17 Best Keto Gift Ideas for a Low Carb Valentine’s Day

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Hearing keto-friendly can sound daunting and a little overwhelming. But it gets worse if you have to choose a keto-friendly product as a gift for someone else! That’s okay. We’re here to help you. We put together the perfect top 17 keto-friendly, sugar-free and low carb Valentine’s gift ideas. From Air Fryer’s to coconut water powder, there is the keto-approved gift choice for anyone.

Keto Gift Box Sampler
There is no better gift on Valentine's Day than the gift of thoughtfulness. Couple that with sugar-free, keto-friendly food, and it's a perfect combination. This gift box comes with a sample array of grass-fed beef sticks and bars, as well as turkey sticks. All products are range free and 100% non-GMO. The perfect gift for the healthy eater in your life.
Perfect Keto Starter Bundle
Start the new year right with the perfect keto starter kit. Purchasing this kit is an excellent choice for those wanting to start a ketogenic diet. Get healthy together this Valentine's day with this gift. It comes with MCT oil powder, grass-fed ketone collagen, ketone testing strips, and an exogenous ketone base.
Quest Nutrition Bars (Assorted Flavors)
Show your Valentine's Day sweetheart how much you care. Grab these Quest Nutrition birthday cake bars as an easy gift. My personal favorite flavor. These delicious high protein bars are perfect for the health-conscious while staying keto-friendly. They won't want chocolates when these bars are an option, and you will be a hero for being so thoughtful.
Instant Pot Keto Pressure Cooker
Nothing says the perfect gift like an Instant Pot duo plus pressure cooker. If your significant other is anything like mine, we are always on the go. There is a way to save time and eat healthy too with this machine, by cooking meals in minutes instead of hours. Say goodbye to fast food and enjoy countless recipes for the low carb lifestyle.
Collagen Peptides Powder
Taking care of your body needs to be a priority. Showing your loved ones how important their health is. Send a simple, thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Collagen Peptides Powder is a certified keto-friendly and gluten-free. It is perfect in most beverages, and you get 11 grams of protein in each serving.
Vanilla MCT Coffee Pods (K-Cup Compatible)
There is never a better time to get healthy than when it can be as simple as a cup of coffee. Give your k-cup lover a pack of 64 Vita cup genius coffee. With an infusion of MCT, you get your energy with a vanilla flavor, all while staying keto-friendly. Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentine's Day.
Low Carb Pasta, Keto Pasta
Making keto-friendly pasta is hard work. Celebrate this Valentine's day in style with the perfect gift. Snag these low carb and keto-friendly penne pasta meals. They come in packs of three. Simple meals that show your loved one how much you care. They will enjoy these tasty, healthy, and easy noodles in their favorite dish.
I Love My Air Fryer' Keto Recipe Book
Picture a Valentine's Day night in with your loved one. You have gone grocery shopping for a variety of keto-friendly ingredients. Laid out before you is this thoughtful gift. It is a unique 'I Love My Air Fryer' Keto diet, 5-ingredient recipe book. Come together this holiday and create magic together.
Air Fryer Max XL
Get rid of the greasy mess this Valentine's Day. Give the gift of love. This Cosori Air Fryer Max is the perfect way to enjoy your special day. Over 100 recipes to choose from. Anyone would love this gift that is trying to maintain a low carb lifestyle. This air fryer will eliminate the oil and mess, all while still getting the crunchy texture.
Waffle Iron with Keto Recipe Book
Winter is here, and there is no better gift than this mini 4' snowflake waffle iron. This Valentine's Day, make it something memorable by snagging the waffle iron, and you will also get 'The Best Keto Chaffle' recipe book. You can even get creative with the journal section. This will allow you and your loved one, to add your special recipes.
Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder
Natural Keto water is the way of the future. Give your body a burst of energy with Earth Circle Organics, pure young dried coconut water powder. Adding this powder to your drink allows for all-natural hydration. Whether you gift yourself or someone else this holiday, you won't be disappointed.
Keto Cheat Sheet Magnets
Couples that play together stay together. What better way to keep that energy than purchasing Kyonano Keto cheat sheet magnets, 16pcs. Lose weight together this Valentine's day by staying on track with the included weight loss chart and Keto cookbook. The perfect gift for beginners wanting to stick to their weight loss journey and New Year's resolutions.
24pcs Power Up Trail Mix
Picture a special Valentine's day surprise where you take your special someone on a magical hike. When you get to your destination, you pull out a delicious treat. Be the star of the day when you present Powerup, mega omega trail mix. This keto and paleo-friendly, vegan and gluten-free snack will impress anyone.
Papa Vince Keto Food Basket
You may not be able to go to Italy for some amazing Italian food this Valentine's Day but you can bring a taste of Italy to your doorstep. Papa Vince Food Gift baskets are the perfect Keto-friendly gift that comes straight from Italy. Set your stage for a romantic evening with these amazing meals.
Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker
Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style egg bite make is a gift that keeps on giving this Valentine's day. Make the perfect egg bites as well as custards and desserts, all while staying in Keto. Make all of your favorite low carb favorites in minutes this holiday.
Sugar Free Keto Brownie Basket
It is always hard to be healthy on Valentine's Day. All of the sweet, junky foods can be really tempting. Look no further when you can gift your loved one with, Keto-friendly, sugar-free fairytale brownies. Get a dozen of these and feel no guilt as you enjoy them.
Powered by Bacon Keto Shirt
Give your man the gift of laughter this Valentine's Day with a powered by bacon shirt. Embrace his love for bacon everything, all while putting a smile on his face. The shirt is 100% cotton and comes in multiple sizes. Show him just how much you know him and make this a holiday to remember.