can Play Games Together when you give them the Nintendo Switch with neon red and blue Joy-Cons. You two can enjoy many popular Nintendo games on this game system. It can be played as a handheld version or on the TV. There is also a tabletop mode when it is designed to sit on the table. Play Games Together and have lots of fun with this Nintendo Switch!

Thelma To My Louise Tall Tumbler
Your best friend will appreciate the gift of a Thelma To My Louise Tall Tumbler. They can take this Tall Tumbler along with them when they are on the go. Keep the cold drinks cold and the hot drinks hot in this super snazzy tumbler. This thoughtful gift has a sentimental message about Thelma and Louise on it.

I Miss Your Face Bear
Give your best friend an adorable teddy bear. The I Miss your Face Bear is 13 inches big and wears a t-shirt with the message that you miss their face. This brown bear is just right for adults and kids to give their friend who is a long distance away. They will love the I Miss Your Face Bear!