81 No-Drama Llama Gifts To Celebrate Our Furry Friends

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Is your mama a llama lover who does drama and is a charma? Even if this is not the case, you can still get awesome llama gifts from this list. From llama photos and llama stuffed animals to llama toys, this list has the best llama themed gifts around.

Llama Light Up Lamp
Light up any room with this fun llama light up lamp. This lamp is designed to give off a 3D optical illusion. There are 16 different color and 4 flash mode options that you are able to change with a wireless remote. This is USB and battery powered, so it is a perfect gift you can grab on the go!

Llama Body Pillow
Surprise her with an adorable llama body pillow. This pillow features a design of a giant Alpaca. This plush stuffed animal makes a great display for any bed and can be used as a body pillow as well. There are two different sizes available to make a great fit for anyone.

Cute Llama Slippers
Cozy up at home in a cute pair of llama slippers. These Snoozie slippers are a soft, slipper like sock that you can slip right into and relax at home. There are non slip bottoms so you can walk around the house at ease, and a plush inside to provide ultimate comfort.

Converse Llama High Top Shoes
Dress up your child with a stylish pair of chucks! These Converse shoes have a unique llama pattern printed all throughout the canvas and a variety of kids sizes. This is a high top style making them stay on the feet good, and a kids favorite!

Baby Onesies Llama
Surprise a mama to be with a llama baby outfit. This baby outfit set features 5 different llama pattern or like style tank top onesies. They have the 3 snaps at the bottom allowing it to be easy to put on and are made with 100% cotton.

Llama Twin Comforter Set
Create a llama style kids room by adding in a fun llama comforter set. This comforter set has a twin or full size available. The set is reversible, and has a variety of bold and bright colors. Also included is a bed sham to hide unwanted space under the bed.

Sherpa Fleece Llama Blanket
Bring your favorite llama themed decor into your living room by dressing up with a throw blanket. This llama themed throw blanket is a great addition for any llama lover who loves a good blanket. The inside of the blanket features a sherpa texture making it extra soft, it's easy to clean and a great addition to any space.

Dancing Llama Toy
Give a llama lover a good laugh with a booty shakin llama. This battery operated llama is a cute dancing animal that can give a 360 degree turn and bring laughs out at any home. This toy is plush on the outside making it soft to the touch, but funny to bring the whole group having fun.

Llama Kids Bean Bag Chair
Dress up a kids area with a fun bean bag chair. This chair is a great for kids of all sizes, it has a unicorn animal shape on the outside. They are all stuffed with high quality polyester beads, and a soft material on the outside.

High Waist Llama Leggings
Cozy up at home with a comfy pair of llama leggings. These leggings are a jogger style with a waistband tie available in several different sizes. This is a great pair of joggers to gift for any llama lover, in or out of the house.

Llama Children's Rocker
Add an adorable llama rocking chair to the nursery for the llama lover baby. This rocking horse is a great toy for a variety of early ages, and has a cute esthetic for any nursery. The outside is made with a soft plush and a solid wood base for support.

Llama Crazy Straws
Bring some fun into the party by adding crazy llama straws to your drinks. These llama straws are reusable, Eco friendly, and come with an easy to clean brush. There are a variety of colors with a llama figurine at the top making an atmosphere a fun environment.

Ceramic Llama Mug
Showcase your love for llamas and coffee with a llama mug. This mug features a funny and sassy quote on the outside pictured with it is a cute llama. This mug is top quality, dishwasher, and microwave safe. There is artwork on both sides of the mug and a perfect gift for her.

Jumbo Llama Stuffed Toy
Add to the llama themed nursery with an oversized llama stuffed animal. This animal stands 26 inches tall and has extra soft plush all throughout and gives a pillow like experience. This llama has perky ears with a cute expression, making this any kids favorite animal.

Llama Stemless Wine Glasses
Bring some humor in on your ladies wine night with a fun set of wine glasses. Each glass has a funny drama llama themed saying, making this a great gift for any llama lover. All glasses are dishwasher safe, and are made in the USA.

Children's Llama Nap Mat
Make sure nap time is extra enjoyable by surprising someone with a nap mat. This children's nap mat is a colorful, sleep mat with a built in pillow and cover. These nap mats are oversized, extra soft, and easy to clean. They will add the perfect snooze for nap time.

Llama Night Light
Add some light with a fun night light. This light is shaped like a llama, it stands up on its feet, and it is battery operated. The materials used for the light is durable and safe for all ages. This is a great addition to any llama themed household.

Canvas Llama Artwork
Gift the llama lover in your life with a cute wall hanging artwork. This wall hanging is a canvas picture with a llama pictured on the front. There is an accent of purple added in adding the perfect pop of color into any home.

Llama Bookends
Keep your books together with a fun pair of bookends. These bookends are llama themed, with a combination of color and glitter. The ends are made with a solid wood, keeping them sturdy and able to hold your items together. This accent is a great addition to any office whether it is llama themed or not!

Llama Ring Dish
Make sure all your valuable rings are together by storing them in a cute llama themed ring dish. This smaller petite ring dish has a standing up llama with a variety of accent colors. You can place your rings in the dish or on the neck of the llama, then there is no worry they will get lost!

Whimsical Llama Clock
Surprise her with the gift of time with a cute llama hanging wall clock. This clock decor has an oil painting themed background with a llama in the middle. It is designed with a silent tick to keep the peace around the house and is battery operated too.

Women's No Prob Llama Shoes
A cute llama pair of clogs for your favorite woman. Let her walk in style and comfort with these 'no prob llama' shoes. Plenty of wiggle room for her and for the llama. The cutest gift for your loved one!

Canvas Llama Tote
Gift a llama lover a cute tote bag. This bag is great for on the go use, it has llama print and cactuses spread throughout. It is a large size allowing you to fit a variety of different items, groceries or heavy duty items.

Llama Gift Set For Girls
Bring out her love for llamas with a fun drawstring bag. This drawstring travel bag also comes with a cosmetic bag, keychain, and coin purse. All items have llamas printed and designed throughout them. This is a great multi use bag with a variety of accessories.

Womens Llama Pajama Set
Get a good night's sleep with a new comfy pair of pajamas. These cozy pj's come with a shorts and a t-shirt. The shorts are pink with llamas printed all throughout and a white tee with a cute llama on the front in pj's too.

Canvas Crossbody Purse
Showcase your love for llamas with a stylish crossbody purse. This purse is made with Pu Leather, has an easy pocket in the front for your cell phone, and an over the shoulder strap. This has a colorful llama sewn on the front adding a fun twist to this purse.

Llama Journal
Surprise someone with a llama themed journal. This journal features a hard cover for the front, with llamas on the cover. It has lightly lined pages making plenty of space for notes and drawings. All pages are are acid-free archival paper, with glossy highlights and raised gold to add texture.

Fun Llama Stemless Wine Glass
Have a laugh and a glass of wine with a funny wine glass. This wine glass is stemless, and can hold up to 15 fluid ounces. Pictured on the front is a dancing llama followed with a funny saying. This glass is dishwasher safe and very durable. Great for everyday use.

Llama Motivational Water Bottle
Get your water in with a motivational water bottle. This water bottle will hold up to 1 liter of water, with a twist on on lid with an easy to drink spout. On the bottle has time tracking goals to get your water in by certain times with a llama pictured on the other side.

Llama Racerback Tank For Women
Meditate and enjoy yoga in peace with a cute women's racerback tank top. This tank top features a cute twist in back and a funny llama printed on the front side practicing yoga. This top is smooth and comfortable to wear, allowing free movement for exercise.

Spa Flip Flop Slippers For Women
Gift her with a spa gift at home with the ability to enjoy a cozy pair of flip flop slippers around the house. These slippers are available in a variety of sizes, making them a pair for everyone. They are machine washable, anti slip, and have thick straps adding extra support.

Insulated Llama Lunch Bag
Keep your food fresh and organized with an oversized insulated llama lunch bag. This lunch bag is scratch resistant, easy to clean, and well insulated. It can fit a variety of foods and drinks keeping your food fresh and ready to go. There are easy to access pockets for your cell phone, and a pocket on the inside for an ice pack.

Unicorns Vs Llamas Board Game
Enjoy a fun llama themed monopoly game. This game is great gift for anyone who loves board games and animals. This game puts a twist on the original monopoly game, setting up teams to compete against each other. It is great a game for a variety of all ages.

Makeup Bag Set
Stay organized and keep your toiletry items separated with a set of 6 cosmetic bags. Each bag fits perfectly compact in your purse, is made with a smooth material, and durable. All the bags have a variety of different llama graphics printed on them, adding a fun accent to anyone's wardrobe.

Fuzzy Llama Puzzle
Have fun with a cute fuzzy llama puzzle. This puzzle features 42 chunky puzzle pieces that once it's put together it will show a colorful llama themed mural. This puzzle has a touch and feel pieces to help the kids have fun as they work through the puzzle and makes a great gift for a family.

Silver Llama Bracelet
Give a gift for her with a beautiful silver llama bracelet. This silver bracelet has a chain link style with a spring clasp. Featured on the front is a llama pendant on the front with a rose gold color sloth. The bracelet is sterling silver plated with an anti tarnish surface providing durability.

6 Piece Llama Novelty Sock Set
Showcase your love for llamas with this 6 piece llama sock set. This set of socks features 6 different styles of cute novelty socks. All socks are made with a soft cotton blend and reach just past your ankles. The llamas are designed with a cute cartoon llama graphic.

Llama Washable Bib Set
Keep the little one clean with their meals with a washable bib set. This set of bibs includes 3 bibs with a variety of different llamas and cactuses. These have a designed front pocket to capture any food that gets dropped and an easy wipe down material.

Rechargeable Colorful Night Light
Light up your kids llama themed bedroom with a cute alpaca night light. This light is rechargeable and portable. This soft to touch night light has a colorful LED design making it safe for kids to touch and move around. Simply touching the light can change the color, making it a fun addition to any room.

Llama Beach Bag
Gather all your beach items and keep them together with a fun colorful beach bag. This llama beach bag features an over the shoulder tote decorated with llamas all throughout the canvas. This bag features an extra large storage space, and is designed extra sturdy and spacious.

String Art Set For Kids
Bring some a fun crafting day home with a string art set for kids. This art set is a great gift for anyone who loves llamas and being creative. This string art set features bright colors and 2 string art canvases. There are 176 different pieces enclosed with this set, giving you all the tools needed to create a fun piece of art.

Insulated Wine Tumbler
Keep the drama at bay with a good glass of wine and a funny tumbler. This tumbler is a cute stainless steel insulated wine glass with a funny verbiage on the side 'No drama llama.' This glass is spill proof and comes with a lifetime warranty, making this a great gift for anyone.

Llama Mens Crew Socks
Gift him a good laugh with a funny pair of novelty socks. These socks have a comical llama with sunglasses pictured on the front and a 'No drama llama' saying on the side. These socks are soft and comfortable for everyday wear and will become his new favorite pair.

Mens Llama Pajama Pants
Get everyone dressed up with a fun pair of matching family pajamas. These matching pj pants have Holiday themed llama prints all throughout the pants. There is one piece pj's for the kids and matching his and her pants. This is a great way to bring a fun Christmas gift into the house and enjoy throughout the holidays.

Llama Birthday T Shirt
Surprise a llama lover on her birthday with a cute birthday t-shirt. This llama birthday shirt is a black styled tee with colorful birthday letters with a llama on the front. This shirt is available in a variety of different colors, and is made with 100% cotton and machine washable.

Insulated Lunch Tote
Keep your lunch and snacks fresh and ready to eat in style with a cute lunch tote. This tote has pastel colored llamas pictured throughout the tote with navy stripes throughout. It is reusable and easy to clean with a soft material to wipe down, with a zippered top.

Girls Colorful Llama Necklace
This colorful llama necklace is a great gift for that special girl that loves llamas. This llama pendant has rainbow crystals throughout the pendant with a sturdy chain allowing to withstand normal wear. This necklace is rhodium plated keeping it long lasting and protecting it from water and sweat.

Llama Character Slippers
Bring some cozy slippers home that will give others a laugh with a cute pair of llama slippers. These character slippers have a funny plush llama on the top and front. They have a rubber sole on the base to help prevent from any slipping. These slippers are ideal for indoors and great around the house.

Llama Pajama Book And Plush
Surprise a llama baby with a cute pajama book and plush. This set is a great gift, it has a llama themed book called 'Llama, llama, red pajama.' Along with the book is a matching plush stuffed animal to tie in with the book.

Pop Up Plush Toy
This oversized pop up plush toy is the perfect plush toy for anyone. This stuffed toy is a scented, has colorful plush making it soft to play with. They come in a sleeping bag and end up with matching pajamas. This gift set also includes two surprise slumber party gifts leaving it a mystery for anyone that receives it.

Wooden Llama Wagon
Bring a new favorite toy into the house with a wooden llama wagon. This toy is a multi activity toy that can be ridden, pushed, and has a shape sorting accessory. This is a great toy to help kids with motor skills and developmental play.

Fortnite Llama Blaster
Practice your shot by playing with this Fortnite llama blaster. This Nerf gun is a fun toy at home for all ages. It features 6 elite darts and 3 llama targets, allowing you to practice your targets indoors or outdoors. This is all featured around the popular Fortnite game, making it everyone's favorite.

Children's Llama Book Set
Add to your library with a special llama book set. This set features 4 different llama themed books, all books are from the best selling author and incorporates different rhymes making it enjoyable to read over and over again. This book set comes in a cute gift set box, keeping them all together and a perfect way to gift them.

Inflatable Llama Island
Bring the love for llamas into the pool with an oversized inflatable llama island. This llama can withstand up to 400 pounds and has heavy duty handles, keeping it to withstand long term durability. There are two air chambers for added safety as well.

Llama Ergonomic Mouse Pad
Add some bright llama office decor into your home with a fun decorated mouse mad. This mouse pad has a pastel pink colored base, with a cute graphic llama in the center. At the base of the mouse pad is a wrist rest, keeping you comfortable for those long hours of work.

Llama Decorative Thumb Tacks
Dress up your push pin board in your office with cute llama thumb tacks. This added office accessory is a great for photos, lists, or anything needed to hang up on your tack board at home or in the office. These decorative llama pins feature 2 different styles, making them lightweight and made to last a long time.

Desk Pencil Cup
Keep your pens and pencils together in a decorative cup. This office cup is designed to hold anything you desire whether it's for an office or a bathroom. It is made with a tough powder coated steel, has pastel blue on the outside, and llama print throughout the front.

Sterling Silver Earrings Llama
These llama stud earrings are an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys animals. They offer a simple stud like style, with detail to each pair. These earrings are nickel and lead free, great for anyone with sensitive ears, making them ideal for everyday use.

Llama Airpod Case
Keep your AirPods safe and protected in style with a cute alpaca case. This case is high quality printed with cartoon llamas scattered throughout. This case is scratch resistant and has a hooking clip, allowing you to clip it to any bag when on the go.

Colorful Llama Apron
Cook in style with a cute, colorful llama apron. This llama apron has cartoon alpacas printed all throughout the apron. It is made with a 3 layer fabric, making it waterproof and breathable, keeping it easy to clean and withstand wear. It is machine washable and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Large Llama Play Chest
Keep all the toys and activities together in an oversized canvas toy chest. This chest features a liftable top, handles on the side, and a cute llama pictured on the front. This toy chest is designed to keep items gathered but will also help kids learn organization and how to pick up their toys.

Llama Jack In The Box
Bring the popular jack in the box back into the house with this llama themed toy. This jack in the box features a llama that will pop out after you spin the handle, waiting for it to pop. It is a cute novelty toy making it a fun toy for all ages.

Kids Llama Toy Tea Set
Let the kids have a tea party with their new favorite llama toy seat. This cute toy tea set features 15 different pieces, all within a carrying case. This is a fun colorful set that is llama themed, making it a fun tea time play.

Llama Pencil Case With Calculator
Keep all the necessities together with a 2 in 1 pencil case. This pencil case has a pop up lid holding your colored pencils. On the side it has a small calculator, along with a pop out compartment on the side. This has a bright llama pictured on the front with an iridescent film.

Llama Bento Lunch Box Set
Pack your lunch and grab it on the go with a bento lunch box set. This lunch box is shaped like a back pack, also comes with a storage lunch box with a variety of compartments to keep your food separated. This lunch bag is insulated, designed to keep food fresh throughout the day.

Toddler Llama Lunch Container Set
Keep your toddlers snack together with this container set. These containers have llamas pictured on the lids and have a variety of sizes. These small compact containers are perfect for your favorite snacks and are able to tuck away in smaller places to take up less space.

Llama Yarn Craft Kit
Have a fun craft night with a llama yarn craft kit. This kit is designed to create a cute llama shaped doll made with yarn. All needed items to complete this craft comes with, along with easy to follow instructions. With a little patience, this is a great toy and craft for anyone.

Complete Llama Crafts Kit
Show your love for llamas with a complete craft kit. This craft kit features 6 different diy crafts all designed around llama themes. This set is designed to encourage creativity and learning new skills. There is 161 different pieces included, making this a great activity to last all day.

Llama Diamond Painting Kit
Make your own sparkle with a 5D diamond painting kit for kids. This kit is broken up by numbers to help guide you wear the diamonds are supposed to go. When completed, you will have a colorful llama picture. The finished picture size is 7x7 and is made with high quality rhinestones.

Llama Pool Float
Soak up some sun in the pool while relaxing on a fun party pool float! This float is an oversized inflatable llama, and can hold up to 400 pounds. It's made with high quality material allowing it to be durable and long lasting, whether it's for a pool or a lake.

Llama Oven Mitt
Add some upbeat style fun to your kitchen accessories with a cute new oven mitt. This oven mitt has grey swirls with llama faces printed throughout the mitt. It is made with cotton and polyester, and comes with a silicone insert as well.

Salt And Pepper Shakers
Spice up your salt and pepper shakers with a cute porcelain set of llama shakers. These novelty shakers make a great gift for anyone that loves llamas. They are the perfect height to sit on the kitchen table, stove, or to store away.

Bestie Llama Beanbag
Add something cute and comfortable to your furniture collection for the kids with a cute bean bag. This bestie llama bean bag features a soft landing, with a fun and playful design. It's surface allows for quick spot clean rinses, and has a soft to touch surface making them extra cozy!

Polly Pocket Surprise
Bring in the fun surprise with a Polly Pocket unicorn playset. This play set features 25+ surprises of goodies to play with. The outside of this gift is shaped like a unicorn and opens up into a whole play set for the polly pockets. This is a fun gift that will fit right into all the llama themed toys.

Kids Personalized Rolling Luggage
Travel in style with this personalized kids luggage bag. This bag has wheels to pull behind you as you walk, making it easy to travel with. On the front you can have a name embroidered name above the pocket. This bag is designed with bright colors and a llama pictured on the front.

Llama Yoga Mat
Enjoy a calming yoga routine or meditation in style with this llama/unicorn styled yoga mat. This yoga mat is sized for kids, with a non slip surface. This mat is made with non toxic materials with a pretty colorful graphic picture on the front.

Llama String Lights
Add a fun pair of string lights to your llama themed bedroom.These string lights are battery operated with 10 llama bulbs adding a fun pop of light and color to the area. This has a 6 hour timer function allowing you to leave it on without a worry.

Curtain Set
Bring some fun new designs into your home with a unique set of window treatments for anyone who loves llamas. These curtains are floor length, that has 2 panels included. They have pictured llamas printed throughout and are paired with fun colorful shapes and designs.

Llama Stick On Decals
Add the final touches into the bedroom for the llama baby with a full size llama wall sticker. This wall sticker is a larger size and easy to install and peel off when done. This will apply to any smooth surface, and looks like a watercolor llama painted picture.

Llama Coffee Tumbler
Keep your coffee hot with a cute coffee tumbler. This tumbler is a stainless steel coffee tumbler with a suction lid, keeping your warm drinks up to 3 hours and your cold drink fresh up to 9 hours. Pictured on the front is cute decal llama quoted 'No Probllama.'

Llama Poster Set
Decorate your walls with a set of 4 llama art posters. These posters are professional grade prints that offer a modern simplistic detail. All prints are focused around a llama theme style and printed with neutral colors. This is a great addition to any office our nursery.